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Power Outages Now Below 1,000

by ARLnow.com November 1, 2012 at 10:25 am 4,897 27 Comments

Dominion has been making significant progress in restoring power to Arlington homes and businesses.

As of 10:15 this morning, only 997 Dominion customers were without power in Arlington, compared to more than 5,000 around the same time yesterday and more than 18,000 at the height of Superstorm Sandy.

Last night, Arlington officials reported that there were no dark traffic lights in the county. Six intersections were using generators to keep the signals functioning, however. There were about 20 non-functioning traffic signals the morning after the storm.

As of 5:30 last night, about 18 streets were still blocked or partially blocked by down trees, but county crews were working to clear the debris, according to a county media update.

Dominion says crews will be working on power lines and equipment at the following Arlington locations today:

  • N. Henderson Rd & N. 3rd St
  • S. 7th St & Buchanan
  • Arlington Ridge Rd & S. 28th St
  • Columbia Pike & S Buchanan St
  • N 15th St & N Vermont St
  • N Inglewood St & 17th St N
  • 1st Rd & N Irving St
  • N Quinn St & N 12th St
  • N Stuart St & N 25th St
  • N Underwood St & N 25th St
  • N Nelson St & N 10th St
  • S 5th St & S Aberdeen St
  • S Chesterfield Rd south of Four Mile Run
  • S. Glebe Rd. & S 9th St.
  • Williamsburg Blvd & N Edison St
  • Wilson Blvd & N Randolph St

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  • Brandon

    Power went out in the Ballston / VA Square area last night and multiple stop lights out on at least Wilson (probably after the county announced all traffic lights were working). My building had weird half power (some rooms had power and others didn’t – breaker box had everything on). I assumed we were partially running on generator power but there were other reports (again on the twitterz) of people in other buildings with half power. Is that an actual thing? It was very odd. Eventually all the power went off.

    We had power throughout the storm but there were rumors on the twitterz of a transformer failure last night. Power was back on this morning for (I assume) everyone in that area.

    • Zimmy

      Yep same thing here. My living room was fine but the bedroom and bathroom looked like they were on a dimmer switch. TV at half power looked REALLY eerie. Ive never seen anything like it before, maybe a Halloween present from Dominion. Then everything went out completely in the middle of the night. As of this morning power had come back in my building, but there were others (eg Liberty Tower) that were still dark.

    • Thomas Edison

      Power is distributed in two separate lines, each with 120 volts AC, but out-of-phase with each other, so that the voltage becomes 240 V across them. 120 V is what comes out of your regular wall sockets, and is used for most electronic devices, but many higher-wattage devices like clothes dryers, dishwashers, and electric stoves use 240 V. If one phase of power is lost, then any 120 V sockets in your apartment that use the phase that was lost will not work, while the other sockets that use the other phase will keep working. Your 240 V appliances will generally not operate with a missing phase, and some can even be damaged if operated, particularly those that use motors.

  • Robertson

    @Brandon.. Yeah I found it weird as well. I live at Quincy Pl. and called the front desk to see what was going on. I was told half the building was without power. Half of my apartment was functions (strange right). Early in the morning at about 2am the power went completely out.

  • rowdyINdowdy

    We had the same type of thing going on in our building. Our bathroom and bedroom had no power but the rest of our apartment was fine. Very odd…

  • Fillmore and 2nd St. South

    The traffic lights at that intersection were dark this morning at 9:00 am.

  • BrianKal

    I called it into Dominion and they reported no one else had … most people in this area, like me, assumed your neighbor did. So please call it in.

    I actually got a prompt call back from Dominion asked for more info and when I got home at 11:30pm, there was a crew already onscene going into the underground vault on Wilson.

  • Really?

    hey DomPo – there’s no “S 5th St & S Aberdeen St” in Arlington. No wonder we still have no power.

  • EditorGirl

    Dominion is not correct. I drove up Walter Reed from Shirlington to Clarendon this morning and the light on Walter Reed right before you get to Route 50 is out.

    • PT

      I’m not sure if this is intentional or not. It has seem to malfunctioned some recently. Before the storm came through the light was out and there were stop signs.

