County Board Holding Transit Work Session Tonight

by ARLnow.com November 15, 2012 at 3:50 pm 5,275 49 Comments

As Arlington moves forward with its Columbia Pike and Crystal City streetcar projects, the County Board has called in some experts for a bit of advice.

Tonight (Thursday) at Arlington Central Library (1015 N. Quincy Street), from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., the Board will hold a work session with representatives from various transit North American transit projects, who have experience implementing light rail systems in different communities. The work session will take place in the library’s auditorium and is open to the public.

The panel of about a half dozen transit officials, from places like Denver, Minneapolis, Utah and Canada, is expected to give presentations about their light rail experiences. The Board will then ask questions of the panel, on topics like system design, construction and financing.

“Basically it’s a chance for the Board members to pick their brains on what worked, what didn’t work, and what the challenges were,” said county spokeswoman Mary Curtius.

Arlington invited elected officials from Alexandria and Fairfax County to the work session, but it’s unclear whether representatives from those jurisdictions will attend.

Photo by “Garrett” via Wikipedia

  • Hank

    If the County Board creates new mock-ups that show water slides sticking out of the streetcars, the approval rating for the streetcar initiatives will increase by 75% bare minimum.

    • Bender

      Why call in the experts now, after they’ve already determined to build the damn things? Why not wait until the tracks are already laid and the car purchased?

      • drax


  • Becoming indifferent

    What if the trolleys were turned into giant flumes?

  • soarlslacker

    I predict that the first Arl Cty streetcar accident will involve a streetcar hitting an Arl Cty board member (at the ribbon cutting ceremony) who may be trying to pull their head out of their derriere at the time.

    • YTK


      • Enough already

        + 50000 I wish this arrogant county board of misfits would board their own trolley and ride off into the sunset never to be seen again. Fisette of course could ride a bike and run red lights on the way

        • Josh S

          Why is the streetcar a bad thing?

  • Bocce-lover

    Don’t forget to add a bocce court to the top of the trolley. Moving, rolling bocce for all

    • YTK

      And Froyo for all!!! OOOPS– SUV upside down RIGHT in front of the trolley– guess we’re gonna be here a while.

  • Wayne Kubicki

    “Word on the street” is that the County Board may consider “privatizing” the trolley lines – i.e,. pay an outside private party to design/build/operate them I believe Denver is in the process of doing a trolley line in this fashion.

    • DCBuff

      Sure, they are doing that with the Reeves house. Wait, scratch that.

    • Rick

      Like how Forsythe transportation runs ART buses? Maybe the streetcar will go 10 under the speed limit and just stop on the side of the road every 5 minutes for the sake of it.

  • MC 703

    Genuinely looking forward to using the streetcar.

    Light rail FTW!

    • NoArl


    • stcarno

      most of the people i have spoken with who live along the pike will be hugely inconvienced by a streetcar and we are not look forward to it at all.

      • Josh S

        🙂 Good one.

      • Chris R

        Well you missed me and everyone I know who can’t wait for it.

        • UA


      • drax

        All 12 of them? Well, that settles it.

  • Spicoli

    In favor of the Denver model where you have the cannabis or cannabis-free sitting areas on the trolleys

    • D. Tracy

      +1 and pass it along

  • Zelora

    The trolleys will go straight to the new pool and eject the passengers onto the twirly slides, whooooossshhhhh splasshhhhh!

  • bobbytiger

    Let me guess who is paying for “about” a half dozen transit officials to have their “brains picked” by the rubber stamp 5.

  • The Jimmy

    Here is a novel idea…invite representatives from various transit North American where they did not select a transit project.

    • Hollywood


    • FrenchyB

      In English, please.

      • Flyover country


    • Confused

      shouldnt you be saying from ones where they picked a high quality bus line with bendy buses? Are you seriously saying NOTHING needs to be done for transit on Col Pike?

      of course since the alt has been chosen, and they are trying to figure out how best to implement it, inviting people to tell them how to do a bendy bus system would seem to be a waster of money.

  • Lyle Lanely

    I’ve sold monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and by gum I’ve put them on the map!

    • NoArl


  • Wayne Kubicki

    Any reports from anyone who attended this meeting?

  • Smarty Pants

    Two trolleys start at the same time from opposite ends of the Columbia Pike Corridore route that is 3.8 miles long. One trolley travels at 14 mph and the second travels at 16 mph. How long after they begin will the two trolleys meet?

    • Thes

      It’s a trick question! The answer is never — because Republicans along the Pike will cast their very bodies in front of the advancing trolleys so as to finally prove they can’t work.

      • Wayne Kubicki

        Yes,trick question. Info missing to answer it.

        How many buses will each trolley get stuck behind?

        • John K.

          Two westboud, five eastbound. Bonus if you can figure out the time including the eastbound county trash pick-up at the bus stops – during morning rush.

    • Lance

      They will meet 7.6mins after they begin.

      • Wrong

        No, because one of the trains will stop for 15 minutes because of a sick passenger.

      • Einstein



        x1 = 14t
        x2 = 3.8-16t

        Solve for x1 = x2:

        14t = 3.8-16t
        30t = 3.8
        t = 0.1267 hr = 7.6 min

  • Ted

    Editor of another newspaper / news blog admitted in front of three anti-streetcar activists at last night’s meeting that he was not allowed to print or post photos of a state of the art bus transit vehicle.

    • drax

      He was not allowed by whom?

      • Josh S

        Presumably the owner of the “newspaper / news blog” that may or may not rhyme with shazaminer.

        • NoArl

          Because the shazaminer is pro streetcar / anti bus?

          • Josh S

            Oops. I read it too fast.

            That may or may not rhyme with Compress?

          • JnA

            Rhymes with Fun Fisette

        • drax

          How dare a newspaper or news blog owner control the content of his newspaper or news blog.

    • Confused

      In an article about state of the art buses? Or in one about the Col Pike street car line?

  • Sim City
  • Ted

    Thanks to the ‘journalists’ at ArlNow for refusing to provide information about state-of-the-art bus rapid transit.


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