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Another Prostitution Bust at Columbia Pike Hotel

by Katie Pyzyk June 22, 2012 at 3:35 pm 9,809 114 Comments

Police made a prostitution bust at the Days Inn hotel on the 3000 block of Columbia Pike last night.

A surveillance team observed numerous johns entering and exiting three separate rooms at the hotel, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. They were all followed and confronted when they left the hotel. According to Sternbeck, all the men confessed to having paid for sex and received citations for solicitation of prostitution.

Three women were arrested and charged with prostitution and keeping a bawdy place. The women also admitted to posting online advertisements for sex services, Sternbeck said. An additional woman was charged with receiving money from prostitution.

Police officers seized $2,100 from the alleged prostitutes.

Police targeted the hotel based on information they had gathered about possible prostitution occurring there. This is not the first time the hotel has been used for such activity. In December police detained six people at the hotel on suspicion of participating in a prostitution ring.

  • john

    look I find this use of my name offensive!

    • I agree! Very offensive! I am on the phone with my LegalShield lawyer doing a consultation now!

  • Roover

    What a cornball!!!

  • client

    i prefer john

  • Roover


    • Erl

      Instead of putting on a troll clinic, feel free to contribute something funny if you’re such an expert on humor.

      • Unimpressed

        but – but – but – he has a *COMMA* in his bank account. Life is rough when you have to live in mommy’s basement until you’re 35.

  • The Gov..

    $2,100!! At $10 pop… that’s some serious work!!

  • CW

    “Keeping a bawdy place”??!

    Is that serious? Is this the middle ages?!

    • John Fontain

      There is also a charge called “defrauding an innkeeper” if you don’t pay your bill at a restaurant.

    • drax

      I want your bawdy.

    • NPGMBR

      I was wondering what the hell it meant! Then I understood.

    • Ballston

      I imagine it as more of an old western term than middle ages. But still an awesome way of wording it.

    • yes again

      “Keeping a bawdy place” is a totally Bogus charge!

  • South Awwlington

    Can we just tear the hole down already?

    • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

      Won’t happen until the streetcar comes in.

      • South Awwlington

        Ok, can we get on that please. 🙂

      • thelevyisdry

        Honestly, that is the most compelling argument for the streetcar I’ve heard.

      • Won’t happen until the whole pike is gentrified to the eleven circles of hell

    • nunya

      who you callin a hole?!

      • WeiQiang


        • john


          • WeiQiang

            wait one

            *refers to his ArlNow Blue Book*

          • up troll; i bet i can out troll you anyday anytime muddabucka

      • MacGruber

        I love holes.

  • RightWingWhacko

    It’s illegal to have anything bawdy on the Pike. I guess hookers are bad too.

  • John Fontain

    Should we seek mugshots or should we spare these prostitutes the humiliation that they don’t deserve?

    • Tabs

      We should follow the highly successful Swedish model:
      “in which johns are prosecuted but the women/girls themselves are treated as victims and are given social services but are not prosecuted.”


      • drax

        Why not just let them have sex and then leave? You know, like we do for everyone else? Are they bothering anyone?

        • South Awwlington

          Taxes are due on that service Mister.

          • Rick

            Taxes are not due on any service in the commonwealth of Virginia.

        • JR

          I like the part where they apparently had no evidence aside from surrounding some poor sap walking out of a room and browbeating him into confessing.

          And then the cops get to seize assets – which I’m absolutely certain will be returned when these charges are dropped or dismissed.

        • CommonCents

          Yes. Hypothetically if I was staying at that hotel, they’d be bothering me with their revolving door of illegal activity, and likely drugs– not to mention the increased likelihood of a robbery involving weapons, which we’ve seen as a story on this site before in Arlington. If it’s not going to bother you, then on your next family vacation, request the room sandwiched between two rooms of prostitutes and it’s all yours.

      • Oooo

        Swedish models!

        • WeiQiang

          Sexist !

          • john

            Bawdist !

      • SomeGuy

        But… they’re not victims. They’re consenting adults.

        • Tabs

          Riiight. Prostitutes do it because they love it.

          Keep telling yourself that.

          • SomeGuy

            Some do. Some don’t. Some guys like paying for sex. Some guys don’t. Everyone’s a victim though. Right?

          • Resident

            Think ….little girls grow up hoping to be prostitutes…really? There is not much basis for believing that women are choosing to be prostitutes.

            Much more basis for believing that ppl want to survive and some ppl see no other way so resort to what is available.

          • SomeGuy

            Not everyone grows up to become what they had hoped to become. I’m guessing you had hopes and dreams that you didn’t achieve too. But presumably you found something in life that, even if you don’t LOVE what you do, makes you happy enough and rewards you adequately for the sacrifices you make. Many prostitutes do the same. And many prostitutes make more money in a year than you and I combined (assuming you don’t skew orders of magnitude from the mean).

