An Arlington resident will be profiled on the TLC show Strange Sex this weekend. The reason? She has the world’s largest natural breasts.

Annie Hawkins-Turner, also known in the world of fetish modeling by her stage name Norma Stitz, recently moved to the Fairlington section of Arlington from Atlanta, Georgia. In a preview of the show (above), the 53-year-old talks to TLC about being bullied in school — “kids would point and stare… I wasn’t able to sit at the desk like other kids” — and her decision to not get breast reduction surgery — “why fix something that’s not broken,” she said.

Hawkins-Turner has a rare condition called gigantomastia that has caused her breasts to grow so big — her bra size is 102ZZZ — that they now weigh 85 pounds. She says she’s used to attracting attention where ever she goes.

“No one looks like me,” Hawkins-Turner said. “I’m one in a million.”

In addition to being featured on the show, Hawkins-Turner was featured on the website Gawker today.

Strange Sex will air on Sunday, July 15, at 10:00 p.m.


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