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Three Arrested After Armed Robbery on Custis Trail

by ARLnow.com January 10, 2013 at 2:05 pm 11,605 158 Comments

Arlington County police carThree men are in custody after an armed robbery, assault and handgun brandishing on the Custis Trail, according to Arlington County Police.

A jogger was robbed by the men around 12:30 p.m. on the trail near the Glebe Road bridge over I-66, according to ACPD spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. The victim struggled and was struck in the head — possibly with a pistol.

The men took a GPS watch and sunglasses and fled down the trail, Sternbeck said. A short time later, another trail user told police that one of the men pointed a silver handgun in his direction when he passed by.

Police notified Arlington Public Schools of the robbery and three nearby schools — Washington-Lee High School, Arlington Traditional School and Glebe Elementary — were placed in a secured state. Based on that initial notification from ACPD, an email alert sent to parents erroneously reported a shooting.

This afternoon, the Arlington County Police notified us of a robbery of a jogger that occurred on a nearby bike path. The report we received said that the incident also involved a shooting. As a precaution, we have secured the school building and all students are being kept inside.

Three men were apprehended outside the Ballston Metro station around 1:30 p.m., Sternbeck said. A handgun was recovered. The men are now being questioned by police.

“It was great police work… getting these individuals off the street,” Sternbeck said.

The robbery victim is currently being evaluated for injuries at Virginia Hospital Center.

  • arlcyclist

    These armed robberies are becoming more and more frequent and it’s especially concerning that the perpetrators are often armed and in groups. All for a gps watch and sunglasses?

    • Quigley

      Are they becoming more frequent? Don’t suppose you have any data…

      • Louise

        Quigley, that was my first thought too. I’m not sure they’re really that frequent, are they?

      • arlcyclist

        Purely anecdotal, but this is a comment thread, so par for the course.

        • Brad

          That’s silly, arcyclist. Why bother alleging “purely anecdotal” factoids in the first place? Enjoy typing much?

          • Louise

            I’m with Brad!

          • arlcyclist

            Point taken. I should have started with, “It seems to me that…”

    • rosslynrunner

      just a few days ago there was a report of an armed robbery on Nash. “IT SEEMS TO ME” that arlcyclist was making a valid point. now, if you want to get technical about how many times armed robberies have to occur for them to be categorized as frequent, then Quigley, Louise and Brad, get a damn life! lol

  • Ouch


    • Deadite


  • Wilbur

    +1 Arlington Police and +1 Arlington Schools.

  • Malaka

    how ridiculous to prey on a jogger. At lunch time. Likely all he has on him is a security badge for his building! Is it worth it for a watch and sunglasses?

    • JohnB2

      Might just be a gang initiation thing.

      • Deadite

        “just” ?

    • Akalam

      If these people were bright, they wouldn’t need to resort to crime for a living.

  • Chris

    Thank you Arlington police for taking care of this.

    I was out running at exactly the same time (different route) — it’s a scary thought that there are idiots out there robbing runners.

    • ARL’er


      Great to see that the criminals were caught so quickly. Hope the runner is doing OK.

  • Deadite

    Great police work, ACPD.

  • SouthArlJD

    They can kiss their butts goodbye. They’re going away for a LONG time. Arlington don’t play.

    • CW

      Public examples? I’m clearly not saying you’re wrong, but the last we ever hear of these people in the news is an arrest. You often mention that ArlCo is hard on these types of things, and I trust you given your line of work, but I don’t think that perception makes it to the public since we never hear about sentences.

      • dd
        • CW

          I was thinking more along the lines of the event that happened today. It’s great that they put the people away for the horrible crimes that are mentioned in the articles you link to. However, one of the major goals of our justice system is deterrence. These types of criminals that we saw today might think twice if it was known that the sort of acts they perpetrated would get them harsh sentences. It is these relatively lower-level crimes, not the abhorrent ones, that would cause the most public benefit through harsh sentences being published.

          • drax

            Virginia will hook you up to a chair and electrocute you for murder, yet people still commit murder. Some people are going to commit crimes no matter what.

          • CW

            So are you saying we should just give up and stop enforcing laws? All I am saying is that, if VA is going to be hard on crime, half the battle is letting people KNOW it is hard on crime.

          • drax

            Of course not – I’m saying you don’t expect all crime to end just because you passed a law, or expect it to be as easy as making sentences harsher. It’s not that easy.

