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Power Outages Increase, Trees Fall as Winds Pick Up

by ARLnow.com October 29, 2012 at 5:45 pm 14,784 139 Comments

Update at 11:10 p.m. — There are now 18,050 Dominion customers without power in Arlington.

Update at 7:25 p.m. — The number of Dominion customers without power in Arlington is up to 16,828.

(Updated at 6:10 p.m.) More than 5,800 Dominion customers are without power in Arlington as of 6:05 p.m. as the strongest winds from Hurricane Sandy have started to arrive in the area.

Twitter users have been reporting power outages in the Buckingham area, in Westover Village, Lyon Park and in Crystal City, among other areas. Another large outage is being reported by Dominion in the far northeastern corner of Arlington County. Power has also been flickering in the Ballston, Clarendon, Courthouse and Pentagon City areas.

Wind gusts have been picking up over the past hour. Numerous reports of trees and wires down around the county have been pouring in to Arlington’s Emergency Communications Center. Currently, firefighters are on the scene of a tree that fell into a house, causing significant damage, on the 4800 block of 26th Street N. in the Yorktown area (pictured, left). No injuries were reported.

Additional calls for trees falling onto houses and are being dispatched. A large tree fell into the intersection of 5th Street S. and S. Harrison Street, according to firefighters on the scene.

Arlington County announced today that all county offices, libraries, courts, schools, community centers and nature centers will be closed on Tuesday. ART bus service has also been suspended on Tuesday.

Photo courtesy @CAPT258

  • GC_Now

    Power out in Glen Carlin at approximately 5:30 pm.

    • Power-less

      Power just went out near Yorktown High School. 🙁
      (+/- 6:05 pm)

    • Lynne

      Was it a tree that was in the *front* yard at 5417 S. 5th St?

      Or was it the huge tree in my back yard at 5413 S. 5th St?

      • GC_Now

        It was the silver oak in front of 5417 S 5th. It took out the power cables on both 5th and Harrison streets. 5th is completely cutoff, there is no exit for people who live on Harrison. There are three vehicles under the tree but miraculously it looks like none are damaged (hope for the best).

        • Jk

          Is it safe to drive in Arlington

          • Ren

            Seems kind of rocky…I would wait it out, unless you’re talking urgent medication or hospital…trips like that. I’m seeing street lights pop. Never noticed that in past storms.

          • James B.

            Were they the new LED street lights?

  • Garden City

    Ours in the Yorktown area has gone out and come back on three or four times now. The last time was accompanied by a loud BANG from somewhere down the street and I thought that was it, but it came back after a few seconds. Praying to the gods of electricity…

  • Gymmyray

    Everyone will be out by the end of this.

  • Boo

    Flicking on Clarendon/Courthouse area. Hasn’t gone completely, but close enough

  • Bluemont

    Still have power here–for now.

  • WM

    My area of CV still has power, but the flickering is getting more common…

  • Arlingtonian

    flickering in Penrose area

  • Donaldson Run

    Sunny and mild over here

    • Josh S


  • Fabio

    No power in Crystal City, 12 Street South.

  • Right of Center

    some flickering in the Fairlington hood

  • Alan

    power went out twice in my part of Westover about 40 min ago but came back on both times and is good right now. but wind has really picked up in the past hour.

  • KJ

    Knock wood, Fairlington is still on.

  • Dan

    Some flickering in Pentagon City. I hear a lot of people don’t have power in Crystal City.

    • WeiQiang

      SARWOK [South Arlington Ridge West Of Kent] still good, with some flickering. Friends at 25th S & S Ives [Aurora Hills] lost power.

      • MyHood

        We have basement swimming but still have power. Yay SARWOK. Fingers crossed.

  • Arlington Voter

    No power or tree problems at Long Branch park area because no one lives near that area.

    • Arlington Voter

      Long Bridge, not branch, better known as the zimmie boondoogle.

      • Nun

        Do you actually have a f’ing point?

        • Arlington Voter


          • Arl Person

            LOL!! 🙂 we need a like button on this forum

          • Nun

            That’s all right then..carry on

          • Linda

            Nice personality bounce-back, Nun. I was worried about you for an instant.

  • JimPB

    6:17 pm — Wind has markedly increased and is now readily heard indoors. Most trees have few leaves remaining on branches.
    Power recently flickered. Location: N. Arlington (Williamsburg) by intersection of Williamsburg and Sycamore.

  • CSEM

    Hope this doesn’t jinx me…. power still on in Shirlington by 4 Mile..

