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by ARLnow.com November 2, 2012 at 9:20 am 4,203 26 Comments

County to Ask For Federal Storm Aid — Yesterday, Arlington County ended the State of Emergency declaration put in place for Hurricane Sandy. The county says it will seek federal reimbursement for the estimated $1.17 million cost of responding to the storm. Meanwhile, the county says that one private home was destroyed by the storm, while 17 suffered major damage and 27 suffered minor damage. [Arlington County]

APS Rolls Out ‘Courtesy Bus Service’ — Arlington Public Schools has started to bus some students who lost their eligibility to ride the bus this year as part of changes to the school system’s transportation policies this year. The courtesy service will only be offered this year, school officials say. So far, 83 students have been allowed back on buses. [Sun Gazette]

SoberRide Halloween Stats — The SoberRide program says it provided 157 free cab rides to “would-be drunk drivers” in the D.C. area on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. [Washington Regional Alcohol Program]

Road Closures for 5K Race — A number of roads will be closed near Tuckahoe Elementary School for the National Race Against the Odds 5K race this weekend. The closures will be in place from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Sunday (Nov. 4). [ACPD]

Advice for Damaged Trees — The TreeStewards of Arlington and Alexandria have some advice for property owners whose trees were damaged by SuperStorm Sandy. The organization has been encouraging property owners to read about precautions to be taken when hiring tree services to help with storm clean-up, and about “first aid” procedures for storm-damaged trees.

Flickr pool photo by Wolfkann

  • ArLater

    How do they know they were “would be drunk drivers”? How do they know they werent just party goers looking for a free ride home instead of a cab fare ride home?

    • Hank

      Yeah, I thought that, too. But whatever… they’re providing a good public safety service regardless.

  • novasteve

    So only 157 people were drinking in bars in the entire DC area? Or did Soberride only provide 157 rides? How many requests did they get?

    • Captain_Obvious

      yea and none of them were smoking.

      • Already indifferent

        Ooooooo…you SLAMMED him! Such wit!

  • CrystalMikey

    Morning photo kind of looks like a ship. Cool.

    • Ansel

      The picture was taken in DC (Foggy Bottom), so I don’t think it’s worthy of Arlnow. Unless perhaps it’s a telephoto shot all the way across the river, but given the looking-up perspective, that seems unlikely. It is a cool picture though. Wonder when the Christmas tree will be turned on.

      • WeiQiang

        I’m guessing it was taken from north end of Roosevelt Island or the Potomac Heritage trail. It’s the roof of Watergate West in DC.

    • CaddyMaster

      USS Arlington!

      • WeiQiang

        … anchored in DC waters.

        • DCBuff

          Does this mean the DRYC mooring is actually in WDC?

  • CW

    Were the 157 would-be drunk drivers convicted of thoughtcrime and/or precrime?

    • Hank

      There may be a disagreement among the PreCogs found in the Minority Report.

      • Ren

        Obviously what you need instead is a super-smart, super-ripped scientist, who, due to an anomaly during facial reconstruction surgery, can literally SMELL these crimes before they happen.

  • BunnyBrain

    Anyone know what was going on at the Court House metro last night a little after 6pm? A squad car was sitting outside the CVS, then two other cars pulled up with their lights on and cops ran into the metro. A few minutes later, another couple of cops pulled up. I was walking home so I didn’t see anything else after that. A fire truck was also in the area just beforehand.

    • Cynic

      The guy selling Krispy Kremes was set up at the bottom of the escalator?

  • Ken

    The gall of the demonrats on the Arlington County Board to even consider asking the Federal Govt for reimbursement for storm related costs. We should be thanking and praying that we did not pay the price that our neighbors to the north are having to endure, Just what are our taxes collected for.? Oh I forgot praying isnt allowed in government that is controlled by liberals

    • drax

      Wow, Ken, you folded all the goofiness into just three sentences.

      • gettinwhatsmine

        I agree with you, Ken; it’s does seem like the County employees are just trying to grab whatever money they can, and the storm was as good an excuse as any.

        And I think Drax is being sincere. As the limits to his ignorance knows no bounds, it generally takes more than three sentences to fully explore the depths of his goofiness.

    • BoredHouseWife

      The gall? They wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t make such a request.

    • Jackfan

      Ken – you’re a genius! Why aren’t you running for public office? We need intellects like you representing us!
      Except not…

  • Alan

    What adds up to over $1 million that would not be covered under the regular levels of service Arlington provides with our tax dollars?

    • DCBuff

      More car flips than usual? Fixing the spray park water things? Resodding the bocce courts?

      • Bocce Man

        Better not be sodding my bocce court !!

    • Sam

      Additional cops and firefighters on duty? Overtime for county employees and individuals in the emergency operations center? Repair of sidewalks and streets due to toppled trees? Additional activity related to cleanup of trees and branches normally handled under the Fall brush collection? I’m sure there’s a lot of activity that goes on behind the scenes that can add up.

  • BadParent

    So, kids, let this be a vital lesson. If something is done to upset you, bitch and moan until you get your way!


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