UPDATED: Schools, County Gov’t Open Wednesday

by Katie Pyzyk October 30, 2012 at 3:55 pm 4,453 44 Comments

Update at 5:55 p.m. — All Arlington Public Schools (except Barcroft Elementary) will open on time tomorrow (Wednesday). “Parents are asked to be patient as buses may need to work around road closures in some parts of the county, causing delays on some routes,” said school spokesman Frank Bellavia.

All county government offices, libraries, courts, community centers, and nature centers will also be open.

Roads are gradually being cleared, dark homes are lighting up and residents are attempting to return to a sense of normalcy following Superstorm Sandy.

Currently, Dominion’s outage map shows 14,645 Arlington customers without power. The company promises to have crews working around the clock until power is restored. It’s hoping to complete its restoration efforts by Thursday night.

The federal government will be open for business tomorrow, according to the Office of Personnel Management, which will mean increased traffic on neighborhood streets that are still littered with storm debris.

Metro has resumed bus and train service and is slowly getting all lines back up to normal operation. Trains are running on a Sunday schedule. ART buses also resumed service this afternoon on routes 41 and 51. There may be delays if there is debris in the roads along the routes.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority reports that Reagan National Airport fared well and didn’t experience any damage or flooding. Most flights are still cancelled today but there are a few taking off and arriving. Travelers are urged to check with their airlines directly for information about flights before going to the airport. MWAA will provide updates via Twitter as more flights begin to take off.

Early voters can go to Courthouse Plaza until 7:00 p.m. for in-person absentee voting. For now, the Barcroft and Madison locations remain closed, but the county hopes they can open tomorrow in addition to the Courthouse location. More information about absentee voting can be found online.

Trash and recycling services, including brush and leaf collection, will resume Wednesday. Monday/Tuesday pickups have been rescheduled for Wednesday, and Wednesday/Thursday pickups have been rescheduled for Friday. Storm debris removal can be requested online or by calling 703-228-6570. The normal requirement for brush to be less than 18 inches in diameter will be waived.

The county notes that an additional 2,000 people signed up for the Arlington Alert system during the storm, bringing the number of total subscribers to more than 50,000. The system provides emergency information updates via email or text message. Anyone interested in receiving alerts during the storm cleanup and for future public safety events can sign up online.

  • DB

    Dominion continues to ignore the two large apt buildings on the western end of the Pike w/o power.

    • me me me

      why don’t I have power yet? Waaaaaaaaaa!

    • Captain Unimpressed

      If only there was a trolley on the Pike to aid Dominion in their attempt at power restoration…

      • Josh S

        Here’s hoping your bros left you hanging when you turned to them for a high five after that lame attempt at a joke….

      • YTK

        yes. The trolley will SELF GENERATE electricity and we will all be able to plug into it.

  • arlingtonrap

    Crystal Houses in Crystal City @ S. Eads have been without power since 6:00 last night.

    • arlingtonrap

      To all the compassionate people who replied to our posts yesterday about lack of power (ItsJustMe in particular), I know you are anxiously awaiting the status in our apartment buildings. My power is on. Now I can get back to looking for jobs on the West Coast so I can out of the land of a-holes called Arlington.

      • It’s Me

        You should re-read the thread. DB was the first to post and wrote, “Dominion continues to ignore the two large apt buildings…” I took and still take HUGE issue with BS like “ignore.” It is wrong, whiny and way out of perspective given what is happening to the north of us. As for “insensitive” that start to this thread was wildly insensitive to the power crews away from home out in cold rain working to keep us all comfy. Nobody ignored anybody. I never said having no power did not suck – it does. I said don’t whine about power company not being nimble enough and essentially keep your rants against hard working power crews to yourself…they are offensive: look at the news of fellow Americans who are really suffering. Then some other pinhead went off on his/her daughter cold/alone in Arlington or DC and under criminal threat from predators near here darkened apartment and she needed power ASAP to keep the criminals at bay. That was not just silly, it was offensive for again having no perspective as to what is going on. Your comments aimed at me wildly miss the mark.

        • It’s Me

          …and yes, glad your power is back on!

  • It’s Me

    Seriously? Stop the sniping. You are safe, warm and dry. There is a real crisis in areas north of us where lives were lost and billions of dollars worth of damage has occurred. Hard working men and women from local and out -of-state power crews are out in full force doing the best they can. They are outside away from their homes and families in crappy weather while you sit comfortably at your keyboards taking anonymous, petty little pot shots. Please keep a little perspective, count your blessings and try to be part of the solution.

    • It’sYOU

      If “It’s Me” had no power and no heat and no street lights and lived in an urban safety concern setting, they would not call any complaints “sniping”….try having your daughter alone in a dark building where crime is just around the corner…..Yes, lights are important and so is heat…..

      • It’s Me

        I lost power for 7 days during Isabel, so don’t point fingers when you have no idea what you are talking about.

