Potomac Crossfit to Move as Office Construction Nears

by ARLnow.com January 3, 2012 at 1:05 pm 14,393 147 Comments

The popular Potomac Crossfit gym at 1039 N. Highland Street in Clarendon is planning to close after Jan. 28 to make way for the eventual construction of a new office building.

Potomac Crossfit owner Brian Wilson says he was just notified by his landlord that he would have to vacate the space by the end of the month, despite receiving earlier assurances that the gym would be able to stay until the spring. Wilson is planning to move staff and equipment from Potomac Crossfit, which opened in 2008, to his newer Patriot Crossfit gym near the intersection of Lee Highway and Glebe Road.

Wilson hopes loyal gym members will make the extra car trip or bus ride to Patriot Crossfit while he works to secure a new location in Clarendon. He says he’s currently in negotiations with a landlord to lease a space in Clarendon that’s even bigger than the current Potomac Crossfit space. Even if those negotiations prove successful, however, Wilson doesn’t expect the new location would open any sooner than this summer. Wilson added that he’s also in negotiations to lease spaces for crossfit gyms in the Pentagon City and Ballston neighborhoods.

The closing of Potomac Crossfit comes as a planned 300,000 square foot office development in Clarendon nears final county approval. The development — on the block bordered by Washington Boulevard, 11th Street, N. Highland Street and N. Garfield Street — is scheduled to have its site plan go before the Arlington County Board later this month. The developer, Penzance, is hoping to break ground this spring.

Most (if not all) of the other businesses on the block, including the T.A. Sullivan & Son cemetery monument business, are also expected to close as the groundbreaking nears.

  • LP

    Good. I’m sick of seeing these douches running all over the neighborhood, blaring music and throwing weights with their shirts off.

    • Clarendude

      Aw, I was going to say I’d miss seeing the block jogging with the medicine balls. I can understand what you say though, but at least it’s something different. I give kudos to trying to get back in Clarendon too.

    • LP’s already-broken new year’s resolutions

      Agreed. Finally, some more development to class this place up to the level Ballston dwellers enjoy.



      • LP

        Hah, well played. Too bad I work on 5 days a week, am healthy and fit.

        I just can’t stand the “in-your-face” style workout. I have nothing wrong with gyms and working out, but Crossfit is a bit extreme for my liking…and I’m sure many others in the neighborhood.

        • jack

          “I work on 5 days a week…”

          Work on? Do people say that? Is that a regional thing?

      • JamesE

        Is digging on Ballston the new trend? At least it doesn’t have the Ballroom.

        • Fisto

          And soon it will have World of Beer. Nobody else in Arlington can say that!

          • J

            Not true! People in Arlington, TX can say that.

    • Good Grief

      Stop whining and go and try it. Free classes every Saturday at 12:00pm. Not douches, just a great work out.

      • Andrew

        Great! A free workout! Should offset the $100 plus a month cost if you decide to join.

  • ClarendonDweller

    Has anyone been following the progress of the site plan? I believe in the last post on this, it was mentioned that the architecture plans would be going through the Site Plan Review Committee, followed by public hearings at the Planning Commission before it got to the County Board meeting. Does anyone know if there was further discussion about the way the buildings fit into the existing neighborhood? Just curious.

    • Clarendude

      I went to two of the site plan meetings. The last one I attended they were trying to spruce up the Garfield side but I think the rest was largely the same. They’ve had a couple meetings since then though, I imagine.

      I’ll be impressed if they get underway this spring.

      • ClarendonDweller

        Thanks, Clarendude. Are you thinking that they won’t have sign-off on the site plan in time to get started this spring? Hopefully ArlNow or someone can keep tabs on what is discussed at the County Board meeting (ignorance alert: are these things broadcast on any local closed circuit channels or webcast?) I’m not against the project, just curious as to any discussion surrounding the architecture.

        • Clarendude

          My amazement with them starting in Spring would be related to all the factors that have to align. Approval, finalizing the TDRs, permits, financing, contracts etc. Nothing seems to happen that fast in development, much less development in Arlington ! Also if they are cued up and ready to go I think that says something about the state of the economy.

          The county board meetings are televised live on local channels, and on the internet and the recordings are usually available online a day or two after the meeting


          • ClarendonDweller

            Thanks, Clarendude! You always have the info.

    • cj

      The project goes before the Planning Commission next Monday evening and will be on the County Board agenda later this month.

  • TG

    Potomac Crossfit is a great gym with an even better community of members / coaches. They’ll come back stronger with a new location (or 2)!

  • Mkt Common

    Well [email protected] Crossfit, that’s called karma for being such a jerk to people.

