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Morning Poll: Did You Watch the Debate?

by ARLnow.com October 4, 2012 at 10:00 am 4,383 111 Comments

We’ve already established that Arlington is a company town — with some 46 percent of respondents to our poll saying they work for the federal government or a government contractor.

Since government is the predominant local industry, one would think that last night’s presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney would have been the programming of choice on most local TVs. But was that actually the case? Let’s find out.

Did you watch all or part of the debate last night?

  • Mr X

    Yep, organized a small party around it too.

  • Rick

    I was too busy watching the Orioles game and the Yankees game. Then just the Orioles game. Then crying…

  • novasteve

    Obama will be toast in the foreign policy, just saying you got OBL killed won’t do it, because that apology tour, the reboot with our relations with nations where the people hate us, all it took was one video to undo that? Maybe there’s no amount of apologizing that can get those people to not hate us? Just one video that the government had nothing to do with, and all that “work” was undone? Also the lack of security at the embassy, supporting these revolutions than anyone with two brain cells knew that it woudl wind up with Islamist rule and with weapons?

    • drax

      Well, no, Steve, the debate will involve the real Obama, not an empty chair. Any yahoo on the Internet can make up crap.

      • Hank

        I’m not entirely sure where the notion of Obama apologizing for the United States has come from. But it keeps getting repeated ad nausea until people believe it. Kinda like Obama’s a Muslim, that he was born outside the US, that he was born in Hawaii when Hawaii wasn’t part of the US, that he’s a radical Black Panther, that he hates White people…

        • novasteve

          He went on an apology tour, apologizing for the policies of the USA. How did that work out when merely a video that some guy made in CA led to our embassies getting stormed? How is obama’s strategy working out, then consider that all of these arab spring countries are falling under islamist rule. How’s that going to improve the world? Or do you think having more terrorist training camp locations is a good thing for world peace, safety, etc? The fight in Syria now is between sunni nuts and shiite nuts, one group of nuts will replace the other group of nuts, and the country will still be ruled by terrorists. The choice is Iranian backed terrorism or sunni terrorism?

          • drax

            This is complete bull, steve. He did no such thing.

          • novasteve

            So what did Obama do when he went to places like Egypt and synonym for apologize to the muslim world for US foreign policies?

          • drax
          • Hank

            Oh yes, of course, the famed “apology tour.” Karl Rove came up with this thesis which was in turn spouted and repeated by far fight media, so it’s got to be accurate.

          • INF

            ROFL!!! Yes… the Sith Lord Karl Rove. Responsible for all evil in this world. The guy will be dead, and you libs will still blame him for the world’s ills.

            “I know that promises of partnership have gone unfulfilled in the past, and that trust has to be earned over time.

            While the United States has done much to promote peace and prosperity in the hemisphere, we have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms. But I pledge to you that we seek an equal partnership. (Applause.)”


            We have also apparently “shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” toward Europe, instead of providing a nuclear umbrella for our NATO allies and providing the bulk of conventional defense and leadership as well.

            And we’re apparently responsible for arms control because we used a nuke.

            Not apologetic. Not at all. :/

          • Hank

            I don’t blame Karl Rove for all the evil in this world. I was just citing the source of the “apology tour” idea.

            Also, what’s wrong with admitting to mistakes?

        • Well Duh

          > I’m not entirely sure where the notion of Obama apologizing for the United States has come from.


    • Gaddafi

      YEAH – CLEARLY they should have stuck with me and Saddam.

      • Hank

        Love that.

    • Internet tourettes

      “supporting these revolutions than anyone with two brain cells knew that it woudl wind up with Islamist rule and with weapons?”

      Like Reagan and the Taliban?

    • JamesE

      I agree, Obama is going to be no match for Romney’s foreign policy experience gained from being governor of Massachusetts and his recent European tour.

      • CW

        Mittens probably has good relations with China though since he sent all of our jobs there.

        • Patrick

          Yes Mitt Romney the master of the universe whom can control the location of all jobs decided to ship as many as possible to china.

          Apparently you weren’t paying attention last night when Romney pointed out that President Obama’s mythical tax cut for shipping jobs overseas was just that a myth.

          • UU

            Apparently you weren’t paying attention that just because Willard says something doesn’t make it true. In fact, if it comes out of his mouth, chances are it’s a lie.

          • Wow&Flutter

            The deduction Obama referred to is for moving expenses, which technically can be applied to a company moving operations overseas. So yes, it’s not a “myth” and maybe Romney should fire his accountant.

      • novasteve

        And what Foreign policy did Obama have in 2008 yet you voted for him? You think Joe Biden adds something other than gaffes to the Obama ticket? Biden’s greatest accomplishment in life was not being thrown out of law school for plagiarism.

