County Tax Payment Deadline Approaches

by Katie Pyzyk September 25, 2012 at 10:30 am 5,040 56 Comments

There’s a little more than a week left before Arlington County’s vehicle personal property taxes and second installment of real estate taxes are due. The Treasurer’s office is reminding residents that the deadline is next Friday, October 5.

The red 2012-2013 vehicle decals need to be displayed starting on November 15. There is a list of ways to pay the taxes online.

Payments are considered late if they are not received on or postmarked by October 5. Late payments may receive penalties as follows:

  • 10% of the tax amount if the tax amount is $100 or greater
  • $10 if the tax amount is between $10 and $100
  • The same amount as the tax if the tax amount is less than $10

More information, including options for payment assistance programs, is available online, or by calling the Treasurer’s office at 703-228-4000.

  • novasteve

    I love paying my privilege to have a car in arlington tax!!!!!

    • i know it, such a joy.

    • LPS4DL

      The Personal Property Tax is another feature of the antiquated state of Virginia. It goes back to the days when farmers were taxed on the size of their livestock herd. It’s also a most inefficient tax as it costs more to administer per dollar than the state income tax. We could save lots of tax dollars by repealing the personal property tax thus reducing the jobs needed to administer this outdated tax and replace it with an increase in the income tax rate at no additional cost to the taxpayers. This would also save lots of law enforcement hours.

      I’m not sure why you identify with Northern Virginia, or are you perhaps trying to emulate a star exploding into its destruction? I feel you would be much more comfortable living in Richmnond or some other point south or west of here.

  • Buckwheat

    What happened to the 100% tax relief?

    “Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998
    (PPTRA) envisioned a five-year phase-in of
    relief, expressed as a percentage of the tax bill relating
    to the first $20,000 in value of each qualifying vehicle.
    The relief was to be phased in, reaching 100 percent in 2002. ”

    Big government wins!

    • David

      I believe that was Gov. Gilmore who proposed that in the last days of his election against Don Beyer, got to office and realized he could not do it without raising taxes elsewhere.

      • Tabs

        I remember when Gilmore ran on that phony basis. My housemates were like “that’s good enough for me!”


        • drax

          A few localities happened to send out tax bills right after the election, before Gilmore was even sworn in. They said idiots called them saying “I thought we got rid of the car tax!”

          And here we are, still paying it, and still paying the same amount to local governments anyway, just through the state.

        • David

          He was trailing in the polls big time and came out with that proposal, turned the vote and Beyer lost, was quite a shame.

          • fox new viewer

            but he’s a republican, surely he wouldn’t create such a big lie to get elected?

    • Courtlander

      I know on my tax bill for the car, my state tax is zero (based on relief) but I’m still charged for the $33 for the yearly Arlington county vehicle sticker.

      • novasteve

        That’s because of minimum wage, that it costs $33 for a sticker.

    • Abe Froman

      I am pretty sure Mark Warner made that same promise when you all elected him governor, so as a reward you elected him to a seat in the Senate.

      • drax

        No, you’re not sure of that. You made that up off the top of your head. It’s completely false.

  • JamesE

    Just in time for my birthday, what a great present.

    • SomeGuy

      The alternative is not to have a car, and thus nothing to redline up Fairfax Blvd in for a cause. And we both know that ain’t gonna happen.

      • JamesE

        8/17 never forget

  • Serious

    This is a real question that maybe someone can answer: if I am moving to Alexandria next week, do I still owe the Personal Property Tax to Arlington? Is the tax a prepayment for an upcoming period of time? Or is it for the past year?

    • novasteve

      I think it’s a prepayment for the next year.

    • Tabs

      I believe it’s for this calendar year.

    • JamesE

      You owe

    • SomeGuy

      Call them with your real question. The phone number’s in the post above, and I suspect their answer will be more authoritative than that which you’ll read on a blog full of cyber-bullies.

      • Tabs

        Uh, YOU are calling others “cyberbullies”?

        That’s rich.

        • drax

          Maybe he was including himself.

          • SomeGuy

            Valid point.

