Sandy Didn’t Stop Wheel Thief in Arlington Forest

by ARLnow.com October 30, 2012 at 4:45 pm 7,693 39 Comments

While most hunkered down in their homes to weather Superstorm Sandy last night, the wind and the rain didn’t slow down a thief (or thieves) in Arlington Forest.

A resident on the 4700 block of Arlington Boulevard came out of her house this morning to inspect damage from Sandy, but instead of finding storm damage she found her car up on a jack and two wheels missing. The criminal(s) left two of the Scion coupe’s wheels on, but took those on the driver’s side. The lugnuts were scattered about under the car.

Police were called and investigated the incident, but were doubtful about finding finger prints at the scene given all the rain from Sandy. A mail carrier said he recently saw at least one other such wheel theft in the neighborhood.


  • ARLrez

    The wheels, really? What am I missing? Is there an intense black market for scion wheels? Ridiculous.

  • Right of Center

    That’s just not right. My bet is that another Scion had (or will have) a pair of wheels taken.

  • Hmm

    They donated their jack? What a weird theft.

    • GymmyrayGymmyray

      Weird but that’s what can happen when you park your car on the street blocks from where you live.

      • Louise

        What are you talking about?

      • Stitch_Jones

        I have parked my car far away from my residence many times and never had my tires stolen so I guess your logic is nonsense…but hey, way to blame the vitctim.

        “But that’s what you get for wearing a short skirt.”
        “But that’s what you get for investing in a risky business venture.”
        “But that’s what you get for driving down the street to get to work where someone else could cause an accident.”
        “But that’s what you get for being an ambassador.”

        Whatever you paid for your education I suggest you seek a refund.

        I also hope your wheels are stolen from your own driveway.

      • YTK

        haha…..sardonic laugh. I parked my car under my windows and some idiot slammed backwards into it and then took off. I parked my car under my wnidows and had a window smashed and stuff taken. I parked my car under my windows and some ancient person driving a huge car relocated my car to two parking spaces, then backed up and totaled the car parked behind me.
        In that unfortunate Scion lady’s case, MAAAYBE wheel locks would have been a deterrent. Maybe.
        But obviously the person who took those wheels was NOT a Scion of Society.

      • drax

        Sure, that makes sense – because if it’s parked in front of your house, you can stay up and watch it all night, every night. Sure.

        • YTK

          In the case of the idiot driving in reverse, did I ever hear that — the metal to metal contact sounded like someone dropping the tailgate of a huuge pickup truck. I looked outside and saw my car on the sidewalk and the perp driving away. We DID find him.

    • WestoverAndOver

      Had that happen to my car in a residential section of Ballston right in front of homes many moons ago. In my case, they donated blocks. Very nice of them.

  • @GymmyrayGymmyray

    Uhm…GymmyrayGymmyray? Where does it say the car was parked blocks away from the home?
    Sounds like ACPD need to investigate you. Do you happen to drive a Scion with two new wheels?!

  • eric

    saw a Volkswagon GTI up on blocks, all 4 wheels stolen in colonial village a few months back. i cant believe this is an ongoing issue.

  • SouthArlJD

    Represented a guy who did this once. He jacked up a hot car – in his own neighborhood – and stole its custom wheels, then brought them to the neighborhood tire shop to be put on his car. The cops had actually just pulled out of the parking lot about a minute before his arrival and the shop’s manager still had the flyer the cops left on the counter when the guy walked in the door. Genius.

    • Not a lawyer

      so…what was the outcome of the case?

    • CW

      How do you sleep at night?

      • Chris B.

        CW, surely you are not suggesting that criminals can’t have lawyers?

        Just in case: here is why http://www.ethicsscoreboard.com/list/defense.html

        • CW

          Haha, no, was kidding. I understand due process, though the anecdotes that this particular poster shares makes it seem that she has represented some exceptionally dumb criminals.

          • drax

            Due process? But this is ArlNow. If you defend due process and all those other basic rights our veterans fought to defend, etc. you’re a coddler of criminals.

  • CW

    I’m guessing scion wheels aren’t staggered front/back or else that crook is in for a real surprise.

    Saw this happen to an SS Camaro up on Adams St. a couple months ago…bet those rims are DC chillin, PG chillin as we speak…

    • Louise

      What are you insinuating by your DC/PG comment, CW?

      • CW

        If youre going to be a troll, you need to just generally be a troll, rather than just have a specific sockpuppet that you use to only badger one poster. Its pretty dumb

        I would speculate that the markets for stolen goods are bigger in those jurisdictions since they have on average higher crime rates. Feel free to provide your counter argument.

    • Turtle

      Same thing happened to a family member. They were braizen enough to take all 4 tires and leave the car on bricks in the driveway.

  • Al Gore

    Just saw a VW Passat on blocks a few weeks back in Long Branch Creek.

  • HKRB

    Happened to me Sunday night on the Falls Church/Annandale border, right in front of my house. Only they took all four. 1998 BMW M3.

    • Not Me


  • Hank

    I’m assuming the culprit who stole the Scion wheels also stole the six pack of Mountain Dew and the Hoobastank CD that was surely inside the Scion.

    • lol nice one

    • HKRB

      Haha. Thank you for easing my pain. What drinks and CD would you speculate I had inside my M3, I wonder? Red Bull and acid jazz?

      • CW

        Depends – stock or modded and are you the original owner?

        • HKRB

          Stock (it’s on a custom racing suspension, but it has been raised back up to a mostly pothole-friendly height) and no, owner #3, after a little old lady and a BMW mechanic.

          • CW

            Agree with the below then – latte and coldplay.

      • Hank

        Hmmm… I’m going to go with a latte from Northside Social and a Coldplay CD. If I’m way off, I apologize.

        • HKRB

          I’ll take it over Red Bull and Dave Matthews, for instance…

  • YTK

    Maybe they should look for a person with pneumonia selling these wheels on eBay

    • drax

      Just saw this on eBay:

      For sale – two Scion wheels. No lugnuts. Also, I have pneumonia.

      • HKRB

        I have seriously been ranting to everyone about how I hope the wheel thieves (or thief, if this was the same person in multiple neighborhoods on two different nights) get pneumonia. And then I feel cruel.

        • Need a Bigger Shark

          Reminds me of that line from Full Metal Jacket. “if there is one thing in this world that I hate, it is an unlocked (set of wheels)! If it wasn’t for dickheads like you, there wouldn’t be any thievery in this world, would there?”

          It’s a shame that we’re getting to the point everyone needs to invest in wheel locks.

  • DMc

    If you live in a metro area and do not have wheel locks you are only setting yourself up to be ripped off. Wheel locks are the best $50-$75 investment you can make to deter a thief. Rather than waste the time it would take to remove them they generally move onto the next car that do not have them installed.

    • Mick

      Maybe a animal trap slipped behind one of the wheels.



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