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Police Identify Couple In Murder-Suicide

by Aaron Kraut July 26, 2012 at 12:09 pm 7,948 50 Comments

Police on Thursday identified the man and woman killed in Tuesday’s murder-suicide at the Park Shirlington Apartments on the 4500 block of 31st Street South, near the Fairlington neighborhood.

Xiomara Aracely Benitez, 30, of Arlington was pronounced dead at the scene along with Juan Carlos Mox Mox, 30, of Arlington, according to a press release from the Arlington County Police Department. Police identified Benitez as the victim and Mox Mox as the subject. They were married with two children.

Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said a family member took in the two children after the incident, which police have officially ruled a murder-suicide. The cause of death has not yet been determined, according to police.

A family member discovered the victim and subject in a back bedroom of their apartment and police received a 911 call at 2:43 p.m. on Tuesday.

This last homicide in Arlington County happened on March 14, 2010, when a man was stabbed to death in the Lyon Park neighborhood.

  • James Moron

    Mox Mox? Seriously?

    • Tabby_TwoTone


      • UA

        That is just what they had on their voter registration cards


        • SteamboatWillie


        • KalashniKEV

          Voter ID?

          That’s so racist!

        • MC 703

          [Post removed per comment policy]

          • PikeLatin

            Can you prove it?
            Do you have any evidence to support your claim?

          • I beg your pardon. I am what you call Hispanic and I have a valid voting car and I vote. I am a legal citizen, have a doctorate degree, and I am bilingual in two languages.

            Truly, I think you ought to think before you type something so stupid and ignorant.

          • YaYa S.H.

            what’s a voting car?

          • goodness, it’s a typo. I have a voter ID card.

          • YaYa S.H.

            Oh…. I figured it was some type of snazzy car that only educated doctors drove. My bad.

          • joker

            I think he was being sarcastic (I hope he was).

            Side note, if you were bilingual in two languages wouldn’t that mean you “quad-lingual?” Not sure if that is a term, but I am confident being bilingual in two languages is not correct…

          • ahhhh. you people are amazing. Two people are dead, two children are now orphans, and all you can do is make nasty and derrogatory comments about the deceased and your neighbors.

            Yes, you are correct, bilingual is 2 languages. The sentence is incorrect, but I was so ticked off at that remark that I lost my cool and typed too quickly.

            Truly, I can’t understand why I bother commenting with so many juvenile, ignorant people. Arlnow used to be a pleasant place to chat with neighbors. Maybe things will improve once school is back in session.

          • PikeLatin

            1.(Linguistics) able to speak two languages, esp with fluency
            2.(Linguistics) written or expressed in two languages

            Speaking, writing, written in, or composed of several languages.

      • NorthArlingTim

        no kidding.

    • Calabria

      Wonder if it’s his birth name or not…

      Mox Mox is apparently a character in a novel called “Streets of Laredo”: “A string of strange murders soon leads Call in the pursuit of a ghost from the past – Mox Mox (or, as the Apache call him, “The Snake You Do Not See”). A former flunky of Blue Duck, of Lonesome Dove fame, Mox Mox is known for burning his captives alive. Mox Mox was thought to have been killed years before, but had just been in hiding at sea, and has now returned at the head of a murderous gang. The news is especially traumatic for Lorie, who herself had nearly been burnt by the villain while she was a captive of Blue Duck. Fearing for the lives of her children, Lorie sends them to Nebraska, to the protection of her friend Clara Allen. She then sets off to find Pea Eye to warn him. Pea Eye and the Kickapoo Famous Shoes, unaware of the threat of Mox Mox, continue south to find Captain Call. They are thrown into the Presidio jail when the sheriff accuses Famous Shoes of being a horse thief (he came across Famous Shoes eating a dead horse several years ago and decided that it was stolen) and decides to hang him. Captain Call hears of their plight and frees them from jail (near-killing the sheriff in the process in a furious beating) and continues in pursuit of Mox Mox. He ambushes the gang just as they are about to burn two children alive, killing outright all but two – Quick Jimmy, a renegade Cherokee, who escapes unscathed, and Mox Mox himself, who limps off to die.” (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streets_of_Laredo)

      • tumblebum

        Quick Jimmy didn’t get that moniker for nothin’

  • T:GEOA

    What happend to Katie?

  • Noid

    So if they’d been married, her name would been Xiomara Mox Mox?! And then named their kids Xavier and Max.

    • PikeLatin

      In others cultures is not necessary for the woman to carry husband last name.
      In Chile by law, the wife keep her last name.
      In Spain woman keep her last name too.
      In Portugal the child inherit the mother last name not the father.

      • Arlntv

        I’m Portuguese and I have my father’s last name as does all the other Portuguese people I know.

        • PikeLatin

          My Uncle is from Viseu and he got his mother last name like a lot of Portuguese I know.

  • SoArl

    Ugh… those poor kids.

