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Storm Sends Beavers into Pentagon City Streets

by Katie Pyzyk October 30, 2012 at 5:30 pm 11,295 37 Comments

Humans aren’t the only ones suffering the effects of Superstorm Sandy. The storm apparently forced some beavers out of their habitats and into the streets of Pentagon City.

A few residents who live in a condo complex on S. Hayes Street were about to head out this morning when they were surprised by a wet, furry visitor.

The residents called animal control upon encountering the beaver scurrying from door to door. Desiree Lomer-Clarke said the animal control worker who came to the scene reported having to deal with two other beavers earlier this morning.

“Apparently their dam broke and they scattered from fear of drowning,” said Lomer-Clarke. “The other beavers were pushed towards bodies of water, but this one had to be trapped and released near its home.”

Arlington County naturalist Greg Zell said the animal sightings might indeed be weather related. The beavers may have chosen to leave if the pocket of air that’s typically present in their dens was compromised.

“It’s possible that high water could have driven them temporarily out of their homes,” Zell said. “It’s the first time I would have seen it in this area, but it’s certainly possible.”

Zell further explained that beavers ending up in a residential area is fairly unusual because they don’t seek out human interaction.

“Beavers are generally going to move away from people,” said Zell. “They eat sticks and twigs so they’re not attracted to people’s food and trash. This sounds like they were just homeless and cruising around.”

Because they avoid humans, there have been rare occasions when beavers have attacked a person or pet that came too close their dens and was deemed a threat. Zell recommends that anyone who encounters a beaver tries to avoid it, as with all wild animals. He said making loud noises, such as clapping, is often enough to send a beaver on its way.

The displaced beavers were not acting in an erratic manner to suggest they would have rabies — as happened twice this summer during beaver attacks in Fairfax County — so they were released near their homes.

As the area’s water levels return to normal, Zell said the beavers that wandered Pentagon City should be able to once again inhabit their dens. If the dens were damaged or destroyed by the storm, the animals should adjust easily to a new habitat.

“Beavers are very adaptable, they tolerate cold very well. They have a thick layer of fur and fat,” Zell said. “They’ll just find another place to go.”

Photo by Robert Dogan

  • Mr. T

    I don’t even know where to begin with witty commentary.

    • SomeGuy

      A wet, furry beaver visitation doesn’t sound so bad.

      • Mr. T

        I enjoyed reading the part about beavers attacking those close to their dens deemed as threats, seems to cover those strong independent types along the wilson/clarendon corridor

        • Nice Beaver…

          Thanks; I just had it stuffed.

      • Wet Furry Beaver

        The last time a wet, furry beaver sounded like a good idea was 1976. Get off the comment thread, gramps.

        • Christopher Beeve

          There’s lots of beaver at the Dyke Marsh.

          • I Otter Resist

            …but it’s just too dam easy.

            We can only hope this furry beaver wanders into a Brazilian restaurant…

          • drax

            You are awarded one full FREDTERP.

        • lastcall


    • misleading title, arlnow!!!!! where the hot beavers at

      • here right now, just a bunch of beavers in fake gucci jeans no need for alarm, business as usual

      • WeiQiang

        why must they be hot? is it not enough that they are just sufficiently warm due to the fact that “they tolerate cold very well” and they “have a thick layer of fur and fat”?

        for a wolf, you are very particular.

        • you’re right, i misspoke, shoulda said “where the comfortable beavers at” yeah that’s better u like it too

          • WeiQiang

            besides, don’t you want your beaver a little chilly? you know, so you can offer a little warm cuddling?

          • George Castanza

            Then he would have to worry about shrinkage.

  • WonderboySplinter

    Does Pohick Golf Course still have those beavers chewing down trees on #15?



  • puppup

    another great job by Arlingtons Animal Control Department!

  • bored desk jockey

    Aw … he is cute

  • malaka

    Rabid beavers, however, have been sighted in Crystal City .. Animal control officers were able to entice the beaver wtih five dollar bills and they were taken to an animal rehabilitation center in Fairfax county.

  • nom de guerre
  • chanel

    Any idea on when power will be restored in crystal city 12th block?

    • the mighty oracle of power

      nope, sorry

    • count down backwards from 2000 kinda slow not too slow though then open your eyes

    • YTK

      Now that the beavers have been relocated there is no longer the danger of chewed-down telephone poles..

  • John Fontain

    “Beavers are very adaptable, they tolerate cold very well. They have a thick layer of fur and fat,”

    • SomeGuy

      My rule when I see one of these, or rather suspect one of these, is to not engage it.

      • WeiQiang

        very prudent to have a rule like this. i wish i was this prepared to deal with beavers.

      • your loss…

    • Zelora

      I may be a geezette, but I like this phrase too.

  • nooooo!!!! get out of the human territory u dum ideoit beaver!!!! gonna bite u if u come near my den punk.

  • ClarendonSkank

    I’ve got a furry wet beaver in my basement. Come see it!

  • other side of the river

    Ok, wait a second here. Where would the dam have been that the critter didn’t have to waddle across train tracks and Rt 1, past Costco (if it was in Roaches Run) or under 395 and then up and down Arlington Ridge (if from Army-Navy CC)?

  • Mick

    Patience. They’ll go back inside their dens as Season 2 of “Girls” ramps up.

  • sam the cat

    is that smokin hot beaver causing random vehicle’s to flip or is that the Arlington Gravity Anomaly?

  • Claire B. Rubin

    I live in the complex and the tale of the beaver was fun on an otherwise nasty day.

  • George

    Bet that beaver has a huge camel….toe


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