Police Investigating Armed Robbery at Pike Check Cashing Store

by ARLnow.com July 25, 2012 at 11:30 am 5,997 60 Comments


Police are investigating an armed robbery at a check cashing store on Columbia Pike.

According to police, an employee had been walking up to the door of the store in the 4700 block of Columbia Pike around 9:00 this morning to begin her shift. Two men approached her and forced her to unlock the door. According to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck, one of the suspects held a knife to the woman’s neck, and the other held a gun to her head.

Once inside, the suspects reportedly forced the woman to take them to a back room and emptied the safe. They fled on foot with $40,000 in cash.

Police were unsuccessful in their attempts to track the men with K9 units. They are currently working to see if there is surveillance video of the incident.

The suspect descriptions are vague, but police are describing both as Hispanic men between 5’8″ and 5’10”. One was wearing a white shirt and the other was wearing a black shirt.

The store employee was not injured during the incident, and is continuing to assist police with their investigation.

  • Id

    The Streetcar can be used for backup when it’s built

    • South Awwlington

      Check Cashing Stores aren’t part of the Neighborhoods Plan and won’t be paying post-Streetcar rent. And I am glad for it.

      PS – that’s my hood!

    • YTK

      “Faster Faster” They can’t get away from the Mighty Streetcar as long as they keep running on the tracks!!!”

      • South Awwlington

        You missed the point.

  • wut

    40 grand in untraceable bills? Niiiiiiice.

  • bman

    The $ amount should never have been released to the public.

    Was that really wise by the police to release that information?

    • JohnB2

      Why? Because it would encourage future robberies of the place?

      • David

        Yes, that is why you rarely if ever see how much bank robbers get away with after a heist, they don’t want to the public to know.

        • Tabs

          Excellent point.

    • The voice in your head

      Even with no training in law enforcement or professional law enforcement experience, you are still smarter than the Arlington police department. You should share your knowledge with the public.

    • YTK

      Sure- so all the McDonalds’ can be on alert — in case someone places a $40,000 order

      • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

        in case of a $40,000 mcdonalds order, lets keep an ambulance and heart doctor on alert.

    • SomeGuy

      Actually, it’s not uncommon for authorities to release bank robbery statistics. The FBI does it quarterly and annually, including the types of security devices involved and modus operandi of the perps:

      Granted, those are aggregate numbers vs. specific incidents, but it’s not clear what you don’t want authorities to release or why, so I’m just contributing to the discussion.

  • Marlo Stanfield

    It was Omar yo.

    • JP

      Omar ain’t never point no gun at no one who wasn’t in the game, yo.

      • Brasco

        All in the game yo, all in the game.

  • ArLater

    Now that is the VIBRANACY Arlington is looking for!

    • DK


  • Mary-Austin

    If only she had been carry a gun nothing bad would have happened!

  • ArlingtonNative

    Dang, $40K! … that’s a good bit more than they’d get from a Bank job.
    Should be easy to find … check the local bars later today for two guys matching the description, getting loaded and buying drinks for everyone

    • Douglas Parker

      Good thinking. They are probably spending some of that dough right now, as we type!

      • Tabs

        “Hello, Days Inn near Walter Reed Drive? Yeah, I’m looking for my friends Juan and Jose. They’re 5’8-5’10”, might be with some ‘ladies’.”

        • Mary-Austin


    • wut

      There’s a ton of guys matching that description getting loaded in bars every afternoon. These guys will be easy to spot though, because they won’t have drywall mud or paint all over their clothes.

      • X

        Wut, and “of course”, Hispanics “only” do home-repair jobs? nice. With “Einsteins” like you, no wonder this country is in trouble!

        • wut

          No, probably more commercial than residential.

          • X

            You still don’t get it. Which is exactly my point!

          • Josh S

            No, wut is doing what is colloquially known as “pulling your chain,” Unfortunately, there are no good responses at this point.

          • Always Right

            Right on !

          • sunflower

            when you finally meet mr right–make sure his first name isnt “always”

      • Mary-Austin

        I dare one of the readers of this blog to set foot in Restaurante El Salvador across the street, order a beer, and report back.

        • SoArl

          I was just about to post that they probably ran into good old Restaurante El Salvador…

    • Bella Luna

      Thought: Who knows these two men are even from Arlington? What if they are from DC or MD?

  • nom de guerre

    If this establishment had $40K on hand on a Wednesday, I wonder how much they would have on a Friday, which is typically payday.

    • UA

      I am guessing $10k at the most, just said 40 for insurance money.. Inside job

      • Josh S

        $40,000 is a surprisingly high number which does raise the question of whether these two got incredibly lucky or if they had some reason to believe there would be that much money there….

        • South Awwlington

          Or this store is a front for another biz…

          • j

            had the exact same thought

          • sunflower

            or the employee was in on it………

          • Andy

            That’s my guess. (I proudly join the ranks of armchair crime solvers!).

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        That’s a very interesting thought there.

  • Shocking

    Affordable housing, keeping your violent crimes local since 1987

    • KalashniKEV


      This is the type of VIBRANCY we pay to import.

      • Mary-Austin

        They plan on knocking over that strip but preserving the “historic” and affordable apartments behind it. Should be interesting to see how that goes. It will be vibrant though!

        • South Awwlington

          These aren’t CAFS, they are MARKS. They can be redeveloped as market rate housing. I am certain the owner will sell out to a developer who will come in, knock down some buildings, add density and make a fortune. Of course, AHIF funds will be required to add that density!

          • SoArl

            Oh, we can only hope. I’ll buy you the first beer if a decent bar/restaurant (or tavern!) opens up down on that debacle of a corner.

  • NIMBY The Chicken

    Amateurs… they should have cut a hole in the roof like that job in Huntington a few weeks ago.

  • Douglas Parker

    I would check Bob and Ediths right now for two dudes ordering a dinner meal for breakfast/lunch and ringing up a monster bill… of 20-30 bucks plus tip.

    Actually they’ll probably stiff the waiter, crooks!

  • John Fontain

    Inside job.

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      I think it will be telling if it’s found that the video surveillance equipment was “malfunctioning” or otherwise turned off. Assuming they have such equipment, and they’d be crazy not to.

      • Bella Luna

        Good points!

  • Scott

    Do unto others…

  • Replicant

    They should put an undercover cop in the Crystal City Restaurant, if she receives large tips during her dance routine, that might be an indicator! 😉

    • ArlingtonNative

      … or maybe she is just a good ‘dancer’ and should look into a second line of work!?

  • ballsteve

    Was this near Fairlington?

    • really


  • ArlWhat

    K9s couldn’t scent due to second hand smoke drifting into the kennel.

  • The Bible

    It’s about time. That store robs its customers blind every day.

  • WTF

    YOU’RE SICK if you’re making these assumptions about these guys just because they’re Hispanic. It’s people like you that need to get a grip. You think your jokes are funny? Well, they’re not so f*ck off!

    • Monopoly Man

      Mi amigo, no te preocupadas con los commentes


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