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Luxury Dog Boarding Business Planned for Shirlington

by Katie Pyzyk December 7, 2012 at 2:45 pm 6,109 19 Comments

Another dog based business has plans to set up shop in Shirlington. According to its website, The Board Hound (3520 S. Four Mile Run Drive) aims to provide “luxury” dog boarding services, saying “it’s not just boarding; it’s pampering.”

Its website says the mission is “to provide a fun, comfortable, clean and safe environment for dogs and peace of mind for their owners.” Pet owners can choose long or short term care services.

The business plans to provide cage-free doggie daycare with indoor and outdoor play areas. Pets are only confined to their “suites” during feeding, downtime and during the night. The website says the facility will play soothing music at night to “lull our guests to sleep.”

The facility boasts of heated and cooled floors to keep pups comfortable year-round, along with a front walkway that will be heated in the winter. It will also have a top-of-the-line security system to protect the dogs, clients and employees.

The Board Hound will join other nearby pet boarding businesses, including Wag More Dogs (2606 S. Oxford Street), Fur-Get Me Not (4140 S. Four Mile Run Drive) and Woofs! (4160 S. Four Mile Run Drive).

Although the website states “We are counting down to our opening day,” ARLnow.com was unable to reach the owners to find out when exactly The Board Hound will open.

Hat tip to Jason Peschau

  • fedworker

    I hope this place has a waterslide

  • BBMS

    Cage-free dog is the best.

    • nom de guerre

      Speaking of cage-free, Sam’s Food Truck is offering a pulled pork sandwich featuring locally sourced, cage-free Berkshire pork shoulder marinated in Dr. Pepper and infused with organic roasted garlic and rosemary, slowly smoked over derecho harvested applewood and piled high on a toasted brioche bun, topped with sweet and sour pickled bean sprouts and our secret barbecue sauce that contains Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser ale.

  • Mrmeow

    Will they have elderly people from nursing homes reading to my dog there?

    • Granny Clampett

      No – but you are more that welcome to join the visiting dog program which take dogs to Nursing Homes in NoVA. Check into it – you get so much back.

    • novasteve

      If I pay top dollar I want somebody reading to my dogs!

      • OMG

        OMG He’s answering his own posts now!

  • Captain_Obvious

    How many poles will be available to tie dogs up to ??

  • ArlingtonSSR

    Any good traditional boarding places in Arlington? The kind with cages but hopefully multiple daily walks?

    I go out-of-county because of the yelp reviews I’ve seen for some of them in Arlington.

    • Dan

      Checkbook has ratings for local kennels….you can access it at the library for free:
      The top two rated boarding kennels are Fairfax Animal Hospital and Great Falls Boarding Kennel, but check out all of the ratings

  • meg

    Hi there, The Board Hound is anxiously awaiting our Certificate of Occupancy and can’t wait to get our doors open!

    • beads

      Can you provide details on the dimensions of the overnight boarding suites?

  • Michael

    I don’t know if she watches in Arlington. But I’ve used Luckie Dawgs (www.luckiedawgs.com) in Sterling. Great when I fly out of Dulles.

  • drax

    There are dogs with better food and medical care than some children get.

    • MrMeow

      Like said with NASA, why don’t we ban pets until all children are adequately provided for?

      • Skeptical

        Because most kids suck and most animals don’t.

  • Childless couple in Fairlington

    We know now what summer camp our dog will be going too!

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