  • DomPower Help

    So Dom power fixed the downed pole on our street and restored power. But, the street is still closed as there are thick green cables that used to be connected to the pole still down in the middle of the road, Clearly, Dom power is not responsible for these. Who should I be calling?

    • Dan

      Re: Green Cables – A good bet would be either Comcast or Verizon. The county does have a Cable TV office you can call too:


      • Paul

        When it took two weeks for Comcast to repair our cable/internet service after the derecho this summer, I found the county’s cable office helpful. They have an online complaint form, and later contacted me to see if the problem was resolved. They do track complaints and follow up with the carriers. After I filed the complaint, we got calls from Comcast regional managers in Baltimore–and were offered compensation on the bill, for a whole month on top of the fourteen-day outage. I can’t believe that was a coincidence.

      • DomPower Help

        Thanks! Nice to have a place to start

  • Anon

    “Last night, Arlington officials reported that there were no dark traffic lights in the county.” The “Arlington officials” (why don’t you name the source? if it’s a press release, just say so) are incorrect. The light at Route 50 and Edison Street was dark through at least 9:30 PM last night. Cones were in place along the median of Route 50 to prevent turns that would cross traffic lanes.

    • Dan

      50 and Edison was still dark when I went by this morning at ~8:30am. S. Aberdeen did have tree trucks working this morning. That neighborhood is always one of the first to go and last to be restored. Same with snow plowing – always almost last on the list.

      • drax

        How do you know you are the last to be plowed?

  • dk (not DK)

    Our power was restored yesterday afternoon. Hooray! However, we are still lacking phone, internet, and cable as we cannot get Verizon fios up and running.

    Honestly, though, it’s almost worth it to give up the internet to get a break from the political calls and commercials.

  • Lucifer


  • Paul

    Been without lights, heat or a fridge for three nights, so even if the cable is hosed, I’ll be very happy camper tonight.

    • dk (not DK)

      Fingers crossed for you, Paul!

  • Elizabeth Stanford

    But Verizon is doing a LOUSY job of restoring FIOS service. Horrible Web site, and after nearly an hour of searching on the Web I was instructed to CALL to report loss of Internet connection. There is no way to report triple outage (telephone, TV, and Internet) quickly and easily. Today’s service call was canceled by incompetent clerk who wrote no explanation in the service record. If all 3 problems are not corrected tomorrow I’ll probably write to the County Board and suggest that they review Verizon’s service for quality and timeliness.

    • drax

      verizon.com is their sales site. If you already have FiOS, you should never go there.

      verizon.net is their site for customers. There’s a link right on the home page about what to do if your service went out during Sandy.

      They should put links on each site to the other explaining this though.

  • John Andre

    Interesting, but my power [5214 8th Rd., S.] NEVER went out during the storm, neither did power at Columbia Grove. Between these locations the power was OUT at the Carlton and that new luxury high-rise at 5500 Columbia Pike. The traffic light at Columbia Pike & Greenbrier was completely out and the light at that dangerous poorly-engineered intersection of Columbia Pike & Jefferson Street has been on FLASHER since the storm. I was also unable to cash a check this afternoon at the Ballston BB&T branch…”network issues” THREE DAYS AFTER THE STORM! They said something about “Verizon needing to fix the network”…haven’t they heard about a backup system called “manual processing”? It’s what we used to do in the good ol’ days whenever the computers failed…maybe a bit slower but reliable! perhaps the bank ought to switch to Comcast…my cable service was up all through Sandy.

  • RW

    After being on the phone for 2.5 hours over the last 2 days trying to get a ball park estimate for Verizon FiOS service restoration in Lower Manhattan, they gave me a verbal estimate of November 30. They refuse to put that in writing, either on their website or via chat tech support. Their website still says that “Verizon commits to restoring service on 11/3/2012 at 8:07pm”…

    I was fortunate enough to not have any property damage, and my power was restored on Saturday. Having to wait for November 30 for TV, Internet and Phone service would not seem so bad if Verizon’s competitors were not able to restore their services this past Saturday…but they were.


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