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Serious Motorcycle Accident on Washington Blvd

by ARLnow.com August 31, 2012 at 9:46 am 7,373 27 Comments

Arlington County Police are investigating a serious accident involving a motorcycle on Washington Boulevard in Lyon Park.

The call for an accident involving a motorcycle and a vehicle near the intersection of Washington Blvd and Pershing Drive came in around 8:25 a.m. Washington Boulevard has been shut down for at least an hour while police took photos and investigated the accident. Those lane closures are expected to be lifted shortly.

No word yet on the condition of any of the victims.

Photo courtesy @jghazi

  • newty25

    Finally… I was waiting for this to popup ever since I heard about it an hour ago. Interested in an update on the motorcyclist.

  • Doctor McCoy

    Apparently Captain Kirk didn’t like my comment.

  • Buckwheat

    Tragic! Looks like a Ducati Monster T-Boned the SUV. Be interested in an update.

  • Tim

    Based on the position of the vehicles, I’d bet the SUV probably blew right through the stop sign.

    • MC 703

      How can you determine that without additional info? Both vehicles are in the intersection.

      • malaka

        That looks like 4th St and Washington – by the 7-11. And it does look like the SUV came into the intersection form 4th st – where there is a stop sign onto Washignton Blvd – which does not have a stop sign

        • observer

          I pedaled past around 9:30 and it sure looked to me like the SUV had turned right onto Wash. Blvd., into the path of the motorcycle. How else would the driver-side door get dented like that?

      • Tim

        You can see the back of the stop sign in the picture. You can also see that the motorcycle hit the SUV in the front left side. The accident was on Washington Blvd, which doesn’t have any stop signs in that area (or anywhere else, I believe) so the motorcycle had the right of way.

  • JamesE

    From what I can tell from this one photo the SUV driver was texting on their phone while drinking a cop of coffee and went through the stop sign at approximately 37.6 mph and hit the motorcycle at a 17 degree angle off the perpendicular axis causing a collision force of 3200 newtons and launching the bike 23 feet from point of impact. Not shown is the cyclist decked out in full corporate logo team discovery tights that distracted the motorcycle driver causing him to not see the SUV.

    • SomeGuy

      That distracting cyclist sounds like the root cause. He/she should be charged.

    • ArlingtonWay

      Well, sure.. But what KIND of coffee?

  • OldYeller

    I hope the rider wasn’t wearing helmet, lest he injure his freedom and liberty.

    • UYD Fan


  • Regis

    Bad road design
    Maryland driver

    • Someone

      Yep. Maryland. That tint and those grill guards are illegal in VA.

      • CrystalMikey

        Yeah, there was a tweeted photo that clearly showed MD plates.

  • VA

    Any updates on the driver’s/rider’s conditions? I was on a bus that passed by this accident just as someone was being put in the back of an ambulance on a stretcher. Rude commenters better hope it’s not you being wheeled away next time.

  • Needs to know

    I too would like to know the status of the motorcyclist…..

  • Elizabeth

    I was 4 cars back from this accident on Wash. Blvd. as it happened. The SUV was either turning right onto Washington or trying to get across. The motorcycle T-boned the SUV. The bike was still IN the driver’s door when I was able to get by. The driver was still in his seat. I saw the motorcyclist being pulled into a nearby yard….he looked injured. It was a horrible sight. You want to jump out but there are already a dozen people surrounding….and of course there are cars laying on their horn behind you because they don’t realize what is up ahead of them. You just feel helpless. I have been looking all day for an update on the condition of the motorcyclist.

    • The motorcyclist is a friend of mine. He broke a wrist, several ribs and requires facial surgery. The SUV blew through the intersection/did not have the right of way. This motorcyclist is the lead singer of a highly successful local blues/rock band who also has an impressive resume for his “day job.” The stereotypes noted in this thread astound me.

  • Clarendon Local

    The likely reality is that the SUV stopped at the intersection prior to turning and simply never saw the cyclist. This happened to me once. In my case, I even made what I thought was eye contact with the other driver. In my situation the speed limit was only 25 and I still barely missed hitting the other driver. He continued on without ever even seeing me and doesn’t even know the close call ever happened. I believe Washington blvd is 45 in this scenario. I learned two things that day. Assume the worst can happen at any intersection when riding, ALWAYS and be more visible. I went out and bought a highly reflective and bright colored safety vest and never ride without it. I offer this advice to any novice riders out ther.. Riding is a blast, but it also can be trecherous. I hope the best for the cyclist and the driver.

    • CrystalMikey

      It’s actually 35 there, not that anyone drives that speed. I refuse to get on Wash. Blvd from 50W just because that right turn on Wash is blind if there are cars parked on the street.

    • NoVapologist

      Loud Pipes Save Lives

      • Yeah right

        Prove it. It doesn’t make sense from an audio dynamics point of view. Pipes are blasting towards the back. Higher frequencies are directional but they tend not to wrap around from the direction they are focused. So unless your pipes are pointing forward all that driver hears is maybe a rumble coming from somewhere. And windows closed, AC on, radio on … forget about it.

        Full disclosure I’m a rider and also a former live sound audio engineer. I knows me some sound.


  • Caleb

    I drove by not long before this time. I was turning right onto Wash from Pershing and there was a delivery vehicle making a stop at the 7-11 making the right turn from 4th st onto Washington Blvd virtually blind. Most likely the cause of this incident. Hopefully the rider will be okay.

  • Michael H.

    I hope the rider recovers, regardless of who was at fault.

  • time will heal

    heard the rider on the motorcycle will make a full recovery


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