Terrible Traffic Tuesday Arrives for I-395 Drivers

by ARLnow.com September 11, 2012 at 8:25 am 4,418 34 Comments

Supposedly, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic, the Tuesday after Labor Day was “Terrible Traffic Tuesday.”

But while traffic last Tuesday was actually fairly manageable, traffic today on this Tuesday seems a bit more terrible, at least on one local highway.

Traffic is heavy — moving slowly but steadily — for most of the stretch of northbound I-95/I-395 all the way from Newington to the 14th Street Bridge, according to traffic cameras.

  • Greg

    How is this news?

    • CrystalMikey

      How is it not?

      • Greg

        Every time I’ve ever taken 95 and 395 north into the city in the AM, it’s horrific. Like, 3 hours from Fredericksburg to DC.

        • Arlington, Northside

          You are doing it wrong.

          • Dave Kennedy

            How do you do it right? I’m willing to try just about anything. A 3 hour commute is totally out of control.

  • Capitol Bikeshare

    Bikes are available at our stations along 395.

  • Bicyclist

    Good luck, dear drivers.

    • Walker

      +1 (I enjoy hearing about traffic misery, knowing it doesn’t affect me at all).

      • Josh S


      • Quoth the Raven

        I’m glad you derive happiness from other people’s misery. Nice.

        • cyclist

          Some people need encouragement to ride a bike. Others need misery. Either way, if more people got out of their cars, it would be good for everyone – including those who still drive.

          • R

            Absolutely. All those that live in Newington, Lorton, Woodbridge and beyond should be biking to work in DC and Arlington. They should have a dedicated bike lane on 95 & 395 to allow this to happen. Better yet, a special lane for those who ride triplet tandem bikes with other riders or the rickshaw bicycles with one on the bike and two in the rickshaw. We should present these ideas immediately to help allieviate the traffic problems in this area.

          • cyclist

            That’s a ridiculous idea, R. Cycling is not a good alternative for most people.

            But it is for some. And it’s enough to make a difference.

            Nice try though.

          • Greg

            Sarcasm detector must not be working today.

          • happycyclist

            they could
            A. take VRE

            B. Live closer in

            C. be glad folks from closer in bike, taking cars off I395

          • CW

            I like how people spend $1000 a month on transportation and parking but complain they can’t afford to live close enough in to bike for free!

          • Roover

            stupid..just plain stupid

          • Tradeoff

            I’f for people doing what they want, as long as they don’t complain about it to everyone and expect others to mitigate the consequences of their choices. To wit – people don’t complain about being stuck in traffic driving from their nice houses in Woodbridge and I won’t complain about walking home to my tiny, expensive condo.

          • Clarendon Cruiser

            I’m a bike commuter.

            1) not all people are physically capable of riding a bike.

            2) Being able to ride to work each day is a rare privilage. Not everybody has access to a shower and a bike locker at their work. (it is expressly written into federal building codes, no locker room and no showers, unless the job demands that those exist).

            3) Get off your high horse (or saddle for that matter) and welcome to the real world.

          • J

            Fair enough. But I’d like to point out that the HOV lanes there appear to be fairly wide open in that picture.

          • SHLady

            The HOV lanes were totally jammed up when I drove on 395-S a little before 10.

          • Trolly Troll

            I’m pretty sure no one was suggesting horse transportation.

          • Clarendon Cruiser

            quiz: A seat on a bicycle is called….?

            If you cannot keep up with my wit, then I suggest you interact with poptropica instead.

          • cyclist

            1. Duh.

            2. More people should.

            3. Not on a high horse. You’re just reading things that aren’t there, like R.

            Read more carefully.

          • Clarendon Cruiser

            What other mode of transportation were you suggesting? You made reference only to “Bicycle”

  • Beth

    It is news, as it is unusually slow for no reason. I am on the bus in the HOV lane right now & came to this site to figure out what’s going on. I appreciate the post. And no, there are no bikeshares where I live. (But proposed for 2013!)

    • SHLady

      You have noticed what day it is today, right?

  • CW

    I don’t know what the deal is but the crazies are out in force today on every form of transportation possible. Probably one of the more terrifying cycle commutes I’ve had in recent months. It is like everyone out there had been recently lobotomized.

    • Arl for Now

      I noticed it too.

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    It’s the numerous memorials going off this morning for the 9/11 commemoration.

    It will be good when these become private reflection instead of public displays. Drop by the pentagon memorial later this month and later in the evening when it is lit up and empty, it’s beautiful.

    • Commuter016

      Yeah, there were lots of cops with blinky lights along the highway near Pentagon, so that was at least part of the traffic problem. Lots of officers, dogs, guns at the Pentagon Metro station as well.

  • Ren

    I skipped my bike due to temporary physical impairment but was pretty happy to be on an ART bus headed to Pentagon City when I took at look at 395. The train was empty and my commute takes less time than driving does even without extra traffic.

    • Id

      Take the streetcar from now on.

  • Arlingtonian Stuck in an Alexandrian Body

    Traffic did suck big time this morning, and having ramps and parking lots closed at the Pentagon for 9/11 events did not make things any better.

    But putting things into perspective and looking back at the harrowing events from 11 years ago, sitting in traffic was not that tragic.


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