UPDATE: Man Dies After Glebe Road Accident

by ARLnow.com November 26, 2012 at 5:25 pm 9,946 54 Comments

(Updated at 10:25 a.m.) All northbound and southbound lanes of N. Glebe Road were closed between Vernon Street and Chesterbrook Road during the evening rush hour due to a serious single-vehicle wreck.

An SUV ran into a utility pole and flipped on its side on the 3900 block of N. Glebe Road around 5:00 p.m. tonight. The driver suffered an apparent cardiac arrest, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. Paramedics attempted to revive the man, but he was later pronounced dead at Virginia Hospital Center.

A dog that was in the vehicle at the time of the accident did survive, we’re told.

As of 7:00 p.m., Dominion was on scene preparing to clean up and replace the damaged utility pole and downed power wires. Police were preparing to open the southbound lanes of Glebe to two-way traffic.

  • Ambulance Chaser

    Sorry to hear about the flipped vehicle. Any word on make, model, tags of said flipped vehicle.

  • emanon

    This is the same area where the road was closed for a bit on Thanksgiving Day in one direction – of course, we found out “the hard way” that day. We couldn’t really see what happened that day, but there seemed to be multiple poles down. Anyone in that area know what happened that day? car accident? tree down?

    Thoughts are with the driver of the vehicle in this evening’s accident.

    • NIMBY The Chicken

      2 or 3 poles looked like they had snapped in half, and by the time I got over there to sniff around the bases had already been removed. I can’t imagine a car being able to take out more than one pole so I’m assuming a well-placed tree limb landed on it and caused the ruckus but there were over 700 homes affected by it at one point or another. My power was shut off for a little while on Thanksgiving day, which was a real treat. Obviously not as devastating as the people who were without power for longer, but maybe a knock on the door or bullhorned announcement from a police car would have helped some people to not go into full panic mode with ovens and fridges full of food.

  • aver

    yes drunk driver was speeding and hit three poles. he was ok

    • NIMBY The Chicken

      Was he driving a tank? The driver being okay should speed up the court proceedings since we don’t have to wait for him to get out of the hospital at least.

  • Frank

    @nimby …you are a complete [email protected]@ why do YOU feel the need for the police or any other person to notify you that the power is out.

    How about putting yourself second for once…..lets think, maybe a car accident? maybe someone is hurt? sorry to bother your turkey day dinner….and food…I promise you you will be ok….lets recap what happened a few wks ago up north….those people lost a heck of a lot more than you did in those short hr you lost power….you make me sick

    People like you, a self centered prick are the reason we get a bad, negative rap in this area….a bullhorn? get an effing life….id

    • NIMBY The Chicken


      • BlueLoom

        “Yikes” is right! @Frank: why would you go off frothing at the mouth that way towards someone you don’t know and whose circumstances you can’t be aware of? How about keeping it civil here on ARLnow? You could have asked the same questions without calling names and imputing base motives.

    • NIMBY The Chicken

      If you were in the middle of cooking thanksgiving dinner, and your power was shut off, you’d be concerned/upset as well. I’m failing to see how the power going out without warning is related to a storm people knew about for a week. Without name calling, please elaborate.

    • Gabe

      @Frank. Actually, it’s people like you that give this area a bad rap. Attacting Nimby the way you did shows no class. I hope you don’t talk to your family or colleagues this way.

  • Frank

    how about everyone think about the families, the individual who got hurt in the wreck….

    and to the first poster….why do you care about the make, model etc of the car….I guess someones potential life ending car accident is not that important….but wait, lets make a dumb [email protected]@ comment regarding another flipped car in the area….

    • Captain_Obvious

      wait, you have sympathy for a drunk driver ??

      • random

        how do you know he was drunk?

        • Captain_Obvious

          I don’t, I’m responding to Frank who is speaking of the incident on Thanksgiving night that did involve a drunk driver. See comments above about it…

  • Frank

    yes, I would be upset, but I wouldnt go as far as requesting a bullhorn…who do you think you are??? seriously????

    you are failing to see a lot of things, you see things YOUR way…

    my point is your lil thanksgiving day interuption isnt really that big of a deal….just a minor issue….and whether you had 10 or 100 people at your house, I could care less….cause in this case there was an accident…right? right? so how about you put yourself second and think about someone who isnt able to have a thanksgiving or be with their family…..

    its not all about you, buddy….a bullhorn? you define an A#$hole

    • NIMBY The Chicken

      I thought I asked for no name-calling? Also, the REPLY link in the bottom right of each post makes it easier to manage exchanges on the comment section. Welcome (to the new) ARLnow.com!