        • malaka

          you have something in common who knew?

          • novasteve

            Do you have an argument rather than a lie about me? Guess what, I didn’t cheat in law school. Biden did.

          • Glebe Roader

            I, also, didn’t cheat in law school. I, also, didn’t GO to law school.

        • JamesE

          The policy of a more diplomatic approach and not reckless abandonment like the previous 8 years, also not having Sarah Palin as a running mate helped, since you brought up Biden.

          • novasteve

            How did that diplomatic approach work given that a film nobody even saw led to our embassies getting stormed? Is that all it takes?

          • Patrick

            Make generalizations without actually pointing to any concrete gains. Bring up Palin, Rinse and repeat.

            This “more diplomatic approach” led to the death of a US Ambassador in a direct terrorist attack that was characterized by the administration as a spontaneous event. Either they are lying or incompetent.

          • JamesE

            No, I think a coordinated attack during a large scale protest led to the death of a US Ambassador, but I am sure a full scale war with Libya is the answer you seek.

          • novasteve

            The administration until recently said the attack on the ambassador and staff was because of the film. They didn’t state that it was a coordinated attack on 9/11 that occurred during a protest against a film, they said it was due to the film.

            Now add in apparently the obama state department refused requests for more security.

            The attack happened in 9/11.

          • Patrick

            The only issue with your version of events is that it has also been reported there was no protest outside the US consulate in Libya at the time of the attack.


            I seek no war only the truth.

          • drax

            Be sure to blame whichever Democrat is standing closest to whatever goes wrong.

          • novasteve

            Like how democrats are blaming Jim Lehrer for Obama’s performance in the debate?

          • Mildred Pierced

            Better one ambassador dead in a terrorist attack than nearly 4000 dead in one like with the previous occupant of the WH.

          • MO

            Unsavory. I’m sure those who knew him don’t rationalize it that way.

          • Condosleaza Race

            Neither did I when I ignored the CIA briefing “Bin ladin determined to strike within the US”

      • Id

        Compared to a community organizer. You can tell Obama’s foreign policy is doing so well based on the number of US Ambassadors killed in a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9-11. Nice morale booster for our enemies.

  • malaka

    Debate drinking game really sucked. no 47%, no Bain, no Job Creators.

    • Clarendon

      Should have drunk to the word “Trillion”

      • meh

        “middle class” would have been better

        • malaka

          yup – I would have been plastered

          • Earth Mover

            Still hung over from drinking every time Obama looked at his shoes.

    • speonjosh

      “kitchen table” I think worked for a drink or three….

  • SomeGuy

    Yes. I also watched the MSNBC campaign surrogates (Maddow, Matthews, Schultz, etc.) have a near melt-down when they couldn’t figure out a way to positively spin their candidate’s performance.

    • UA


  • Ted

    They were equally bad in different ways, heads we lose, tails we lose. Next 4 years? Bleeeeh.

  • jackson

    Is ANYONE really undecided at this point? And if so, why?

    I’m just asking this question in general. Most of the people who frequent the comment sections here have made their views known enough times you know what they’re going to say just seeing their username.

    • Arl for Now

      I think most people have decided who they will vote for, they just haven’t decided if they’ll make the effort to actually show up at the polls

    • SomeGuy

      I’m undecided.

    • Greg

      I am. I’m a moderate. I believe in significantly reduced spending and I’m in favor of smaller “welfare” programs, but I also believe that the very wealthy should pay more in taxes and that a strong middle class is vital to our economic success. I tend to side more with Romney on the fiscal issues.

      On the social issues, I am adamantly pro-choice and my opinion on gay marriage is that I am neither against it nor for it. I lean toward Obama.

      On foreign policy, I tend to think Obama and Clinton have done a good job, especially in comparison to our previous president. I don’t think Israel is the most or 2nd most important country in the world. Our staunch support of Israel is more or less backing one religion over another, which I don’t think is government’s role. I don’t think we should stand idly while a country is eliminated but no other country is treated with white gloves by the US like Israel is. I also think Israel shouldn’t be instigating when the parents aren’t looking. So, I am torn and I think Obama is as well.

      If Romney was pro-choice, I’d 100% vote for him. As it stands, I still may. It’s just too bad everything is good vs. evil and these damn parties can’t work together.

      • SomeGuy

        Between the economy and a single wedge issue like abortion, think about which of those two a candidate will realistically change in the next 4 years. i.e., I don’t think the current pro-choice laws at the federal level are going to be dismantled under either candidate, so that’s not a major issue for me.

      • Not Me

        You just mirrored my sentiments pretty much down to the tee.