      • Arlingonian

        The perps will receive suspended sentences or probation after they tell the court how badly they suffered from childhood abuse. That’s the Arlington Way.

    • Really


    • James

      Yep…ARLCO is one place where you don’t want to get arrested. I have a few friends on the force and they’ve told me various accounts of how this area and VA in general has some of the strictest punishments for crimes.

  • JTJT

    Awesome – using GPS for running!

    • demain

      yes… it is an awesome way to track how far you run and your pace………..

      • CourthouseChris

        Agreed, I love my GPS watch.

    • malaka

      They give you speed, heart rate etc and then you can upload data to a training log to keep track of your progress. Not for if you get lost 🙂

    • Marcus

      Lots of us use GPS watches to track mileage, speed, heart rate, etc. – it has nothing to do with knowing where you are going.

    • SHLady

      sure, I use my phone GPS.

    • Rob

      I may be wrong, but I think a lot of people may use GPS watches to keep track of distance and pace. Has anyone ever looked into this?

  • JamesE

    I wonder what their final metro destination was?

    • BBMS

      Court House.

      too easy

      • drax

        You are awarded one-fourth FREDTERP.

        • ARL-VA

          What are the current exchange rates for FREDTERPs?

          • Ben Bernanke

            If the FREDTERP was issued by drax, then it isn’t worth the paper it is printed on and you can take that to the bank !!

          • drax

            One FREDTERP is worth $1 trillion or one platinum coin.

  • b-money


    • fedworker

      +1000 and demolish the mall

    • yappydogs

      Why? So the 99% of law-abiding people who use the station don’t have the Metro available there anymore? You can fix the problems there in other ways, like a greater police presence.

  • Rob G

    They should have tatted up, roving cyclist gangs that prey on armed robbers.

    • B22201

      Can I join up without any tattoos? I had thought of becoming a mercenary to hunt pirates. . . but this seems easier, and keeps it local to give back to the community.

      • drax

        As long as you’ve had the HPV vaccine, you’re in.

  • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

    Southeast DC??

  • BBMS

    Did the school system garble the report (re: shooting) or the police, I wonder. I bet some parents had a rough afternoon after reading that.

  • Who

    Uh, can we get a more detailed description of the men or are we trying to be too PC here?

    • Ricardo

      Too bad bookies are illegal… you could open a book on it, give odds, etc. Let people bet on it. People often reveal their true thoughts only when money is on the line.

      • Wondering

        Is it really “revealing their true thoughts” if they just go with the most probable outcome given historical data?

    • DeportEmAll

      Undoubtedly too PC here!

  • novasteve

    Any info on the suspects? Are they arlington residents? I often read these crime reports and it’s non residents coming here to commit crimes.

    • BBMS

      Scanner traffic said something about three disgruntled internet columnists who felt they were being unfairly castigated by the online community.

      • SHLady


      • novasteve

        It’s funny that the very people who would want to trample the first amendment with anti bullying laws are the biggest bullies on the internet.

        • Sigmund F.

          The internet draws passive aggressive types like flowers draw bees ….

        • jackson

          Like how the people offended that Piers Morgan used the 1st amendment to attack the 2nd sent a petition to the White House to have him deported?

          • Greg

            There are limits to the 1st Amendment, and he might have put himself outside of that shield.

      • Ralph


  • Sunshine

    My heart goes out to that jogger. That’s pretty scary stuff. Who would think to commit armed robbery of a jogger? Joggers, bikers, people out walking dogs–they don’t usually have much on them of value. Well, at least I don’t. I go out with a Road ID around my neck, a tiny, old flip phone and the keys to my house.
    BTW, what’s with all of the crazy people around Ballston lately?

    • novasteve

      its CCW time

  • Parkington

    Good old North Arlington for you.

  • novasteve

    Wil the car free diet proponents be providing body armor?

  • CWP

    If the jogger had a concealed weapon or an open carry weapon he would have been able to protect himself and avoid the injuries sustained.

    • Sim City

      I assume that’s a joke CWP. Yep, that’s the kind of society I want to live in, where the norm is to pack a piece in your running shorts and expect that you will use it, including all the fallout from that and the training you should get beforehand. I think the outcome of this particullar case is a pretty good argument for the society we have: the thugs were apprehended by a competent police force, and the runner, while sustaining injuries, wasn’t exposed to a gun fight or a murder trial.

