‘Old Bike Shop’ Opens in Lyon Park

by ARLnow.com January 4, 2013 at 2:10 pm 2,116 29 Comments

The Old Bike Shop in Lyon ParkA new used bicycle shop has opened in Lyon Park.

The Old Bike Shop, located at 2647 N. Pershing Drive, specializes in vintage and refurbished bikes and bike parts. Owner Larry Behery, a former car mechanic and carpenter, says there was an unmet need for a used bike store in Arlington.

“There are a lot of shops in the area, but they serve a higher-end clientele — someone who’s already into bikes, already into racing, someone who’s into spending a couple of thousand dollars on a bike,” he said. “But there was nobody really just being a liaison for the beginner,” for people who “need something inexpensive to ride to the Metro… something solid and something that’s not stolen or broken off of Craigslist. ”

Behery and a business partner have been selling used bikes at the Courthouse flea market on Saturdays and at the Georgetown flea market on Sundays. Behrey, who started out collecting old bikes and bike paraphernalia before deciding to sell them as a side business, said he buys his bikes at auctions and from charities that receive bike donations. Before the shop opened, he fixed them up in a garage outside his Springfield home.

Business was good enough at the flea markets that at one point last year Behery decided to go all-in and open a stand-alone store.

“It ended up kinda snowballing and increasing in demand… and finally it got to the point where there were enough [customers] to justify doing something like this and actually having a shop,” he said. “I couldn’t not take advantage of that opportunity.”

Behery says he still plans to sell bikes at the Courthouse market but is planning to discontinue his visits to the Georgetown market. He says he thinks the quality of the bikes at his small shop will help him compete against nearby higher-end bike stores and the Wal-Marts of the world that sell cheaply-made budget bikes.

“We made a lot of really good stuff back in the day that can’t be produced any more — recognizing that there was a need for good quality bikes that were inexpensive,” he said.

The Old Bike Shop is open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. The store is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

In addition to bikes and bike parts like locks and tires, the Old Bike Shop will offer bike repair services.


  • CrystalMikey

    I like this idea. Best of luck to you!

    • FrenchyB

      Agreed, this is a great concept. Will check it out soon.

      • G Clifford Prout

        Been waiting and watching. Was worried there for a moment they’d never open.

  • Louise

    I wish him luck. Perhaps he can coordinate efforts with Phoenix Bikes, down at Barcroft: http://www.phoenixbikes.org/

  • MB

    Had a chance to chat with the guys there yesterday. Good crew, and definitely helps fill a gap in Arlington’s market. Best of luck to them.

    (And thanks to ARLnow for the coverage.)

  • Ron

    Despite the fact that I just dropped a nice chunk of change on a racing bike, I’d be just as apt to check out this shop. Saw some pics and one bike in particular caught my eye…hope it does well!

  • GMo


  • BackInThaDay

    In 4th pic on the top shelp LEMON CRATE! Cool. 5 speed stick shifter, front disc brake. banana seat w shocks. Had a Pea Picker meself. Hope they do well.

  • Tina

    This is perfect! I’ll be checking the place out soon.

  • Tater Salad

    Congratulations and good luck! We need a store like yours to fill the gap between Revolution and Target!

  • Spandex Joe

    Sounds like a better deal then CaBi

  • Rules

    Can he make sure to tell people who purchase his bikes that they need to stop at stop signs and not run red lights. Biking is a great idea, it’s the aholes that ride them and break the law – blowing through red lights etc – that make a large majority of people dislike them.

    • ARL’er

      And what about all the car drivers who speed, drive while texting, drive while drunk, and speed through red lights? There are a lot of those too. A lot of them.

      • CW

        Shut down the dealerships! As far as I’ve heard, one cyclist has caused a fatality this year, and it was arguable as to whether he did anything wrong (the victim jumped into his path). How many have cars killed? I’m not saying it’s good to either cycle or drive like a jerk, but if you count the numbers and look at it from a perspective of greatest risk reduction…

    • 5555624

      I’m sure he will — as soon as you tell people who drive cars/SUvs/trucks “that they need to stop at stop signs and not run red lights.”

      How about we all get together and push for red light cameras at all intersections and anyone operating any vehicle — car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, bike, etc. — that runs the red light spends a year in jail? None of them should be running red lights.

      • butwait

        what about pedestrians who cross against the hand? public flogging surely?

        • 5555624

          It depends. Since the car is king in Arlington, at many intersections, the only way to get a “Walk” signal is by pressing a button. All too often, those buttons are broken, which means a pedestrian can’t get a “Walk” signal. (For example, the one on the corner closest to the Post Office at N Glebe Rd and N Pershing Dr is repaired several times a year.) If you (a) change them out and make them automatic and (b) change the law to treat the flashing hand/”don’t walk” the same as a yellow traffic light — cars can enter an intersection on yellow, pedestrians are not to enter a crosswalk if the hand is flashing — then ticket away.

          The problem is not ALL pedestrians, ALL cyclists, or ALL drivers — each group has a bunch of selfish idiots who don’t care about anyone but themselves.

    • cyclist

      Driving cars is a great idea, it’s the aholes that drive them and break the law – blowing through red lights etc – that make a large majority of people dislike them.

  • HayDiosMio

    You should open a Froyo shop within, it’s the IT thing to do…

  • Me

    Hey guys can’t you just wish these guys good luck,,,they are doing something good for the community…put your petty whining aside for a day and make it about something other than your ego that makes you whine profoundy to feign your self importance

  • Marcus Harris

    The shop looks awesome. Wish I could run/own a UK version.

    • nom de guerre

      Would you call it Ye Old Bike Shoppe?

      • Clever Screenname

        In the UK, the handlebars are on the other side.

      • Biker girl


  • jwc

    Nice Idea – hope it puts capital bikeshare out of business

  • clifford

    Wish them the best of luck! We’ve got a really good bike infrastructure here in Arlington. REal proud of it. That’s gotta be good for their business.

  • Schwinnster

    I haven’t owned a bike in 20 years, but this story got me to check out their shop today. Granted, they’ve only been open two days, but they are full of enthusiasm and clearly love bikes and the history of bikes. This is the kind of place that Arlington needs.

    I also got to meet their neighbor, the hair stylist, on his smoke break.

  • Zemog

    I’ll be living in Arlington for the next 6-9 months, and one of my first “to do” items is buying a bike. This will likely be my first stop…

  • Bracer

    These guys are great. I bought my bike from them at the Arlington flea market. It was at a great price, and in top shape. I’d recommend them to anyone.


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