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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com October 9, 2012 at 9:00 am 4,766 138 Comments

Greens Vote ‘No’ on Park Bond — The Arlington Green Party has joined the Arlington County Republican Committee in opposing the $50.5 million park bond that’s on the Nov. 6 ballot. The bond would largely help fund a new Long Bridge Park aquatics center. The Greens said the aquatics center is “wasteful” and a “vanity project.” The Greens stayed neutral on the $42.6 million school bond, with some members criticizing the plan to build two new elementary schools because it is “too costly and eliminates green space and recreation fields.” [Arlington Mercury]

APS Enrollment on the Rise — Enrollment at Arlington Public Schools is up 3.7 percent versus one year ago. The growth — mostly at the elementary school level and mostly in North Arlington — is in line with school administrators’ projections. There are now 22,657 pre-K to 12th grade students enrolled at Arlington’s public schools. [Sun Gazette]

Artisphere Still Facing Challenges — Artisphere, which launched on 10/10/10, is turning two years old tomorrow. The money-losing cultural center is still facing challenges, however. Private rentals at the facility, touted as Artisphere’s financial savior, are below expectations, according to the Washington City Paper. And music bookings through the end of the year appear to be light. [Washington City Paper]

  • TJLinBallston

    Looks like those of us with an eye towards a high-quality life here in Arlington are going to have to fight hard for the stunning new aquatics center. There is no other facility quite like it anywhere. I’m an Independent but I stand with the Democrats on this fine project. And the Greens? Who are they to put meadows before new elementary schools?!

    • UA

      They still have never said what the annual cost for the aquatics center will be so I am voting NO.

      Arlington needs to slow down until after the elections, property values dropping could drastically change the landscape here.

      • Where do you live?

        “property values dropping could drastically change the landscape here.”
        I purchased my condo last year and the same unit sold this year for 30% more than I paid for it. The trend is similar throughout Arlington. What makes you think property values are dropping and the landscape is changing here? The only change I see is the young, fresh out of college types in North Arlington moving to U Street because they can’t afford the rents here any longer while more established people are moving in.

        • UA

          The possible cuts to the defense spending.

          • R. Griffon

            Not just defense – drastic cuts could be made across the board. This could have a very drastic effect on jobs (and thus housing prices) in the area.

            The only solace is that we’ll have it “less worse” than most as prices typically fall harder the farther you move away from a city center. So hopefully we would loose 10-20% in value while houses in Manassas etc. go down by half, for example.

        • drax
        • Anon

          Congrats on getting 30% more for your condo after only 1 year. Now…as for that being the “trend,” do you have any evidence for that? I sure don’t remember seeing any reports on year over year condo sales showing 30% sales price increases.

      • The operating costs can be covered by the users. The County Board does provide subsidies for low-income people by lowering their rate. Excluding this subsidy, the fitness/aquatics center should break even on an operating basis.

        • Lucifer

          Eric is correct see the Couty’s projections based upon other similar facilities.

    • Sam

      I still don’t fully understand how it costs 70 million to build a pool. In my opinion, we don’t need a “stunning aquatics center”; we just need an indoor pool that can be built for a reasonable price. However, since this is Arlington the bond will inevitably pass.

      • KalashniKEV

        Actually, we don’t need a public pool at all. Public pools are GROSS.

        • novasteve


      • james



        • drax

          Total bull.

        • Josh S

          It is undoubtedly better to pay the workers half the wages for the same work while the investors / owners / upper management take the same profit / salary.

          • Not Me

            Ahh… the trickle down is strong in this one. 😉

          • Josh S

            It surrounds us, it binds us…..

        • FT

          Right to work state……

      • First, It is not one pool, but five different bodies of water for different purposes. For example, Arlington does not have ANY public family pools. A pool with a ‘river’ provides not only fun for children, but an important activity for seniors.
        Second, the facility will have workout/fitness areas and over 10 acres of new green space. The current area is a mess (the old foundation of the Twin Bridges Marriot is still there.)
        Third, the Esplanade will be expanded to almost a mile and will just need a bridge to get to MT. Vernon trail.