        We have no representation…

      • Donaldson Run Resident

        If you thought Bush’s economic policies took the country in the right direction, then you should vote for Romney. His whole economic team is made up of ex-Bushies:


        • Id

          How is a biased Left paper an authority?

      • speonjosh

        Not trying to be sarcastic at all – have you thought about voting for a third party? For many years, I haven’t seen anything to indicate that the continued Democrat-Republican monopoly on occupying political offices will lead this country into a better place. I think there are lots and lots of people around the country who are frustrated with the status quo. It seems to me that the solution is voting for third party candidates – at all levels. (Sort of like the Jets need to start Tebow – I mean, shoot – Sanchez ain’t getting it done. You’ve got an option – use it.)

        If nothing else, it would throw the 1% off the trail a bit. Paying for your plutocracy is a bit more difficult when there are more political parties in play….

    • CW

      If “ANYONE” refers to people on this Arlington, Virginia – across the river from D.C., home to the Pentagon and a million contractors – message board, then no, probably not.

      If it refers to the 300 million residents of the U.S., then yes there are probably a few undecided voters.

    • enuff

      What I *have* decided is that I’m done watching live TV until this election is over. Enough with the ads.
      (Yes, some of still watch live TV, crazy I know.)

      • drax

        Just ignore them like you do all the other ads all the other times of the year.

  • nom de guerre

    I thought Obama kicked a$$ regarding ear size.

    • Dr. Spin

      He’s a good listener!

  • AB

    Big Bird/Elmo 2016

  • HughJassPhD

    Obama did as well as could be expected given his record.

    • malaka

      yeah really bad:
      DJIA on his first day = 8,281.22 current 13,569.55

      • HughJassPhD

        Oh yeah. I forgot. It was a good record for the 1%.

        • malaka

          A lot of us 99% have 401Ks that had tanked.I may be able to retire one day if Mitt doesn’t get in.

          • HughJassPhD

            Good for you. But these days I think more people are worried about having or keeping a job than retiring from it.

            Perhaps the numbers you should be more focused on are the unemployment percentages.

          • Romney and Ryan

            If you don’t have a job, you’re a lazy dependent bum who doesn’t take responsibility for your life. Go out and start a business or something and stop taking welfare.

          • Daddy’s girl

            Maybe Daddy can lend you the money.

      • Patrick

        Allow me to introduce you to the Federal Reserve. The gains the in the stock market can be directly attributed to the incredible expansion in the monetary supply. So in fact the stock market has soared (probably another fed induced bubble) in spite of the President’s policies not because of them.

        • malaka

          ah yes so the gains are attributed to the QE that Tea Party Republicans were opposed to that the President’s policies support. You make no sense.

          • drax

            Sure, just like Ryan didn’t vote for the massive sequestration about to hit us in January that he voted for.

          • HughJassPhD

            You do understand that a bubble would be bad, no?

            And I guess he thought it would go w/o saying that increasing the money supply risks inflation. In case you were wondering, that would be bad too.

          • George W. Bush

            Bubble bad? Ownership society!

          • malaka

            So his the president’s policies caused the bubble yet the positive effect of QE on the markets are “despite his policies”. yup makes total sense now!

          • HughJassPhD


            Let me rephrase as simply as I can for you. These “positive effects” are an economic sugar high that risk another bubble and inflation.


          • malaka

            yeah 1.7% inflation – really high…as opposed to 14% during Reagan’s presidency.

      • MO

        That is a pretty uniformed way to look at the economy.

        • Juanita de Talmas

          I think all uniforms are pretty.

      • novasteve

        That’s a measure of inflation.

  • JimPB

    Help me (this is serious).

    — Governor Romney said that he wants to cut tax rates 20%. Right?

    — A 20% cut in tax rates will reduce revenues by $5 trillion over a decade. Right?

    — Governor Romney wants to increase the military budget by $2 trillion over a decade. Right?

    — Governor Romney said that he won’t increase taxes on the middle class. Right?

    — Governor Romney does not want to increase the deficits and debt, so he will pay for the tax rate cut and increase in the military budget, so he will pay for the $5 trillion tax rate cut and $2 trillion military budget increase by eliminating and reducing tax deductions, tax credits and tax exclusions for the wealthy. Right? (What is the $ income break point between middle class and wealthy?). Can $7 trillion in additional revenue over a decade be so obtained? If so, what specific eliminations and reductions would be required?

    In order to assure that any reduction in tax rates and increase in military expenditures does not increase deficits and the debt, wouldn’t it be responsible to have a binding contingency: Tax rates will be reduced and the military budget increased ONLY to the extent that increased revenues from eliminating and reducing tax deductions, tax credits and tax exclusions allow?