      • Dr Seuss

        See, but that already IS the society we live in. Someone was robbed of their belongings from a group of men who sought out an area they believed would be bereft of people who could defend themselves (they assumed correctly). Open Carry laws are in place for a reason, and if more citizens of the Commonwealth were to choose to participate in the spirit of the law, they wouldn’t have to “live in that kind of society” because criminals like these dopes wouldn’t prey on the defenseless because they’d be hard pressed to find them.


        • internet tourettes

          You watch too much TV. If you would ever have had the reason (which I doubt) of having to fire a gun in an emergency, you would realize that: 1, shooting some one does not cause them to fall down and go to sleep. 2, more often or not you will not hit your target or the target will shoot you first before you have had the time to draw you weapon and turn off the safety (assuming you remember to). 3, in an non emergency situation you will wound either your self or some one else with your weapon. 4, When you shoot some one, they will bleed profusely, could possibly scream and yell (unless you get a lung or head shot) and will still have the ability to use any weapon they might have. The police and other LEOs have to be certified to carry firearms in the performance of their duty which requires weeks of training and re-certification on an annual basis along with administrative oversight as to any discharge of a weapon out side of a controlled firing range. The fact that some yahoo who has a grand vision of them self as the next dirty harry can get a gun at a gun show with out a back ground check then apply on line for a carry permit with out any proof of either skill or knowledge about fire arms really scares me much more than some “bad guy” with a gun (who most probably got his gun from a gun show…).

          • dr seuss

            You know what, you’re right. Law abiding people such as myself skirt background checks and don’t know how and when to use guns. We’re so much more terrifying than d-bags who go around Arlington in broad daylight looking for helpless joggers to intimidate and rob.

            Non-LEOs who think of themselves more as ‘responsible gun owners’ than ‘Dirty Harry” types spend as much time as they can making sure they know what they’re doing. We go to ranges, we take safety courses, we take tactical courses so we don’t just jog by suspcious characters without taking note of their body language and realizing their intent to do harm.

            Get a freaking grip. You’re not more likely to be accidentally shot by me than be intentionally shot by some a-holes stalking the trails (who just as well could have killed that person). They target the unarmed: Joggers. Moviegoers. School children. Get it through your head.

          • Sim City

            Wow, fascinating fact dr. seuss: criminals target joggers, moviegoers and school children. You should clue Running Magazine into the fact once you get the documentation. Then they can run a piece about how to pack heat in your singlet and slow your heart rate while you aim and shoot. Because everyone knows runners carry hundreds of dollars with them when they go out on the trail and are major crime victims. As do school children as they scamper, in terror, to the bus. Let’s arm them too

          • internet tourettes

            RE: Suess

            I do have a “freaking grip” I just hope that my body language is ok when you walk by (and yes, you are a dirty harry type if your targeting people on the basis of their body language like Bernie Getz). Any good firearms instructor will tell you that you have to have humility and respect for you gun and as soon as you loose that, you are unsafe. Any good police training or tactical instruction (for out side a war zone) is based on de-escalation which is not done by drawing a weapon unless all other avenues available have been exhausted (this is the criteria used in deadly force investigations by police and federal authorities). If you were to ask a police man what to do in that situation they would have said to comply with the robber and try to defuse the situation (not be confrontational) and make observations to assist in the investigation.

          • DNFjoe

            @ internet tourettes

            You should not fear a CCW holder. Many of us are prior service US military. We received training and qualified regularly. When you buy guns from gun shows or stores you go through background checks. When you apply for a CCW you go through background checks. Most folks that go through the trouble to legally buy guns and obtain CCW permits train multiple times a year to remain skilled. Shooting targets is an enjoyable activity in itself. I bet many folks that have never shot a pistol before would be at least competent and the 2 to 10 feet of distance a person is going to be from you as they attempt to rob you. Robbing a person is an in your face, in you personal space kind of thing. If they are that close to you and pointing a gun at you already, you missed some big time situational awareness clues something bad is about to happen to you.

