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by Katie Pyzyk January 23, 2013 at 8:55 am 3,265 42 Comments

Clarendon-Courthouse sign

Flight Makes Emergency Landing at DCA — A US Airways Express flight had to make an emergency landing at Reagan National Airport this morning (Wednesday) due to a cracked windshield. The plane was minutes into its flight from DCA to Raleigh/Durham International Airport when it had to turn around. Nobody was injured. [WJLA]

Plastic Bag Tax Defeated — Sen. Adam Ebbin’s proposal to tax single-use plastic bags in grocery and convenience stores has been defeated in the state Senate. Had the bill passed, it would have imposed a five cent tax on every plastic bag distributed by retail establishments. [Sun Gazette]

Potomac CrossFit to Re-open in Courthouse — After closing last year to make way for a new development in Clarendon, Potomac Crossfit has found a new home. The new 9,000 square foot location will be located at 1320 N. Courthouse Road, Suite 100. It is expected to open in May. [Potomac CrossFit]

  • Piker Shorts

    Welcome back, PCF!

  • 1RLI

    Nice picture of a street car in the sign.

  • 1RLI

    Nice image of a streetcar in the sign.

  • Libby

    Nice image of a streetcar in the sign.

  • Piker Shorts

    Oh, anonymous aliases.

  • Libby/1RLI


  • pattyballston

    The flight time to Raliegh/Durham is 45 minutes – why not just land there?

    • BBMS

      It happened 10 minutes after they left DCA. So turning around and descending quicker was the smartest thing to do. They also probably have better maintenance at DCA since it used to be their headquarters.

      • Westover

        OK, the wording of the story, “less than an hour into the flight”, while technically accurate, implies it was closer to an hour into the the flight than having just taken off.

        • Katie Pyzyk

          We have fixed the wording. Thank you for pointing it out.

      • CW

        The exact question I was seeking to ask…glad to see it was already answered.

  • Arlington Cat

    I hate in when those pebbles fall off dump trucks and hit my windshield.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Nice image of a streetcar in the sign.

  • drax

    Nice image of a streetcar in the sign.

  • Wow&Flutter

    Nice image of a streetcar in the sign.

  • CW

    Nice image of a streetcar in the sign.

    (just to mix it up a bit)

  • John Fontain

    The pictorial image of a streetcar displayed proudly on that neighborhood marker is quite stunning.

  • DarkHeart

    Was Hootie and the Blowfish on that plane? That might explain the issue.

    • Deadite

      I thought they had a cracked rear view?

  • novasteve

    I think Ebbin would be a lot happier in Maryland, where he could tax and ban everything he doesn’t like much more easily.

  • arlimprov

    Fantastic! I have been dying to try out Crossfit, but didn’t want to have to drive to one.

  • Anonymous Coward


  • Mick Way

    Instead of taxing plastic bags I propose we raise the registration fee on hybrid-car owners because they are more likely to use reusable bags and thus have a negative affect on the plastic bag manufacturers.

    • Hee-Haw

      Next, they’ll try to tax our use of shopping carts. I’m already practicing holding all my groceries in my arms.

      • drax

        No they won’t, because shopping carts aren’t a major pollution problem.

        • Hee-Haw

          was a joke…

          • DCBuff

            He knew that, but your posting was the first of the day to which he could post his usual disagreement with something/someone.

          • drax

            No, unfortunately, you can’t assume anything around here is a joke, no matter how absurd.

            But thanks for letting me know, Hee-Haw.

          • Hee-Haw

            you’re actually right about one thing: you can’t assume something is a joke; however, the idea of tax shopping carts IS absurd and the visual of a person carrying all their groceries is a joke…its not that hard, even in a written format. From now on, when I want to tell a joke, I’ll preface the comment with “Joke coming”…

          • drax

            Yes, taxing shopping carts is absurd – but there are people here who would, in all seriousness, accuse some legislators of wanting to tax shopping carts. And they don’t know it’s absurd.

        • KalashniKEV

          These Dems are Tax Drunk… if you don’t give them a good fight, they will tax literally everything in life.

          • drax


          • novasteve

            Actually it’s quite true drax, except two things, there’s nothing dems wouldn’t tax. No matter if those taxes are regressive, it hurts the poor, if they want revenues they’re going to do it. If they don’t approve of something, it’s tax it first, then ban it, becaues I know what’s best for other people and thus my way or the highway. Look at Maryland. Every single day Martin O’Malley is thinking of new things to tax. They even got the gambling they wanted, but that still wont’ be enough. In places like MD and DC where they are so desperate for revenue they even have STOP SIGN CAMERAS now.. Can you believe that?

          • drax

            No, it’s false, steve.

            And stop sign cameras save lives by making a-holes who run red lights think about it first. If they make a little money on those people, that’s good. It’s a tax on endangering lives, and I think it’s great. Yeah, I’ll tax that.

          • novasteve

            Drax: A stop sign isn’t a red light. I’m talking about a STOP SIGN. You get the whatever fee for rolling through it. Most people don’t come to complete stops at stop signs. They usually slow down, sometimes to close to a stop, but not a complete stop. I’d say maybe 5% of the time I witness people driving do they stop at a stop sign unless police are around. I’m one of the very few that always comes to a complete stop. However it’s not the same as a red light. Running a red light is a lot worse and poses a lot more risk than rolling through a stop sign on pershing.

          • Bub

            whereas republicans will simply steal it and give it to someone richer than you could ever dream of being.

      • bub

        Hey Hee, keep the day job.

  • Read My Lips

    Passing a plastic bag tax is so DC and MD. Might as well go flip a SUV while at it.


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