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Civic Federation Endorses All Bonds — The Arlington County Civic Federation has voted to endorse all four bonds on the Nov. 6 ballot. The Civic Federation voted by a narrow 26-22 margin to support the $50.5 million parks and recreation bond, which includes more than $40 million for a new aquatics center at Long Brige Park. [Sun Gazette]

Boxing Match Coming to Ft. Myer — A boxing match will be held at the Smith Gymnasium on Joint Base Myer/Henderson Hall on Saturday. The match will feature a number of local boxers, including heavyweight Duane Mobley and lightweight Terron “The Kid” Grant. Tickets are $30 and doors open at 6:00 p.m. [Boxing Along the Beltway, JBMHH]

Library Sets New Summer Reading Record — Arlington Public Library’s summer reading program set another participation record this year. According to the library, 7,415 kids registered for the program and some 30,000 books throughout the course of the summer.

Confederate ‘Gray Ghost’ Lived in Arlington — In a bit of local Civil War lore, columnist Charlie Clark and Arlington historian Kathryn Holt Springston recount how the legendary Confederate raider John S. Mosby lived in Arlington later in life. [Falls Church News-Press]

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  • sunflower

    why hasnt boxing been banned now that we know some of the far-reaching results of concussions?

    • B22201

      Yes, we should all sit at home wearing a helmet so as not to get injured.

      People make a choice to fight, it’s not forced upon them.

      • sunflower

        why do you think it’s mostly poor kids who make this “choice” ?

        • Captain_Obvious

          Why do you think only poor kids box ? Please provide your evidence.

          • sunflower

            The “hungry” athlete is a worthy adversary and is usually a product of the “have-not” environment from which he comes. A study conducted by Weinberg and Arond and reported in The American Journal of Sociology (1952) states that most fighters (and, consequently, most good fighters) are likely to come from poor families which are at the bottom of the socio-economic scale.

        • drax

          We should ban everything that lets poor people make money if rich people don’t have to do it.

        • ArLater

          Pretty sure Floyd Mayweather is the highest earning athlete in the world.

          Also, its not poor kids, its lower income kids….

          • D’oh

            Because when you become a high-earning adult it erases you be a poor kid, right?

          • sunflower

            Boxing has been a part of Mayweather’s life since his childhood. He never seriously considered any other profession. “I think my grandmother saw my potential first,” Mayweather said, smiling. “When I was young, I told her, ‘I think I should get a job.’ She said, ‘No, just keep boxing.'”[20] “When I was about 8 or 9, I lived in New Jersey with my mother and we were seven deep in one bedroom and sometimes we didn’t have electricity,” Mayweather says. “When people see what I have now, they have no idea of where I came from and how I didn’t have anything growing up.”

          • Captain_Obvious

            How does that in any way, shape, form, support your argument about poor kids ??

          • sunflower

            im only addressing the fact that mayweather was low income kid

          • nom de guerre

            also….im in this context has an apostrophe

          • sunflower

            also….its in this context has an apostrophe

          • sunflower

            nom–i plead ipaditis; another form of laziness. thx, but i do know better

        • B22201

          Because boxing doesn’t require much equipment. Soccer, basketball, don’t require much equipment either. It’s also not just poor kids that box. Maybe they’re just better at it to make it to the professional level? There is an LA Boxing in Clarendon. Plenty of rich kids seem to be into MMA which seems like something you’re more likely to get injured doing than boxing. There are boxing teams at Harvard and Yale. Those are both pretty expensive schools.

          • brickwall

            As far as injuries go, depends on how you want to look at it. In MMA you will get bruises, cuts, and occasionally broken bones, i.e., injuries that your body can heal/short term injuries. Blows are to multiple parts of the body, not just the head, and submissions don’t cause injury (if they tap out). Matches are generally shorter than boxing. Boxing is mostly repeated blows to the head, round after round, which means mostly facial and brain injuries. KO’ed MMA fighters are back up pretty quickly and relatively normal the next day. KO’ed boxers are pretty messed up.

          • drax

            Boxing is far more dangerous than MMA. Boxing gloves make it easier to pound your opponent, in the head and face, over and over. MMA fighters don’t wear gloves so they can’t hit like that – it would break their hands.