    • Parry Hotter

      Ooo ooo! Do tell.

      I mean, little notice from a landlord is rude, but interested to hear the story.

  • Any word on if and where Eleventh will go? Love that place.

    • Not yet, we weren’t able to reach anybody by phone today.

  • CrossFitter

    CrossFit is all the rage! There’s also a new CrossFit gym opening in Ballston in February. http://www.ballstoncrossfit.com

    • LP

      Yay! All the rage, lets jump on the band wagon.

      Too bad it’s been proven to have potentially damaging long term issues due to the intensity and types of workouts that are “all the rage”.

      • WorkoutMore

        Probably far fewer long term issues than sitting on a couch, eating burgers, and smoking cigarettes. Any workout is better than no workout.

      • Kevin C.

        New Years resolutiion was to not get trolled on the internet… really trying hard to keep that…

        Just wondering where these studies are that prove the long term damages from working out with intensity… Link??

        • WorkoutMore

          Its called Rhabdo, which a friend of mine got but has no lasting issues from and is back to working out with intensity. People get it from all types of intense physical strain, including running and crossfit. Its pretty rare.

          Here’s a link for ya: http://journal.crossfit.com/2010/01/rhabdo-pdf.tpl

          • Kevin C.

            Oh, so thats the study??

            I know what rhabdo is… I’ve been there for 3 years and have never heard of someone getting rhabdo at PCF.

            C’mon now. You can do better.

          • WorkoutMore

            I wasn’t encouraging LP or trying to argue about it. I just don’t know about any studies off hand. Although I do know it legitimetly happens. One personal friend, and another friend of a friend. Neither of them workout at PCF, but they do workout at other crossfit gyms in the area.

            I don’t do crossfit, but I’d like to think i workout with intensity. I think its super rare, as with any random injury.

            LP is just an angry person with some issues. Personally, I think crossfit is a great form of workout, even if its not right for me.

          • Kevin C.

            I understand. Yeah Rhabdo is real, but as you said, it is rare.

            Best of luck to you! You should come check out the new location when it opens. If you like to workout with intensity, it may be right up your alley.


    • BallstonDweller

      Same building as Booeymonger?

      • CrossFitter

        Yeah – I think it’s right next to the Melting Pot.

  • Matt M.

    Cue up the normal derogatory comments whenever any crossfit-related story gets posted.

    Too bad the majority of these jerkoff commentators wouldn’t last 2 minutes in this workout program.

    • ros

      second this

      • Good Grief


  • LP

    No anger at all.

    I’m all for local, non-chain tenants, and they’re not closing, just moving to a different location and then coming back.

    Aren’t you also talking tough on this website by calling me a “douche”? Right back at you, big guy.

    • NGins

      PCF *is* a local non-chain tenant… One that doesn’t just support the local community/ economy, but also raises thousand each year for Wounded Warriors Project, inspires it’s members, and encourages each and every person that walks in the door to be the best version of themselves they can be.

      Keep in mind that you threw the word “douche” into the mix in the first place. I haven’t ever met a disrespectful Crossfitter… but you LP, have shown your own colors…. you know… by “talking tough on this website”…. big guy.

  • LP,

    Do you happen to own another gym in Clarendon, and just jealous of the PCF’s success?

    • LP

      No, I’m not a competing business. As I stated, I just don’t like the in-your-face style of crossfit at the Clarendon location.

      • Kevin C.

        Can you define ‘in your face’ style? Have ‘in your face’ style workouts been proven to be damaging as well?

        It’s not for everyone, but I’ve never seen a more welcoming community. Are there douches who crossfit? Sure, but are there douches at Golds and anywhere else… of course.

        If you have a problem with people trying to improve their health and fitness, then I’m not sure what to say. Just wondering… have you ever tried crossfit? You may like it, despite the level of in-your-faceness. Come check us out sometime, you never know.

        ok- back to the resolution of not getting trolled on the internet…


        • LP

          Kevin C. –

          Sure, in-your-face style is shirts off, throwing weights to the ground with lots of vocals (which aren’t necessary). I agree it’s not for everyone, just as anything else, and there are the same number of douches at Golds as they’re are Crossfit, etc, but they have to keep it in check there and it’s a little more tame.

          I don’t have a problem with people trying to improve their health and fitness, as I noted, I work out regularly and am all for staying healthy and fit.

          And to answer your question, yes, I have tried Crossfit (a friend owns a Crossfit in CA) and I actually enjoyed it and got a great workout from it. However, the main difference was that his gym was much larger, didn’t constantly play music obscenely loud and no one there was taking off their shirts or running through the neighborhood like they owned it. Maybe the issues with the Crossfit in Clarendon are just indicative of our close quarters and limited space.