        • nom de guerre

          The ten acres of “green space” that you refer to will be the future site of the proposed Walter Tejada $80 million indoor soccer/sports complex.


          • No. That facility will be built where the parking lot is in this stage. So the green space will remain green even after the project is completely built.

        • Sam

          Eric: Upton Hill is a public family pool with a lot of activity areas for kids. It may not have a river but my kids seem to love everything else it offers. The other benefits of the project sound wonderful but are they really necessary? I’d love to have a Mercedes, and I can probably afford it if I wanted to, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it makes good financial sense to purchase it.

          • That is great you enjoy Upton Hill during the summer. But what about the winter?

            More important is the ability to offer year-around swimming classes. Because it is illegal to swim in the Potomac, where are kids going to learn to swim? The current wait lists for classes is huge and more important not available to many because the High Schools have priority during key times.

            Second, the other pools are important elements as a set. In other words, if you take the kids to swimming lessons, you can work out in the fitness facility or swim in a different pool yourself. Siblings might swim in the ‘kids’ pool. In other words, because the facility will be multi-use, it will be used even more than ‘one-use’ facilities. For kids who need to learn to swim at some pool, this is important draw for adults.

            Third, the competitive swimmers cannot use Upton Hill. Not only is there youth swimming (think middle school etc), but adults who want to be challenged can actually have competitions. The current pools are just not big enough to meet this demand. If you have a youth who wants to dive competitively, they have to travel outside the county often to dive/swim.

          • John Fontain

            “Because it is illegal to swim in the Potomac, where are kids going to learn to swim?”

            That’s right Eric, there are no other places to swim in Arlington County other than the Potomac river.

          • Lucifer

            Sam, try swimming at Upton except in the summer. That is an outside pool.

    • John Fontain

      I agree TJL. Without this ‘worldclass’ swimming pool, life here in Arlington would be very low quality. Really almost unbearable and similar to third-world countries where people are just trying to survive.

    • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

      How about a really really big water slide right into the Potomac?

      • WeiWeiQiang

        That’s called a ‘sluice’ and there’s one on Four Mile Run about 400m from the Potomac.

      • bobco85

        That’s so 100 years ago! Luna Park postcard

        • R. Griffon

          Awesome! We turned THAT into a sewage plant? 🙁

          • drax

            It was already full of sewage, so….

  • B Div

    Conceptually, I am in favor of the Artisphere.

    Music bookings are down, they say.

    Hmmm. I go out to see a lot of music.

    There is *never* anything I want to see at the Artisphere, at least since the Beauty Pill Immersive Ideal thing which was, how long, a year or 18 months ago, at least?

    They need to look at their booking policy.

    • MiddleArlingtonian

      Took the tykes to the painting exhibit on Sunday. They had fun. I hadn’t been in there since it was the Newseum. It’d be nice to have a museum alternative on this side of the river to rival what’s in DC.

      • KalashniKEV

        LOL… and I would like to start a search engine “to rival what is Google.”

        • Bing

          Me too!

          • KalashniKEV

            First I’m going to start a social network “to rival what is Facebook.”

            Hopefully Arlington County doesn’t beat me to the punch though- they seem to be confused as to the role of government… so you never know what kind of new “business ventures” they will get involved in based on the personal whims of the corrupt leadership.

        • FairfaxSupervisors

          We would like to create TOD districts to rival the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor

          • AlexandriaCouncil

            Us too!

          • MontgomeryCoCouncil

            And what are we, chopped liver?

          • PGCoCouncil

            We’ll be driving through your county next Saturday night!

            Get out of the way.

          • MontgomeryCoCouncil

            We would also like to have a distance from PG that rivals ArlCo, but are not sure how to achieve that.

          • DCCouncil

            We are already urban, but would like to see if we could do the low crime, good schools thing to rival ArlCo.