          • KalashniKEV

            IT- This post is 100% hogwash… let’s take it by the numbers:
            1. Shooting someone *does* tend to take the fight out of an attacker very quickly. Shooting an attacker twice or more increases the effect exponentially.
            2. Only hits count. Only hits in the primary lethal zone are fight stoppers. Don’t miss when it’s a race to get lead on target. WRT the “safety” comment- training thousands of repetitions creates muscle memory that makes this a non-issue. Yes, I said “thousands.” In front of a mirror.
            3. Nope.
            4. See point one. A threat is considered neutralized when it is no longer a threat to your health and safety. If an attacker still has access, ability, and intent to use their weapon… your job is obviously not done yet.

          • internet tourettes

            Given that, most pickups are produced in crew cab, extended cab and standard cab configurations along with added combinations of long and short bed and 2WD, 2x4WD and 4WD profitability jeep-Chrysler-fiat could pull this off. Seeing how the I’m sorry, you’re wrong. I speak from experience. I’ve had plenty of direct experience (20 years) of combatants using weapons after being severely wounded (direct abdominal and thoracic wounds with out the benefit of body armor) and have seen them incur fatalities. You like most of the Yahoos who are all “gun ho” with your carry permits don’t have the training or insight to understand to operate a weapon outside of a controlled range. I said it before, you watch too much TV (which is not real BTW really!). You are a chicken hawk: all politics and no action. I don’t care about your perceived 2nd amendment rights (what well ordered militia do you belong to?) or your politics just the fact that that you might use a weapon in public based on some ideology that supersedes the basis of legal due process.

          • DNFjoe

            @Internet tourettes

            Thank you for serving OUR Country. I am sorry you paid a high price in doing so.

            One difference between Military shootings and civilian ones is the ammo. Mil uses Ball ammo, in a CCW or police pistol hollow points are used. Hollow points have been staticticly shown to be more effective at stopping a person.

            So if you were a CCW (and out of the military) you would be unable to handle the situation simply because you are now a civilian?

            No one is ever ready, all you can do is train and react if the time comes. Hopefully your training will get you through.

        • Poppie
          • internet tourettes

            and they were skilled trained professionals too.

          • DNFjoe

            @ Poppie and tourettes

            Police work is a profession just like any other career field. You have those that are excellent at their jobs, those that are competent at their jobs and those that are poor performers at their jobs. I am not saying the NY cops were poor performers just that there are ones on the job that could be poor performers.

            Another way to think of it. People are passionate about their hobbies. When you like doing something you work hard at it to get better and enjoy the time you put into it. When something is “your job” you might be inclined to go through the motions and do what needs to be done, but not much more. There are places like Thunder Ranch where you can go and get some high speed training. Funny thing is when regular civilians go and do this kind of training to improve their skills poeple oftern label them gun nuts or crazies looking to live out some dirty harry fantasies. Kind of like people demanding more training for folks that want to own guns but then hate on the NRA, the largest national organization the offers all kinds of firearms and hunter safety classes and training.

            You also can’t compare and active shooter senario with a suspect evading police and shooting at them and bystanders to a situation of someone attempting to rob you at a stationary point at no greater distance than what you would have if the suspect and victim we standing in an elevator together.

          • KalashniKEV

            Trained? I beg to differ.

            NYPD has a serious institutional issue with standards and discipline.

    • NumNum

      Yeah, or they could have stolen his gun too and shot him with it. Or there could have been a good old wild west shootout with other bystanders hit by stray shots from a bunch of well armed people with bad aim settling their differences.

      • KalashniKEV

        What’s this Wild West I’ve been hearing about lately from the Anti crowd? Out of the hundreds of crimes prevented by legal concealed handguns each day, can you point out just *one* example of a Wild West shootout???

        • novasteve

          Kev, they are too busy thinking of new terms to incorrectly call things, like calling magazines “clips”, or calling a .223 a “high powered, large caliber bullet”, or saying a Bushmaster is the same weapon that soldiers on the battlefield have, or saying the 2nd amendment is about hunting.

        • arlcyclist

          I don’t know about “Wild West shootouts,” but being hit by a stray bullet is certainly plausible… http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/publish/news/newsroom/6483

          “In one case that typifies the random nature of these events, a toddler in New York was standing in her grandparents’ house, where her family had gathered to watch a football game, when a bullet fired by a hunter 378 feet away came through the home’s wall and struck the child in the torso. She died soon after at a local hospital.”

          • novasteve

            The only “wild west shooting” I’ve heard about recently was in NYC when some guy was going after some co worker, and the police went after him and shot 8 bystanders. The news originally reported it a mass shooting until they realized it was all bystanders being shot by the police, not the gunman.

