Board Expected to Approve Tuckahoe Park Contract

by Katie Pyzyk January 22, 2013 at 10:10 am 1,072 27 Comments

Plans for Tuckahoe Park

At its meeting on Saturday (January 26), the County Board is expected to approve the award of a contract for the reconstruction of a playground at Tuckahoe Park (2400 N. Sycamore Street).

County staff recommends awarding the $666,650 contract to Jeffrey Stack, Inc. There would also be more than $66,000 approved for change orders, for a total contract authorization of more than $733,000.

The county received only two bids for the work but both came in above what had been budgeted for the project. County staff negotiated with the lowest bidder, Jeffrey Stack, Inc., to reduce the total cost.

The East Falls Church park was last renovated in 1994, and the Arlington East Falls Church Civic Association has been working with the county since late 2010 on revitalization plans.

Improvements include an accessible entrance, new play equipment, accessible paths, site furnishings, synthetic turf safety surfacing, site drainage, bio-retention gardens and plantings.

  • PhilL

    Bring back the log city.

  • Sparky

    Didn’t all that get burned up this morning when I-66 WB was down to 1 lane from all the smoke?

  • Rentention ponds

    equals mosquito breeders.

    as for everything else, the old play equipment is rather lame thought the slide is pretty cool, long and tall. But, I would guess any change will lower the height of the slide and tower to limit liability.

    • Greg

      Yeah, that slide is great. I hope they don’t get rid of it.

  • novasteve

    Hasn’t the trend been to get rid of play equipment due to fears of litigation?

    • jackson


  • iiandyiiii

    $666,650- the Contract Award of the Beast.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    The first of the worthless bribes/pacification masures handed out by the county, to be able to turn East Falls Church into Ballston 2, and do away with the most heavily used Metro parking lot in the whole system.

    • drax

      People are going to move here. They’ll either move to Ballston 2 and live next to Metro (and shopping) and not need new parking, or they’ll move to Manassas or whatever and they’ll need to build a giant parking garage over the existing one. I think I’d prefer Ballston 2 over a huge parking garage.

      • Illogical

        …and you don’t live in this neighborhood….your opinion on this is worth spit….not to mention illogical….just where are all of these people going to live ??

        • drax

          You don’t know what neighborhood I live in.

          I’m sure some farmer whined about your house when it was built too.

      • Quoth the Raven

        And for the people who currently part there and ride the Metro – where exactly are they going to park if the lot goes away?

      • Suburban Not Urban

        1) I actually wouldn’t mind some more parking – make it more useful to more poeple. To my mind, EFC serves a broader area than any other station in AC. From a residents perspective(not outside commuters) If you don’t live 10 min from Ballston or Clarendon – you don’t use it.
        2) You’d like Balston 2 – I wouldn’t – If I did I’d have moved to Balston/Clarendon – how about some diversity. I’d honestly rather live in a neighborhood of McMansions.
        3) “People are going to move” – sorry only if the county is the enabler – just like a drug pusher – more people more taxes more control. This area is pretty much 100% built out – and people bought here because they liked the area. I could get into the promises – Ballston east but I’ll skip that today.
        4) This is pretty much all about the folks that live in Ballston/Clarendon thinking they know how everyone should live. Since the board policies are driven now 100% by the “Towers” and the “Remora” that just want to be able to walk to a nearby Froyo or generic franchise – and care nothing for all the other Quality of Life issues we have here now – the voice of others is completely ignored The board policys have engineered it so that those voices now out weigh any other voices in the county – and the resistance to anything but at-large rep. will make sure it stays that way.

        • drax

          2) My point is that your choice is between Ballston 2 and people living further out and coming to your neighborhood to park and ride Metro (likely requiring a big new parking garage), or clogging the highways. You can’t stop growth, only manage it.

          3) See 2.

          4) Nope. It’s about you accepting that population growth is going to happen whether you like it or not, and you have to make the best of it. Pretending it will go away won’t work.

    • S J

      Who said anything about getting rid of the Metro parking lot?? This park is several blocks away from the Metro, on the other side of Lee Hwy.

      • drax

        “Who said anything about getting rid of the Metro parking lot?”

        This is what they are talking about:


        • thrak

          Thanks for the link. I hadn’t seen this since it was almost 2 years ago and it explains the reactions to today’s post. It certainly seemed odd to go from revitalzing a park to arguing about how the Metro area was going to be developed. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t worry too much

      Most of the land the county wants to redeveloped is owned by V-Dot. V-Dot doesn”t really get along too well with the Arlington County Board given its stubborness on not expanding 66 and suing individual V-Dot employees so the county’s goal of redeveloping the area is a long way off.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    Typical board modus-operandi – shout about everything at all positive and hide the negative – unless you as a voter – play detective. The EFC dev plan that this is part of/is a payoff for – pretty much calls for doing away with the Metro parking lot and replacing every square foot with multi-story apts/condo/high rise stuff.

    (I know Metro hasn’t agreed to it yet, but a board that’s willing to attempt mafia style tactics like sueing Va Govt officials outside their offical capacities – who know’s what leverage they’ll be willing to apply).

    • Suburban Not Urban

      Sorry – attempt to reply to S J

    • VDOT not Metro

      owns a good portion of the land. If Metro and the Arlington county board don’t get along together just imagine VDOT and the county board.

    • thrak

      I certainly don’t know all the details you’re talking about, but it seemed to me that people saw the phrase “East Falls Church” and assumed this concerned the Metro area rather than an existing park in the eastern part of Falls Church.

      So are you insinuating that revitalizing an existing park is simply a step to later overtake the Metro parking area?

      • Suburban Not Urban

        Not sure what you mean, google shows the distance between the parking lot and the park is .23 miles ~ 2 blocks. I’m not sure how to be clearer – this is a typically hand out(of next no value) for the local civic assoc to get them to stop opposing increased density that is not allowed “by-right” without the board changing the zoning.

        • thrak

          I understand now from the link Drax provided the history behind the overall plan for the EFC area. Because the article only talked about this park, your initial comment seemed out of place. I understand your connection now.

    • drax

      The EFC plan has been discussed in depth, by the county and on this site. It’s not secret.

  • FED

    Tuckahoe Park? What park? You mean the future urbanized recreation area designed by non-resident County Staff for the non-resident REITs that will redevelop EFC and claim the redeveloped Tuckahoe Park as their “community benefit” constructed, of course, at Arlington taxpayer’s expense?

  • Westover

    Save the Tower! Save the Slide!!!!


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