      • Frank

        happier, buddy

      • drax

        I think Frank thought you were serious about the bullhorn. He thinks you literally wanted someone with a bullhorn to go around.

        You didn’t, right?

        • NIMBY The Chicken

          Kinda serious there. It will never happen, I just thought it might be nice if power is going to be intentionally cut, a heads-up could be voiced. If a cruiser circled around Jamestown/Rock Spring saying “Dominion needs to cut your electricity for XX minutes, please be patient”, it probably would have prevented the same panic attack that happened in my kitchen at dozens of houses around the accident scene. No harm no fowl (bird joke), power came back on in 20 or so minutes.

          • drax

            Ah, so you mean when they are about to cut it intentionally. Yeah, maybe a robocall and texts would work. But it happens so infrequently that it’s probably not worth it.

            A police cruiser with a bullhorn would probably cause alot more panic though- many people would see it but couldn’t hear the message and would freak out about what it could be.

          • 1RLI

            Plus, having a police cruiser drive around announcing the power cut would give us ArlNow posters one more thing to criticize about the ACPD. It would make a nice change from the complaints about tax/registration sticker enforcement.

        • NIMBY The Chicken

          Called Dominion after the lights went out and the recording said recovery would be between 2-4pm. That certainly didn’t help.

          • The voice in your head

            Gosh that Frank guy is certainly a big meanie. What’s the big deal about wanting my servants, I mean those wretched utility workers, to properly alert Muffy and myself so as to avert a terribly un-Martha-like presentation of the heirloom, organic, free-range turkey we special ordered from Vermont? Heavens!

  • Del

    Frank, please get a grip. He said that it would have been nice to have some sort of bull-horned announcement about the power. I don’t think that the cops ever do such a thing, but I can understand the sentiment. Some people were without power for 4 hours on Thanksgiving, thanks to a drunk driver who was NOT injured at all. Indeed, he pulled over right after hitting the three poles, and kept waving off the fire fighters who knocked on his window. As for the people who missed Thanksgiving, you are aiming your sympathy at the wrong person when you ask us to think about the poor drunk. How about the police officers and Dominion workers swarming the scene, who were personally thanked by many of the neighbors for sacrificing their holidays?

    Why anyone would bring Sandy into the discussion at all is so beyond illogical that it is bizarre.

    • really

      a bull-horn? he is right….you have to be kidding me…I think his point is Nimby is all about numero uno

      • Del

        Really, really? I don’t get that from Nimby’s posts at all. I can’t believe that anyone thinks the drunk driver somehow deserves our sympathy, but the neighbors don’t? Very strange to put that forth as an idea. Add the ad hominem attack against Nimby and the logical conclusion by sane people is that Frank has serious issues.

        • he said it

          “but maybe a knock on the door or bullhorned announcement from a police car would have helped some people to not go into full panic mode with ovens and fridges full of food.”

          frank is right, sorry ladies and chickens

  • BoredHouseWife

    apparently, Nimby the chicken rustled some jimmies.
    I hope the driver is ok.

  • Sammy

    I live on the 3900 block of North Glebe. Power out here, again. I heard that the accident on Thanksgiving was also a 1-car accident that happened at 4:30 in the morning. Some said a drunk driver? I had power in the morning but I guess it had to he all shut down to perform repairs. Same scenario now.

  • Rick

    Nice to hear the dog survived, hopefully the driver did as well.

  • Kristin

    Yes, a drunk driver did manage to take out three utility poles around 4 a.m. on Thanksgiving and it caused a bit of chaos until yesterday evening. After they fixed the problem on Thanksgiving the high winds took the wires down again – both Comcast and Dominion were here for hours. The police were stuck guarding the downed power lines for days. And then this poor driver hit another one causing yet another outage. Obviously, this was a complete accident and I sincerely hope that the driver recovers. All in all, Dominion and the Arlington emergency responders have been real champs on this short section of Glebe since Thanksgiving. And I don’t think I’ve ever been positive about Dominion before.

  • Zelora

    That’s a lot of bad stuff to have happen in a short time in one spot. I guess it’s the Glebuda Triangle.

