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Photos: 2012 Arlington County Fair

by ARLnow.com August 9, 2012 at 10:20 am 4,310 13 Comments

The 2012 Arlington County Fair enters its second day today.

The fair — at the grounds of the Thomas Jefferson Community Center (3501 2nd Street S.) — will continue outdoor festivities from 5:00 to 10:00 tonight (Thursday). On Friday, the fair’s indoor exhibits start. (A schedule is available here.)

Last night, we snapped some photos of families, kids and couples out enjoying the rides, food, games and entertainment at the fair.

  • AL

    I went yesterday. Pretty interesting environment for a place like Arlington.

    Lots of pedophiles standing around, and not much to do. Also the food is not as expensive as it could be, but some of the quality is awful. Funnel cakes were great, though!

    • jackson

      If you can tell them on sight, point to the ones in the pics with this story.

    • Josh S

      You realize:
      A) you’re not the only person in the world
      B) plenty of people on this site have been to the fair many times
      C) many people are fond of the fair

      don’t you?

      • AL

        Hey, not all my comments about the fair were negative. Why are you panties all bunched up!?

    • jlm

      super-creepy comment yo

    • Just Me

      I agree about the food, also too much of the same crap. I don’t eat there.

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Mmmmmm mmmmm Polish Sausage

  • Eric

    Not gonna go if they keep letting daywalkers in.

  • Drunk_IrishChick

    Dont see the Osullivans Doormen in the pics, they are hot!

  • Kmer

    I for one am so happy that my kids are at sleep away camp this week and we therefore do not need to go to the fair. I usually drop $75 within an hour, and for that we eat, the kids play a few carnival games, and go on about 4 rides each. Then it is time to go home because the alternative is to drop even more $$$$$. I do feel sorry for any low-income families that want to attend the fair…at $6 for a 3 minute ride…crazy!!!

  • nota gain

    best to just go and look around due to the expensive nothings there although some of the real crafts were good last year. Hope they, the crafters, return.

  • Pike Lady

    Went to the Fair last night and it was very disappointing. Forced shuttling is the rule of the day as the neighborhood streets are all “permit only parking”. I understand that the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods dislike the loss of parking and the additional visiting neighbors that come with the Fair but, the Fair is only four short days. I guess they are not into that “Vision” statement where Arlingtonians claim to promote to notion of an environment “where people unite to form a caring, learning, participating, sustainable community”. It appeared that far fewer families where in attendance (it was only 7pm). $50 later the food was not worth the price. Maybe its time to move the location of the Fair to WL where more parking is available or maybe just cancel the Fair all together. Sad.

  • Just Me

    I have been going on Thursday night for years, so as usual I went this Thursday, wanting to meet our politicians and just enjoy a Thursday evening. I was not happy that I took a cab only for find THE FAIR WAS NOT OPEN! Just the nasty food and I am too old for the rides and games, so thanks for nothing Arlington.


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