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by ARLnow.com August 29, 2012 at 8:50 am 3,630 26 Comments

Arlington Newlyweds Climb Mountain in Tux and Gown — Bob Ewing and Antonie Hodge Ewing, a newlywed couple from Arlington who happen to be avid rock climbers, have attracted national media attention by climbing a summit in Seneca Rocks, W. Va. while wearing a tux and a wedding dress. A small wedding party, including the bride’s mother, also completed the climb with them. [ABC News]

McDonnell Gives Speech at GOP Convention — Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention last night. McDonnell said the election “is about restoring the American Dream” and implementing the kind of fiscally conservative policies that have benefited Virginia. [NBC Washington, Transcript]

Boathouse Comment Period Extended Updated at 12:30 p.m. — The National Park Service is now accepting public comments about preliminary alternatives for a Potomac River boathouse in Arlington County through Sept. 30. Of the four possible locations identified for the boathouse, two are just south of the Key Bridge, one is near Gravelly Point, and one is on Daingerfield Island. “The boathouse facility and its amenities would enhance public waterfront access in the vicinity of Arlington County for non-motorized recreational activities,” NPS says. [National Park Service]

Photo courtesy Andrew Clegg

  • Kate

    Ugly art in front of an equally ugly building.

    • Clarendon

      Reminds me of the cuccoon that Derek Smalls comes out of in Rock n Roll Creation


      • Hank

        Oh wow, it does! I hope that kid can get him out with a blow torch again.

    • daniel

      I think they could paint it orange and claim it’s a buffalo wing (wingette) for B-Dubs.

    • Josh S

      This thing is constantly bashed here at ARLNow, but I just want to go on record saying that I like it…..

      • Jeff

        Me too.

    • Rich Steele

      It’s the “used condom” sculpture.

  • April

    I don’t mind a boathouse on the Potomac. But please construct it where it will make the least environmental impact.

    • NPS

      Uhhh, thanks? We guess.

  • A Developer

    Chain stores, high-rises, and mega office buildings on every street corner, but now we’re concerned with the environmental impact of a boathouse?

    • NPS

      Yes. And your point?

      • Interior Dept

        Point is pretty clear to us.

    • Westover

      The condos, chain stores and office buildings are mostly just on a redevloped previously occupied spot, the boat house will be something new with a ramp and a dock 10-50 feet directly into the Chesapeake watershed.

      • Ballston

        A chesapeake watershed that is unsafe for humans to actually enter. But DC has said that the Potomac and Anacostia rivers may be swimmable by 2032! Although at the current pace, the boathouse may not even be built by then…

  • brendan

    i’m kinda confused… I know the park service wording in the summary is crappy and says that there are 4, 2 of which are downstream of key bridge implying two are upstream of it as is repeated here. That’s not the case though. All of the proposed sites are downstream of key bridge, with two being just South & East of it near Teddy Roosevelt Island and the others further downstream at Gravelly & Daingerfield.

    • Right, we have corrected the item. Two of the sites are actually just south of the Key Bridge, not upstream.

  • JohnB

    I love how Bob touted the economic miracle of he Republican-ness without mentioning the massive amounts of defense spending that flows into NOVA and Norfolk.

    • Jane-Dallas

      Ryan’s plan to balance the budget consists of cutting taxes for the wealthy and increasing defense spending, so no contradiction there.

      • jackson

        How do either of those things balance the budget? Or is that the point?

        • Eamon De Valera

          Corporate Welfare good, Social Welfare bad.

          Deficits are bad when they are helping us avoid a depression, but they are good when they are funding wars of choice overseas and building flying tanks that can shoot lazers

        • Jane-Dallas

          In the alternate reality that is Republicanism, they eliminate the deficit (in 2040 or something like that).

          Why do you hate America?

      • Cookie

        Sounds like plan Arlington should be supporting.

    • Eamon De Valera

      When did he tout the economic miracle of ‘he Republican-ness’.

      He’s actually a real legitimate libertarian, not a republican. His firm does good work for real people.

    • geri

      McDonnell stepping off the podium after a speech always reminds me of Lord Farquaad getting off his horse in the movie Shrek.

  • JimPB

    Virtually every day I marvel about and delight in the daily ARLNow.Com Morning Note pictures. Kudos for this ongoing feature.

  • SomeGuy

    I’m really surprised ARLNow didn’t try to stir up some page hits and comments with the popular topic of DC area drivers. Arlington ranked 12th on the list worst drivers in the country, which is available at WTOP’s site.

    Hat tip to SomeGuy for boosting today’s comment count.


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