          • dr seuss

            I thought I read those bullets were evidently shot indiscriminately into the air by a bunch of fools in celebration of something or other ala Tuesdays in Muscat.

          • KalashniKEV

            That’s your definition of Wild West???

          • KalashniKEV

            NYPD has a long history of sprayfire and killing innocents. I’m talking about legally concealed handguns (very few of which exist in NY outside of political or celebrity circles).

          • drax
          • KalashniKEV

            Drax, did you just google any old article that had “Wild West” in the title? The story is about a junkie having a shootout with dealers. We’re talking about licensed CCW’ers unintentionally wounding innocents. Not junkies and gangbangers. Not government thugs. Keep looking…

          • drax

            No, we’re not talking about that.

            It doesn’t matter who does the shooting or whether their gun was legal or not – they were carrying a gun for self-defense and they used it.

          • KalashniKEV

            From your own link: “It was a shootout between Tucker-Knight and the individual he was robbing in a drug deal,” Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said.

            Did you read it? Perpetrating an Armed Robbery is not considered “Self Defense.” Keep looking though, I’m serious… I want to be shown one example in-real-life. I can open American Rifleman every month and read multiple stories of CCW’ers “saving the day” I just want to hear one time that your argument has proved true.

        • Sim City

          I bet there is no credible evidence that concealed handguns prevent “hundreds of crimes” a day. The thinking behind that policy is this: instead of relying on societal systems, every person should arm himself. We’ve never really tried that … except for in the wild west

          • KalashniKEV

            Crimes prevented aren’t recorded… because they don’t happen.

          • internet tourettes

            There was a lot of crime in Somalia when I was there and everyone had weapons! Samething in Peshawar too! Come to think of it, Mexico has a lot of weapons (from the US I might add) and believe it or not it’s not unusual to see someone hanging from a bridge or telephone pole in certain cities and towns.

          • drax

            Then how on earth can you know that “several hundred” are prevented each day? Where’d you get that stat, Kev?

        • Mary-Austin

          One of the first gun deaths of 2013 was a little girl in Maryland who died needlessly because idiots have guns and were firing off shots to ring in the new year.
          I’m sure she’s just a punch line to many on here though.

        • drax

          I’m not an anti, but I don’t pretend like there’s never shootouts.

          • novasteve

            I have a feeling hte vast majority of shootouts are amongst gangs..

          • drax

            And those don’t matter? They often kill innocent bystanders.

        • Josh S

          I agree that it’s almost impossible to prove that there are “hundreds of crimes prevented by legal concealed handguns each day.” This veers dangerously close to Minority Report’s Pre-Cogs, etc.

          In addition, I think that calls for citizens arming themselves every time there is a robbery, etc. is nothing short of overkill. The odds that any one of us will be faced with a life or death situation remain very long. Compare this with the odds if one is actually armed. If this guy had a gun, and brandished it as these guys tried to rob him, the odds that someone would have ended up shot and possibly dead would have gone up quite dramatically. Instead, he is wounded and embarrassed and minus a watch. Not a desirable outcome but a heck of a lot better.
          In short, having a gun increases the odds that it is used. And guns, when used, tend to cause significantly greater damage than when guns aren’t used.

          • bubba

            Wow using reason and logic to make a point. And making it very well! what are you doing on Arlnow?

          • not so fast

            “In short, having food increases the odds that it is eaten. And food, when eaten, tends to cause significantly more caloric intake than when food isn’t eaten.” Ergo, we should ban food, since increased calories are a factor leading to obesity, which can cause disease or even death.

            Where are your statistics that prove “having a gun increases the odds that it is used” versus that it is not used. I’ll wait while you look that up. Oh, never mind – it’s pure speculation on your part.

          • bubba

            not so fast is not so smart

          • Gunny

            “If this guy had a gun, and brandished it as these guys tried to rob him, the odds that someone would have ended up shot and possibly dead would have gone up quite dramatically.”

            Exactly. That’s the point. Dead bad guys instead of merely incarcerated bad guys who will leave jail with connections and lessons in how to commit other crimes.

          • KalashniKEV

            I’m willing to bet that the “odds are” that when a person does get attacked, they would like to have a gun-in-hand rather than a phone-in-hand. It’s usually the difference between cops showing up to collect a statement and cops showing up to chalk you out and take pictures.

