Local Mom Opens Nail Salon on Lee Highway

by ARLnow.com January 15, 2013 at 11:55 am 2,759 42 Comments

Yorktown Nails owner Li Vo (photo courtesy Sarah Moore)A new nail salon recently opened on Lee Highway.

Arlington mom Li Vo opened Yorktown Nails, at 5163 Lee Highway, in December. Fellow moms have been spreading the word about the salon in an attempt to drum up business.

“It was opened by Li Vo, a McKinley Elementary and Yorktown [High School] mom who many folks know as the uber-popular manicurist at American Nail,” resident Sarah Moore told ARLnow.com. “Now she and her family have opened their own salon and everything is super clean, new and parking is a cinch.”

Through Feb. 28, Yorktown Nails is offering a “grand opening special” — an “organic” pedicure and manicure for $28.

Photo courtesy Sarah Moore

  • the prefix uber

    Okay, you can stop using me now. I’m tired.

  • yappydogs

    Slow news day?

    • TomTom

      Been that way for a while here, just look at all those column’s and sponsored content hogging up what used to be a good site. I check far less often now a days.

      • MC 703


      • Ralph

        I disagree. Yes, the puppy section is silly, but it’s only 1 article per week and ArlNow.com needs the money.

        This article, about the nail salon, is actually useful for some people.

    • CrystalMikey

      Community website with community happenings and goings on. What’s up with the thinking that this site is all serious news, all the time?


    Naaaaaah!!!! Couldnt be sponsored content – nor could the reporter have received anything for free in order to write this, er, content. Cause if so, FTC law requires a disclaimer that requires the author ARLNOW to disclose the compensation / gift. And since there is no disclaimer, clearly this isnt sponsored content. Clearly.

    • drax

      Why don’t you go away and read something else? Your negativity and veiled (ironically) accusations contribute nothing.

    • Ralph

      It could be — but it’s pretty unlikely. ArlNow has been really good at marking their articles as sponsored where needed.

      They mention new store openings all the time, don’t see why this one is any different.

      • jackson

        “Free pedicures for life! HAHAHAHAHA!” –Arlnow reporter who wrote this story


    • Only articles marked “sponsored” or “featured” (i.e. featured events) are the result of any sort of promotional arrangement. We have had no contact with this business owner, only with the local resident who is trying to spread the word about the store.

      • Dan

        Okay then you won’t mind us checking your nails ??

        Just kidding…independent small businesses need all of the help that they can get now a days.
        Keep the articles coming.

    • CourthouseChris

      Some day I hope to cease to be surprised by what people get bent out of shape over.

  • KARLington

    Calm down everyone…just wait a minute and there will be much more urgent news of the County Board doing something stupid, a disabled individual robbing banks, or someone driving into a 7-11.

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    I think this is a great story and wish her luck. With all of the comments on this site about supporting locally-owned and small businesses, the opening of a new one is certainly germane and newsworthy.

    • BBMS

      Just a tip, things named “Yorktown” do not do well in that shopping center.

  • Andy

    Shame there are only about 8 other nail salons within a half mile of there.

  • arglebargle

    If that’s the strip mall I think it is, there is something about the parking there that makes me NEVER want to pull in there. The only place I’ll go in there is the Caribbean Grill because it has those spots on the end.

    • cyclist

      Huh? I find plenty of places to park there. 😉

  • huh?

    “parking is a cinch”… huh?? I’m not saying there aren’t a decent number of spots since that shopping center isn’t ever terribly full, but “parking is a cinch” is not a phrase I would’ve chosen. The ground surface is full of pot holes and no one seems to be able to intelligently get in or out of that entire lot even with multiple entrances and exits. I’m happy for the success of a local parent who has gone from nail tech to small business owner, but this is a very strange industry and world because everyone knows everyone and everyone used to work for someone else at their salon, then split off. It creates a very weird tension in all the salons when a new one opens just a few blocks down (or in some cases past on this road, um, right across the street). It seems at a time when none of the salons are always packed that we’d need fewer places but where the techs are equally talented and the place is equally well run. And yes, anything named “Yorktown…..” has not been successful, but maybe she can break that cycle. Good luck, I guess. I’ll stick to my place where they know my name and treat me well. 🙂

  • Tabs

    Her apparent ability to reproduce is so relevant.

    Has The Onion ever had a headline like “Local Barren-Wombed Woman Achieves Something” or ‘Local Woman who Never Found the Right One Gets Pat on Back for Not Being Considered a Completely Useless Citizen”? I bet they have.

    • Quoth the Raven

      Wow. Overreaction?

      • Tabs

        Wow, absolutely zero sense of humor?

        • Quoth the Raven

          Were you trying to be funny? If so, my bad – missed it. But I thought you were seriously peeved that the article called her a mom.

        • Dan

          “Wow, absolutely zero sense of humor?”

          In this case I think that it is “less than zero”…..if that is possible.

          • Quoth the Raven

            A fine movie, by the way.

  • YTK

    Congrats on your new nail salon — and if you have not already done so, please VENTILATE it !!!

  • Ballston Resident

    Good luck Li Vo. We need more honest businesses like yours in Arlington.

  • uber-foyo

    a froyo would’ve been nice at that location, too. just sayin. A new super clean one.

  • nothing against business owner

    But this stretch of Lee highway needs another nail salon like I need another hole in my head. I wish her the best, it is a competitive market…that is for sure.

  • Westover

    Great lady, great neighbor!

  • Swag

    Good to know she’s a mom. That’s important information.

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    Did anyone check her immigration status?

    • Karen Villatoro

      You cannot be from South Arlington.

  • Donna

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been looking for a clean nail salon in Arlington for a while now. I’ll definitely check them out!

  • Mom in Arl

    My kids also go to Yorktown. It’s great to see a local mom starting her own business! You have my support,Li! Good luck!

  • Inquiring minds

    This article leaves us hanging – what exactly is an organic mani and pedi?

    • YTK


  • humor attempt

    she’s cuteicle! sorry..i was emory bored

  • Sandy

    Congrats on your new business!

    P.S. I like that it mentions she’s a mom… and as a mom, I know how much of a feat it is to go after your dreams and make them happen!

  • Justice

    I normally don’t write comments but reading through some of the comments on this article makes me want to share my thoughts.

    I’ve been to the salon myself and my experience was wonderful! The salon was very clean, the tech did a great job on my pedicure & manicure, and the people were friendly.

    For those of you who are obviously selfish, there’s actually many ladies/moms out there who would appreciate the fact that there’s such a nice place to get their nails done. It’s very important and relaxing for women.

    Yes, I agree that there’s a lot of competition in this industry but wouldn’t you want that as a consumer??? for instance, if there’s already a Giants in your area, you wouldn’t want a Safeway to open up??? Think again.

    Yorktown Nails has my full support!!!

  • PHD

    Sorry, and nothing against this woman, but yet another nails place on Lee Hiway is not what we need. There are many, many very nice places to go for mani/pedis. Nails 2000, 5711 Lee Hiway (corner of Lee & Lexington) happens to be my favorite and I won’t be switching. I really wish something else had opened up in that spot.


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