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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com August 22, 2012 at 9:00 am 3,836 95 Comments

Justice Dept. Upholds Va. Voter ID Law — A new Virginia law that expands the types of identification accepted at the polls while disallowing a rule that had allowed voting without an ID has been given a green light by the Justice Department, just in time for Election Day in November. [Washington Post]

Cars for Low-Income Families — The group Vehicles for Change has received a $1 million grant that will allow it to provide a couple dozen used cars to low-income families in Arlington, at low cost to the families. [Arlington Mercury]

Arlington Seeks Urban-Agriculture Feedback — Arlington is asking for the public’s thoughts on urban agriculture — including backyard chickens — in the county, via its Open Arlington website. One statement on the forum implores the county to “bring a Walmart to Arlington.” [Sun Gazette]

Cap City Hosting ‘Summer Farewell Party’ — Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington (4001 Campbell Avenue) is hosting a “Summer Farewell Party on the Patio” tonight. From 4:00 to 9:00 p.m., the restaurant will be offering $6 burgers, $6 brats, $5 margaritas and $3.50 beer pints. [Facebook]

Arlington Launches Mobile Tourism Site — Arlington Convention and Visitors Service has launched a mobile-optimized website for tourists. The site, which can be accessed via smartphone at www.StayArlington.com, features tools to discover and get directions to local dining, shopping, sight-seeing and entertainment options. [Arlington County]

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  • Bad Apple

    Of course, Vehicles for Change has delivered only 16 out of the 91 cars they promised to Maryland under a $330,000 contract. But hey, let’s applaud them for making more promises. Link to this morning’s Examiner article:

    • …and “a couple dozen used cars” for a cool million dollars on top of that? talk about inefficient.

      give me a million dollars, i’ll go out and purchase “a couple dozen used cars” for them, no sweat.

      • SomeGuy

        Ditto. Considering that $1 million could buy 50 brand new Honda Civics (great reliable car for someone on a budget), I’d be happy to get “a couple dozen used cars” for a million and keep the change.

        • JamesE

          1 Bugatti Veyron to do laps around Wilson.

        • Nord

          Its funny because in the article it says that all of the cars are donated and that means the 1 million must all be going to repairs..hmm…

        • NoVapologist

          The “couple dozen used cars” are just Arlington’s share of the 280 cars that the federal grant is expected provide.

  • novasteve

    How is the voter ID law any different than the prior rule? You can use a bill. I so I could go grab anyone’s bill and vote as that person, and you can’t require yourself to prove you are the person on the bill.

    • 1RLI

      I have to agree. How does requiring a photo ID disenfranchise anyone?

      • Josh S

        On the other hand, where is the evidence that voter fraud is an issue, anywhere?

        If you look at those promoting the voter ID laws, and those who stand to benefit from lower turnout among the poor, it doesn’t take much cogitation to see that disenfranchising people is exactly what it is intended to do. It’s simply a fact that not everyone has an ID. Those who don’t are overwhelmingly poor or otherwise marginalized members of society. It’s easy to see that this voting bloc (not likely to turn out to vote anyway, but this would only further discourage them) is not usually going to vote for the Mitt Romneys and George Allens of the world.

        • novasteve

          If it’s racist to require photo ID, are government rules requiring photo ID to take trains, to fly, to buy alcohol, to buy sinus medications also racist? There is voter fraud, why are liberals arguing so strongly against this? How can you even go out in public without photo ID? YOu need photo ID to even cash a check. How are these people living without a valid photo ID unless they are illegal aliens? I think in some areas you are required by law to have photo ID to just to be out in public.

          • South Awwlington

            I don’t think anyone is arguing that the laws are racist on their face. However, they do by and large affect racial minorities and seniors — two key constituencies of the Democratic Party.

            By requiring voters to have state issued photo ID’s as in Pennsylvania, you disenfranchising the voters who have limited access to transportation to obtain the ID or limited funds to pay for the ID. Not to mention the collateral damage of voter intimidation through the implementation of said laws.

          • Are you kidding me?

            “I think in some areas you are required by law to have photo ID to just to be out in public.”

            Do you have any idea how that sounds? Or do you just not think before you write?

          • novasteve

            You’ve never been stopped by the police and yelled at for not having a photo ID on you and them telling you you are required to have one on you at all times in public? Also, even in state schools, you are required to have a valid photo ID (student ID), public schools, etc… Is that racist?