          If I could find a more “tame” Crossfit in the area, I’d probably be up for it.

          • Fisto

            Their issues probably derive more from the native patronage, namely Clarendus Irrigatus

          • Kevin C.

            I can understand that. But, I promise you that I’ve never ran anywhere like I owned it. I mostly shuffle just trying to make it.

            Also, there aren’t as many vocals while lifting as you may think. Grunting isn’t really that common here, but weights are often dropped and when you are lifting heavy and there are 30-40 people, there can be some noise.

            Come check out the new location when it opens. The acoustics may be better. You never know…

            I can’t promise that all shirts will be on, but mine will.


        • LP’s delicately partitioned attention span

          I think LP was just pointing out that there are zero douches at Eleventh, which is why he gets offended by being in close contact with PCF and it’s Douche-Friendly atmosphere.

          I actually can’t think of any bars in Clarendon where Douches go, so it’s clear why LP is so territorial.

          When the Beer World gets to Ballston, will they have Belgian ales? LP wanted me to ask.

  • P

    That block was once home to McQuinn’s Sporting Goods, owned by Arlington’s own George McQuinn–the second finest hitter on the 1947 World Champion New York Yankees. The finest hitter was a kid named DiMaggio.


    • Grateful

      I grew up in Arlington and played Little League Baseball for McQuinn’s Sporting Goods. I remember the store being located at 1204 N. Hartford Street, on the other side of Wilson Blvd, and across from the First Baptist Church of Clarendon.

    • DarkHeart

      And DiMaggio used to do ads for Camel.

  • Bdgrgl

    For years I walked by PCF, intimidated by the workouts, the weights, and the intensity, so I never looked into joining and stuck with a boring, impersonal, corporate globo-gym with several dirty locations in Arlington. I wish I joined PCF at the beginning, and now I’m sad to see them go since I just joined. There’s too much development in Clarendon. I’ve been here 8 years, and it’s just a mess of high-rise condos that no one can afford and overpriced restaurants (with a few local gems tucked in).

    Wishing PCF and Brian the best of luck in securing a new location. For those afraid of CrossFit, try a free class and then make an informed opinion about it.

    • Bdgrgl

      Also, the PCF community is one of the most welcoming and positive environments to be a part of me. As a new member, I’ve felt nothing but encouragement and support.

    • Southeast Jerome

      If no one one could afford the condos, their market price would fall because nobody would buy them, right?

  • PCF Member

    PCF is a fantastic gym that deeply cares about their members and their success.

    There are a lot of misconceptions out there about Crossfit and I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in improving their fitness try out a free class to see what it is all about. It really can be scaled to any fitness level.

    I’m really looking forward to the new space.

  • Tigerchick

    Apparently, the mere fact we run outside and some athletes choose to do certain parts of the WODs outdoors when it’s called for is “in your face.” I presume that LP has the same problem with Pacers’ large evening running groups, or any time more than 3 drunk girls/ guys totter down Highland.

  • LP,

    I’m not huge by any means, I’m an average guy trying to be more athletic, and not everyone is an in your face person, what they aren’t are big babies who want to tear down other people so they feel better about themselves.

    • LP

      That makes two of us, but threatening to assault someone isn’t really necessary, is it?

      My initial statement wasn’t to make me feel better about myself, it was merely my thoughts (which we’re all entitled to) about Crossfit and it’s mark on the neighborhood.

      I personally find it very annoying that they keep the doors wide open and blast music in the early evening. I’ve had drinks at Eleventh next door during this time and the rattling, weight dropping, etc. just completely takes away from Eleventh.

      I’d be just as upset with music blaring and shirts off at Gold’s or WSC if people did this, and the few times I’ve seen that at either of those places it’s pissed me off. I’m sure Crossfit is a great workout (with some drawbacks – as all workout routines have), but it’s just the overall display that causes me issues. If it was below ground and wasn’t a glassed walled front that was so intrusive as you’re walking down the street or sitting in the establishment next door it wouldn’t cause me such angst.

      Is my dislike a bit clearer?

  • JamesE

    Crossfit won’t make you huge, but it is good for getting lean and is just a variation of high intensity training that has been going on for years. Some of their members do act a little too in your face and cultist though.

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    I have nothing against Crossfit or PCF in particular, but the whole concept of paying “somebody” to get in shape (or stay in) does not make sense to me.

    In my entire life I’ve never belonged to a health club or gym that you have to pay a fee.