    • speonjosh

      This is the point that Obama was trying to make regarding a lack of detail in Romney/Ryan’s plan.

      Romney answers by saying he’s leaving his options open so that he can negotiate with Congress. This is obfuscation. He’s already said the military was off limits, tax increases are off limits, etc (as JimPB mentions above). So the only real room for negotiation is where the cuts are made in the discretionary portion of the budget. Which are exactly the programs designed to benefit everyone (education, environmental protection, infrastructure, r&d, etc.).

      • Quoth the Raven

        Designed to benefit everyone, sure. But are you saying there is no waste there that could be eliminated?

        • Zarathustra

          Not $5 Trillion worth.

        • speonjosh

          Of course not.
          But can you remember a president or presidential candidate that has not pulled out the “waste and abuse” canard? I can’t. Every agency has an OIG. There is the GAO. Outside auditors. Justice Department. Etc. Etc.
          Everyone wants to eliminate waste and abuse. But it’s not credible or realistic to think that it’s actually going to happen or be a significant part of balancing budgets, etc.
          Besides, I don’t think that Romney is talking about surgically identifying wasteful parts of the EPA, for example. He’s just gonna hack.

    • Homeowner

      According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Institute, for this plan to be revenue neutral the cut-off would need to be $100k in income and the end of the mortgage interest and charitiable deductions.

  • bayley

    I’ll vote for whichever candidate vows to get rid of day light savings. Also rather if Jim Leher ran this like a miss america pageant.

    • drax

      Nothing stopping you from staying at work an extra hour in the summer if you don’t like all that sunlight.

    • Dracula

      I’ll vote for whichever candidate vows to get rid of daylight

      • MO


  • Buckwheat

    The President appeared to be really impressed with the Governor’s ideas, experience, and performance.

    Barack plans to vote for Mitt!

  • Bon Air

    One can lie all you want if you don’t challenge him on it.

    Obama had a very weak debate. He had so much ammunition to use, yet never used it. He never called out Romney on any of his claims.

    Maybe he thought he was up against an old, sweet war veteran again. Nope.

    Gonna be a close race after all.

  • Tabs
  • AbeFroman

    It doesn’t matter who wins next month, because just about all of us are going to lose.

  • JimPB

    There’s also other taxes that the GOP wants to whack, e.g., capital gains, the estate tax. Would they be “paid for” by other increases (than required for the 20% tax rate cut) from other sources of revenue and/or cuts not required to make the 20% tax rate cut deficit and debt neutral? If additional cuts in expenditures, what specifically?

    • Emerald Isle

      other taxes that the GOP wants to whack, e.g., capital gains, the estate tax.

      You know, the ones that mainly effect the rich.

      • Columbia Pike Trolley

        Or the intelligent.

      • MO

        Nobody’s stopping you from owning appreciating assets.

        • Emerald Isle

          No, but they’re making me pay way more than 15% on earned income.

  • ElmoL

    Voted Yes. But only for about 25 minutes. It was so freakin’ boring…

  • Kemper

    Voted for Obama watched debate and for the most part my opinion Romney handed him his ass. The bottom line is no matter who or what party gets the next President gig until your in the office and trying to work with Congress and everyones life paths and interests you can claim anything that sounds good. Then next thing you know you are the President and all hell breaks loose and then the wake up call slaps you in the face. Kemper

  • Kemper

    I am an Independent and both parties to much special interest lobby involved but that can create jobs right?

  • Alex7

    I’m troubled by what I heard about the event. If this was a “rope-a-dope” I hope we hear more from the incumbent next time. These 3 1/2 years were no walk in the park. Our nation is retooling, is attracting capital, and is making progress on many fronts. Sure the challenger seems like a ‘decent’ guy but along with him comes a large cast of characters that would make Jim Crow and the last Czars blush. Don’t fall this Trojan horse routine.

  • George

    My impression was Obama – aloof academic; above the fray – looking down on this bug who dares nip at his godly heel. Unfortunately the Teleprompter was not present with its witty retorts and well of all knowledge; and the bug was not a bug at all, rather a competent, articulate foe who certainly outclassed the sitting president on all counts.

    I foresee the much more confrontational, acidic intellectual arriving at the Town Hall format for the next debate. This tact will fail – utterly.

    What I really want to see is the Smoking Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan. This will be a heady debate of a retard against a fully versed adversary.

  • Gen Lee

    ARLNOW.com does not allow established facts about Barack Obama to be posted if those facts are uncomfortable and shed light on the radical that Obama really is. What a shame that ARLNOW respects the free speech rights of some but not of others.


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