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Dunkin’ Donuts Coming to Courthouse

by ARLnow.com December 20, 2012 at 3:50 pm 6,329 59 Comments

A new Dunkin’ Donuts store is coming to Courthouse.

The store will be opening at 2201 Wilson Blvd, in a space formerly occupied by a Quiznos restaurant. A construction crew was hard at work on the store’s interior today.

No official word yet on when Dunkin’ Donuts might be opening in Courthouse, but we hear they’re hoping to finish the build-out next month. A sign in the window says the store is currently hiring crew and managers.’

The store is located across the street from a Corner Bakery location and two blocks away from Brooklyn Bagel.

Hat tip to Starlync

  • Cop


    • brown before green

      VERY well played!

  • QuartHouse

    > The store is located across the street from a Corner Bakery location and two blocks away from Brooklyn Bagel.

    And in the same building as the Euro Market (coffee/pastries), as well as two blocks from Java Shack, Bayou Bakery, and two Starbucks. It’s hard to see how DD’s gas station coffee can compete with all that, especially in a neighborhood that can tolerate higher-prices.

    Meanwhile next door, they’re about to break ground on a new office building, leaving Listranis and the Thai and Tunisian places without a home (and Adams Pub, if anyone cares).

    This would have been a good spot for Listranis, but Archstone favors national tenants.

    • john

      Good thing Archstone was bought out by Equity.

    • rob

      And it’s Adam’s Corner.

      … and no, no one cares about it.

    • Becoming Indifferent

      Have you had Euro (Trash) Market’s coffee? Ugh.

    • drax

      You must be kidding. This place is going to rock!

    • Deadite

      Your a fool. This place will do gangbusters, especially with that new office building going in next door.

    • Dy22

      DnD coffee is ten times better than Starbucks. Starbucks is way to stuck up also

  • Louise

    I love Dunkin Donuts.

  • Boooo!

    This sucks! For a real cup of coffee and to support your community visit Dale at the Java Shack! That is a news worthy.

    • drax

      Dale should start serving donuts.

      That is all.

      • Justin Russo

        Yeah, Java Shack has good coffee, but their sweets selection isn’t too good.

  • JohnB2

    I’m way more likely to visit DD than any of those fancy places. It’s nice to finally see a normal place in Clarendon, as opposed to a bistro, concept, trend, etc.

    • James

      Agreed…now if we can only get the Taco Bell back….

    • Josh S

      And people wonder where America’s soul went — JohnB2 thinks that a national chain fast food restaurant serving junk food is “normal” while a locally owned small neighborhood business like Java Shack is “fancy.”

      I need a drink…..

  • CrystalMikey

    Wish it was a Krispy Kreme

  • Andy

    Years ago there used to be a Dunkin Donuts in the strip mall next to the post office on Glebe near Pershing, where Subway is now.

    I’m not sure why this matters to anyone, though.

    • Pio Pio

      Years and years ago there was a Dunkin’ Donuts where Pio Pio stands now, and it had a drive thru!

      • DCBuff

        My house was located equal-distance between the two Dunkins. I was so happy.

        • grammar nazi

          Perhaps you meant “equidistant?”

          • Captain_Obvious

            They mean the same thing, but thanks for t r o l l i n g again.

          • grammar nazi

            Yes, they mean the same thing, but I wonder if the poster was thinking of “equidistant” when he or she posted “equal-distance.”

          • Captain_Obvious

            It doesn’t matter, your schtick is old, tiresome, and offers NOTHING whatsoever.

  • Sara

    Larry’s Homemade in Clarendon is the bomb suckas. Go. Now.

  • mickey_

    At least where to find the local Police. We need to get a few DD bumper stickers for them! When all else fails, bribe them with donuts, it works every time!!

  • John Fontain

    They should put a Dunkin Donuts back in where the Pio Pio is. Please, anything but Pio Pio.

  • KRS

    Wish DD was there when I lived in 2201. I prefer their coffee to Starbucks and the like’s overpriced coffee.

  • CourthouseChris


  • novasteve


    • drax

      Wawa sucks, steve. In case you didn’t hear.

      • novasteve

        I don’t need to hear, I experience. Wawa is great, despite being from PA.

      • Deadite

        WRONG, drax.

        • CW

          How did you get that comment with the letters d+r+a+x next to each other through m_o_d_e_r_a_t_i_o_n???

          • Captain_Obvious

            I’m guessing he submitted 2 hours earlier and it eventually made it through. You should see the forum now, N-S t e v e__started another g u n thread and its stuck in m_o_d_e_r_a_t_i_o_n.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            The forum in question mentioned by Captain Obvious is predicted, according to my tendonitis elbow to become a flamefest in…..5…….4…….3……2…….1 and will generate at least 100 comments the likes of which we haven’t seen since the site went to the new format.

          • CW

            Lol, the new forum design is so bad that I am not even motivated to take the bait and join in the flamefests.

      • WD

        FALSE. You do.

    • Swag

      I agree with novasteve.

      Now I need a bath.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        LOL! Comment of the day, Swag!

    • Zen

      Wawa sucks. Sheetz would be awesome though.

      • Deadite

        Sheetz is the poor man’s Wawa. FACT.

        • novasteve

          Sometimes my Sheetz is like Wawa.

  • Tom

    Putting a Tim Hortons in that location would be SO MUCH better than a DD>

    • novasteve

      I got tim hortons for my tassimo!

    • Stoneride

      TH will never come to this area, but hang on to that dream.

    • 1RLI

      Big fan of Timmy’s, but DD is a close second.

  • 22201 for 12

    While I cannot comment on Euro Market’s coffee, I can say that they have an exceptionally good wine selection at reasonable prices. No joke, you can nail a v. good Loire Valley Savignon on short notice in there on any given night. The ladies in there are none the wiser, yet the wine is in a different league. Beer is solid, too, yet I consider a good beer selection to be far less of an achievement than kick ass wine offerings- strictly from a logistical POV.

  • geebee

    Talk about strategically located. Just a couple blocks from the county’s police HQ. Hopefully they will leave a few donut holes for us civilians.

  • El Dorko

    I’d rather have a Tim Hortons.

  • Arlington Alerts

    Traffic alert: Arlington avoid 2200 block of Wilson Blvd due to heavy police activity.

  • Swag

    Damn that place is gonna get me into trouble… add to it the Five Guys across the street and I’ll be lucky not to die of a massive heart attack in the next five years.

  • CW

    Let’s all go crazy and demand our favorite local chain that doesn’t exist in this part of the country! Yeah! We need a Timmies, and a Wawa, and In ‘N Out Burger, and let’s put a Wegmans where Mr. Tire currently is, because it will surely fit right in there and the zoning allow it! Rabble! Why, there’s this little chain from when I used to live out in Western Asscrackia that serves the best antalope tacos. They would fit right in! None of us want to live in D.C., let’s all complain about how other parts of the country are better but not move back there!

    • drax

      Mmmmm. Antelope tacos.

    • Libby

      Whoa, easy there. Take a deep breath and relax. It’s early, but maybe a drink is in order to calm you down.

      • malaka

        Those Western Asscrackians are always tightly wound.

    • novasteve

      Why did you leave out Canadian Tire? What is wrong with you?

  • KalashniKEV

    I’m excited. DD Coffee is superior to all others.

    • novasteve

      Hey kev, join us in the message forum.


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