World of Beer Opens Next Week

by Katie Pyzyk July 30, 2012 at 1:45 pm 12,809 50 Comments

In one week, Ballston will be home to a new beer establishment. World of Beer (901 N. Glebe Road) is making its final preparations for opening next Monday (August 6).

Owner Evan Matz and his wife recently moved to Arlington from Florida. He enjoys the area and thought it would be the perfect place to launch Virginia’s first location for the Florida chain.

“I love Arlington. I think it’s a great area,” said Matz. “World of Beer looks forward to being Ballston’s neighborhood social scene, while being dedicated to the beer enthusiast.”

The coolers are stocked, thanks to a beer shipment that arrived last Friday. Later this week, kegs and tap handles will be delivered. In all, there will be more than 500 beers, with 50 rotating taps. New selections will come a couple of times every week.

Bartenders have to go through extensive training to become familiar with all the different types of beers. They should be able to give customers suggestions based on individual tastes, as well as giving the history of some of the more unique brews. Matz says the focus on the beer will make his place different from all the others in the area.

“We’re an upscale neighborhood sports craft beer bar,” he said. “Other restaurants will have a good selection of beer, but we are a place that has a phenomenal selection of beer, that happens to have food.”

Traditionally, World of Beer establishments don’t serve food, but this location will in order to comply with state law. The limited menu will feature gourmet sausages, small bites such as soft pretzels, and beer-infused desserts. There’s been a unique partnership set up to allow customers to order from other restaurants and have the food delivered inside World of Beer. Matz said with the offerings both from his menu and those of Vapiano, BGR The Burger Joint and P.F. Chang’s, customers will have plenty of variety when it comes to dining options.

Inside, sports fans can catch the games on the TVs throughout the establishment, and there will be free live entertainment on Wednesday through Saturday evenings. Those who want to get some fresh air can take advantage the outdoor seating. Happy hour will take place on weeknights, along with different daily specials such as trivia night or service industry night.

Because it reached its goal of 1,000 Facebook fans and 500 Twitter followers, World of Beer is holding a special pre-grand opening party for all the fans and followers on August 6. Social media followers or not, Matz invites everyone with a passion for good beer to stop by.

“We’re giving Ballston and Arlington a place where people can come and enjoy better tasting, better quality beer,” said Matz. “We want to make sure that everybody enjoys the music, the entertainment, just the laid back atmosphere of World of Beer.”

  • Mike


    • D’oh


  • ArlCivilEng

    Looking forward to see how their stock compares to Total Wine (of McLean).

    • drax

      Total Wine is a carry out. World of Beer is a restaurant, it doesn’t have “stock,” it has taps.

      • ArlCivilEng

        Well the article disagrees with you on the interpretation of stock but we can philosophize another day.

        All I would like to see is list of their beer.

      • bb

        Yes, Total Wine is carry out only. However, looking at the layout from the pictures on here, it would appear that the coolers aren’t just behind the bar. Considering that other places (Lost Dog) also sell beer to go, I wouldn’t dismiss ArlCivilEng’s comment so readily, drax.

        • Ben

          Maybe photo 6 is a walk in cooler for carry-out 6 packs?

          One would hope as it’s tough to find some things around here without driving to Westover etc.

        • drax

          Not dismissing – I could be wrong. Apparently I am. Yeah, Lost Dog does it like that too.

      • E

        You’ll be able to buy it to go!

      • B man

        Actually World of Beer also allows you to buy and take-away!

        • drax

          Interesting. Thanks. I don’t think I’ve seen that in Virginia, except for growlers.

          • Lost Rhino Lets Ya

            Lost Rhino lets you take away bottles as well as growlers.

  • Holy shi that is a lot of beer

  • ArlingtonNative

    World of Beer, aka, Mecca !

    (hope it’s too far for the flip-floppers to flap to)

    • Dwight

      False: Mecca does not allow alcoholic beverages.

      • DCBuff

        Making WOB, and thus ArlCo, a much better place.

      • Dwight_Wins

        Best comment i’ll probably hear all week.

