‘Code Red’ Air Quality Warning Issued

by ARLnow.com June 29, 2012 at 2:12 pm 3,026 26 Comments

(Updated at 3:00 p.m.) The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments has declared that the region’s air quality has reached the level of “Code Red” for today, meaning an unhealthy level of ozone pollution.

From a COG press release:

On Code Red days, active children and adults, and people with lung disease, such as asthma, should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors. Everyone else, especially children, should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.

COG also advises that all area residents take the following actions:

  • Sign up for air quality alerts at www.cleanairpartners.net
  • Turn off lights and electronics when not in use
  • Avoid lawn mowing or use an electric mower
  • Use public transit
  • Do not use chemicals on your lawn and garden

As of 2:50 p.m., the official temperature in D.C. reached 104 degrees. According to the Capital Weather Gang, that sets a new daily record and breaks the area’s all-time record for the month of June.

  • DarkHeart

    102 degrees in 1874 would adjust to over 2000 degrees today.

    • Bullet Tooth Tony:


  • Bullet Tooth Tony:

    this sounds made up

    • Id

      It’s Arlington’s flatulence that is causing the heat. Trapped gas.

      • DarkHeart

        We’re overdue for another gas line break/shutdown of Glebe road.

  • b

    dog went out for about a min before turning around.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    At least we don’t have to worry about a snowmageddon snarling up the evening commute home.

    • CW

      Wait until cars start spontaneously combusting.

      • MrCar

        You really should have your car parked safely in a climate-controlled garage during hot summer days. At the very least in full shade.

        • MrGarage

          You really should have your car parked safely in a climate-controlled garage during hot summer days. Shade is for bums.

          • bum

            Shade is for pussies – I’m out there tanning

    • JohnB2

      They used to slow the Metro and VRE trains on super-hot days too, right? I haven’t received a Metro alert on it yet though…

  • Swamp A$$ at my desk

    At lunch I wanted to check out the Folklife festival on the mall.

    Big mistake. My boxers were soaked through

    • TJ

      Can’t believe they didn’t provide port-a-johns.

  • Lt. j.g. Daniel Kaffee


    • Andy

      You’re goddamn right I did!

      • You NEED me there

        + 1

  • Andy

    Did you order the Code Red?

  • JimPB

    Today prompts recollections of summers when I was a boy and there was no A/Cs in homes and even electric powered fans were not prevalent (hand-powered fans were common).

    Seeking coolness during the day was a priority. The basement became a desirable place. Going downtown to Cincinnati’s department stores was then a welcome, big treat, because those stores were well air cooled; it was a pleasure to “shop” (look and enjoy the cooled air) all day. A neighborhood darkened (light generates heat) drug store with slowly rotating ceiling fans and cool lime drinks at the soda counter offered convenient, refreshing breaks, for a price (no just hanging out there). And of course, the air cooled movie theater packed ’em in, especially on Saturday afternoon for the matinee. The neighborhood city swimming pole was usually packed, too, except when there was a polio scare.

    Ice tea and fresh picked, iced watermelon were summer delights. Great fun spitting the watermelon seeds here and there.

    Come sunset, it was a different story, temperature-wise, both in Cincinnati and in Lake City, ARK. Sheltered by large trees, my sleeping places on the 2nd floors at both locations quickly cooled so that I usually covered with a sheet and then added a blanket. That’s the amazing power of landscaping that seems largely forgotten today. That cooling was free, too, unlike A/C (shudder to think of the forthcoming Dominion bill).

    The “good old times” weren’t always so good, e.g., polio scares (right to worry — iron lungs were realities), but some aspects of those days are worth reclaiming, e.g., the cool nights provided by large trees adjacent to the house (and no A/C bill).

    • Arlingtoon



    • 🙂

    • sunflower

      enjoyed your recollections—thanks for sharing them

  • doug

    Eventually, when every day is a record breaking day, we will realize we need to take action. Unfortunately, it is already too late. Your grandchildren, if you have any, will wonder why you let this happen.

    • H.G. Wells

      That said, I predict that the Morlocks will have an easier time of it.

      • Ray Bradbury

        “That said” is a somewhat weak rhetorical device. By using it, you reveal a lack of imagination. You have heard it, and similar devices, such as “that being said” and “having said that” used often by the talking heads, and now you imitate them to appear intelligent. It has not worked.

  • Set the controls

    I checked the MWCOG website yesterday afternoon at 5 and they said we were under code orange. Ticks me off since info they give to ARLNOW for some reason has to be kept from the general public. Instead of them I’ll trust my gut next time.


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