    • jinx

      me t

      • WeiQiang

        LOL. well played

  • Doug

    If anyone knows what’s happening at s 5th and s Harrison can you let me know

    • GC_Now

      See my post above to Lynne.

      • Doug

        Thanks much!

  • Min

    Pentagon city has no power. Finally went out after a few flickers

  • rosslynresident

    Power in my part of Rosslyn went out for a minute; power just came back.

  • AR Esquibel

    If you have access to apps, try downloading the S. R. scanner app. It is free. Monitoring for all Arlington emergencies including police, fire and hurricane information.

    • Glebewood

      S.R. scanner? i can’t find it

  • AR Esquibel

    Try S.R. deluxe

  • Right of Center

    flickering becoming more frequent in Fairlington

  • Ballston

    Power still good throughout Ballston at 6:47. Any restaurants open?

    • Arlingtonian

      World of Beer sent out an email a few hours ago that they are open today .. I guess that qualifies as a “restaurant” 😉

      • Ballston

        Thanks, just also went out and saw that Front Page is open. Same with Sichuan Wok and Wiinky’s.

        • Arlingtonian

          Oh man. I would so love some Wiinky’s right now. Ranchero Burger, hell yeah

    • NJ

      Crystal City Sports Pub on 23rd Street is always open during power outages / storms. They have the big huge hospital generators.

    • AH

      Liberty Tavern – from their facebook posts, sounds like they’re open. Insane, but open.

  • Glebewood

    got it thanks – scanner radio (s.r.)

  • AR Esquibel

    Search: police scanner
    Select: Radio Scanner Deluxe
    (sorry – it showed up as s.d. Deluxe once it is downloaded)

    • nom de guerre

      If you need an “app” in order to inform you what is happening outside your window I respectfully suggest that you ask your institution of higher learning to issue you a refund plus interest.

      • Ever wood

        If you need to be sarcastic, I respectfully suggest you get a journal.

  • awesomepossum

    Power’s out at Washington and Lee Apartments. Hallway has power, apartment doesn’t. Called Dominion. They told me they couldn’t find my address. Called management, got a voicemail. Feeling like nobody cares.

    • We Care

      Well we do !!

    • Faith No More

      We care a lot!

    • M1911

      Try not paying your bill. You’ll find they do care about you after all.

  • Waaaah!

    Can wind blow out windows/doors in a high rise?
    Mine are rattling !!!!
    This is creeping me out

    • Hikin’ the pike

      The rattling can be a good thing. If the windows are completely rigid with no flexibility they will blow out. That said, don’t sleep next to the window tonight.

      • Waaaah!

        Thanks. Don’t think I’ll be sleeping at all this night

        • M1911

          You’re scared because this is THE END.

          Sharpen your guns, load your knives, and prepare for the roaming mobs of cannibals from South Arlington.

          • Arlingtonian

            The zombies are coming ….

          • James B.

            I have my anti-zombie swords sharpened and ready to go!

  • Belladoctora

    Power is out in 590 Lofts Apts in Pentagon City. In an odd, slap in face, power is completely ON on the other side of street and that apt complex. Shoot!!

    • James B.

      Our buildings on my side of the street are newer, and have their power cables buried more better. And stuff. Watching movies and having a blast!

      • Belladoctora

        Not to worry James… Karma always wins. Goodnight

  • McChipstah

    Every time that wind blows hard thru my backyard of 80-100 ft trees (Zachary Taylor Nature Area) I get a sick feeling. World of Beer is starting to sound good.

    • Bon Air

      100 feet? What kind of trees?

      I would sleep on the lower level tonight.

  • SophiaC

    Anyone else just hear that huge boom in Clarendon? Sounds like it came from the Lyon Village area. Transformer, maybe?

    • darsasx

      Nothing major – Mary H just just found out her personal property tax assessment went up 20% from last year

  • Matt

    Power went out in Lyon park around 7. Seems localized.

  • Bon Air

    After a slow start, drinking has really begun to pick up here in Arlington Ridge. It will continue to intensify over the next 3 to 4 hours, with increased chances of blackouts and memory loss. Hopefully significant damage to the apartment or personal relationships will be avoided.

    • Hikin’ the pike

      +6.02*10^23 Comment of the day!

    • We Care

      Stay off the phone !!!

    • CSEM

      Following your lead!

  • Dominion Power

    I can’t stop howling Bon Air, a perfect way to set this straight! I have plenty of beer nuts and vodka. Come on Sandy let’s see what you got.

  • A few flickers in EFC.

  • Lvillage

    Power is out in Lyon Village (in some parts, seems localized but have heard a couple loud booms as well).