          • KalashniKEV

            Unless we reverse the Progressive agenda, the “low crime thing” will be as old Arlington as Bardo Rodeo…

          • Josh S

            A linkage of Progressive politics and high crime? That’s creative!

          • Hattie McDaniel

            All the open carry states have low crime rates. Oh, wait…

    • B22201

      I went when it opened, and BYT had a party there with the balloon lady. That was pretty cool/fun (and I don’t even like hipsters that much). Then, went to the 1 year party. . . that was terrible.

      Haven’t been back since. Think they need better marketing, or events to draw people in than what they’ve got.

  • AbeFroman

    Its odd that the City Paper is saying rentals are coming in below expectations.

    I know for a fact that new director of events is well ahead of her goal for the fiscal year. Seems to me, that launching a business of this kind is harder than to do anyone understands. Heck, the republican candidate for county board thinks you can run a space of this size with a quarter of the staff required to run other spaces of comparable size.

    • SomeGuy

      I don’t think the majority of people question whether it’s hard to run such a venue. I think they question why the taxpayer should be hemorrhaging cash during the years it takes the county powers-that-be to inevitably reach that same conclusion and shut it down.

    • LostRenter

      It doesn’t surprise me that rentals are below expectations. I contacted them this summer to rent it for an event next year. It was clear we were dealing with a county bureaucracy (as in a certain NBC sit-com) and not a professionally run venue.

      We went with the Key Bridge Marriott instead. With catering factored in, it is less expensive, has a better view, and we’re dealing with people who know what they’re doing.

  • Garden City

    Me? I voting Yes on the school bond levy and No on everything else.

  • novasteve

    The trolley will make the artisfail look like a great success. This is what happens when you have one party domination.

    • jackson

      Time will tell.

  • VC

    “But its ongoing exhibit, the Cynthia Connolly-curated “Beyond the Parking Lot,” doesn’t have the same star power—Ortiz says that it’s attracting mostly knowledgeable art followers.”

    Must not be very many, “knowledgeable art followers”, the place is always empty. Or maybe it is just not a very attractive exhibit.

  • drax

    Huge crowds, tiny glasses. That photo says it all. Not an Oktoberfest, and not fun any more.

    • jackson

      The one in Reston over the weekend was great: Live polka band, $5 full-size Octoberfest brews, short lines, not too crowded.

      • drax

        Cant’ wait until I can ride the Metro home from Reston. No more designated driver.

    • SomeGuy

      It was never really much fun.

  • KalashniKEV


  • BeyondYourFace

    I went to Artisphere on Saturday and enjouyed the art.

    Plus, I got there by bike.

    Bite me.

    • novasteve

      Your attempt to seem “british” or “sophisticated” failed badly. They don’t add “u” to the word “enjoy”.

      • Swag

        Your attempt to “troll” or “bait” failed badly. You just suck at it.

      • WeiWeiQiang

        Your attempt to use propour capitalisation for the word ‘British’ failed. To say that you failed “badly” is to ignore the source.

        • propour

          propour..was that intentional?

          • propour

            I’m propour and I vote

          • drax

            Pardon me, would you have any Grey Propour?

          • nom de guerre

            I’ll take a PROPOUR Slice, please.

          • drax


          • WeiWeiQiang

            yes. ironical-like-ish humour.

      • BeyondYourFace

        Do they make typos there?

        Anyway the goal is not to be British.

        Its to be like Copenhagen, or Amsterdam.

  • Future

    I’ll will support the school bond b/c we have to do something about the overcrowding. We don’t need to be throwing our money at more parks/rec centers/arts facilities until we get the basics under control.

  • Ricky Rose

    Anyone know why there were about 20 cop cars at the intersection of Glebe and Fairfax around 8 PM last night?

    • nom de guerre

      Sam’s Food Truck was offering complimentary Bavarian Creams with Raspberry Coulis.

    • BarFoodie

      Free wings for first responders?

    • JamesE

      I am going to use my detective skills and guess some type of accident happened at the intersection.

