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Crystal City To Host Dog-Friendly Beer Festival

by Aaron Kraut July 26, 2012 at 1:45 pm 6,328 38 Comments

Crystal City will be hosting an event this fall geared to lovers of both dogs and beer.

The inaugural “Pups and Pilsners” outdoor beer festival will be held on Sept. 23. The Crystal City Business Improvement District and Washington Wine Academy is stocking the event, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 1405 Crystal Drive, with a beer garden of 10 craft brews and food from Crystal City restaurants.

Entry to the “dog-friendly festival” is free — and bringing Fido is optional. The beer garden will cost you, though. Tickets will be available at washingtonwineacademy.org.

Disclosure: Crystal City BID is an ARLnow.com advertiser

  • Louise

    Will DC Brau be there? Their beer is SO GOOD.

  • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

    omg a Westie!

  • Rory

    YES! beer with my buddy

  • c’mon

    Why is everything “dog-friendly”?

    And why do people bring their frickin’ dogs to dinner (sitting outside in Shrlington, for example). They bark, beg for food … it’s annoying. You dog-owners who do this … people don’t like you. There, it has been said.

    • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

      Quite honestly it’s because dogs make better people.

    • Speak for yourself.

    • Sam

      So don’t go.

    • neutrino

      +1000 – Not all events need children and/or dogs.

      • Jeff

        This isn’t all events. This article is about one event. Period.

    • CW

      For this specific event, fine, of course you should be allowed to plan an event that has dogs if you want it.

      But amen to that second part.

    • WeiQiang

      mmmmbecause it’s Arlington?

    • Jay W

      My dog is better behaved then most children yet they are allowed inside

      • William

        Except your dog is an animal. A child is a human.

        • AlienObserver

          Genetically, maybe but behavior-wise not always.

      • leaveareply

        i doubt that, considering many dog owners don’t know much about their dog. to many the animal is just another ‘toy’ for them to keep.

  • Id

    c’mon you must be a cat person. You whining like a pussy cat.

  • SteamboatWillie

    Whatever. I’m not a dog person, but I am a beer person, so I very well could attend. And just ignore the dogs.

    And I second the thumbs up for DC Brau.

  • T-Bone!!!

    The dog said he would call me sometime, but never did.

  • WeiQiang

    My concern is that my dog will not be able to negotiate the slalom of sidewalk signs violating the six foot free-space requirement.

  • very pumped for this. people usually frown upon canines lapping up warm beer from a bum’s spilled 40 but at least for one day i can do this judgment-free.

    *howls & shotguns 2 tallboys*

  • soarlslacker

    Rules for dogs are very different in other counties. I found in Germany that your dog can basically go everywhere if it is well behaved. If there was not room near the table for the dog, the dogs would be sitting or lying down in the hall way to the bathroom in all the restaurants that I was in. I would have to step over them to get to the bathroom. The dogs were very well behaved and did not bark or growl or try to scare me in any way.
    Quite frankly, if people can drag their kids in places, dog owners should be able to take their dogs. There are lots of places in CC and Del Ray that welcome dogs: BofA on Eads St welcomes dogs and gives your treats for the dogs. The DelRay Pharmacy on Mt Vernon Ave welcomes dogs. I was carrying a tiny dog into a 7-11 one day when a person who worked there said to me: “no dog”. I pulled some cash out of my pocket and said: “I will spend my money someplace else.” No one in my family has ever gone into that 7-11 again. I spend my money where I like and not at places that boot my dog out in grammatically incorrect sentence fragments. My dog(s) are no threat to you if they weigh 10 lbs. and I am carrying them.

    • CW

      Yes, they have lots of personal freedom in Europe because they are very good about being responsible with it. What is your point?

      You must be very proud that you will not be visiting a 7-Eleven where the owner did not want dog hair/urine/feces all over his supply of food. And, pray tell, if somehow Little Tiny Princess had made do-do all over the store, I am absolutely CERTAIN you would have paid that owner some money in return, right?

