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Video: Historic Calloway Cemetery on Lee Highway

by ARLnow.com August 6, 2012 at 10:15 am 2,322 11 Comments

Earlier this year, the county held a public hearing about designating the tiny 7,100 square foot Calloway Cemetery at 5000 Lee Highway a historic district. The cemetery, which dates back to the 19th century, is part of Calloway United Methodist Church, in the Hall’s Hill area.

A new county-produced video (above) explores the history of the cemetery plot and the process of documenting and preserving its historic features.

  • Mike

    From the name, I would have assumed that Calloway Cemetary would be intended for avid golfers.

  • x

    That pic (with the “play” arrow superimposed) leaves one guessing what exactly that guy is doing 🙂

    • drax

      Having an emotional moment while discovering the graves of his ancestors. So funny!

      • History buff

        Why is that funny?

    • Ralph

      Good grief.

  • Black Flag

    What’s funny about it? I’m happy there were able to stand up and protect the history of the cemetery.

  • Electricbill

    I’m glad the are preserving it. It think it’s horrible they dug up a cemetary to build the Pentagon City Sheraton off Columbia Pike. I wonder how many guests would check in there if they knew what used to be on that plot of land?

    • BrianR

      People don’t really care anymore. It’s dead bodies underground; doesn’t really creep anybody with a sane mine out.

      I see people using the cemetery across from my office all the time. Playing with their dogs, just hanging out talking, sometimes yoga. It may as well be a public park.

      • Black Flag

        Sounds like Arlington, no one has respect for living and the dead.

  • MB

    Never even heard of this. Thanks, ARLnow.

  • History buff

    Wow, nice video!! I drive by there all the time and hadnt really noticed the cemetery. I do believe it is important to preserve Arlington’s disappearing history, in particular this small piece of our local African American history.


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