    • WeiWeiQiang

      I’m going to use my fictional writing skills and say that they were rehearsing their tactics for helping kids cross the street who walk to school.

    • There was a death investigation. Suspected suicide.

      • South Awwlington

        What in the world is this referring to? I didn’t see any mention of road closures in the morning notes.

        • South Awwlington

          Nevermind, I see now.

        • drax

          Ricky’ Rose’s personal observation.

  • John Fontain

    An average ‘backyard’ swimming pool costs anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. For the $70,000,000 that this ‘world-class’ swimming pool will cost us Arlington County residents (before counting counting operating and maintenance costs), we could build 1,400 very nice ‘backyard’ style pools in Arlington County. Or we could build about 100 junior Olympic sized (short course, 25 yard) swimming pools throughout the county.

    • swimmer

      fine…. if you like to do laps in a hottub

      • John Fontain

        You’d seriously rather have one 50 meter pool than 100 25 yard pools?

    • drax

      1,400 pools / 216,000 residents = 153 of your closest friends swimming in your backyard. Pool party at John’s house!

      • John Fontain

        Well, I guess the numbers would work out that way if 100 percent of the population went swimming 100 percent of the time. Using those same assumptions, the ‘world-class’ facility in Crystal City will have 216,000 swimmers competing for space in their long course pool – that should be fun.

        • drax

          My numbers work as well as, say, building 1,400 pools in 1,400 back yards.

          • John Fontain

            I said backyard style pools. And the point was to illustrate in obvious terms just how much we won’t be getting for our money if we pay $70 million for one facility.

          • drax

            I understood your comparison, but it has its limitations.

        • WeiWeiQiang

          First, we know that pools aren’t only for swimming. They’re also for tossing cigarettes and beer bottles in to from the 9th floor balcony. The aquatiques centre is a major fail by that metric, unless they include a d-bag overlook space on the 10-meter diving tower … which, I understand, is another $1.6M like the Clarendon CCA.

          Second, until or unless someone undoes the results of the 2004 survey, the prevailing belief is that the residents want it … a belief that will either be bourne out in the bond referendumn or it won’t.

          Thiurd, having a worlde-classe facility is expected to draw competitive swimming events, which generates hospitality revenue … hotels, restaurants, and hourly visits to the Days Inn.

          • Clarendon Skank

            If they hire Serbian lifeguards, I will support this pool.

          • WeiWeiQiang

            You and I both, sweetheart. You and I both.

          • UA


            I do not think we have a hard time filling our hotels in Crystal/Pentagon city as it is.

  • Swag

    “The bond would largely help fund a new Long Bridge Park aquatics center. The Greens said the aquatics center is “wasteful” and a “vanity project.””

    Pretty much this. Also voting against it.

  • Rory of the Hills

    I don’t even know where the Artisphere is.

    And I have lived in north Arlington for 4 years.

    • jackson

      You found this website. Maybe try Google?

      • Rory of the Hills

        Of course I could find it. I’m just saying it is so pathetic none of my friends or coworkers has ever mentioned it or mentioned an event there they want to see.

        And we go to a lot of plays and museum exhibits, so you’d think we’d fit in the market they were trying to attract.

    • B Div

      That’s more a function of you not knowing how to use Google Maps than the Artisphere being hard to find.

      Have you ever driven down the hill into Rosslyn? You know that funny looking white tumescence on the building across the intersection where you are turning left to head towards Key Bridge? That’s it.


      • Glebe Roader

        Maybe it’s more a function of Rory not caring enough to try to find it. That’s also my excuse.

        • B Div

          You’re right, of course.
          Far better to feign apathy than to actually investigate.

      • Novanglus

        I think Rory’s point is not “how do I find it” but “I’ve never had reason to go there, so I don’t know where it is”

  • cj

    The aquatics/fitness facility is not just “a pool”. It includes several bodies of water — Arlington’s first 50-meter pool; a smaller pool for classes (learn-to-swim, water aerobics), warmups and lap swimming; a warmer therapy pool; and a leisure pool area with slides, sprays and features for kids of all ages. It couples all this with a fitness center for individual and group workouts and exercise classes, plus community gathering space. You can’t get this in the average back yard. You can’t get it anywhere in Arlington.

