Shirlington Oktoberfest to Return on Oct. 6

by ARLnow.com September 10, 2012 at 4:30 pm 10,470 33 Comments

The 13th annual Mid-Atlantic Oktoberfest is returning to Shirlington on Saturday, Oct. 6.

The event, which takes over the entire Shirlington Village stretch of Campbell Avenue, will be held from noon to 7:00 p.m., rain or shine. Beer taps, however, will be switched off at 6:00 p.m.

The $25 cost of admission will get you 10 tickets for 4 oz samples of beer, along with a tasting glass. Additional tickets will be sold for $1 each with a 5 ticket minimum.

The event will offer beer from more than 50 breweries, along with an authentic German band and Oktoberfest food.

  • Mary-Austin

    Went last year and it was cluster but I had a blast!

  • These beerfests with tiny taster glasses are lame. I wish the US was able to put on something remotely close to the Oktoberfest they have in Germany, but alas, I don’t think it would be legally possible. Sad panda. 🙁

    • JJ

      look up Oktoberfest in Columbus Ohio…considered the best in the US. It’s not Munich, but worth a trip one year.

      • The Columbus, OH Oktoberfest looks awesome.

        • WD

          Even if you can’t make it for Oktoberfest, the event is sponsored by Schmidt’s Sausage Haus which is AMAZING and a must stop in Columbus.

          • Clarendon Skank

            I love me some sausage.

        • Josh

          I’m actually going to the one in Cincy.. can’t wait

  • Jon P

    the biggest rip off ever. but since lots of suckers go, they keep it going.

  • Runaway Train

    4 ounces? It used to be 6oz samples. That comes out to be .62 cents an ounce. I could go to Teeter, buy a 6-pack of Oktoberfest 12-ounce bottles for 8.99 and pay .12 cents an ounce, sit on the curb and not have to wait for my beer rations. Sorry, not standing in line for a 4 ounce sample.

    • poiuytr

      When were the samples 6oz? In 2010 and 2011 it was 4oz samples. And yes for some of the beers, you could get them cheaper in a six pack. But at least last year, some of the beers they were pouring cost more than an average six pack, and you get to try a number of beers so if you dont like it you are not stuck with beer you don’t like. Plus after the first ten tasting your cost goes down to 25 cents an ounce with the additional tickets.

    • doug drabek

      Last year I was handed quite a few free tickets by various beer merchants. I got my fill and then some.

  • Id

    It should be called Urine Sample Fest.

    • Ren

      So the beer selection sucks too, huh? Having done the math, I can see the price is pretty steep. It would seem to need to be ‘liquid gold’ not to disappoint…

  • drax

    That adds up to $25 for 40 ounces of beer and 10 waits in line.

    • Homer

      The lines (once you get in) usually aren’t that bad. No worse than at a crowded bar.

      • drax

        I can get more than 4 ounces at a crowded bar, and for less money.

        • Teddy

          bully for you

  • Deadite

    I don’t know why anyone goes to this. It’s over-crowded, a ripoff, and you spend more time waiting without beer than you do with beer.

    • drax

      Silly Deadite – you get your beer and immediately get in line for the next one while drinking it!

      This year, you’ll have to sip it slooooowly though.

      • At 4oz, you’ll be lucky if you don’t accidentally sneeze away the beer.

    • SamW

      Sounds like a regular night at any of the local watering holes…

  • Tabs

    Whatever you do, be careful where you park! It’s an Advanced Towing Fest. They nearly ran me over flying around the garage next to Harris Teeter.

  • SteamboatWillie


  • j

    Es no bueno.

  • Arlington Cat

    Don’t forget to bring your dog.

  • Id

    Take the Streetcar.

  • JnA

    Too many were falling down drunk last year, so that’s likely the cause of reduced portions.

    • poiuytr

      What reduced portions, show me when the samples were 6oz? In 2010 and 2011 it was 4oz samples.

      • Old Timer

        In my day they gave you 16 oz samples and paid YOU to drink it. No lines either.

    • People probably came to Oktoberfest already drunk from taking shots at home.

  • For anyone comparing this to Germany, $11 gets you one liter of beer. I usually drink about 6-7 liters during Oktoberfest, so about $70 on average for beer for one day. Oktoberfest in Munich lasts two weeks and most people go a few times. For two days, that’s $140 worth of beer.

    $25 is a bargain, although 4oz taster glasses is still friggin lame as hell.

  • Josh

    It use to be unlimited samples, but the wonderful ABC officials put a stop to it and said everyone had to use tickets at $1 a pop. This was maybe 4 or 5 years ago and ABC told Cap City the morning of the event so needless to say we were pissed in line waiting to get in.

    Cap City was nice enough to offer their year-round beers at $2/pint the whole day during the festival inside their restaurant. My friends and I skipped the fest and did this instead.

    The fest is quite fun though and many people do give out extra tickets as they are leaving to people standing around.

  • selma

    Where can we get tickets in advance????


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