          • bacon

            Novasteve, No, if you were stopped by police, presumably driving, you were not yelled at for not having a photo ID, you were yelled at for not having a driver’s license. The two are not logically interchangeable.

          • NoVapologist

            He’s overstating the fact (shocking!), but is actually kinda right about that. Failure to Provide Identification to police is grounds for detention in several states.

          • bacon

            possible grounds for detention, but not arrest for breaking the law of having no photo ID. Because there are no domestic passport laws.

          • C Spackler

            My GF is originally from Europe, there, all school age children are required to have a EU identification card with photo.

            She looks at this argument and laughs and indicates that we live in the stone age.

            As a new citizen, She will be voting for the first time this fall and has her checklist all the forms of ID required and already has her voting registration card.

          • Brit

            That is totally untrue

          • C Spackler


            I’ve seen the cards. Even in the 70s when I was living in Germany, I was required to have a form of ID with me when I traveled by myself. It was called a school pass.

          • C Spackler



            read and weep my friend, understand that the UK doesn’t follow all of the EU rules, but if a UK citizen travels to the continent, then he better have some official ID

          • Eamon De Valera

            Yes, but other countries have National IDs that everyone has.

            We don’t. Big Difference.

          • Josh S

            I’m not sure I’d be citing Europeans in any discussion about the merits of having the government require citizens to carry around papers in order to conduct the sorts of activties that we Americans have done freely for decades……

          • bacon

            Novasteve; false comparison. The right to take a train, fly, and buy medicine is not in the Constitution. The right to not have your vote taken away for really stupid reasons, and the right to vote, are in the Constitution several times.

            Also, in regard to always having a photo ID, there are no domestic passport laws in this country. So, you are not required by law to have a photo ID on your person when out in public.

            But hey, you heard these points from Limbaugh, so it must be logical.

          • bman

            I wouldn’t have a problem with that , but there are too many DEAD VOTERS and too many ILLEGAL voters who have registered to VOTE through MOTOR VOTER because they gave out licenses to anyone who could proved they lived in a state, thereby allowing them to vote anyways.

            Why do illegals get a vote anyways? That I will never understand.

          • Arlingtonian

            Vriginia’s new voter ID law does not require photo identification. Every Virginia voter receives a voter ID card when he or she registers to vote. That ID does not contain a photo. In addition, Virginia’s governor has stated that each registered voter will recieve a new voter ID card in the mail within the next year (perhaps in time for the November elections).

            Virginia’s new voter ID law does not discriminate against minorities, the poor, or anyone else. The only people that it affects are those that forget to bring their IDs to the polling place. These people will need to return home, find their IDs, and return to the polling place.

        • Buckwheat

          The poor and marginalized voting bloc typically vote for the welfare state. You should not be allowed to vote if you do not contribute your “fair share” via income taxes to the Federal Treasury. Why should half the population have to pay for the other half that continually vote additional subsidies?

          1 in 7 US citizens are receiving aid to buy food. I wish I could spend other peoples’ money at Whole Foods.

          • ummm

            um, yeah, well Mitt Romney doesn’t pay his fair share either, but I guess that doesn’t concern you.

          • wut

            what would be an appropriate amount of tax on capital gains?

          • JohnB

            Income from the ownership or sale of assets should be taxed at the same rate as income from labor.

          • Arlingtonian

            Mitt Romney pays far more taxes than is his fair share. Even though his percentage tax rate is lower than the marginal rate that some other people pay, the total amount of income tax that he pays is far larger than is the amount that nearly all other people pay.

          • Reader

            Your comment is totally off base. This isn’t a discussion about politics and who pays what in taxes.

            If the man would just go along with the tradition of disclosing his taxes like his FATHER DID, then many of us would be satisfied that he HAS NOTHING to HIDE.

          • Josh S

            Please define “welfare state?”

            Can you?

            Or are you just repeating a Fox News slogan?

            I like how you put “fair share” in quotes. Is that to distance yourself from a term that you don’t fully understand but it sounds good when Rush uses it?

            I have no idea if 1 in 7 US citizens are receiving aid to buy food. If it was true, this would surely indicate a major problem in this country. But is the solution to stop providing them aid to buy food?

          • Buckwheat

            I do not have cable for FOX nor do I listen to Rush.