        I say again. You are warm, safe and dry. Others are facing real a crisis. Get a grip. Settle down. Praise power crews for doing there best. I’m embarrassed for you.

        • Hmm


      • Louise

        Where, exactly, is your daughter? And if she’s concerned about being alone/crime, why not stay the night with a friend or relative?

        • trev

          she could stay with me

    • WD

      I’m not an electrician so no, I can’t work to put my power back on.

  • It’sYOU

    Warm=Nope. No heat
    Safe=Nope. Crime happening more around the area due to power loss and other issues
    Dry=Most residents in buildings with fallen trees have water leakage issues given that the roof is no longer completely intact

    Wow. It’s Me needs a T-Shirt. “I survived Isabel and lived to tell others how embarrased I am for them”

    • Recommended course of action:


  • It’s Me

    Didn’t realize a blizzard was coming to freeze you out and that roving gangbangers are circling your darked domicile with ill intent.

    Again, I am very embarrassed for you given what is happening in the real world around you. You clearly have no idea about perspective, but this will be my last effort so you have the floor unopposed after this (the more you write, the sillier your arguments sound, btw).

    This is pic is of a crisis:

    This pic is not:

    • It’sYOU

      As a matter of fact I found your original comment quite insensitive. You sounded like a grumpy old man or a dried up old spinster. You may not be either but for some reason you are insensitive. That was the only reason I posted to begin with—because your issues are not what everyone else encounters. Try being a little more neighborly and less “It’s ME” because you are so much more of a boy scout or girl scout (or brownie) than the rest of us….

  • #1Mom

    How can APS expect students to return to school tomorrow given most are still w/out power.

    • Captain Unimpressed

      MOST, or some?

    • Josh S

      Yeah, strange definition of “most.”

      Also, it appears from announcement that all but one Arlington school has power. Why wouldn’t you go to school? Even if you are referring to the homes of the students, I would think going to a place that is warm and well lit with friends, activities, learning, etc would be a good thing.

  • It’sNotYOU,It’sME

    Since when does “most” = 14,645 Arlington customers

  • GS13
  • Kenneth

    I guess APS won’t mind if many people just don’t show up til they have power.

    • Captain Unimpressed

      The material is still testable.

  • #1Mom

    Regardless of the actual count; many in Arlington are still w/out power. In consideration of those families and for the Safety of all students; school should be delayed two hours tomorrow.

    • Unimpressed Captain

      Well if we’re now talking about the ‘Safety’ of all students instead of their ‘safety’ then so be it. I misunderstood. My bad.

    • Josh S

      Because a minority of students are without power, the entire school system should delay opening two hours?

      Gosh, and I thought maybe all this stuff about self-centered families with school kids was an exaggeration……

  • Captain Unimpressed

    “In consideration…” Wow…really?

  • SoArl

    Wow, you people are heartless. We haven’t had power since last night and I would rather not send my child to school tomorrow. Just because you all have power doesn’t mean you can make fun of those who are sitting in the dark freezing right now.

    • 1RLI

      I don’t believe anyone is making fun of those without power. If you choose not to send your child to school based on the fact that you haven’t had power since last night, so be it. That is your choice as a parent. Why do all students have to stay home?

      • Josh S


      • SoArl

        I never said everyone needed to stay home. All you snotty people need to get a grip. God forbid someone should have a different opinion. Why don’t you go have a bloody mary or something and relax.

        • drax

          So don’t send your kid.

          Of course, your kid will be warm at school. No sitting in a cold dark house. But you’re the parent, do what you have to do.

          • SoArl

            I’m not sure if you saw my reply to you before but apparently it is frowned upon to speak about how my child smells on ArlNow.

  • APSInsider

    If schools have power, why would you keep the home if you don’t?

    • 1RLI


    • SoArl

      Because we have no hot water and my kid is filthy.

      • Captain Unimpressed

        Hmm. You haven’t had power since the 29th, and your kid is filthy. Assuming your child hasn’t been playing outside during the storm, I’d go out on a limb and suggest that they won’t violate health standards by going to school today without a shower/bath.

        • Tannehill

          Maybe CPS should make a home visit just to be on the safe side.

  • Larry M

    power came back on briefly for south glebe and 5th street-7 street around 8pm but then turned back off. i heard something outside blow out. i saw a dom tech near 5th street in front of sherwin-williams store. so i went to speak to him, he told me one of the power lines on south glebe rd, 5th street is down and another power line is hitting something on the pole. i asked him for an ETA, he told me not sure because they’d have to send another tech back here. as of 11:25pm, i dont see any dom techs near the power line problem. i dont think they will fix it until tomorrow morning, from the looks of it. sucks!

    • Larry M

      update- as of 11:40pm.

      i see a DOM trunk working on the problem on 5th street, south glebe road, power should come back online in a couple of hrs or sooner, in front of sherwin-williams store. affecting 5th street- 7th street areas on south glebe road.


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