      If you can make me listen to your dog barking while I am eating dinner, then I guess it’s cool for me to crank up my Bose SoundDock at my table, right? Cool; I’ve been on an old-school Metallica kick lately…

      • JamesE

        +500 for Metallica
        -50000 for Bose

        • CW

          Couldn’t think of another ubiquitous stereo product…almost said “boom box”…I don’t own anything Bose…

      • Allan

        To each their own, if you don’t like dogs sitting outside near you on a restaurant patio, go inside. If you don’t like listening to the kids next to you sneezing and hacking all over place, while continuing the high pitched “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”; then you move to another table. (Oh, and don’t forget Mommy and Daddy’s babysitter, the iPad or LeapFrog game that beeps, whines, whistles, etc. so the little darling doesn’t disturb the other guests.)

        If you’re worried about the potential health hazard, then you really better eat inside because those birds that hop around on the tables and pee and poop aren’t subject to the Arlington County Health Department code…pretty sure it’s been a REALLY long time since anyone caught any disease from the presence of a dog. I’m much more concerned about the diseases I can get from handling the salt and pepper shaker, the back of the chair or sitting next to a very pregnant woman who just goes into labor. Believe me is that one big mess that comes out!

        Only happened once, but I would say it would be more likely to catch something from human bodily fluids than from a dog I’m not even touching.

        If you’re qor

        • Allan

          Hmmm. Have no idea what “If you’re qor” was supposed to be

        • CW

          You really exemplify the mentality that is so omnipresent around here.

          “I am all-important and will do whatever I feel like; if it inconveniences or harms others, then that’s their fault.”

          I didn’t say anything about a health hazard. I said an owner might not want dog waste all over his/her store. If you think that is sterile and not a health hazard, then go ahead and put some, uh, “money”, where your mouth is. Literally. And take pictures.

          • Allan

            That’s funny, I think was pretty clear that if you don’t like what others are doing, then you move to a location that is more to your liking.

            So, essentially, I am saying the exact opposite of what you say I exemplify. I am saying let others do as they like, don’t expect everyone to kowtow to you because you don’t like how they choose to live their life. If it’s not a matter of a health hazard, like carrying a small dog into a store, who may or may not defecate – just like a small child may or may not projectile vomit like so many do – just live and let live. If you don’t like it, don’t patronize that store or restaurant.

          • CW

            Wow, cannot believe previous reply got moderated away.

            I would just like to say that basically you are taking the burden and punishment and putting it on the people who are doing nothing offensive. You seriously think that if one person with a barking dog dumping waste everywhere comes in everyone else should just get lost if they dont like it? Sheesh.

            I am not saying dogs should or should not be banned or whatever from places. All i am saying is that some people, many around here, are very inconsiderate and think only of themselves. I would be aghast if i found myself ruining the dining experience of many other people, for example.

      • Ivy

        Your point CW?? So all dogs are banned because of a small handful of people are stupid? Give me a dog barking over messy, screaming kids anyday. Kids are aloud anywhere. Would much rather have a dog around

        • CW

          My point is that many people are inconsiderate and do things in relatively public places that cause problems to other people. Why is this difficult to comprehend?

  • Elmer

    Pups and Pilsners or Dogs and Drunks?
    Just kidding, although the chances of the doggies over inbibing are considerably less than that of their humans.

  • Jeff

    This is ONE event where dogs are allowed. I’m sure there are a hundred other places you can down your beers from 2-6pm on September 23.

    Jeez, the whiners here are really out in force today.

  • Arlington cat

    Flowing beer, 20-something’s drinking heavily, and dogs tethered on taught line strewn all over the place. What could possibly go wrong?

  • kevin

    Anyone know if there’s any place to watch the football games here?

  • kevin

    also should add, not just the redskins

  • Chris

    Where are the monkey-friendly events? It’s always about the dogs.

  • leaveareply

    too many dogs in this community and surrounding.


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