            “Fair Share” is you gotta pay something.

            Why don’t you look up the growth rates in SNAP or Food Stamp program? Might was well look up the growth in social security disability income, housing subsidies, etc. Lot of people have figured out how to live off of others.

            Chinese proverb – “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

          • GOP Proverb

            but make sure he shows ID before you give him access to the pond

          • Josh S

            I’m not sure the point of the Chinese proverb is to not give the man the fish when he is down on his luck and hungry.

            You say that the “Fair Share” is “you gotta pay something.” Does this mean that you think that 50% of Americans pay zero taxes of any kind?

            “Lot of people have figured out how to live off of others.” Are you implying that the majority of those who receive food stamps, welfare, social security, Section 8, etc do so because they figure it’s a great way to live? What percentage, in your estimation, of those people would choose to remain in their current economic condition versus having a decent job that paid enough to live?

          • bacon

            Not necessarily true, Buckwheat. Poor people often vote republican. The poorest states in the union consistently send Republicans to the House and Senate, and are in the red column for President.

          • Buckwheat

            People receiving subsidies vote to continue to receive subsidies. Republicans are not innocent in getting this country in deep doo doo!

          • dk (not DK)

            How exactly is this different from voting rules that allow, say, only land-owners to vote? Are you acquainted with our Constitution?

        • Jim Moron

          Actually, the Virginia State Police is investigating numerous cases of potential voter fraud from the ’08 election: http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/2012/apr/22/tdmain01-va-investigates-voter-fraud-ar-1859666/

          In any event, a photo ID is required for virtually every government and many private sector transactions. It’s funny how Dems expect people to show ID to purchase firearms (which is fine by me), but it’s suddenly racist when it comes to voting.

          Dems just want to drive as many deadbeats to the polls as possible, because they think they’ll support their redistributionist agenda.

      • iiandyiiii

        There have been ten, count ’em, TEN documented cases of voter fraud (not registration fraud, but actual voter fraud) since 2000 in the entire country. It’s not worth going to jail over a single extra vote. This is a solution without a problem.

        Some Republican officials have explicitly stated that these laws will help Romney win. It’s obvious why they’re doing this- there are hundreds of thousands of poor and older people without IDs who don’t have cars or don’t drive, and these laws are trying to prevent them from voting.

        Just like the OH Republican legislature’s attempts to reduce the hours of voting districts in heavily Democratic districts, while increasing the voting hours in Republican districts. It’s blatant attempts to disenfranchise the other side.

        • novasteve

          How will it help Romney win, and why are liberals so opposed to allowing military voters from having more time for their votes to actually be shipped to the US to be counted in time for the election?

          • iiandyiiii

            Liberals aren’t opposed to allowing military voters to have more time. In OH, “liberals” were trying to extend voting time for non-military voters- it did not affect military voters at all. Your “facts” are wrong.

          • novasteve

            No, liberals wanted to give everyone the extra time, not just people in the military. The problem was that the people in the military were overseas, in combat zones, not in the US. The extra time was needed for people in the military OVERSEAS. Because they aren’t here. Becaues libs didn’t get the extension for everyone, they denied it for the military.

          • iiandyiiii

            Wrong again. “Libs” (or the Obama administration) didn’t and aren’t trying to block anything related to military voters. It doesn’t affect military voters AT ALL. The suit seeks to block state legislation that limited early voting times for nonmilitary members; it doesn’t seek to impose restrictions on service members.

            Wrong facts, Steve. Wrong facts again. You are incorrect. What you said is false.

          • iiandyiiii

            It helps Romney because the people this disenfranchises (that is, people without ID), are largely poor, old, and/or minority- demographics which favor Obama.

            Come on- some pro-ID Republican officials have even stated that it helps Romney.

          • novasteve

            And doesn’t denying votes to people in the military by not counting their votes help Obama?

          • iiandyiiii

            Except that no one is denying military votes. Your facts are wrong. Very, very wrong.

          • South Awwlington

            Are you really the same person? Or a human being at all? Did you not just argue above in support of limiting access to casting ballots and now you are arguing against it.

            I’m now certain that you exist only to take our pulse and make sure we’re still breathing. Perhaps an alter ego of news editor, I dunno.