    Experience in Fairfax County and many other areas has shown that such comprehensive centers meet recreational needs and can generate revenue to cover all or most of their operating costs (depending on the fee structure). Yes, this is a major investment, but as Arlington keeps growing — with more apartment-dwellers, more seniors living longer, and more children with less room to run — we need to make long-term investments in long-term community health.

    • UA

      You actually can get this in Arlington, I currently do, it is at a private gym. I am sure if Arlington charged what Fairfax is charging we would end up subsidizing it.


      General Admissions (Per Visit) Non-county Rate County Rate*
      Adult (non-seniors 19 yrs. and older) $10.50 $8.00
      Youth/Student** (5-18 yrs.) $10.50 $6.50
      Child (up to 4 yrs. with paying adult) Free Free
      Senior ( age 65 or older )
      Monday – Friday $10.50 $6.50
      Family (1-2 adults, up to 4 children, total of 5) $30.00 $16.00

      Please list the sources about Fairfax generating revenue to cover all or most of their operating costs.

      • curious

        which gym and what are their costs?

    • John Fontain

      Fairfax County has a similar facility (Cub Run) complete with a huge lap pool, an indoor waterpark with slides, a full gym, exercise class rooms, etc. It only cost $19.2 million to build only a few years ago (i.e., inflation doesn’t account for the additional $50 million Arlington wants to spend).

      A $19 million project I could support. A $70 million project is just a complete waste of our money.

      • cj

        Sorry — forgot to mention that along with the aquatics/fitness center, the project includes 10 more acres of Long Bridge Park, remediation to turn the ex-Twin Bridges brownfield into an asset, and extension of the existing esplanade much closer to the future bike/pedestrian bridge to the Mount Vernon Trail.

        And yes — construction costs have gone up since Cub Run was built.

      • occasionally a fact

        Gee — According to its website (http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/rec/cubrun/), Cub Run doesn’t have a 50-meter pool with enough seating for regional meets, or a therapy pool. How is this comparable?

        • John Fontain

          You’re right. $50 million more for some extra seats and a small therapy pool is a bargain!

          • occasionally a fact

            And a 50-meter pool. You really need to read more carefully to justify your snark.

          • John Fontain

            I’m well aware that we’re talking about an extra 25 meters in length. Please do the math for me to explain why that’s worth an extra $50 million to make the pool an extra 25 meters long, given the average cost of building a 25 meter pool.

            I anxiously await your response.

          • First, the amount of water is important not only for meets, but for every other activity. For example, with about twice the water surface area as Club Run, Long Bridge Park will be able to have twice as many classes going every hour. In other words, the extra pool space during the week will be used by classes, more recreational swimmers and more kids. Because you cannot ‘stack’ people in the water, surface area determines the capacity of ALL uses. Arlington is going to get a significant increase in the ability to offer swimming classes, recreational swimming and children’s swimming.
            Second, as mention elsewhere, other elements including fitness, outdoor recreation and important bike/pedestrian routes will be built.
            Third, 1998 dollars are not 2015 dollars. Inflation has occurred in the past 10 years.
            Fourth, this building will be more energy efficient and cheaper to run. Part of the price includes the most energy efficient economic equipment. Because the county is spending more in capital costs to decrease future energy consumption, the overall costs fall.

          • John Fontain

            Eric, I didn’t ask why we needed an extra 25 meters, I asked why those extra 25 meters should cost $50 million extra. See my post regarding Cub Run. You could build two of them (with a much greater facility size) for half the cost. So please tell me why we should pay $2 million PER METER to extend the pool, when an entire junior olympic sized pool can be built for that price.

