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Treasurer’s Charity Mailing a ‘Win-Win’ — Arlington County Treasurer Frank O’Leary says fliers for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and the Arlington Food Assistance Center that went out in the mail with county vehicle decals this year represent a win-win for the community. The nonprofits paid the cost of printing and the extra cost of mailing the decals with the fliers. [Sun Gazette]

Fight at RiRa Irish Pub — A fight broke out at RiRa Irish Pub (2915 Wilson Boulevard) in Clarendon around 8:15 last night. Witnesses tell ARLnow.com that two drunk patrons got in a fight inside the bar. As the fight spilled outside onto the sidewalk some passersby might have gotten involved. Numerous police officers responded to the scene and at least one of the of the fight participants was transported to the hospital. An Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans meeting was taking place inside RiRa at the time of the fight, but the group and its members were not involved, we’re told.

AHC Seeks Volunteer Tutors — AHC Inc., an Arlington-based affordable housing nonprofit, is looking for more than 100 enthusiastic, responsible volunteers to help tutor teens in the evening or to work with elementary students in the afternoon. AHC’s tutoring programs for its residents start on Monday, Sept. 17. More information about volunteering is available on the organization’s web site.

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  • Southeast Ben

    GOP was just keeping the peace.

    • Jeff

      Or, cowering under the tables and wetting their pants in fear.

      • DarkHeart

        They weren’t brandishing their properly licensed glocks?

        • Jeff

          Puhleez, the recoil alone would knock most of them unconscious.

        • SomeGuy

          DarkHeart, they don’t all carry firearms. They just don’t want anyone telling you or them that they can’t if they so choose.

          • novastephanie

            Yet they have no problem telling women what to do with their bodies or gays who they can marry.

          • SomeGuy

            Your reply is unrelated to my comment about firearms.

          • RMoney

            … but not unrelated to a consistent position on personal rights.

  • DarkHeart

    I don’t recall any fights when that location was a convenient hardware store.

    • Rick

      Yeah because everyone was fighting down by Sears

    • Frivolous

      You didn’t build that (bar)

      • Sean Hannity

        You’re doing great, my puppet.

  • Drunk_IrishChick

    Looks like the Hot Doormen from Osullivans were needed!!

    • Clarendon Skank

      They were otherwise engaged last night.

      • Drunk_IrishChick

        Do tell

      • Grindr

        OSullivans’ doormen are 3 feet awa … oh, hello.

  • Mitt

    Arlington libs objecting to the GOP’s right to assemble, no doubt.

    • Healthy Canadian

      Why do “conservatives” always want to live in blue areas? They should stay in their own backasswards territories.

      • Rick

        Those a-holes! How dare they have differing views from others!

        • Rick-less

          They can have any view they want, just keep it in Alabama or Mississippi where it belongs.

          • More FUD

            Uhhh, last I checked Virginia was in the south. Maybe you carpetbaggers should take yourselves back where YOU belong.

          • Rick-less

            Born and raised in Arlington, girlfriend.

      • Boom! Roasted

        Pretty sure Virginia was a red state long before they started serving artisan burgers in Arlington.

  • Altruist

    The mailer was completely inappropriate. Frank O’Leary used an official mailing to support charities of his choosing. “O’Leary said he has no objection to others taking part, ‘within reason.'” What on earth does that mean? No other charities were given the opportunity to participate, and the response clearly would have been overwhelming if they had.

    • Jackson5

      Agreed – Misuse on county mailing…implies county/taxpayer approval. Wonder how they would react if a pro-life or pro-choice group used the same mailer

    • mail it back

      I mailed the fliers back to them with my check. No need to clutter my life with more junk mail.

      • Josh S

        Good call.

  • LP

    Republicans are making a name for themselves recently.

    Legitimate Rape
    Skinny dipping in holy water
    Fighting at Irish Pubs

    What’s next?

  • ARLRez


    • JamesE

      He ate all the corned beef

  • novasteve

    Yet you can still drink outside of the home, become violent, drive, but we are all safe because you can’t smoke.

    • jackson

      Because smoking doesn’t impair one’s ability to drive, it should be allowed everywhere? That statement has no logic to it.

      • novastephanie

        Consider the source.