    • greyroadster

      Anyone seeing flashes of light around Clarendon/VA Square? Can’t tell if it is lightening or something else. Also hearing the booms.

      • SophiaC

        I saw some flashes (from Clarendon/Lyon Village) just before 8pm and couldn’t tell what it was either. Looks like power is spotty in LV from what I can see from the 8th floor.

        • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

          it might have been the girls who stayed at liberty tavern too long.

    • NoVA RN

      I live in Lyon Village and I still have power, but did hear a loud boom an hour ago and thought we were going to lose it.

      We’re just waiting for what seems to be inevitable at this point :(.

      • Ren

        Yeah, I think I know what it is. Light bulbs of the white street lamps are literally popping. When that happens, it looks like a flash of lightning.

        I’ve seen a few go…I started paying attention after 2 or so. I know I’m not misperceiving it, because there’s been a shower of sparks that follow the flash. Freaky!

      • Greg

        Was wondering what that was. Heard it and went outside only to small a very small piece of tree behind my car.

  • Vic

    Does anyone know if mario’s pizza is open?? Serious question.

    • Sheriff Gonna Getcha
    • marie antoinette


      May want to dedicate 15 seconds of your time to Google the number on your cell phone and then press ‘call’ to find out yourself.

  • MadDog

    Lights blinked once in Rosslyn…thus far.

  • penrose

    Brief outage at south Walter reed/Columbia pike. ~20:12, all good now.

  • Swag

    Barton house and points west are out after multiple explosions. Not holding out much hope for a speedy recovery.

  • Marisa

    Lost power about and hour ago on South Four Mile Run..heard on the police scanner that a tree fell on george mason in the middle of the road which brought down power lines.

  • Kenneth

    Power out on Four Mile Run: The Carlton, The Brittany — that is over 1,000 units in just these two condo towers. My friend says 5500 apt building on Colombia Pike is also without power.

  • Nicole

    Somehow……the power just came back on at market common in Clarendon after being off since 6:30.

    • Lvillage

      Same for us in Lyon village. Fingers crossed…

    • Still Dark

      SFH’s behind Market Common are still without power. Although Zoso seems to be back online.

  • onlyconnect

    Power is off on north harrison too at 15th street and there is a big tree blocking the traffic circle. I don’t think there is any vehicle or property damage though. At least one other tree down nearby on 15th street, too.

  • Ballston

    Ballston power now out, west of the mall and beyond

  • Arlingtonian

    Power flickering in Penrose again …

    • CM

      Tried to go out but it didn’t here on 1st Rd. S. You still have power Arlingtonian? Numbers increasing according to Dominion.

      • Arlingtonian

        Yes I do – never went out fully except for the constant flickering when the winds got really bad.

  • Stinky BallSack

    Since we’re sharing stories, One time I got really drunk, went to my girlfriends house. Had to sneeze. Sneezed, and shit myslf. I freaked out and ran to the bathroom where her cat’s litter box was kept. I stripped off my boxers, buried them under the litter, then washed my legs in the sink with mouthwash and lubriderm.

    I snuck out, and never saw her again.

    I was 24

  • River house apartments in pentagon city

    River house apartments in pentagon city power is out. Can someone call dominion. 1400 s Joyce st Arlington va 22202. Thanks.

    • Super Mario

      Why can’t you call?

  • Kathy

    My mom is in area by Glebe and Washington blvd., in Arlington how is that area? I am in Ohio. And trying to check on her. Thanks.

    • Kathy I’m sure she’s ok – maybe without power but if she stays indoors she should be fine. Good luck!

    • Mike

      Kathy, I’m just a block from that intersection. My power has flickered slightly, but hasn’t gone out. Looking out the window, it seems like other houses in the neighborhood have power too.I wouldn’t worry too much – your mom is probably fine.

      • Kathy

        Thanks Mike. Good to know. Hopefully my mom is sleeping thru all this. She’s probly more worried about her sister in NYC !

  • Lights out for over an hr near rt 50 and geo mason (south). We also saw what looked like lightening in the sky. Odd it’s either transformers or lights exploding.

    I can tell I won’t sleep much tonight. At least we are not in Manhattan!

    • JamesE

      The flooding photos from NYC are unreal.

    • Kathy

      Thanks Lauren. Ma is 78 and on her own. Sounds scary out there! I wouldn’t want to be alone with all that going on. I’ll have to wait til morning to call her and hope the phones are in order.

  • Mike

    In Ballston, a big tree has come down on the north side of Washington Blvd at Utah Street. An Arlington crew is on the scene and they have blocked off the north side of Washington Boulevard (not that there was any traffic anyway).