  • CC

    I’ve got to make the schlep to Rossyln for that parking lot thing. Rosslyn is such a downer though. There should be an art/theatre district and not just a standalone thing. Also, Arlington seems to lack the super wealthy benefactors that other cities have or maybe they spread their donations in DC.

    Article about Cynthia:


    This is kind of different than the Artisphere thing, but if the sociology of the parking lot intrigues you, check out the Parking Lot Movie (especially if you attended UVa).



    I’ve always love Cynthia Connolly’s photos. A lot of great dischord band photos over the years and the book “Banned in DC”.

    • Larchmont


    • Clarendon

      Banned in DC is my number one coffee table book.

  • JimPB

    The Greens see the proposed Long Bridge Park aquatic center clearly: as a wasteful and a vanity project.

    Citizens should consider alternative uses for the very substantial money required to build (and actual costs may well exceed projected costs) and also for operating and maintaining the center.

  • Douglas Park Resident

    The Cub Run facility referenced above is much smaller than the aquatics, health and fitness facility planned for Long Bridge Park. Cub Run’s total size is only 65,000 sq. feet compared to the LBP Aquatics, Health and Fitness Center which will be approximately 95,000 square feet. The competition pool at Cub Run is only 25 yards by 25 meters and seating capacity is only for 175, which does not make the facility able to accommodate major swim meets (thus meaning it cannot derive revenues from such hosting such competitions). The Long Bridge Park facility will have a 50 meter pool (one of only a handful in the metropolitan area/Northern Virginia) and seating capacity for 700 people. Moreover, Cub Run does not have a 10 meter diving platform as it only provides for 1 meter diving opportunities, again not making it possible to hold major dive competitions there. In addition to the 50 meter pool, the Long Bridge Park facility will have another 25 yard training pool (with warmer water in it than the 50 meter pool) to provide for learn to swim classes and other activities such as senior aerobics. Finally, there is no therapy pool at all at Cub Run as is planned at Long Bridge Park which I expect will be also heavily used by the growing senior population. So, one should not compare Cub Run to the facility planned at Long Bridge Park. They are really very different facilities.

    • Josh S

      It’s a shame this information is not inserted into the subthread above, where the initial comparison to Cub Run was made. You can bet John Fontain is going to run with the $50 million for some seats and a small pool “factoid”……..

      • John Fontain

        Since you are interested on focusing on math, let’s do so:

        We could build two Cub Runs – with a mind blowing square footage of 130,000 square feet – for $38.4. Or we could have the much smaller facility proposed by Arlington County (95,000 square feet) for almost twice the price of two Cub Runs ($70 million). I don’t care how many extra seats and therapy pools you add, the numbers still don’t make sense.

        I anxiously await your response.

        • Josh S

          Says who?

    • John Fontain

      “and seating capacity is only for 175, which does not make the facility able to accommodate major swim meets (thus meaning it cannot derive revenues from such hosting such competitions)”

      So this pool, which is purportedly being built to serve Arlington County residents, is actually being designed at the extreme high end of the cost spectrum in order to sell a few hundred tickets to outsiders for an occassional ‘major swim meet.’ Wow, that sounds like an even better use of our taxpayer dollars – subsidizing non-residents’ tickets for sporting events.

      • cj

        Actually it’s the other way around — the rental and other revenue from occasional major meets will help reduce residents’ fees for everyday use.

        • nom de guerre

          This business plan sounds like it’s modeled after the critically acclaimed, highly successful Artisphere.

          • John Fontain

            That’s exactly what I was thinking. We all know how well those projections turned out.

        • John Fontain

          My understanding is that the bulk of the annual operating costs will be funded from use fees collected from Arlington residents. The income from occassional rental for “major swim meets” will be de minimus. So no matter how you slice it, between the upfront costs of the facility and the ongoing operating costs, almost all of the costs will be borne by county residents in the form of higher taxes. And in exchange, non-county residents will get use of a ‘world-class’ facility for major swim events. Sounds like a great deal for the outsiders.

