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by ARLnow.com September 13, 2012 at 8:55 am 2,845 31 Comments

APS Posts Pass Rates for State Test — Arlington Public School students passed the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests at rates above statewide averages, with one notable exception. Hispanic students in Arlington passed the English reading test at a rate 5 percentage points below their statewide peers. [Arlington Public Schools]

GOP Opposes Recreation Bond — Calling it a “boondoggle,” the Arlington County Republican Committee has voted overwhelmingly to oppose a $50.6 million bond that would help to build a new aquatics center at Long Bridge Park. At the same time, Republicans voted to support a $42.62 million school bond. The bond issues, along with bonds for Metro and for “community infrastructure,” will appear on the November ballot. [Sun Gazette]

Public Meeting for Housing Study — Arlington County is seeking public input for the first stage of a three-year affordable housing study. The county spends about $52 million, or 5 percent of its budget, on affordable housing. The affordable housing study public meeting will be held from 10:00 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Sept. 22, at the Wakefield High School cafeteria. [Arlington County]

ABBIE Award Nominations Starts — Nominations are being accepted for the ABBIES, the Arlington best business awards. The online nominations, in categories from Best Pizza to Best Place to Pamper Yourself to Best Community-Based Nonprofit, will run through Oct. 3. [Shop Arlington]

Disclosure: The ABBIES are an ARLnow.com advertiser.

  • Server not found

    what happens this morning?

    off line for a bit….

    • We made an unforced error when transitioning away from some systems that caused us to go down earlier in the week. Everything is fixed, but it may take another hour or so for everybody to be able to reach the site properly.

      • DarkHeart

        I was wondering about this as well. Couldn’t figure out why the IT overlords at work would block this site.

        • I.T. Overlord

          MINION!! Back to work! Row, ya’ bahstahd, ROW I SAY!!!

        • drax

          Because it distracts you from work?

      • Captain Obvious

        Hope that means you’ve scuttled Go Daddy, which is a pretty objectionable company.

        • Yes, we’re transitioning one of our network systems away from GoDaddy.

          • Unbeeweebable

            Still wasn’t working from my workplace around lunchtime today. Oddly enough, I had no problem accessing last evening or this evening from home.

        • Jeff

          Captain, can you share why they are objectionable? Is it their advertising, or do they have other practices that you do not like?

          • T

            Technically weak. Poor reliability. Uncooperative when you decide to leave. Aggressive marketing. Spams their customers.

          • Captain Obvious

            Their advertising of course bothers me. Their CEO is by all accounts a total jackass. They backed SOPA. Lots of issues.

          • Jeff

            I appreciate the inputs; thank you. Have used them for a small business and have had little interaction with them.

  • novasteve

    Perhaps if you actually let hispanics integrate instead of enabling them to not integrate for the sake of “multiculturalism” they wouldn’t be behind in reading english? Does your feel good moment really need to involve harming them academically and later in the work force? Is a feel good moment really worth it?

    • drax

      Cuando los latinos son mayoría, va a tener que aprender español?

    • feeling good

      What “feel good” moment are you refering to Steve? and how exactly does my feeling good impact Hispanic reading skills? and who exactly is not letting hispanincs integrate? The only people I can think of are those who continually hang the threat of deportation over them.

      • novasteve

        Your enabling them to not learn english so you can feel diverse and inclusive and tolerant,whichhurts them.

        • drax

          Who exactly is doing that, Steve?

        • Hank

          That is an absolutely ridiculous comment. On what are you basing this “enabling”? Are you even aware any of the language programs that are in place?

          By the way, you apparently need to brush up on your “english” skills “whichhurts” you.

          • novasteve

            So why are they underperforming? Are they stupid? Or are you making it so easy for them to not have to learn english (See the spanish signs everywhere, including on public parks here in arlington, polling stations). Notice how every other group who came to the USA was expected to learn english? My ancestors learned english, everyone elses too. Why don’t we just do what we do with spanish for every language? Why not have yiddish signs up? Or is hispanic culture somehow better and we need to celebrate that and not other cultures? Your feel good “this will make us more multicultural” HARMS their education. How can you sleep at night making life more difficult for people so you can think you are being multiculti and progressive? shame on you.

          • Hank

            I have a very intimate knowledge of this field and can assure you and everyone else reading your rant that you are way off base. No one is being coddled. We have thousands of students and adults in immersion and ESL classes designed specifically to teach English and academic skills to non-native English speakers. What would you do? Get rid of English education and throw everyone in mainstream classes arming them with only a dictionary and a “you just gotta pull yourself by the bootstraps” mentality? Think that would be successful? Yeah, there are some signs written in Spanish but guess what? This is not unique to Arlington, Virginia, or the US. Every been to Montreal or Tokyo ? Tons of signs in English. San Francisco? There’s a few things written in Mandarin there.

            Interesting turn around in your argument that those who support “multiculti” and scaffolded language instruction are the bad guys.

          • Arlingtoon


          • dk (not DK)

            Thank you.

          • Duh

            Duh, maybe they’re underperforming on the English test because they are still learning English.

          • dk (not DK)

            I wish people would THINK more about the complexity of situations before they spout off with simplistic baloney.

            I think we all know that people who are immersed in a language learn it more quickly than people who, say, study a language in school. So I suppose on the face of it, it seems like full and total English immersion in school–the sink or swim strategy–is the right way to go. Except….most children who don’t speak English live in homes where English isn’t spoken, so well more than half their time in spent in a non-English environment. So, hello, they aren’t really immersed, no matter what we throw at them at school. And short of removing them from their families or forcing their parents to speak English at home on pain of death, we have no way of fully immersing them.

            So learning English is going to take time. In the meantime, children develop more and more sophisticated senses of humor, understandings of human nature and situations, and interests as they mature, no matter what language they speak. That means you need to find a way to engage a non-English-speaking 12-year-old with something a little more interesting than “Jane and Tom play with Spot.” Not to mention the fact that you are trying to EDUCATE that 12-year-old, not just teach him to speak English. If you want him to have a chance to go to college in 6 short years, you have to make sure he is progressing in math. Etc.

          • Josh S

            ghost in the machine…..

          • MaydayMalone


          • Woody

            How’re you coming along with that “elbow problem”?

        • English language fail

          you’re – not your
          English has a capital E
          whichhurts isn’t a word

          • Hank

            He’s just so darned mad at a perceived enemy to the American way of life that he can punctuate or spell. Which is kind of ironic.

  • JnA

    Affordable Housing? You mean the subsidized housing that’s off-limits to low wage workers, college students, and unpaid interns? You mean housing that’s so affordable that residents are applying to obtain refurbished used vehicles from a nanny non-profit so they can drive to jobs that pay enough to pay the rent? You mean housing that’s so affordable that the taxpayers pay late fees for hundreds of tenants every month who can’t pay their rent on time? You mean housing where the renovation costs typically exceed the cost of building brand new housing on the same site?

    • T

      What do you intend to spend your tax cut on? We need a detailed declaration so we can evaluate your worthiness. We may decide to give it to a richer/more worthy person.


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