  • Monday night at an Irish bar; what would you expect but a drunken brawl?

  • Trolly Troll

    I thought as a defense mechanism a woman’s body could abort fighting brahs from a bar.

  • YTK

    What a GREAT idea for ALL Communities!!! I HOPE the information was BILINGUAL- for Arlington’s Hispanic population.

    “Treasurer’s Charity Mailing a ‘Win-Win’ — Arlington County Treasurer Frank O’Leary says fliers for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and the Arlington Food Assistance Center that went out in the mail with county vehicle decals this year represent a win-win for the community. The nonprofits paid the cost of printing and the extra cost of mailing the decals with the fliers.”

  • Clarendonguy

    Two Irish guys were fighting outside of a bar. A third walks up looks at the scene of the two fighting and says, “Is this a private fight or can anyone get in.”

  • nice picture! i wanna rummage around in there for lil’ bunnies to play with. *howls*

  • ClarendonDweller

    What was the point of including that the Young Republicans were meeting at RiRa while the fight took place? You say that they weren’t involved, they were simply in a business when something happened. You didn’t specify all of the other patrons and their affiliations that were present and that they, too, “weren’t involved.” It just seemed like a strange inclusion that only serves as fodder for the commenters.

    • j

      Fodder indeed. Fodder indeed.

      • Hello…

        “fodder for the commenters.”

        Howa ’bout your mudda ??

    • SteamboatWillie

      It also allows Republicans to play the victim card again.

      • j

        Seriously S. William, you really think it was a necessary component of the article?

        And maybe there was a group of La Tasca servers having a beer after their shift or the guy that tows everyone from the bank parking lot was there gloating … oooohhh

        • steph

          First of all, it clears things up for people who were actually present. Secondly, at least one of them was involved. I was there. A guy in a pink polo and a Romney sticker punched the guy after he had already been kicked out of the bar and was bleeding in the sidewalk.

          • RMoney

            What? So, the what ArlNow was told isn’t correct or a nuanced interpretation of “the group and its members were not involved” is required.

          • SomeGuy

            Wearing a pink polo and a Romney sticker does not make one a member of the Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans. The report says they were not involved, so your comment suggests the article didn’t clear it up “for people who were actually present” after all.

          • RMoney

            The article states that ArlNow was told they were not involved. I’ll go with the the eyewitness for $400, Alex.

          • SomeGuy

            Trebek: this eyewitness stated stated two hard to reconcile points in her original comment since the article can’t simultaneously clear things up for the people present and contradict the people present.

            Someguy: Who is steph?

          • jackson

            “but the group and its members were not involved, we’re told.”

            WE’RE TOLD”

            There is no report on the incident that mentions republicans.

          • More FUD

            I read on the internets….. so it must be true.

    • There was a sizable, planned Young Republican gathering at the bar. Witnesses reported seeing people with Romney stickers and thought they might be involved. They weren’t, as the blurb makes clear.

      • 1RLI

        I don’t think inclusion of the fact that the Young Republicans were meeting there adds anything to the blurb, though at least the “reporter” included the fact that the group was not involved. By-the-way, what number constitutes “sizeable?”

      • ClarendonDweller

        Thanks for following up – I appreciate the explanation.

    • absolutely agree. Why do that ARLNOW???

      • just saw your explanation – I guess it makes sense.

        It just gets really tiresome to read so many immature, nasty and unnecessary comments. As I’ve noted before, the comments and forum have really changed the tone of this website.

        By the way – love the photograph!

    • SomeGuy

      It drives comments and page impressions. Page impressions drive ad sales.

  • Put Up Your Dukes

    The first rule of Fight Club is there is no Fight Club…


  • John Doe

    I was also there. Romney people did not start fight. Person at bar got physical for no reason, drunk, pushed female bartender, and was restrained by nearby Romney people and carried out by a bouncer. To say no Arlington YR people were involved is a bold lie, though. We had the entire downstairs of the bar where it took place. But no one knew the instigator.

    • More FUD

      This shouldn’t be surprising since Arlnow is used as the training grounds for ABC/NBC/CBS hires.

    • We were told by at least two individuals associated with the AFCYR organization that they were not involved.

      • CW

        Of course. They didn’t accept any stimulus money either.


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