    • Kristin

      As someone who resides here – please don’t say that 🙂 I do wonder why ARLnow totally missed the chaos of the last five days when they will happily post on the redo of a new McDonalds. If the answer is that the reporters actually got to go home to their families for Thanksgiving- I’ll be happy. But would like them to look into it now. It has all been very strange. Days of attempting to fix, lines falling down again, no mention of the accident anywhere in the news until this one happened (which actually caused way less damage). Yikes, I feel like a conspiracy theorist. I’m joking but do honestly wonder why there was no mention anywhere of a crash that caused so much damage?

      • Rick

        There’s a broken water main on Williamsburg @ 34th Road right now, had to call it in on my walk home from the bus. It’s funny considering all the construction for the new water main probably disrupted the old one. Can’t win around here.

      • jan

        I thought it strange on Thanksgiving that there was not the usual Arlington Alert. I drove by at 11:30 am and noticed NB Glebe was shut down. On my return trip at 4PM it was still shut down. Although there were at least 3 Police cars, no one was redirecting traffic. I worried for holiday guests unfamiliar with the area.

      • Josh S

        Not every accident makes the news.
        Not every power outage makes the news.
        Just because it happened in your neighborhood makes it no more deserving of news coverage.

        • finally

          looks like josh understand it…….few accidents are reported and a small amount of power outages are reported….

          I feel oh so bad for Kristin that she didnt get her news source from a local online website

  • Sam the Cat

    Because of the screaming headline in bold typeface I have rushed to the local Safeway to buy random items.

    • WeiQiang

      I’m thinking that the screaming headline was appropriate for the time of day it was issued, in that it could saved some ArlNow readers some heartache.

      • Josh S

        What heartache?
        Also, how many ARLnow readers? 12? 8?

        • WeiQiang

          does it matter? is the mere potential to help 1 good enough? i can’t speak for others who may commute to or through that area – and i have a ridiculously short and easy commute – but i thought that Glebe is a pretty significant artery at rush hour.

  • CW

    Is the site glitching or have people forgotten how to use the “reply” feature? All the ad hominem diatribes and nonsense above would make more sense if it were properly indented.

    • WeiQiang

      Sometimes I forget, since I have to re-enter my name info every time. AADD = ArlNow Attention to Detail Disorder.

      • Josh S

        Yeah the re-entering thing is lame.

        Also, I’m fairly sure the choosing who you are replying to feature is not new since the makeover. (This comment is not directed specifically at WeiQiang, but just a general observation about people who seem to be commenting about it.)

        • WeiQiang

          from the winge and not-really-complaining dept, wasn’t the reply button in a different location? … or maybe i’m just a lazy azz.

          don’t sweat the specific comment direction part. i don’t take it personally.

  • Major Pup McPuppo Jr.

    ooo y’all mad huh

  • NIMBY The Chicken

    That’s very sad to see the driver died. Did he suffer cardiac arrest as a result of the accident, or did cardiac arrest cause the accident?

    • CW

      I would guess the latter.

  • magdalenamuffintop

    What will happen to the dog that lost his master? Does he have a family to go to? If not we might be ablt to adopt him? Anybody? We lost our three year old lab this winter due to a tumor on his heart and he could not be saved. We miss him dearly – and would not mind extending our home to this dog – unless he already has a family of course? And sorry for the poor man loosing his life in such a tragic accident. 🙁

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster

      I found a wonderfully mellow dog roaming the streets in Ballston a few weeks ago. I called both numbers on the tag and left messages at both. No reply. So I called the nice folks at animal control to pick it up (as I was on my way to work, I had to tie it to a bus shelter until help could arrive).

      I tried to follow up several times with the numbers on the tag to see if the owner ever got reunited with her dog, but oddly (and RUDELY) enough, she NEVER RETURNED MY CALL.

      Perhaps you could adopt this dog, instead of the rudeness who was apparently its owner.

    • Gospelsinger

      The man who died was my neighbor – the widow will care for the dog. Mr Hall will be missed in the neighborhood.

      • magdalenamuffintop

        Ok – Thanks for letting me know that the dog has his mom to be with! How very sad for all involved:-(

  • SHLady

    Oh, so sad to see that the driver died. It sounds like the cardiac arrest caused the accident, but I guess we can’t be sure.
    As for police notifying people of a power outage, seriously? couldn’t you look out the window, see the flashing lights, and work it out for yourself?

    • NIMBY The Chicken

      Not when I live six blocks from the accident scene and only noticed it driving home from the store, no.


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