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Armed Robbery at Pentagon City Nordstrom

by ARLnow.com October 12, 2012 at 10:50 am 7,714 46 Comments

A man with a gun tried to rob the Nordstrom store at Pentagon City mall this morning.

The incident happened around 10:20 a.m. Initial reports suggest a man, armed with a gun, tried to rob the fine jewelry section of the department store, but didn’t end up taking any merchandise. He fled the store and was last seen running toward Pentagon Row. Police swarmed the area and stopped some possible suspects but so far have not made any arrests.

No one was injured during the incident.

  • YTK

    Maybe he’s in Harris Teeter, changing in the Men’s Room.
    Or having a smoothie at Smoothie king.
    Or if he didn;t remember to bring any change of clothes, maybe he’s at Naked Pizza.

  • JonnyIQ

    I hear he might be at Maceys or Rodeo Shack – check your Nordstrom spelling

    • JohnnyIQ

      Thanx for the comment.

  • James Moron

    Seems well designed and executed

  • DNFjoe

    With a description like that…”A man” it is a wonder there were not more potential suspects found in the area.

    Jeans? wearing a jacket? color of clothing? tall? short? fat? thin? old? young?

    • drax

      Time for a man roundup!

      • SomeGuy

        That made me laugh.

      • Grindr

        there are 18 men within 2944 feet

      • James B.


    • novasteve

      Someone could get offended.

    • Miss Swan

      He look…. like a man…

      • Stephen Tyler

        But . . . what if dude look like a lady?

    • Gen Lee

      How bout the man’s RACE?!? Oh yeah we aren’t allowed to notice the race of the suspect anymore because it paints certain groups in a negative light.

      Nevermind the fact that it helps catch the criminal…can’t offend anybody!

      • MC 703

        You neo-cons get so worked up over this.

        Here. Below. A race description. It happens. ARLNOW probably just didn’t have it at time of print. Calm down.


        • Gen Lee

          1. I am no neo-con. Far from it. I am a Libertarian who supports/supported Ron Paul.

          2. I noticed you use an article from JULY to prove that ARLnow identifies the race of the suspect. Good job.

          • ron paul

            That’s just more extreme neo-con

        • MC 703

          Yep. July. It was the 2nd ‘Related Post’ on this story. Was that too recent or too far back?

      • drax

        Hey General, have a mint julep, it will calm you down. Race is published in crime reports all the time. You’re delusional again. Oh, also, the South lost the war.

        • Gen Lee

          drax said: “Race is published in crime reports all the time.”

          Race is omitted from crime reports with alarming frequency these days. Witness discussion on the matter by the likes of the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

          Only a *delusional* left-wing shill such as yourself would be blind to this reality.

          As an aside, I’m still waiting for your response in the thread about Marymount College and diversity. All I’ve heard so far are crickets.

          Chirp Chirp.

          • novasteve

            It’s political correctness. Public safety takes a back seat to offense. The obama administration still maintains the Ft. Hood shooting was “workplace violence” and not terrorism despite the suspect refusing to even shave due to his religious beliefs. People were too scared to report his extremist behavior because they didn’t want to be thought of as intolerant. So people died.

          • James B.


          • MC 703

            Left-leaners are delusional. They make up all kinds of BS like coal plant soot is unhealthy.

      • internet tourettes

        Well then Sir, you just mozie on down to Jefferson Davis Highway and maybe some one can help you out with your questions.

      • bman

        What about his sexual orientation?

    • Larchmont

      Does it matter in the arlnow report? Like anyone here is going to do more than go after misspellers.

      • DNFjoe

        Probably not, but since he did not get anything in his attempt he might rob another place in arlington or a person nearby. A description could help.

        • James B.

          I live a block from this mall, so I would feel safer reading a description of the guy. A lot of the thugs around here really stand out anyways, what with pretty much everyone else wearing generic yuppie clothes, so maybe he’d get caught quicker.

  • scumsuckingcondodweller

    need a “t” in the title Nords’t’rom

  • Captain_Obvious

    I saw him…he was a heavyset slender guy with lightish to darkish-colored hair.

    • Richard Cranium

      The tallish / shortish one? Yeah – I saw him too.

    • James B.

      With the slim-fit relaxed jeans right?

  • joemama

    was he wearing all pink? I’d go check out those roughyins over at the susan b komen walk across the street

  • Observer

    Bums Behaving Badly version of the weekly crime report should be coming out shortly.

  • Arlington Cat

    He’s a man, he dashed off to Best Buy so he could blend in with all the other men wasting their time in the big screen section.

    • James B.

      Hey, I resemble that remark!

  • novasteve

    Face it, all of us guys are potential suspects. Now we just need a butler/Mr. Boddy to help find out which one of us did this.

    • WeiWeiQiang

      steve: I … and I suspect you … are not suspects. the perp was “seen running”. I hate running.

    • James B.

      Well, I vote that the butler did it though! Probably in the kitchen, with the candlestick. No wait…

  • Farmer John

    The war that the DMV is waging on prostitution – MoCo, ARL, DC and etc–don’t worry about these robberies!

    • internet tourettes

      That made me spit out my coffee….They have quartely crack downs thats all.

  • Bender

    Turn about here.

    Usually it is Nordstrom who is robbing their customers with their over-priced merchandise.

    • James B.


  • UA

    He obviously has never been to that jewelry counter before. Takes forever to be helped, even if you are robbing the place.

  • clarenhood

    This must explain the drop in Nordstrom stock today (JWN 54.93, down 0.40)

  • DNFjoe

    This info might have been helpful right after it happened…

    ATTEMPTED ARMED ROBBERY, 10/12/12, 1400 block of S. Hayes Street. At 10:18 am on October 12, a subject brandished a firearm in an attempt to rob a sales associate at Nordstrom’s of jewelry. The victim hit a panic alarm and the suspect fled the scene on foot without any merchandise. The suspect is described a black male, approximately 6’0” tall and 230 lbs. He was wearing a black bubble vest with a red shirt and had a black hat with sunglasses on at the time of the incident.

  • Nord621

    As a former employee, I am glad that no employees got hurt.


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