    • KalashniKEV

      They specifically targeted and victimized the jogger for the very reason that he was not likely to be carrying a weapon. It had nothing to do with the value of his GPS watch or his shades.

      • dr seuss


      • JamesE

        like anyone would go jogging with a handgun anyways

        • novasteve

          I bet you a decent percentage of people who jog with a fanny pack have guns in them. And 100% of the cops with fanny packs jogging have guns in them. One of the most effective ways of concealing a fire arm is with a fanny pack. In fact the general rule is if the person you see with a fanny pack isn’t a tourist, they are a cop.

          • KalashniKEV

            You just illustrated the point I was going to make- a fanny pack may *physically* conceal the weapon, but I guarantee you if I started walking around with a fanny pack everyone would automatically assume there’s a gun inside. They would be correct in their assumption. It’s better to just open carry in a chest rig and confirm their suspicion.

          • Josh S

            You’re hilarious. “A decent percentage of people who jog with a fanny pack have guns in them.”
            Define “decent.” I’d be shocked if it was over 5%. I’ve never owned a gun that could fit in a fanny pack. But I have jogged. Unless I am a undercover cop, why would I ever want a heavy, uncomfortable, dangerous object bouncing around my waist while I am running? For Pete’s sake, if where you run is so dangerous you have to carry a gun, you might want to choose a different place to run.

          • internet tourettes

            Do you have a gun Novasteve?

          • KalashniKEV

            Josh- Scroll up. Read. Think.

          • B22201

            I agree. The reason there is so much crime nowadays is due to fewer cops on the street. I remember back in the 80’s you couldn’t jog without seeing a fanny pack wearing cop every block or two.

            fewer fanny packs equal fewer cops.

          • Sim City

            To KalashniKEV’s photo of the dork with the chest rig: Man, I’m glad that people like KalishniKEV aren’t running the country, and hope they never will. He wants me to run around with that ridiculous gun-cozy strapped to me instead of focusing on building a civil society and funding an adequate police force. And how paranoid he must be! I didn’t realize the gun nuts were such a frightened bunch!

          • internet tourettes

            Oh man what a perfect way to tell some one to rob you of your gun.

            Where did you find this Sky Mall?

          • drax

            Hard to build a civil society when you’re dead, Sim City.

            Kev is right – you can never prevent criminals from threatening your life – even WITHOUT guns. Defending yourself helps make a more civil society.

          • DNFjoe

            @Josh Keltec, ruger and beretta all make light weight concealed carry pistols. The Keltec P32 is 6.6 ounces.

            A while back I posted in the forums about my wife and I being threatened and almost attacked/jumped (you can look for it, Threatened on George Mason Drive). I had jogged this route for over 10 years incident free. I did have a problem there one day. I was armed but did not feel like dirty harry looking for someone to make my day. There were 2 guys for sure and possibly more in the park. I never had to draw my weapon, but if we were attacked I was greatful to have an option to protect my wife with more than my bare hands against multiple attackers. You don’t get to pick which day someone is going to try to make you a victim. You are better off being like a boyscout and being prepared.

          • KalashniKEV

            DNFjoe- thank you for sharing what I’m sure was a traumatic experience. We need more people like you injecting reality into the debate. The plain fact is that we don’t strengthen our defensive posture by weakening everything around us- we instead create a “Hard Target.” This should be the starting point of any discussion about safety and security.

      • Mary-Austin

        You don’t know that.

    • Joemama

      The attackers attacked from behind and hit the jogger on the head. If he had a gun, the bad guys would have ended up with it along with the Garmin. In this case, carrying a weapon could have resulted in a far worse outcome. The open carry argument is passe

      • KalashniKEV

        You seem to know a lot about the incident- Did they hit him with a fire extinguisher, or was it James-Bond-style and he just went out cold?

        Hitting someone in the head who happens to be carrying a gun is a good way to get shot about a half dozen times.

        • 10 year old boy

          yeahI saw that film too Kev!… freakin awesome!..he really shoots up those guys who tried to knock him out..

  • Kim Arl Un

    The three stooges were likely from Lake Wobegon, who could only dream of living in a People’s Paradise such as Arlington.

    • Patrick

      It is called the People’s Republic of Arlington. You of all people should know that.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Ballston Metro is a hive of scum and villainy.

