Bluemont McDonald’s Plans to Re-Open

by Katie Pyzyk November 9, 2012 at 9:45 am 8,630 71 Comments

The McDonald’s (5009 Wilson Blvd) in the Bluemont neighborhood that was razed in July has been rebuilt and should open next week.

A representative for McDonald’s said the rebuilt restaurant will help further the chain’s focus of modernizing and elevating the restaurant experience.

“McDonald’s wants to show customers that they can change with their times and needs, while retaining the basic principles that have made them the global iconic brand they are today,” a press release stated.

According to the representative, some of the new exterior features include landscaping, a clearly identifiable drive through and “a more defined and inviting entry into the restaurant.” Inside, features include plasma screen TVs, free wi-fi access and some lounge-style seating.

Although no exact day has been named, the re-opening is expected to occur “early next week.”

  • drunkard

    liquor license?

  • Wow&Flutter
    • GMo

      That is f*cking disgusting!

      • drax

        Bet you’d stick a fry under it and take a taste though.

    • Yes, ketchup is what’s making us fat.

  • Really?

    Viva Bluemont Mickey Ds!!! I’ve missed you!

  • John Fontain

    Think what you want about McDonald’s food, but they have invested more in maintaining and modernizing their properties than any other quickserve chain. Compare their sites to the Wendy’s and KFCs in Arlington, for example. For this, McD’s should be appluaded.

    • Captain_Obvious

      Maybe, but there’s still poop in the meat.

      • tumblebum

        Is that what accounts for the tangy bouquet of a Big Mac? Excellent!

    • JamesE

      There is a BK in Romney (heh) WV that has wifi, nice seats, etc. Literally the nicest fast food place I have ever been.

  • YTK

    Looks nice– I passed by it the other day

  • Bradg
  • bobco85

    They’re forgetting: “state-of-the-art conveyor belt with window for viewing food items as they travel to the drive thru window.” Or did that not make it into the final design? This is important stuff here, people 😉

    • JMB

      They were successfully petitioned by the Bluemont Residents Association to replace the converyor belt with a state of the art, indoor bocce court.

      • bocce_lover

        We can never have enough bocce courts. MD’s would, however, need that liquor license to make it really successful.

  • 350sbc

    I miss the good o’days of walking through the drive-thru at 1 am. Hopefully they’ll still allow that.

  • 350sbc

    They better still have the conveyor belt! No belt, not patronizing!

    • AnthonyBourdain

      Or at least sell McSushi

  • John Fontain

    Can you believe an entire, free standing McDonald’s restaurant can be built in half the time it takes the County’s contractors to build a single bus stop on Columbia Pike?

    • SomeGuy

      Interesting observation, John Fontain.

    • drax

      In another thread, someone said they hit an underground storage tank and had to delay the bus stop for that reason. But why check for facts?

      • Chad

        Simply not true.

        • drax

          So, Chad, you checked facts?

      • Chris M.

        Especially when you can just vaguely reference unverified sources in order to reactively reinforce your worldview.

        • Karl Rove

          why are you talking smack about me?

      • drax

        Clarification – I wasn’t saying the storage tank comment was true either, just that it needed to be…checked.

    • Rocky

      Funny I was thinking the same thing……..

    • NIMBY The Chicken

      It’ll probably get more use, too.

    • Really?

      um, yes… private sector is more efficient than gov’t? true that every time.

      • drax

        So no businesses ever fail due to lack of efficiency?

        • Westover245

          So the government has never wasted a single penny, ever?

          • drax

            Yes, government has wasted alot of money.

            Now you answer my question – so no businesses have ever failed due to lack of efficiency?

          • Rob

            But that’s the the point; inefficient businesses fail and are replaced by efficient ones.

            Inefficient government just keeps on being inefficient.

          • Westover245

            It’s more fun if you let him figure it out for himself.

          • Arlingtonian

            Inefficient goverment does not simply keep on being inefficient. It increases taxes to help it become even more inefficient.

          • drax

            So you admit private business can be inefficient. Thanks,

            Yes, failure or the threat of failure favors efficient business. Overall, government is less efficient than business for that reason. But it’s not like government faces no consequences for inefficiency either.

  • James Moron

    Wow. At this pace, I’m guessing this one will serve its life and be rebuilt before Z Burger is open.

    • John Fontain

      Z Burger’s lack of progess is mind boggling.

  • Telework Ted

    Sweet. Free wifi and parking. No need for me to hang out at Northside Social. Now only if I could hop on a trolley to MickyDs.

    • drax

      It’s right on a bike trail with a Cabi station across the street.

  • Rick

    5 months from closing to opening. If it was a government project, it would still be in the “appeal process”.

    • drax

      The government has lots of restrictions on what it can do that cause it to go slowly sometimes. Those restrictions are designed to protect the taxpayers from having their money wasted through corruption or political influence. Private companies can do what they want with their own money, so they don’t have the same rules.

      • Really?

        less tax, less gov’t projects, less ‘protection’ from gov’t on tax payer’s money, everybody wins!

        • drax

          And no bus stop.

          • Yogurt

            Which is fine, because according to the County Board, nobody rides the bus, which is why we need the trolley.