        • Bad Apple

          Actually, there have been 113 *convictions* for voter fraud just in Minnesota, for the 2008 election alone. And it isn’t easy to get a conviction for voter fraud.

          • iiandyiiii

            Those 113 were almost all felons voting, and the ID laws would do nothing to prevent that. Actual voter fraud, in which someone impersonates someone else, or votes multiple times, is extremely rare.

          • NoVapologist

            Extremely rare or extremely hard to prove? A woman I worked with was from Chicago but lived in NY for ~10 years while in college, grad school, etc… while keeping her mailing address as her parents home in Chicago. She never voted during that period. She eventually moved back to Chicago and while updating her voter registration, was commended by the person at the Clerk’s office for having voted in every election.

          • novasteve

            Liberals bus people in, especially union members, to vote in states they aren’t residents of. They did this in the WI recall election. They’re obviously planning to do it in NC call, as Biden told a VA audience in Danville that besides republicans putting “ya’ll back in chains” he asked them to help win in North Carolina. So he doesn’t know VA is not NC or wants them to go vote in NC, which would be fraudulent. Which is it?

          • iiandyiiii

            That would be interesting if there were evidence for it, Steve, but from what I can tell, it’s a Fox News fantasy.

          • novasteve

            My friend near Madison WI saw busses of Union people bussed in from Illinois on the recall election day. Didn’t help the libs though, as the recall failed.

          • iiandyiiii

            So your friend was in Illinois, saw a bus being loaded with non-Wisconsis residents (surely your friend ID’d them all to be sure), then followed that bus from Illinois to Madison and saw them all get off and go vote?

            If all this is true, I concede this particular point, but I’d say that your friend has far to much time on his/her hands.

        • iiandyiiii

          It’s funny- first Steve says “this is just to prevent fraud”, and then he switches to “well, the Democrats are trying to disenfranchise military voters, so it’s ok if the Republicans do it too”. Of course, both arguments are factually incorrect, but it’s funny how quickly he switches between two contradictory arguments.

          • Hank

            iiandyiiii: Do you ever feel like you’re beating your head against the wall when you try to explain an issueto someone who chooses to ignore facts and prefers to believe what he wants to believe?

            By the way, you do an excellent job of citing sources and providing sound arguments. Hear, hear!

          • iiandyiiii

            No, because the most important thing is to correct false information. It’s not just about Steve- it’s about anyone who might read this- if no one challenges false information, then a reader might take it as legitimate.

            I’d do the same if someone argued Obama wasn’t born in the US, or the world was created 6000 years ago, or whatever- what’s important is correcting false information, not changing the mind of the other guy.

          • Josh S

            I generally agree with your motivation, but novasteve is not worth talking to. You might as well talk to your pet fish.

          • Glebe Roader

            That’s honorable of you iiandyiiii. However, I would argue that there is no one on this site who will change their mind on an issue because of what novasteve writes.

          • Hank

            Wait, there was a world 2,000 years before Jesus invented it?!

        • bman

          yup, cuz ACORN was never prosecuted for their fraud

      • Doh!

        it disenfranchises those who do noat have photo ID

      • Eamon De Valera

        As long as some sort of State ID is provided free, then Photo ID should be fine. Otherwise it is essentially a poll tax on the poor and a serious inconveniance on the elderly (some of whom have no valid photo ID).

        In George, for example, they passed a law requiring photo ID. They also opened up a few offices to help get people’s IDs. The problem is, there are only a few offices in the state open, and they are only open 2 days a month. And, of course, the nearest of these offices is 95 miles from Atlanta, where the majority of voters with no valid photo IDs live.

        Now that is designed in a maner clearly intended to suppress minority vote.

    • LVGuy

      I can’t speak for others, but I’m not worried about Voter ID laws, I’m worried about their implementation. Same thing happened during literacy tests. I may bring in a bill, someone else may bring in a bill from the same company and rule it an invalid form of ID. What the pollworker does might be illegal, but there’s nothing the voter can do about it to cast a vote.

      • novasteve

        How can you be living in the 21st century and not have a photo ID? You can’t even enter a government building without one. I cannot even enter a courthouse without a photo ID. So only people with photo IDs should have access to taxpayer funded law libraries which are in courthouses? Is that racist?

        • LVGuy

          Not everyone lives in Arlington. I’ve worked in parts of Virginia where most people over the age of 60 were born in their home and haven’t been out of their county for the past 20 years. They have no reason to have an ID.

