Power Outage in North Arlington

by ARLnow.com October 5, 2012 at 1:05 pm 4,846 39 Comments

(Updated at 1:10 p.m.) More than 4,000 Dominion customers in North Arlington are currently without power.

The outage has been reported in the Westover and Bluemont neighborhoods, as well as in the area around Virginia Hospital Center. Traffic lights are out along parts of George Mason Drive and Washington Blvd, according to several Twitter users. The outage was first reported just before 12:30 p.m.

Dominion is telling customers the outage is the result of “a circuit breaker issue,” according to a tipster.

According to Dominion’s outage map, 4,070 customers have lost power in Arlington. The power is expected to be restored some time between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m.

  • Mr. Quackers

    Just trying to get a nut!

    • Westover

      That’s what she said.

      • Westover

        Don’t try to be me.

        • Michael Scarn

          ..or me.

  • lurker

    Also out at the Lee-Harrison Shopping Center (expect Harris Teeter).

    Restaurants there are closed, ABC store not taking credit cards.

  • Arlington, Northside

    Dominion Power website says around three thousand without power and restoration estimate of 3pm-5pm

  • GeneralLeeGotThumped

    Viva la South – Arlington that is.

  • So frustrating

    I had issues with my power after the storms, etc. because something sent a shock of some sort through a primary outlet (ok, clearly I’m not an electrician) and I actually had to have multiple devices replaced in my apartment because of the damage through the outlet… I just got a new fridge. I just filled my fridge this past weekend with groceries including freezer meals I make that last forever but cost a lot up front for the ingredients. I’ve just been informed that our building has no power. I REALLY hope this is resolved within a few hours. Yes, I’m just venting on here and no one can fix this but man it’s a crappy feeling to know you pay a lot to stay in the area you grew up in and are almost priced out of and then you end up losing what little money “extra” you have budgeted to pay for groceries that keep getting destroyed. Grr. Sucks.

    • Mr. Quackers

      I forget, is there a way to get reimbursed by Dominion for spoiled food (wasn’t there something about that during this summer’s big outage)?

      • ballstoncmyk

        not sure about Dominion, but definitely check with your insurance company.

        • Not Me

          That’s true, but the deductable is generally high and the max you can claim is quite low. So it’s rarely worth it unless there is something else that went wrong to get you past the deductable.

          My parents lost the contents of their fridge/freezer during the derecho (they were out of power for 5 or 6 days in Barcroft) and faced the same problem.

          • Not Me


        • Mr. Quackers
  • malaka

    Some Croatian dude stared at a transformer for more than 7 seconds

    • kdub

      sweet sweet laughter!

    • Not Me

      I thought he was supposed to make things feel better about themselves, not explode them?

      In that case, some one better bring a mop and a squeegee to the Crystal City Hotel.

    • Mick

      No, I think this is just Emma Violand -Sanchez de la Rasa y Policolas de Resentment Ecole de Su Casa es Mi Casa doing for the county’s utilities what she has done for the School System.

      This Croatian dude is a fraud. Emma’s magic is real.

      • Hank

        What the hell are you talking about?

        • Not Me

          Gonna have to go with Hank on this one.

        • Mick

          Pearls before swine, Henry.

  • HenryBennetXIII

    Is this the Third World Summer?

  • bert

    darn it I was going to the Stray Cat for late lunch and happy hour hope it comes back on soon …can’t they just flip the breaker ???

    • JoJo

      power is on at the Lost Dog and Stray Cat

      • Mick

        A mixed blessing.

    • Ben

      Not that simple when you are dealing with 1,000 of volts.

  • WestoverNative

    It seems like the power must go out every other month in this neighborhood. Might just be Dominion trying to meet its quota…

    • Mick

      At that, more reliable than the county’s snow plowing efforts in Westover.

    • justin

      Yep, I’ve noticed this too. 3 times now since the big storm.

  • Arlington

    No worries, real people are at work around this time. Who cares about some 47%-ers?

  • Arlington Public Library, Public Information

    Power has been restored at the Westover Branch Library, which will remain open until 5 p.m. on the regular Friday schedule.

  • Mike

    What is with all the power outages lately? I understand if we lose power in a big storm, but lately it seems like parts of Arlington have blackouts for no apparent reason.
    Did Pepco take over Dominion or something?

  • MiddleArlingtonian

    Was there an Arlington Alert e-mail on this? I never got one.

    • What’s Shakin’

      That’s because your power was out……

  • Wayne Kubicki

    Did someone in Westover mention Mary Hynes’ name? When I mentioned her at the Civ Fed meeting on Tuesday night, the conference room at VA Hospital Center went dark!

    • RWarren


    • Too Late

      She whose name must not be spoken……

  • NIMBY the Chicken

    Power flickered in rock spring a couple times during the 12:00 hour, enough to kill the power on my tv and laptop but not enough to take out the cable box or my clock radio. Very strange.

  • Pete

    I’ve got Dominion’s outage reporting number on speed dial, and I reviewed the log Friday. I’ve used that number 7 times since March 2. I’ve had to ditch food from the fridge twice in that time. This is flat out unacceptable performance, and I am searching for someone that has the power to apply pressure until Dominion cares enough to operate reliably, because they sure aren’t anywhere close to that now. Who can squeeze them until it hurts enough to make them improve their execution?

    • justin

      Advocate for a public utility, like MoCo is doing.


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