            That said, just because you don’t think girls grow up hoping to be prostitutes, you’ll need a little more than that to convince me that, “There is not much basis for believing that women are choosing to be prostitutes.”

          • Resident

            How is prostitution harmful to women?

            Even though prostitution itself is illegal, crimes such as rape, abuse, and murder can still be committed against women in prostitution. Women in prostitution have the right to report crimes committed against them, though many are afraid to come forward because they will be judged and perhaps arrested.

            Prostituted women are often victims of intimate partner violence by pimps and customers, often called “johns.” The methods of control that pimps and johns use are similar to the methods used by abusers. Some examples include:

            * physical violence,
            * sexual assault,
            * economic abuse or manipulation,
            * isolation,
            * verbal abuse,
            * threats and intimidation, and
            * minimization and denial of physical violence.

            Sexual harassment, verbal abuse, stalking, rape, battering and torture are all types of violence that prostituted women regularly experience.*

            Women in prostitution have a death rate that is 40 times higher than women who are not involved in prostitution.**

            Sixty-eight percent of prostituted women meet the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the same range as combat veterans and victims of torture.***

            * Melissa Farley, Prostitution Is Sexual Violence, Psychiatric Times. Vol. 21 No. 12, October 1, 2004
            ** Chris Grussendorf, “No Humans Involved, Part One”, http://www.catwinternational.org/factbook/usa2_prost.php
            *** Melissa Farley, et al. 2003. “Prostitution and Trafficking in Nine Countries: An Update on Violence and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.” Journal of Trauma Practice, Vol. 2, No. 3/4: 33-74.

          • SomeGuy

            Resident, there’s no indication that the alleged prostitutes in this story were trafficked, abused, or that they were victims of anything other than getting caught.

            You should consider watching CNBC’s “Dirty Money,” which profiles the high-end prostitution business and several women who love what they do. Sure, those women are not your average streetwalkers. But they make good money and they like their jobs and the freedom their jobs permit. So your assertion that women don’t choose to do it and Tabs’ sarcasm about them liking their jobs are not the final word on the matter.

            Further, I could use nearly the same words about the johns that you use about the prostitutes, i.e. “…some ppl see no other way so resort to what is available.” So by your logic, the johns are victims too.

          • RC

            SomeGuy, if you think the women at the Days Inn and the high-end prostitutes profiled on that show have anything in common besides the fact that they get paid for sex, you are very naive.

            The ones who like doing it are rare – they’re the ones who get paid a lot, and who control their client lists and earnings. You both have evidence to document your claims, but you’re not talking about the same people.

          • The oldest profession ever; it will never stop as long as there are men (or women) willing to pay for sex.

            And while yes, most likely the prostitutes aren’t doing it willingly they probably have something like, oh you know a whoopsy child to feed and what not.

            Or perhaps to pay off the loan of some loan shark… everyone has a different situation they are in; some just choose the wrong wrong wrong way to earn money for it…

          • SomeGuy

            RC, if you didn’t read where I addressed the contrast between the high-end and low-end hookers, perhaps you are the one who is naive.

            My original claim was that these were all consenting adults. That was challenged by both Tabs and Resident.

            I accept that the women who got caught in this article probably don’t love their line of work. I don’t necessarily love my line of work either. And I’m guessing a handful of sanitation workers didn’t grow up with hopes and dreams of emptying your trash someday. I’m not demeaning any of the aforementioned. I’m just willing to accept that plenty of women (and men) choose to be prostitutes because the rewards are better than those they’d receive in other lines of work. I.e., not every hooker is abused into being a hooker.

          • drax

            There’s not much basis for women choosing to be maids, lettuce-pickers, janitors, etc. either, but we don’t make it illegal.

          • drax


            So prostitutes can be victims of crime. So can any woman. Should we also ban women from going out to bars? Protect them from crime!

            If prostitution were legal, we could prevent alot of this abuse.

          • DarkHeart

            But JLH makes it look so cool.

          • John Fontain

            tabs said: “Riiight. Prostitutes do it because they love it.”

            I’d guess that a large portion of working adults don’t love their jobs, but do them anyway. So does that make them victims too?

          • South Awwlington

            I’ve known some who do it because they are too lazy to work 40 hours a week…or thought their time to precious to spend 40 hours working. I swear to this.

            (Let the comments begin)

          • SoArl

            Ditto. My upstairs neighbor when I lived in DC didn’t want to stop because the money was so good and she didn’t have to work much.

          • drax

            So every time someone doesn’t like their job we should make it illegal, tabs?

  • 1234

    What can be done to shut that place down? At some point there can be no question that management is complicit in this . . .

