New Exercise Studio Opening in Clarendon

by Katie Pyzyk June 18, 2012 at 12:44 pm 6,216 34 Comments

CrossFit may be about to get some competition as the hottest local exercise craze. Lava Barre, a boutique ballet barre studio, is opening soon in Clarendon.

The Lava Barre (3260 Wilson Blvd) studio will open in a space sub-leased from Saffron Dance. Workouts will incorporate aspects of ballet, interval training, cardio, pilates and the use of props. It’s a high intensity workout, and participants are told they should be prepared to sweat.

“Lava Barre is a community; a corps of people you can count on to motivate, support and keep you on track to help you burn fat, improve your posture and increase your flexibility while shaping the muscles in your body, ” said co-founder Vanessa Ligorria in a press release.

For those leery about the classes being too ballet-centric, co-founder Lauren Price promises it’s a well rounded workout. She says there are different classes for different abilities.

“You don’t have to have taken ballet to be able to do the workout,” Ligorria said. “You don’t even have to be able to touch your toes.”

The high energy classes will have one instructor and around 20 clients. The co-founders are aiming for a community atmosphere where participants motivate each other. Price also said the music helps drive the class.

“We’re really pumping up the energy and pumping up the cardio and interval training, that’s the real difference between us and other studios,” Price said. “We’re also using different props than some of the other studios in the area.”

Although participants can purchase single classes, there will also be a variety of class packages for sale. As the opening day draws closer, more information will be available about deals such as unlimited classes for a month. Visitors will also get to try out a complimentary first class.

Lava Barre is expected to open on July 1.

  • JamesE

    “participants are told they should be prepared to sweat.” Oh no!!!

  • wat


  • CW

    Cool beans. Gold’s is advertising a new Barre class too.

    But we need the Venn Diagram fellow to come back and show that there is absolutely zero overlap between this and Crossfit in terms of methods, goals, or demographics.

    • JohnB2

      I’m assuming the crossfit link comes from the following line: “Lava Barre is a community; a corps of people you can count on to motivate, support and keep you on track to help you…” That sounds awful crossfit-ty to me.

      • WeiQiang

        I’m sensing a buildup to a climactic throwdown between “The Company” and [insert the name of any movie with John Cena].

      • CW

        Also sounds like an AA meeting or a sorority; what’s your point? There’s nothing in common.

        • JohnB2

          Acutally a sorority is a perfect analogy for what differentiates crossfit from normal exercise programs (my opinion of course, YMMV).

          • CW

            Lol, I agree too then. But without going into specifics, the mileage of which may differ by alma mater, let’s agree that CrossFit and this are very different sororities.

  • BallstontoRosslyn

    love it…and can’t wait

  • Clarencourt Neighbor

    Super excited about this!!

  • karzai

    Great, and hopefully the two used-car dealerships next to and across from Saffron Dance will be redeveloped into something substantial, rather than the eyesores they are now. This past weekend, the one next to Saffron seemed to have far fewer cars on display than they have in the past, which led me to wonder if that property is being turned over and redeveloped.

    • CW

      The one on the corner also plays a secondary role as a stray-taxi-collector.

  • girlFace

    “… a community; a corps of people you can count on to motivate, support and keep you on track to help you”

    sounds like special olympics

    meh. kickboxing & xfit is only way to go. ugh.’barre’

    • MC 703

      Riiight. Only the physically / mentally disable benefit from motivation and support.

    • Mr T

      ughhhh what are you talking about? do those in crossfit not motivate, support, and/or help keep you on track? aren’t those fundamental tenants of the “xfit” community? in that case, could your statement not also be interpreted as crossfit being comparable to the special olypmics?

    • Special Olympics dad

      Yep. Sure does.

    • JamesE
  • AL79

    LOVE the idea of a new and refreshing type of training in town. I had already heard of this technique and am very excited to try it out!!

  • Condosleaza Race

    People pay money for this? Clarendon “retail” (such as it is) has jumped the shark.

  • Matty

    Meh, real exercise is running down the sidewalks of Wilson boulevard as fast as you can with no shirt on, leaving a stench-wake that will convince all doubters as to how good of a workout you’re getting.

    • Trevor’s “Roommate”

      Clown workout, bro.

      • WeiQiang


    • fauxnews

      manscent . . . the ultimate aphrodisiac.

  • Dr_Klahn

    Use of props? Ballet? Is this real or is Sasha Baren Cohen staging a bit for his next movie to fool people into thinking this is the next big workout trend? (Here, put on this tutu then piroutte 3 times while balancing this plunger on your head, then finish with two tripple runs and a sissone – all the celebrities are doing it)

    • Not your bro

      Ballet is a HUGE workout, actually, but specific. Combined with the other stuff they’re mixing it with, it would probably kick your ass.

      Definitely trendy.

      Personally, I’ll stick with free weights and cardio. My ballerina days are long gone.

  • María

    ¿Por qué Arlington no tiene una Academia de Zumba, donde el objetivo es difundir la filosofía de la salud y la felicidad y la de amar todo lo que haces, sobre todo de su entrenamiento?

    • JohnB2

      Ah, yer killing me here… ok let’s try to remember some high school Spanish…

      “Why doesn’t Arlington have a Zumba studio, where the objective is (spread?) the philosophy of health and hapiness and the love of all you do, over all of your (interests?)?”

      • How About this

        Why doesn’t Arlington have a Zumba studio, where the goal is to spread the philosophy of health and happiness and to love everything you do, especially your workout?

        • drax

          Yo quiero Taco Bell–en Clarendon Boulevard de nuevo!

      • Nunya

        I’m part of the Zumba nation!!!

    • The Dope of South Arlington

      Your papers please.

  • John Fontain

    Can dudes sign up and “participate” from the back row?

    • Trev

      No camera phones allowed, unfortunately.

      • WeiQiang

        will be a lot harder than taking snaps at yoga, eh brah?


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