          And back to the point, what is the point of spending tens of millions in extra dollars just to add some seats that will bring in de minimus additional revenues?

          • Josh S

            Here’s the deal, John. If the thing gets built, you really couldn’t ever be caught dead there, now, could you?

            (i.e, just vote against the thing and be done with it.)

          • John Fontain

            I’m not sure what your point is. As a swimmer, my opposition isn’t to having a nice pool, it’s to overspeding by around $50 million to have the nice pool.

  • Bobby Bob Rob Hobson

    Can anyone identify a location in Arlington that is less convenient to get to than the boondoggle pool location?

    • A ton of locations. Long Bridge Park is located right next to an interstate interchange, George Washington Parkway and US1. Besides the roads, the Crystal City trolly and all the major transportation routes go by the park (metro, airport, VRE and amtrak).

      • Bobby Bob Rob Hobson

        Thanks Mitt for your clear answer.

      • ArlingtonWay

        Eric = 2100

        • Douglas Park Resident

          Long Bridge Park is five minute drive from where I live Douglas Park and if you use the GW parkway, it is within 15-20 minutes for many who live in North Arlington. It is also within walking distance of the Crystal City metro and easily accessible from the Boundary Channel Drive exit directly off I-395 North. I have been able to get to the park just fine. I guess some of you are just directionally impaired. Perhaps you should use GPS.

    • Friend of Long Bridge Park

      Lack of familiarity doesn’t mean inconvenient. And the location is going to be as spectacular a vista as you can imagine of the National Capital area…worth the effort! How you get there depends of course on where you’re coming from in Arlington. I was amazed to be able to get there in 10 minutes from Lyon Village–only 1 stoplight–via GW Parkway and Boundary Channel Drive adjacent to the Pentagon. And of course Long Bridge Drive needs work that has been delayed by utility delays, postponing the Marine Corps Marathon route including it this year to perhaps next year. Other directions are in the latest edition of the newsletter the Friends of Long Bridge Park put out…see http://www.longbridgepark.org/FoLBP_Newsletter4.pdf

      • Really?

        ah, the joy of living in Lyon Village and going to the world-class aquatic center to watch junior’s swim meets. 🙂

    • Dirk Digler

      Since it’s right next to DC and Alexandria, we should make them chip in.

  • ArlingtonWay

    $50 million swimming pools and 1/3 of a $billion trolleys. I mean how many Bocce Ball courts could we build with that money? PRIORITIES people!!

  • bobbytiger

    While I too will be voting “NO” on the bond issue, I’m not holding my breath for it’s defeat. Can anybody remember when, and what, the last bond issue was, that was voted down? Me neither.

    • drax

      I don’t either, but we should do an experiment this fall and see if any are voted down in Republican-leaning counties either.

  • soarlslacker

    It appears that most of writers here have only “been to” Long Bridge Park by viewing the NBC4 camera placed there. The roads suck and are constantly down to one lane and full of standing water and giant holes due to continued construction. The parking lot is used by tour bus drivers (who do not pay), construction workers, and 3 other cars. The roads are so bad that my dogs get carsick and vomit before we even get there. There are only water fountains along the road, next to the fields so getting some water for your dogs involves a long hike…since I am trying to keep the dogs away from soccer players that they would enjoy biting. I am sure the many renters in CC will love the Aquatics Center, once they get past the train and airport noise and hike to it.
    I’d prefer that Arl Cty spend the money on fixing the roads and perhaps even the sidewalks. Walking to CC and back last Saturday the sidewalks are in such poor shape and so uneven that I had to ask my spouse to verify that we were not drunk at 9am since we kept sliding into each other due to the slope.
    A $500K spray park in not needed in Va Highlands Park (Hayes St.) either. I was walking home from the PC subway last week and noticed that the county has built 4 steps up to the artificial turf field at Va Highlands Park….because people playing on the fields can’t walk 10 steps up a small incline….and of course there is still no way for anyone handicapped or in a wheel chair to get near the field to observe.


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