    • Tabs

      Maybe if the corporate office of Days Inn received a few calls…

      • 1234

        And the County Board.

      • Good idea; I’m sure corporate will just decide to turn away 33% of all of their customers and turn a blind eye to their bottom line…

  • KalashniKEV


    • John Fontain

      I don’t support prostitution, but I tend to agree. Legalize and regulate.

    • Kony Thornheiser

      That’s been done. It’s called yoga.

  • Sam

    What about arresting the pimps or investigating if this was human trafficking? the women often suffer the consequences when they are in fact victims of abuse that forces them to sell their bodies.

    • KalashniKEV

      What about this article leads you to believe that there are pimps involved or that the girls are trafficked?

  • Arlingtoon

    Let’s see. $2100.00 seized, at $10.00 apiece, divided by the three girls…that’s 70 guys each.

    Busy, busy, busy…

    • Ex-Cop

      Where did this $10 per throw figure come from? Maybe 50 years ago. Despite the “f….ky, f….ky” girl. Not normal.

      • you mean streetcar sherry? she has a nick name you know

        • Ex-Cop

          No, I didn’t know.

  • southie

    “They were all followed and confronted when they left the hotel. According to Sternbeck, all the men confessed to having paid for sex and received citations for solicitation of prostitution.”

    The stupid shall be punished. Don’t say anything to the police other than “I have nothing to say.”

  • Melville

    The men were “confronted” and “confessed” but only the women arrested. Ummmm….are the police missing the fact that two people were involved in the act?

    So, then, let’s get this straight: it’s not illegal to pay for sex, just to receive payment for it. In other words, the prostitutes bear 100% of the responsibility for the “crime.” By this logic, drug buyers/users should not be punished, only drug sellers. Uh huh.

    Fact is, as long as johns are looking for action there will always be pimps/prostitutes looking to take their money. Punishing half of the crime unit won’t solve anything. Those johns will just take their money elsewhere.

    • Ballston

      “all the men confessed to having paid for sex and received citations for solicitation of prostitution.”

  • Melville

    Actually, the johns will probably be right back at the same Days Inn looking for more action. They aren’t going to get punished, so what’s to keep them away!

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      I suspect that citation might cause much punishment from wives / significant others.

    • Yeah; karma has a funny way to coming around eventually, lol

  • Hank

    If prostitution occurs at this Days Inn, I can only imagine what occurs at the Inn of Rosslyn or the Highlander Motel. Meth production? Dwarf bowling? Russian roulette a la Deer Hunter? Di di mau!

  • CW

    “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”

    • Mos Eisley cantina owner

      I resent that comment.

  • george

    Rincome Thai @ the Days Inn is not the best Thai restaurant on the pike but it is consistently decent (with probably the most extensive appetizer list of any of the restaurants) and a spacious, pleasant atmosphere. It has been successful for 23 years, I hope it will be spared!

    • Pad thai

      Agreed 90% (the 10% is because they actually are the best Thai on the Pike!) 😉

      • george

        But the irony is – their Pad Thai is one of their weakest offerings IMO!

  • EFC Observer

    Here’s hoping the prostitutes got to vote in the ArlNow streetcar vs. articulated bus poll before they were arrested.

    Could give new meaning to the phrase “exit poll”.

  • Bizzle

    Alright so say, I just happen to be meeting a lady at the days inn and we just happen to have some sex and I just happen to give her 25 or 30 dollars for because I happen to notice that her shoes are busted and Im a nice guy…is that really illegal.

    • drax

      Yes, but if you get her a nice apartment and pay her rent and come over for a visit every once in a while, that’s perfectly legal.

  • HaydiosMio

    oh i think Arlnow commenters had to do with this, checking previous post, see who ratted them out!

    AND I DEMAND PHOTOS. Johns included, carajo (lil some some for the ladies.. )

    • RC

      I would guess it was people who enjoy seeing this kind of story on ArlNow.

      • HaydiosMio

        ahhaa it was you!!! pura pendejada, bro!

        • RC

          😉 It was much more likely to be you, “bro.”

          • HaydiosMio

            hay dios, zing! you got me. muy buen trabajo Crockett!

  • luke

    Wish the Police Dept and Board would put this much effort into shutting Velcocity 5 in Courthouse Plaza down.

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      Why? Not getting it. Bad food and worse service don’t usually invite police visits. Although maybe they should.

      Is there something illicit going on at V5?

    • HaydiosMio

      que paso? tell us.. come on… this sounds juicy…

  • Sallly

    I have always wanted to have a website that posts the John’s information and photo (and then add more information such as employer, family, etc. so the folks back home know what is going on).