          • drax

            No, the board never said nobody rides buses.

          • Minor Point

            No the board said that, “Nobody who is cool rides a bus”

      • John Fontain

        “Those restrictions are designed to protect the taxpayers from having their money wasted”

        I’m not trying to bust your chops here, but example after example in news articles on this website show this government has very little interest in spending our money wisely. We routinely spend WAY more for things than is prudent or necessary. Evidence the Columbia Pike bus stops, Penrose Park, the Clarendon dog park, the fence by poop factory, the etched glass “art” on the windows of the county’s conference rooms, the video monitor inside Java Shack to tell people how many bikes are at the CABI station right outside Java Shack’s door, and the coming $79 swimming pool. I could go on and on and I’m sure many others can help me with more examples.

        Almost all of these projects could have been done at a fraction of the amount actually spent (or weren’t necessary at all). But you know what, the County just doesn’t care because it’s “Other People’s Money.”

        I’ll lay down a challenge to the County right now. If you have another space similar in size to Penrose Park that needs to be land- and hard-scaped, I’ll manage the project myself for free with a budget 1/10th or less of what the County spent on Penrose and when I’m finished the project will be more appealing than the Penrose Park (we can put it out to a survey on this site). And the county can have approval authority on every dollar I spend. Seriously, if someone from the county with the appropriate authority would like to take me up on this offer, leave me your contact info right here and I’ll call you today.

        But I guarantee that won’t happen, because when I’m done with the project and people can compare the results and the amounts spent, it will reveal the ugly truth of just how much money the county wastes on its various projects.

        • Josh S

          Did someone just turn on the heat? I felt a huge gust of hot air go by just now……

          • John Fontain

            Josh S: Mom, what should I say in response to someone if I have nothing of substance to add to a conversation?

            Mom: Well, Josh, you could try what I like to call a “rhetological fallacy.”

            Josh S: A rheto-what?

            Mom: A rhetological fallacy. An ad hominem rhetological fallacy is when you try to blow past something substantive with a false argument because you know you can’t logically respond. For example, you could say something extremely witty like, “Did someone just turn on the heat? I felt a huge gust of hot air go by just now.” Trust me, that will have everyone doing belly laughs don’t you know! They’ll never know that you yourself were the one blowing hot air due to your lack of ability to logically respond.

          • Westover245

            Says the all-time county apologist.

        • Id

          This all comes due, John. Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. Look at Detroit. Look at the gas lines in NY due to the storm. You run out of money at some point. Then you have the Greece situation. Bureaucrats do not get it. It’s not their money.

        • Right of Center

          “…you deserve a break today at McDonalds”

          Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqRH8wEsaVQ

        • drax

          John, don’t confuse (deliberately or not) political decisions with corruption. The protections I’m talking about prevent corruption. They don’t prevent the county from spending more than you think they should on things, and aren’t intended to.

        • Private companies fleece the govt all the time. I work in tech and the rates private companies charge govt agencies for the same service is ridiculous.

          • BB

            They are called “beltway bandits ” for a reason !!!

  • Id

    Eat away folks. Obamacare will pick up my bypass.

    • Arlingtonian

      Not after the Obamacare bureaucracy denies benefits to people who eat foods that it has not approved.

    • bobbytiger

      Bingo! And it won’t cost me a dime. BO said so, and he wouldn’t lie, would he?

      • drax

        Where did he say that?

  • Kathy in Arlington VA

    Being a vegetarian, I always thought I could rely on their french fries for a snack when traveling. Unfortunately, I recently learned that when the fries are manufactured, they are dipped in beef juice.

    • Id

      And fried in animal fat. So are you really a vegetarian?

  • JnA

    Compare the overall quality of the new McDonalds with other new construction in Arlington.

    Now consider – the new McDonalsds required:

    No site plan

    No site plan review committee

    No micromanagement by County ‘planning’ staff

    No hearings by the Planning, Transsportation, Housing Commissions

    No hearings by the County Board.

    Who does the County’s complex and expensive so-called ‘planning’ process really benefit?

  • HenryBennetXIII

    place is open. Just went by. Already line at drive thru

    • Around the Block

      plus infinity…”ARLNOTQUITENOW”

  • John Andre

    This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever seen a McDonalds torn down…but it figures that a brand new McDonalds rose phoenix-like from the ashes! ld…sorry but you can’t change things…are you still thinking that Mitt Romney can win the election??? Seems to me the President won on Tuesday and barring a change of heart by Chief Justice Roberts, Obamacare continues in force. Actually McDonalds is one of the more responsible fast food chains…only Subway has a better track record and Chick Fil-A continues discriminatory policies.

    • Jables and KG

      “That’s right the phoenix, we’ll rise again!”

  • Drex

    Wifi, whatever… parking whatever… just replace that coffee machine that created burnt toast flavored hot juice

  • 9th Street South

    It’s Already Open.

    24 Hour Drive-Thru.

    It’s like Ikea and McDonalds had a collision,
    and the result was this new McKea.

    • AnthonyBourdain

      Looked open on the 10th as well.

  • James

    It’s been open since breakfast on Nov 10th.


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