          • wut

            You need to show ID to get certain cough medicines, so I guess that’s racist too

          • novasteve

            These people don’t drink alcohol? They don’t buy medications? How do they even cash their checks without an ID?

          • Eamon De Valera

            My 92 year old grandfather, a WW II vet (2 purple hearts), has no photo ID.

          • novasteve

            So your grandfather goes to the VA hospitals without showing any VA photo ID? Or getting any Vetereans benefits without photo ID? Do you even believe what you just wrote? I doubt anyone else believes it.

          • iiandyiiii

            This is pretty common, Steve, especially for the elderly. Chances are his grandfather has been going to this VA hospital for decades, and they know his face. Lots of old folks don’t have photo IDs, whether you believe it or not.

          • novasteve

            iiandyiiii: I’d like an answer from the person who made the claim.

            I find it impossible to believe that someone gets VA benefits without an ID let alone a VA or Military ID. Let me guess, the grandfather is also a member of the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign wars, but didn’t have to prove he was a veteran becaues he doesn’t have photo ID, right?

          • C Spackler

            Take it from a veteran and somebody who knows the VA and other benefits systems, these statements are false.

            Nobody provides VA benefits based on facial recognition.

          • Eamon De Valera


            He does have an old VA card, which cannot be used as an ID because his does not have his current address on it (and the picture is almost 25 years old).

            So when I said he had no photo ID, yes I was wrong. What I should have said is that he has no photo ID that would allow him to vote, as far as I understand the law.

          • Eamon De Valera


            Even with the latest VA identification card people are getting denied, apparently.

          • iiandyiiii

            Didn’t say no ID, but lots of old people, including old vets (I’m a young vet, by the way) who go the VA have some sort of ID but not a photo ID.

          • C Spackler

            If you are a veteran you will either have a Retired Military ID Card and / or one of these, called a VIC (both have a Photo):

            Veterans Identification Card:
            The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides eligible Veterans a Veterans Identification Card (VIC) for use at VA Medical Facilities. The VIC protects the privacy of Veterans’ sensitive information, as it no longer displays the Social Security Number or Date of Birth on the front of the card. The VIC will only display the Veteran’s name, picture, and special eligibility indicators – Service Connected, Purple Heart and Former POW, if applicable, on the front of the card. Only Veterans who are eligible for VA medical benefits will receive the card.


          • Eamon De Valera

            C Spackler

            Many Veterans don’t have the latest VA IDs

    • Arlwhat

      I have been assured by election science professionals that in cases of legitimate votor fraud the election can reject the ballot. This nationwide voter ID push is nothing but more wasted money.

  • widstc

    any idea what was up with the 2 helicopters circling arlington last night around midnight?

    • Josh S

      I have a dim memory of seeing one of those Arlington alerts about yet another military training exercise. I thought that was what Nevada was for……

    • Stacey

      There were only 2? They kept flying over my house so many times that I thought there were at least 30. I’d really like to know what was going on as well as it not only woke me up but kept me up.

    • Westover Leftover

      don’t know but the were buzzing around westover park for a while

  • DarkHeart

    Salons and Spas are “Arlington Attractions”?

    • novasteve

      Given they knocked down everything historical, and would turn Arlington cemetary into section 8 housing if they could.

      • Josh S


        Sounds like a 1950s sci-fi movie about giant ants……

      • Ludacris

        if only i hadn’t made so much money off of my name, i’d offer it up to you, bud.

  • John Fontain

    Here is another Morning Note:

    Arlnow’s coverage of the Smokey Shope mural has been picked up by The Huffington Post…


    • Josh S

      What I especially like is that they bothered to get a picture that didn’t end up with a Route 66 sign over the cherry…..

  • novasteve

    What do the car free diet people and the arlington board thing about giving used cars to poor people?

    • Arlwhat

      None of them were automatics so they were crushed as useless.

  • YTK

    Backyad Cheekuns is a great idea- but who will supervise proper slaughtering procedures or better yet — proper disposal of the chicken heads and feet??? And feathers….

    Heaven forbid a streetcar should run over some chicken feathers and …other…. stuff on the tracks.

    • nom de guerre

      Kosher or Halal?

  • The Bible

    If self-determination in government was a good idea, Jesus would have told us so.


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