    Hookers walking openly on the streets near the downtown DC service the fine “businessmen” who visit DC. Really? It’s gross. It would be a nice public service to let sunshine expose these people.

    • that’s one way to stop prostitution through transparency and exposing the johns… however perhaps you should ask what drove these johns & ‘businessmen’ to delve into prostitution in the first place?

      • dk

        Ok, I’m asking. ???

    • HaydiosMio

      Fairfax County PD does it.. see:

      all the johns!

      AND, you can call FCPD or Sheriff and ask for photos of them too! Fun stuff.

      now the more information about family and stuff, you can go Googoliar esa vaina.

      • WeiQiang

        Wow … that’s crazy: home addresses. Yet, transparency of police conduct is nil.

        • HaydiosMio

          FCPD is pretty transparent. give IA a call if you have an issue.

      • Deacon Alien

        I have ask, what do you want these names and photos for? Why are you so interested in the misdemeanor crimes these men and women have committed?

        Is this the way you pass your time? Is this your hobby? Does it turn you on? Do you plan to publicly flog these people in the court of public opinion forever? Would you wish that they wear a scarlet letter too?

        Did it ever cross your mind that some of these John’s might truly be sorry for what they’ve done? Some may have been so scared by the arrest that they’ll be turned off from doing this ever again?

        You do realize that people make mistakes right? This isn’t a crime of epic proportions like what has happened on Wall Street. This doesn’t even rise to the level of a Sandusky.

        So basically what I’m telling you is get another hobby.

        • HaydiosMio

          sheesh seems like you need a hobby buddy. or are you a john?

    • Deacon Alien

      These people? Like Eliot Spitzer, David Vitter, Jerry Springer and etc? They’re not some separate type of race or classification. They are just people. One of them could be a relative, friend or next door neighbor. You’d be surprised.

      You want to ruin them for a mistake? Get in line because there’s a lot of people. Let the punishment fit the crime. Your “punishment” doesn’t. It sounds more like cyberbullying.

      • HaydiosMio

        well.. go tell that to the Virginia legislature. not me. they are the ones that say release the information. get off your soap box.

        and this is not a mistake like OOOps, i spilled my coffee. THEY MADE A CHOICE.

        you mad bro cause you wanna get some hookers but to afraid to get your name released when you “make your mistake” ?

        official winner of my PURA PENDEJADA, BRO. award.

        • Deacon Alien

          Get off your high horse saint Spanglish. Haven’t you ever made a mistake in your life? What good would it be to continually ruin people? Yes they made a choice, but it’s still a mistake. Your holier than thou attitude is disgusting.

          • Deacon Alien

            See this is my problem with you and Sally. The information is public we know that. But what you two upstanding individuals want to do is start websites to make fun of them and publicly shame them forever. You are cyber-bullies.

  • Newtdog73

    Where did all the good girls go?

    • HaydiosMio


      • drax

        Yay! They’re saved from the evils of prostitution! It’s for their own good, after all. They’re all so very happy about this.

  • CommonCents

    Who said it’s for their own good? It’s for the good of the neighborhood and out of town visitors that are trying to have a nice family vacation and shouldn’t be subjected to a revolving door of criminal activity. With prostitution comes robbery, rape, and drugs– the prostitution world doesn’t operate in a private bubble. Think before you type… all the dollars and no sense.

  • Skeptical

    You know, the a**holes down the hill from my address who have about eight loud parties a summer are a bigger problem to me — and the people in two neighborhoods in range of their pumped-up speakers — than these ladies could ever be. I would like to know that any woman selling sex has decided independently that it’s the best of her options at the time, and that she’s not being coerced by someone who’s skimming most of her fees. And I totally grasp the concern for whomever has booked at the Days Inn because they just want a good night’s sleep on the road and doesn’t need any commotion caused by business use of a room. The same would be true if someone were selling pupusas, discount sneakers or DVDs.

    Other than that… it is so not anyone else’s business to moralize about.

    • CommonCents

      Oh I see your point– its not about which action is more problematic to public safety, its about whats in YOUR backyard. I dont have the stats in front of me to prove it, but I would bet a paycheck that theres more violent crime connected to prostitution than loud music. A reasonable person expects to be annoyed by some parties in a crowded and young Arlington… not to be annoyes by a brothel… but thanks for reminding us that the NIMBY movement is alive and well.

  • PikerGirl

    Chances are good that the prostitution has other criminal elements involved such as pimps etc. The Dec 2011 incident referenced in the article at this same place involved 6 suspects (2 of which were men), and a stolen vehicle from Pennsylvania.

    • Joe Hoya

      Of course, part of the reason there are other criminal elements involved with prostitution is due to the fact that we’ve made prostitution a crime. Bring the business into the daylight and regulate it, and the criminal elements are reduced.


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