Photo: Weird Accident at Glebe Road and Wilson Blvd

by ARLnow.com June 14, 2012 at 4:35 pm 9,853 76 Comments

An accident at the intersection of N. Glebe Road and Wilson Blvd had office workers and bystanders scratching their heads this afternoon.

The accident happened at the Ballston intersection just after 3:30 p.m. Somehow, a red sedan entered the left-hand travel lane of traffic heading in the opposite direction on Glebe Road. It appears that the sedan ran head-on into a taxi stopped just before the intersection.

A photo sent by a tipster shows police on the scene and minimal damage to the two vehicles.

Photo courtesy Alex O.

  • Must be a British driver…

    • Mrs. Featherbottom

      Ah, I forgot! We’re in the colonies!

      • gnushell

        Love the Arrested Development reference!

        • Mrs. Featherbottom

          I’m charmed, I’m sure.

    • Dr_Klahn


    • PattiS

      If this was a red ford sedan with two women (maybe a mother and daughter), I saw it going the wrong way at Wilson and Edgewood.

      • brian

        couldn’t have been

  • Calabria

    I bet the driver of the red sedan is from Maryland.

    • Ha!


    • Juanita de Talmas

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Do they drive on the other side of the road in Maryland? : ]

  • Stroker Ace

    I bet they were driving a streetcar LOL


  • Steve S

    This sort of thing (sans accident, usually) occurs frequently at Hayes and 15th in Pentagon City. Unfamiliar drivers turning one way or the other often choose the wrong side of the median.

  • Nunya

    Cell phone or texting, I bet.

    • WantonTaco

      Naa.. i’m sure a cyclist had to do with this….

      • SomeGuy

        Until there’s evidence that this driver does NOT own a bicycle, I will assume him/her to be a selfish, arrogant, speeding, reckless jerk who smashed this cab in a flagrant disregard for safety.

        But if it turns out she doesn’t own a bicycle, it might have just been an accident.

        • brian

          probably an old person walking in the street who said “What?” when a horn was blown at them had something to do with it

  • CourthouseChris

    I’ll pick up the slack while he’s gone:

    • NS stand-in

      Plus the driver may have been unfairly denied the right to smoke earlier that day, leading to mental distress, which distracted her from concentrating on the road. Or something like that.

      • SnArl

        Probably smelled a gas leak and got distracted…

  • Rick

    Either a zipcar or a traditional rental from a tourist. MD is in play, but I’m leaning towards unfamiliarity. No one is that bad a driver.

    • Mary-Austin

      I’ve seen people driving over medians like it ain’t nothin in Maryland

      • Douglas Parker

        Ahhh Maryland, Virginia’s hat.

    • John K.

      Have you driven in the area recently? I think you might reconsider if you had.

      Let us also not forget the possibility of a DC driver afeared of having crossed the river.

      • Rick

        I go through that intersection twice a day every day.

    • WeiQiang

      +1 on the rental … new, plain-a$$ subcompact

    • Tricia

      Not a Zipcar — Zipcars all have those big, green Z logos on the passenger side (unless it’s one of the fancy schmany ones like a BMW, but this car isn’t).


    I can’t help but imagine that the driver of the Sentra is too embarrassed to get out the car. LOL

    • SouthernPrincess

      So embarrassed she had to go to the hospital…although from my view there wasn’t a lot of damage

  • nom de guerre

    Automatic transmission operated by a diplomat

    • JB

      nonsmoker diplomat – nicotine would have kept him more on his toes

      • hearns_bush


  • NoVapologist

    Looks similar to that Spout Run accident earlier this week. How hard is it to keep the median on your left?

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    John Bryson, nnnnnnooooooooooo !

  • JimPB

    Navigation indicators are often not as prominent and clear as they might be. One prime case of incredibly bad signs: VDOT detour directions for work around the Beltway from 66 to beyond Tysons.

    Of course, there’s also cell/smart phoning and texting and the effects of alcohol and other substances and mental preoccupation.

    • JohnB

      Except in the picture you can see the “Go to the right of this sign because there’s a median under it” sign.