      • ArlingtonNative

        Maybe your Mecca does not, but mine does!

  • HighViewPunk

    Someone needs to use the laser level on that Allagash sign.

  • B22201

    I’ll only like it if it also has the bar-top ice strip to keep the beer cold.

    Like this bar has: http://www.henrystavern.com/index.php

    That, and that they ban flipflops, and Uggs. . . Neither belongs in a reputable establishment.

    • V Dizzle

      Good beer does not require cold temperatures. “Cool” will suffice. Beer is good.

  • Last time I was in Portland, got drunk and sharpened my pencil in a lil’ dog.

  • billj

    Can’t wait to wear my flip flops and drink good beer!

  • 350sbc

    Do they really mean BGR Burger Joint? The closest location is in Clarendon, or the one on Lee Hwy near 66. That’s pretty far to go to bring somebody a burger. Personally, they should bring in Big Buns, which is 100x better than BGR, in my opinion, AND it’s right there in the same block.

    • billj

      Agreed, best burgers in Ballston.. Maybe they meant Brgr Shack (next to First Down)?

    • Katie Pyzyk

      The World of Beer owner confirmed the restaurant he has a deal with is BGR The Burger Joint at 3024 Wilson Blvd in Clarendon.

  • Andy

    It’s probably only me, but does anyway else feel that “craft beer” is the new euphemism for really bad beer made by supposedly trendy microbreweries? Give me a good, cold, mass-produced beer any day. I’ll pass on all this bitter cloudy stuff. All 500 of them.

    • Ballston

      It is only you.

    • V Dizzle

      Yep, just you. Stick to your Bud-coors-miller lites.

    • Mike

      You sound like a nice guy Andy, but i feel sorry for you.

    • Andy

      Sigh. Must be age.

    • TheBeermonger

      If that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel. You’re way off base in that opinion, but you’re entitled to it. To each his/her own.

    • sifa

      Yep, its only you.
      – and whats with the pretentiousness about flip-flops?
      Relax, everybody!

    • SHLady

      It’s just you.

  • JohnB2

    We should use the Facebook advance opening party as the ArlNow meetup.

  • Mick Way

    You’ll be able to sit outside and watch red-light runners get photo-ticketed.

    I hope they keep prices reasonable. I’m tired of Rustico’s $8 drafts.

    • TJ

      And with this, the “Flash-n-Chug” drinking game is born.

  • Elmer

    “Bartenders have to go through extensive training to become familiar with all the different types of beers. They should be able to give customers suggestions based on individual tastes, as well as giving the history of some of the more unique brews.”

    I sincerely hope some of that training will include knowing when to cut off customers who have passed the threshold of too much to drink.

  • Mick Way

    I don’t see any hand pumps for cask conditioned ales. Grr.

  • Mc

    I thought they said previously they won’t do the TV screen sport formula, but guess they lied.

  • Chris

    I don’t know – I think we could have used another cupcake/frozen yogurt place instead.

  • Joe

    Bros, baby, bros.

  • SinSA

    This is going to be incredible.

  • Becoming indifferent

    Yay! Just what we need–another chain!

    • Matt

      My thoughts exactly. Do a little homework, Arlington, this is another big box restaurant jumping on the trend of the moment (craft beer). Ballston already has Rustico and needs WOB like it needs a hole in its head.

      • drax

        Don’t ever visit WOB then.

  • Justin

    Sports and beer. Just the two things to keep your mind off the faltering economy, your failing personal relationships and a consistent inability to meet your personal goals, assuming you’ve even bothered to set any. Eh, men?

    • LuvDusty

      @Justin: So basically, like everyone else on the planet? Sheesh…

      Brazilians add in a dash of soccer and Carnaval to forget their woes, the Indians have Cricket and the French have their wine and cheeses…what’s wrong with that?

  • Bruno

    yes! another chain bar/restaurant in arlington! this is why i love it here! best area in the country to live in! pasty white people, boat shoes, popped collars and jobs galore! viva la arlington!

  • Hannah

    Why doesn’t anyone open up new bars in Rosslyn? So much potential!


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