    • Tre

      +1 for not trivializing situation

      • FBG

        I thought he was sympathizing with their surname.

  • JimPB

    Didn’t an earlier report mention that one of the two had a take-home ACPD patrol car? If so, which one was an officer with the ACPD?

    • Reading is Fundamental

      Please re-read the original article on ARLnow if that is what you are referring to. Reading Comprehension will be your best friend.

    • Use The Internet

      No, only a COMMENTOR such as yourself said one of the people involved had a take-home car. They mis-read a sentence where the police towed the victim’s car from the scene.

  • KalashniKEV

    I think it might just be Mox. Here’s his FB:


  • South Awwlington

    Horribly slow news day.

  • GMo

    Whelp, there goes Arlington’s changes of having back to back years with ZERO homicides. Wah- Whaaa

    • chris

      I think ArlNow readers have difficulty with major crime.

  • Rob

    Did anyone ever figure out whether this was in Fairlington?

    • Ballston


    • Moderator

      Yeah, and property values have fallen by 20 percent in the last two days…

  • South Awwlington

    I don’t a GD who changes their name when/where/in what culture and in what circumstances.

    What I do give a GD about is what kind of parent thinks it’s acceptable to leave their kids scarred and parent-less?

    Talk about selfish.

  • Elmer

    No wisecracks from me and I feel sorry for the kids. They’ve apparently lost both Mom and Dad. That’s tragic.

  • Arlchick

    I wanted to reply to Lauren’s last comment but there wasn’t a “reply” button on her last comment, so my apologies for the broken thread.

    Lauren said:
    “ahhhh. you people are amazing. Two people are dead, two children are now orphans, and all you can do is make nasty and derogatory comments about the deceased and your neighbors.”

    She said some other things as well, and I just wanted to say that I agree with her wholeheartedly. I don’t understand why the comments on this site are always so nasty/callous. I was excited when I first found this blog because in the spread out area that NOVA is, I wanted to know and interact with the folks that lived in my piece of it. Instead there’s always the easily anticipated and frequently made comment that “South Arlington is trash and so are the people that live there.” Then there’s the racist jokes today about two people that died. Some of you sit at a computer and forget how to be decent people.

    I know I’m feeding the trolls but man it would be great if one day I scanned the Arlnow comments and there was real conversation between neighbors happening, instead of the same ol’ worthless crap you read everywhere else on the internet.

    • Enna

      @Lauren and Arlchick: I wholly concur!
      This site is the best for community news and yet the marjority of comments posted here are negative or smarmy.

    • Tre


    • Cyrus

      Agreed Arlchick,
      I’m starting to tire of the same commenters posting the same snark/negativity. Enough so that I’m considering bailing on this site completely, which is a shame because this blog otherwise does a great service to the community.

      • Garden City

        No need to bail on the site. I think the moderator/owner does a good job of running an informative, relevant site for Arlington happenings. You’re never going to see most of this stuff in the Post or the Sun Gazette. I’m just reading the comments less and less.

      • Banksy

        I feel the same way sometimes. I like local blogs, and I’ve been reading ArlNow almost from the day it launched. It’s a great site, we live in a great county, and yet, the comments section is dominated by the most hostile, grumpy, unpleasant people I’ve seen this side of WTOP.com!

        • Hostile, Grumpy and Unpleasant

          The three of us don’t appreciate our names being taken in vain.
          After all, if you rearrange our names, you get “HUG”

          Sincerely yours,
          Hostile, Unpleasant and Grumpy

    • GroverOver

      @Arlchick, thank you for saying what so many of us feel and have felt since the beginning of Arlnow.com. Wonderful, much-needed, and informative site for local news, but the callousness of the commenters frequently sours my experience.

      It feels like all the cyberbullies in Arlington congregate here to hone their craft. Maybe it’s the anonymity that makes them feel safe to type such inhumane remarks. Like pre-teens scrawling obscenities on a bathroom wall.

      Whatever the case, I’ve mostly become a Twitter follower. Rarely visit the actual site anymore because the comments are a sad commentary on the current state of civil discourse.

      • not your bro

        Right on.

        It seems like every thread gets derailed either by cyberbullies, as you say, or by people who feel the need to post the same dumb joke/meme over and over.

        It takes all kinds, certainly, but maybe a critical mass of people like you can help steer it in a more positive direction. Don’t give up on the site (this goes for Arlchick and all the posters of like mind)! Your fellow civil readers need you.

    • CW2

      +1000. This place would be a lot more civil if a small number of childish posters would grow up.

    • Mittendorf


  • drax

    What a terrible tragedy for those kids.

  • Arlchick, Enna, Tre, Cyrus, Banksy, Garden City, GroverOver, and not your bro: thanks and I agree completely with each of you!!! 🙂

    I’ve also been reading Arlnow from the very beginning when it was pretty much just a small neighborhood news source. Made Arlington really feel like a community. Oh well . . . 🙂


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