      • dk


      • other side of the river


    • CW

      Good case this morning on M Street in Gtown. They had a big sign saying “LEFT LANE CLOSED AHEAD” set up. It was blocking the entire RIGHT lane. So cars and bikes had to swerve left around the sign, then back to the right to avoid, you know, the lane that was actually close. BRILLIANT!!!

      • YTK

        This heah is the slow-brained SOUTH — RU surprised at the intelligence of those who do these things?

  • Dr_Klahn

    Probably got word Sam’s Corner was open and were rushing to get the Thai style grilled chicken satay special and lost control.

  • gnushell

    Hey folks, this Maryland trained driver has been behind the wheel (not contiguously) since 1975 and has never had an accident or other incident.

    • WeiQiang

      bet you drive a stick, am I right?

    • Vicente Fox

      But do you have MD tags? That is the key.

  • Joe Hoya

    That’s clown driving, bro.

  • Arlwhat

    One hour later, Wash blvd, on the reversable lanes, a woman attempting the same manouver. ‘da hell is wrong with people today?

    • brian

      Bath Salts?


  • CA

    Almost wrecked on my motorcycle today bc driver turned on a red in front of me last second . . . while talking on cell phone . . .

  • Picantito

    So, you go on to the wrong side, i give you that, bad day..

    but how the $%@# do you not see the big yellow car in front of you?

    And i gotta give it.. ArlNow commenters are classy and politically correct – so far no gender of ethnic slams… keep it clean..

    • Name (required)

      ROR. Why her car “orient” rike dat. She go wong way.

      • jigga

        two wong dont make a right…….turn….brah

        • jigga please

          Please no racial stereotyping, dog.

    • drax

      Because you’re turning, dude. It’s not in front of you until…it’s too late.

  • Jason

    We are so lucky that Alex Ovechkin was on the scene to get a picture…

  • novasteve

    Glebe and Wilson is where people constantly go straight when the green turn arrow turns on.

  • is the minivan airbag deployed? ouch.

  • E-love

    Your all wrong. This HAS to be a CYCLIST driving that car!
    Can’t you tell? Passing on the left. Probably ran over a pedestrian. Why are there no laws stopping these maniacs?!?!
    Cyclists are a menace to society regardless of what they pilot and must be stopped!
    Where are the laws?
    We need more laws!!!!

  • Tre

    Looks like The Backwards Man was rear-ended

  • novasteve

    Clearly the driver of the red car warped out of Red Dwarf’s Backwards episode.

  • ProfessionalObserver

    I think I heard the driver of the red car yell “on your left.”

  • drax

    It’s obvious how this happened. Both streets are very wide and intersect at a strange angle. Making a left turn can be confusing.

    • Tricia

      Into a big yellow van? Really?

      • drax

        Going into the wrong lane is easy to understand. I didn’t say hitting the van was.

  • fairfaxnow.com

    Arlington drivers are the worst!

  • Rick

    On my way home today, I saw a volvo stop in the middle of Lee & Sycamore headed South on Lee after figuring he ran a red light. Stayed stopped blocking WB sycamore, and then tried backing up through the intersection. Held up an entire light cycle.

  • EFC Observer

    New $4M initiative will be added to the CIP and will be included in the November bond referendum, to prevent accidents like this.

  • HollaArlington

    Maybe the driver normally drives backwards and the taxi hit the car! Ever consider that? You people are so judgmental.

    • gnushell

      Could be they normally drive backwards because it was the only way they could make sense of American driving? This way the driver is now on the right side.

  • c’mon, guys. we’ve all been there.

  • yellowliner

    I’m not surprised this happened. I was at this intersection for the first time last week and almost did the same exact thing. If you’re turning from Glebe, it’s really unclear which lane you are supposed to proceed into (and even worse at night). I bet this confusion is more common than people realize.

    • SnArl

      If this intersection confuses you – you probably shouldn’t have a license.

  • YTK

    “There’s NEVER a Taxi when you need one– OH!! Heere’s one!!”


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