  • ARL Resident

    Power flickered a couple times in Crystal City, then went out for good around 6 pm. But it looks like all the buildings on the east side of Eads St. still have power. Maybe some of the restaurants will open by tomorrow PM so I don’t have to keep eating Clif bars and canned deviled ham.

  • Stinky BallSack

    Since we’re sharing, One time I got really drunk, went to my girlfriends house. Had to sneeze. Sneezed, and shit myslf. I freaked and ran to the bathroom where her cat’s litter box was kept. I stripped off my boxers, buried them under the litter, then washed my legs in the sink with mouthwash and lubriderm.

    I snuck out, and never saw her again.

    I was 24

  • marie antoinette

    Another overrated hype job by your local weathermen and women. “Frankenstorm” my ass.

    • Greg

      I’m guessing you’re a renter, live in a condo, or are an incredibly bitter person. I’m grateful that there wasn’t more damage, which I think we ironically can thank the derecho for.

      • Minor Point

        Yeah, the derecho did pre-cull the herd…..

      • ballston

        You can try thanking the derecho ironically, but I’m not sure that a derecho is smart enough to pick up the irony in your voice.

    • Lost?

      You’ve got to get out from your bedroom in your parent’s basement and come check out storm damage in many parts of the area.

    • Really?

      Perhaps you’d like to explain that to the 30 ft. Tree laying across my yard.

      And still no power. It’s mighty cold out to not have any heat.

  • James B.

    I’ve been watching war movies all night. My windows rattling and my apartment shaking really add a special something during the battle scenes! :’D

  • gag01001

    Power still on in Shirlington. Flickered a couple times, but held through the night. Haven’t checked roads or 4MR yet, but expecting quite the site.

  • NorthArl

    Never lost power here in north Arlington near Overlee. However at
    11am yesterday, all of Verizon went out! Called and was
    told we were 1 of 24 Arlington customers without
    service!! And it wasnt even storm related!! Some computer
    chip problem at main buliding. Thanks alot for
    no phone, tv, or computer… verizon!!! Hoping it gets fixed soon!!

  • Tim

    I’ve lost power to some outlets…Fort Strong APTs on North Calvert…but still have Internet/cable and fridge.

    • Jim Jones

      Is the power back at S four mile run (Barcroft)? Please reply to this thread if you know see this. thanks.

      • leslie

        We are looking for info also on columbia pike near baileys crossroads…..anyone know?

  • becky

    Does anyone know when power in Ballston (Carlin Springs Rd) will be restored?

  • PurpleLady

    Power out near Glebe RD south of Rt 50 and west of Jackson St since 8:30 PM Monday. Dominion says too manyoutages to estimate restoring power. Good luck to all the others here.

  • Sasha1982

    Yes. Power still out on Four Mile run. Some of us are enjoying the last few hours of our smart phones. Any updates are appreciated.

  • We all in the UK have you in our thoughts. We hope no major tradgedies take place and that it is soon over.

  • Jim Jones

    Any idea when power will come back up for S Four Mile Run ? The entire Barcroft complex is out of power. But I see power right after the intersection of Four Mile and George Mason. Any idea when power would come back?

    • frank

      Who knows for the barcroft area. The carlton and britany have power know.

  • Larry M

    power came back on briefly for south glebe and 5th street-7 street around 8pm but then turned back off. i heard something outside blow out. i saw a dom tech near 5th street in front of sherwin-williams store. so i went to speak to him, he told me one of the power lines on south glebe rd, 5th street is down and another power line is hitting something on the pole. i asked him for an ETA, he told me not sure because they’d have to send another tech back here. as of 11:25pm, i dont see any dom techs near the power line problem. i dont think they will fix it until tomorrow morning, from the looks of it. sucks!

    • Larry M

      update- as of 11:40pm.

      i see a DOM trunk working on the problem on 5th street, south glebe road, power should come back online in a couple of hrs or sooner, in front of sherwin-williams store. affecting 5th street- 7th street areas on south glebe road.

  • frank


  • Jim Jones

    They won’t fix Barcroft (4 mile run) until thursday night. The cheaper neighborhood gets fixed the last. They did the same thing last storm. Just look across the street (four mile run and gelebe rd intersection) lights came back yesterday over there.

    Can anyone reply here if power comes back in Barcroft?

    • frank

      Ill reply when power comes back on.

    • frank

      Power is back at barcroft

      • Jim Jones

        Thank you frank! Good man.

        • frank

          No problem. Just helping.

  • frank

    No power at barcroft again. This is dumb. Im buying a generator beforw winter.


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