    • Glebe Roader

      In the upper left corner of your bill, it states the dates you are paying for. Mine is “1/1/2012 to 12/31/2012.” Yours is probably the same.

      On the right side of your bill, there are instructions for if you “no longer own this vehicle or moved from Arlington.” There is a telephone number to call and an email address.

      • Serious

        Thank you for confirming. I didn’t have the bill in front of me at work but the post made me realize I had the question. I appreciate your response.

        • Glebe Roader

          You’re welcome!

    • go…. quickly!!

  • hollywood

    And you get so much for your money!

    • drax


  • Chipper J

    $33? I’m jealous! Arlington charges me $250 a year just to own a car here…

    • drax

      Those who only pay $33 are such Lucky Duckies, aren’t they?

  • SnArl

    I love how Francis O’Leary sends you the sticker before you even pay anything. Real motivation to get that money to him right away. After a few years of not paying my sticker fee, he finally just sent me a notice saying I couldn’t get my sticker til I paid. Again – not motivation to pay since not all counties even have stickers…simply remove old sticker. Finally last year I went online to get it all sorted out and they didn’t even have the years that I skipped listed on there for me to pay. I win.

    • JamesE

      I wait until the very last minute to pay it. I really wish they could just add on an extra tax on gas, god forbid you tax people more on how much they actually drive and not perceived car worth. I get terrible city MPG and would gladly pay more for gas if it meant getting rid of the property tax.

      • Tabs

        I agree.

        The car tax has kept me from trading in my 2002 for a newer car.

        • drax

          The cost of the new car itself isn’t a factor?

          The improved gas mileage and lower maintenance costs don’t outweigh it?

          • Tabs

            What maintenance costs? It’s an Acura. 🙂

            I drive about 4,000 miles per year.

          • WeiQiang

            /\ this /\

          • drax

            A new car would have a warranty and maybe a service plan. All cars need service and scheduled maintenance.

            I’m sure you’ve done the math though.

    • Hank

      Seriously why do we still have stickers? Police and other vehicles in Arlington have license plate readers that check the database to see if you have paid your vehicle tax.

      I say let’s repeal the $33 sticker fee, the sticker, and the silly contest to see what stupid art project goes on the sticker and use teh technology the county alreadypaid for to enforce the regulation.

      If a plate reader hits and says you didn’t pay your tax then you get a ticket.

      Why do we have a bureaucracy that designs, mails, and collects silly sticker fees when technology has overcome the need for the bureaucracy?

      • CrystalMikey

        I agree…we are part of a very small minority of localities left still actually issuing a decal. The last county I lived in, York, got rid of the physical decal but still charged one the fee. I can even live with that.

      • hollywood

        Or better yet, why don’t we have no tax and no stickers?????

        • drax

          Are you one of the suckers who thinks we don’t still pay every penny in taxes since the car tax was “reduced” by 70%? I’ll bet you are.

      • Windfall

        Because the $33.00 per sticker is a “windfall” to Arlington County and they never say no to more revenue….

    • JackFan

      Yeah…tax cheat….you’re a real winner alright.

  • RightWingWhacko

    Well, why do you need an incentive to pay what what you owe? It isn’t really very difficult.

  • novasteve

    I think technically the Sticker fee is due upon reciept of it, not on the 5th of oct… Though I wait to pay both.

  • novasteve

    Given the sticker is made out of possible one of the most expensive materials on the planet, costing $33 for something maybe 2x2x.001 inches, couldn’t arlington let the US government sell the stickers to the public and investors to pay off the terrible debt this nation has?

  • JnA

    O’Leary’s Fall and Spring Tax Festivals are becoming increasingly insipid. I resent paying for his Spring Car Tax Decal Festival on top of his Fall Car Tax Deadline Festival. Not only are the taxes huge nuisances but so is peeling off and replacing the stupid decals. O’Leary is another one of the Regime who should have retired years ago but hangs on forever, inflicting more of his ninny-nanny antics on us every year.

    • Ren

      My taxes actually went up! My car didn’t get newer. Maybe they viewed depreciation on the vehicle as an asset… 🙂


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