          • Dylan

            And MMA allows a lot of things that can be far more dangerous than boxing.

          • drax

            I’d take MMA over hundreds of blows to the head any day.

          • B22201

            I can knee you in the head.

            Getting knocked out isn’t good for anyone. Neither sport is good for anyone. But, neither should be banned because of that.

            I don’t even like either sport, particularly.

            Just don’t believe in banning things just because it’s not something you’d do, and doesn’t affect your life negatively.

          • Carlos45

            yeah lots of paralyzed in MMA

          • drax

            I’ll take a few knees to the head over over hundreds of blows to the head any day.

            But you’re right, Dylan, you can get injured in other ways in MMA. I think the key is that boxing gives you lots and lots of hits to the head, which can cause long-term, permanent brain damage, which sucks alot.

        • GodFila

          Because most rich kids are pampered thin-skinned pansies

          • GodFila

            That grow up to write on blogs

          • Anon

            …and their parents won’t let them walk to school.

          • Id

            or ride Streetcars

      • nom de guerre

        My cat and I prefer this type of protective headgear.


      • Coal Miner with black lung

        Nobody forced me down the mines either

        • B22201

          They didn’t. Look at how your son Derek moved away, and became one of the World’s most well known male super-models. He made that choice. . .

          • sunflower

            tungsten carbide drills??!!

    • R

      Why hasn’t cheese been banned now that we know some of the far-reaching results of high cholesterol?

      • confused

        why dont we offset the impact of cheese by encouraging walking and cycling?

        oh wait.

      • sunflower

        cheese has some redeeming value; boxing not so much

        • Quoth the Raven

          “some” redeeming value?!?!?!? Cheese is utterly fantastic!!!!!

          • nom de guerre

            Make that udderly fantastic.

    • Id

      Next, you will want to ban football, soccer and wrestling for the same thing. There are some inherent dangerous risks involved in such sports in which the participant knows are there when they play them. If you don’t want to assume the risk, don’t play.

      • sunflower

        o k if everyone embarks on these sports as a sentient, fully consenting adult

    • GodFila

      How about a ban on banning?

      • Id

        Let’s ban the ban that will ban banning.

    • Mc

      It at least should be banned from military bases. Why the military would be allowing in its facilities such activity that causes serious brain injury when it has so much first hand experience with this medical issue is beyond me.

  • Rick

    Great picture — goes in line with the “Gray Ghost”. — Could have been better without the Obama sign or was just a reminder of him being in the fog!

    • drax

      It’s balance for yesterday’s Romney sign.

    • hehe. Agree 1 billion times 🙂

    • Id

      Or going to the light after the debate last night.

  • P. Monroe

    “Long Brige Park”? Is that over by the airpot? Thought so.

  • Hummmmm…

    That picture looks a lot like the last 4 years of the Obama/Biden presidency. And exactly like last nights debate.

    • jackson


    • carlynglen

      Nightmare on Every Street ..

    • JackFan

      That’s so true…in that there’s now a bit of light through the utter and complete darkness and oblivion that was 8 years of Bush/Cheney. Thank goodness…

      • OO

        My calendar must be off – it says it’s 2012, but from your post, I guess it is still 2008.

        • UU

          So that explains why they wouldn’t let Bush show his face in Tampa.

        • JackFan

          I don’t know…if you’re a Republican your calendar should read 1888. You know – before those pesky things like science and equal rights?

          • Id

            you love your Kool Aid don’t you? No one has done more for equal rights than the Republican Party if you study your history.

  • MB

    Today we’d just call Mosby a terrorist and send a drone after him.

    • Ren

      They did. His name was McClellan…

      Oh! Geeky Civil War joke FTW!

      Mosby did have one of the greatest military scenes ever…
      “Mosby wrote in his memoirs that he found Stoughton in bed and roused him with a “spank on his bare back.” Upon being so rudely awakened the general indignantly asked what this meant. Mosby quickly asked if he had ever heard of “Mosby”. The general replied, “Yes, have you caught him?” “I am Mosby,” the Confederate ranger said.”

  • bobbytiger

    When can we expect to see a Romney/Ryan yard sign in a future Morning Notes picture? “Fair & balanced” ya know. That’s the Arlington Way.

    • They already did

      Just the day before this one, sweetie.


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