County Board Approves $6.5 Million In Water Infrastructure Improvements

by Aaron Kraut July 23, 2012 at 12:10 pm 2,748 8 Comments

Updated at 1:55 p.m. The Arlington County Board on Saturday approved $6.5 million in contracts for a new water main project on Williamsburg Boulevard and a sewer pipe upgrade at the intersection of Lee Highway and John Marshall Drive.

The Williamsburg Boulevard Water Supply Main project is the second phase of the county’s effort to connect the Ethan Allen pump station to the Minor Hill Reservoir. Part of the water main, from the pump station to north Glebe Road, was completed in 2003.  The segment from North Glebe Road to 34th Road North is under construction.

The $5.6 million project was awarded to Alexandria-based contractor Martin & Gass Inc., which will lay the 36-inch water main in Williamsburg Boulevard beginning at 35th Street North and ending at the reservoir. The new water main will provide water supply to Minor Hill, which will allow for maintenance on existing water mains without service disruption, according to an Arlington County press release.

The entire water main should be completed by September 2013, according to Shannon Whalen McDaniel, spokeswoman for the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services. The new phase of the project will begin in December.

About $900,000 of the approved funds will go toward sewer improvements at John Marshall Drive and Lee Highway, an area the county deemed as prone to flooding in a 2011 analysis. Flooding during a June 2006 storm damaged area homes, which prompted the stormwater study. The project is scheduled to begin in September, McDaniel said.

“As our County continues to grow and age, it is critical that we make ongoing, prudent investments in our infrastructure,” said County Board Chair Mary Hynes. “The upgrades that the Board approved today will help improve the operations of our essential water and sewage systems, protect against flooding and allow us to continue delivering first-class services to our residents.”

  • Rick

    1) Anyone else think it’s funny that the highest natural point in Arlington is called “Minor Hill”?

    2) It may be a company from Alexandria, but most of the work trucks up working on the mains on N Glebe have New Jersey plates. It’d be nice to see all that money stay in the Commonwealth, but oh well.

    • bred

      I’m not too sure it the license plates on trucks have much to do with the resident locations of the people driving or working from them, but more with the taxes of trucks in particular states and if the vehicles are leased. You’ll notice a lot if Indiana plates on local delivery trucks and moving vans in Arlington. I can assure you that these guys are not driving 500 miles daily, each way, to deliver stuff here.

  • JohnB2

    Wow another new author. Welcome to ArlNow, Aaron!

  • Replicant

    Is this in lieu of the Colombia Pike Streetcar project??

    Will commuters have to don SCUBA gear and ride a submersible sled between stops??

    Besides fishing, what other economic opportunities exist for ‘Vibrancy’??

    • Eric

      Why dig up the street? Why not haul water in double-decker or accordion body tanker trucks?

  • AL

    This certainly isn’t as sexy as the streetcar

  • Grumpy

    Water? What a waste of money!


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