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Small Fire Extinguished at Ballston High-Rise

by ARLnow.com September 19, 2012 at 12:05 pm 3,913 16 Comments

The Arlington County Fire Department responded to a reported fire at the Residences at Liberty Center apartment building, at 888 N. Quincy Street in Ballston, just before noon today.

Light smoke and flames could be seen coming from the balcony of an apartment on the 16th floor, according to scanner traffic.

Firefighters eventually located the source of the flames — which turned out to be an outdoor potted plant that had somehow caught on fire — and used an extinguisher to put out the flames. Most of the fire equipment that responded to the call is now packing up and clearing the scene, though some road closures may remain for another few minutes.

A fire marshal is being requested to respond to investigate the incident.

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  • truestorybro

    It was NovaSteve throwing his cigarette off his balcony

  • nom de guerre

    Discarded smoking materials + wood mulch = combustion

    Sources indicated that Fire Marshal Bill is on his way to the scene.


  • Hollywood

    Busy day for Arlington’s first responders.

    • Kim Arl Un

      Are there “second responders” and “third responders”? I realize it is cute to refer to fire and police departments as “first responders” but is there any real purpose for the term other than propaganda?

      • Ren

        Yes! In Arlington’s case, there really are ‘second’, ‘third’ and ‘fourth’ responders, because so many trucks roll on any emergency that happens in the county.

        • JJ

          it’s not just Arlington who sends multiple units to a reported fire or other emergency. Every major metropolitan area in the Country does the same thing. Every unit dispatched has a specific assignment for the call in order to mitigate the emergency in a timely and efficient manner. The only places you won’t see many trucks responding initially is in more rural areas that rely heavily on volunteer fire companies and in cities that are suffering major financial distress (Detroit). It’s not that those areas don’t need the larger responses it’s that they can’t afford it. It puts their firefighters and citizens in a very dangerous situation.

      • DCDirtDog

        Kim – It’s not propaganda. The term “first responder” is used to distinguish fire/police/EMS from other emergency responders, like the Red Cross, public works, etc. While the Red Cross and public works play an important role in responding to emergencies, they are not “first responders.” Fire, EMS, and law enforcement are the first on the scene and are the primary response agencies. Other emergency responders play a role later in the response.

      • Hollywood

        Yes, what DCDirtDog said – I used first responders because I wanted to include fire/EMS and police.

  • Arlington Native

    I just heard a multitude of sirens outside a short time ago and was wondering what had happened. Thank you ArlNow for the quick reporting!

  • Ralph

    Smoking pot.

    • CW


      • DarkHeart

        Did any of the responders get a contact high?

  • I was over at Wiinky’s getting lunch when the armada of fire trucks passed by – all for a potted plant.

  • Id

    It was a pre-party for 4-20.

  • Hank

    I’m going to assume the fire was started by an accident in one of the many VA Square-Ballston apartment meth labs.

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    Don’t tell me the owner of this apartment is named Moses…


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