Power Restoration, Storm Recovery Update

by Katie Pyzyk July 5, 2012 at 2:50 pm 3,179 13 Comments

(Updated at 3:40 p.m.) Dominion reports it’s on schedule with restoring power to Arlington residents following last Friday’s storm.

As of 2:30 p.m., Dominion’s outage website showed 1,438 customers without power. That’s down from 3,960 at the same time yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. Dominion reports it’s on track to have electricity restored to nearly all customers by Friday night.

“In a few instances, work in Northern Virginia may continue into Saturday where there was extreme damage,” said Rodney Blevins, Dominion vice president of Electric Distribution Operations, in a statement.

Arlington County says 11 roads remain blocked by trees and wires, down from 17 yesterday. Workers have collected and processed 646 tons of brush since Saturday. Collection efforts are expected to continue for the next two to three weeks.

Due to the power outages and closures, the Arlington Public Library has adjusted due dates for some users. Any checked out materials that were due back between June 30 and July 4 are now due this Saturday, July 7. Materials with any other due date must be returned at the originally designated time.

Flickr pool photo by ddimick

  • Mary-Austin

    great pic Dennis!
    Hopefully we don’t see that kind of damage in Barcroft for a long time again.

  • yes again

    Can some one provide Comcast restoration stats? I need internet connectivity for work and Its been down since Friday evening. Comcast, of course, has no information and has been unhelpful….

    • Village Genius

      Please call Comcast and Verizon to report outages or lines down. There appears to be no coordination with Dominion Power. In general, neither Comcast nor Verizon will go near downed lines that also have downed electrical lines. Now that most electrical lines are back up, it safe for Comcast and Verizon to make their repairs.

      (call even if it is a line down not on your property — just give the location and be patient, the person on the other end is likely unaware of the storm and/or that Arlington exists.)

    • mjm

      Calling Comcast gets you little more than an acknowledgment that there was a storm and the fact they are working on fixing the problem. We never really lost power at any point during the storm and our internet worked fine Friday night, even into Saturday. But since then, the service has gone steadily downhill. I’m sure there are users vs. capacity issues, but this is ridiculous. With a vast majority of Arlington back up and running, there’s no reason that Comcast can’t be out there fixing their issues.

      Please give some update/stats on when Comcast will get it’s act together.

  • James Moron

    I’m sure most people without power and AC were losing sleep over their library book due dates.

    • WeiQiang

      I hope there’s a better reason behind the library’s move than just the due dates themselves. I think it’s a no brainer that – even if the due dates were not changed – there would be general forgiveness for the late fees. The important benefit, I think, is that it could reduce the cost of the churn around the due dates. If folks aren’t getting late notices and having to seek forgiveness and employees aren’t having to grant forgiveness, we’re getting a lot of cost avoidance … both of taxpayer and personal expenses.

    • lebele

      When the power was out, small restaurants with WiFi service were filled. The Shirlington library set up a meeting room with dozens of 2-person tables. The entire library was filled with computer users. It was the only source of outside communication for many folks for a couple of days.

  • always right

    Possibly if we worried less about the “freebies” and more on the true human needs we would put more money into emergency and less into Libraries.

  • lilypad

    The library in our neighborhood was a lifesaver for us. They stayed open late, the staff was inordinately patient with the hordes of people sitting next to outlets charging their phones, and shared information about what branches would be open and how their schedules would adjust to accomodate outage refugees. Three cheers!

  • Rvue

    My power was restored today! Many thanks to everyone who has been helping with the effort!

  • is that “the” pole that took everyone’s light in Barcroft? May save the photo – look grandkids this is why Grandma roasted for 3 days in 2012!!

  • never mind – read the caption on Flicker. It IS THE pole.

  • JnA

    Want to guess how old the old utility pole in the photo is? I’d say at least 40 years.


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