    • JamesE

      ^^ never been to Mr. Days

    • KalashniKEV

      Skanks too.

      • Asian skank

        you should know KK

        • KalashniKEV

          Arigato gozimasu, skank san.

    • P Monroe

      “We must be cautious.”

  • Tammy

    I’m glad no one was seriously injured. This article really worried me since I use the bike paths to commute to and from work. I looked at the crime reports section of the Arlington County webpage and filtered out all the crimes that had the word “trail” in them (http://news.arlingtonva.us/police/crimereports?q=trail&year=&s=-date). It doesn’t look like assaults on the Arlington bike paths happen too often… But it’s still really scary considering a woman was raped last summer on 4 mile run trail 🙁 I might be rethinking my commute…

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      I run a 3 or 7 mile loop on four mile run / Curtis trails almost every day for the past 3.5 years.

      I have NEVER seen an Arlington County Police patrolling these trails.

      • Rory

        I have more than a few times.

        • Tammy

          I see a patrol car pretty regularly on 4 mile run park trail in the mornings.

  • Sebastian Melmoth

    seems like lately when i read about bad news in the area Ballston is mentioned. is Ballston’s becoming the new Southeast

    • Mary-Austin

      u kno how to read’s?

    • No Surprise

      LATELY? Ballston has been headed steadily downhill for some time. They really need a more visible and permanent police presence down there before it gets any worse.

      • KalashniKEV

        A while back, a real smart guy on here proposed a surge policing operation beginning in Ballston and rolling East. Who was that public safety genius? And how many crimes would have been prevented and victims unharmed between that time and now?

  • x-arl

    in custody within an hour…..great work ACPD!

  • CW

    Nice job ACPD, nice scoop to the site!

  • Paul Romano

    As a fellow law enforcement officer with the Federal Government that is great work by the Arlington PD. Way to go. All you runners always be aware of what is going on around you.

  • Busstationmustgo

    It’s not the metro that’s bringing the criminals to ballston, it’s the bus station hub. If that were relocated I think the mall could even attract decent retailers.

    • drax

      Yes, all criminals are from somewhere else.

      • KalashniKEV

        Not all, but most.

        • drax

          No, not most. Consult your weekly crime report.

      • Aren’t they?

        For this particular crime I’d bet that’s the case. Bar fights, domestic violence, and a whole host of other offenses may be home grown, but I”m gonna go ahead and go out on a limb and say that there’s about a 0% chance that anyone from N. ARL is mugging people at gunpoint. The fact that they returned to the Ballston Metro afterward just further seals it just in case there was any doubt.

      • Indeed they are

        People who rob at gunpoint don’t own $700,000 houses or pay $3000/month in rent.

        • KalashniKEV

          Not currently, but have you seen the way our economic policy is headed?

    • Sim City

      Yes, let’s put the bus hub somewhere where it’s completely useless. And it’s fear of crime from a bus that hurts a mall? It’s amazing the level of fear and paranois a crime story brings out — a crime story in which the thieves were apprehended. We must all drive ourselves around ourselves in bullet-proof Humvees and pack a piece should we dare to step out it. Truly an apocalyptic and exagerated of the dangers around us and vision of an extremely hostile world — with no bearing in reality.

      • drax

        Just seal ourselves off from the outside world and live in a bubble and we’ll be fine.

  • Patrick Monroe

    Would-be criminals and thugs: We aren’t putting up with your nonsense. Get a clue, and a job.

  • Amy

    Listen to this — at the same time, just about in the same area of the Custis Trail, my cyclist husband was stopped by a motorcycle cop and prevented from traveling further. He could see behind the cop what appeared to be two very dead bodies, one with a bike helmet on, the other not — what’s up with that, and why didn’t we hear about it?

    • Tammy

      umm…. any updates on this???

      • Amy

        Not that I can find. Really odd, you know? Reconsidering my daily bike commute along Custis.

        • Brian

          My dad, who was jogging in his flourescent jogging gear, was running along the path at the same time and was stopped by a motorcycle cop who told him to “pull over”.

          He then asked my dad “what are you doing”.

          my dad, perplexed, replied “um..running”

          The cop’s partner then came up, and told my dad he was free to leave.

          My dad is 65 and white, btw. Didn’t exactly fit the perp description

  • Flute Fiascos

    Don’t ask questions.


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