    I’m in my late 40s, still run 7 miles a day and do push ups and situps. Other than shoes, I really don’t have an expense to stay in shape.

    and as somebody who lives nearby, I also find it funny and obtrusive that these guys occupy the sidewalks with their ball bounce and little 100 yard shuffle.

    • ros

      try one crossfit workout. you’re probably not as “in shape” as you think.

      • JamesE

        try a max OT workout, which crossfit does not train you for and you will probably die. If you specifically train for one thing then doing another routine will always be hard, it doesn’t mean it is any better just that you body is trained for something else.

        • ros

          you missed something though, that crossfit trains you for the unknown. nothing about it is routine.

          • JamesE

            crossfit is just another term for high intensity interval training, it is really nothing new. There is nothing wrong with it, just don’t delude yourself into thinking you are special and superior to other forms of workout.

          • Andrew

            The unknown? Like if someone comes up to you and forces you to do kipping pull-ups or squat thrusters? Give me a break.

          • Murray Langston


        • Kevin C.

          JamesE- I don’t like to say one thing is any better than the other. The best workout program for you is the one that you will do. Anything that gets you up and moving is great with me.

          Am I a little biased towards Crossfit? Sure I am, but I don’t push it on anyone else. Whatever works for you, u know?

          I don’t know max OT but I’m sure it’s tough. If I’m going to die, then I probably won’t try it. If it has a less lethal counterpart, I wouldn’t mind checking it out.


          • JamesE

            I agree that was what I am trying to say, whatever works is best, just because someone can’t do your workout doesn’t mean it is superior because you might not be able to do theirs. Max OT is basically just a very low rep extremely high weight workout for muscle growth.

          • Kevin C.

            We are in total agreement. I’d be interested in learning more about Max OT. I’m going to check it out.



          • JamesE

            The main downside is it is not very good if you are trying to cut as it requires a lot of caloric intake, thankfully I have the metabolism of a sloth so I don’t have to eat much to go up in strength.

          • JamesE

            also I fully plan to try a free class sometime but I will probably have a heart attack and die since I am not built for interval training at all. Also I jacked up my forearm and cannot do pull-ups right now without severe pain.

          • Kevin C.

            Trust me, you’ll be fine. I look forward to meeting you at a free class!

            We can always work around injuries.

      • Clarendon Cruiser

        That’s not my point, my point was cost. Want to see how much you can save by not belonging to a gym for a year?

        And I invite you anytime to go running with me at 0500, we might even have a nice conversation if you can keep up with me or if it is not too cold for you.

        want to compare resting heart rate? what other “internet” challenges do you want to throw me?

        And I will back up LP in that they are too loud with the music.

        • ros

          I understand what your point was, and obviously it’s cheaper to not belong to a gym. i’m just saying just because you run 7 miles a day and do push ups and sit ups..sure, you may feel in shape, but you may not exactly be in shape. not throwing “internet challenges” at you, just suggesting to try a crossfit workout, just once, to see what all the hype is about. you may love it, you may hate it and continue to run 7 miles a day, who knows.

          • Clarendon Cruiser

            We have a crossfit instructor in our office, so I’m familiar. He does crossfit since he cannot do distance running anymore.

            I prefer my workouts in the quiet and in the morning (and with a shirt on). And I’ve never run with headphones ever.

          • Kevin C.

            Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it Cruiser! I want to see you at grand opening of the new location!

            You may like it, and you may not. But you never know till you try it.

            btw- I’ve never worked out with my shirt off, so trust me, it’s allowed! lol.


          • JamesE

            I would go shirtless if I wasn’t part werewolf.

        • TriathleteAndCrossfit

          ClarendonCruiser, Crossfit Endurance is for you.
          See how much better you perform beyond the dreaded long slow distance run. A lot of the PCF athletes can do long distance runs and triathlon no problem, and fast.

        • Questioning one

          @ Claredon Cruiser and @ ros

          Both of you are forgetting the most inportant thing. I bet both of your definitions of ” inshape” are completly different. Running 7 miles a day is GREAT i would do it sounds crazy ( i uses to do cross country in college ( only for preseason training for track and field) so ive done long 7-10 miles runs THEY SUCK even when i was ” in shape but if thats your thing and you wanna weight like negative pounds and look like the wind would blow you away because urs wo thin. or ros you may think being able to lift your body weight or more is in shape and running 7 miles wont do it for you but he is right the heart is probably healthier, personally as a female i perfer musles 🙂 So if your tryign to inpress the ladies and some bench press to your 7 mile run , but to ros, and as a crossfitter, its a great work out but they would do more cardio

    • Kevin C.

      Cruiser: That is great to hear that you have kept up your level of fitness, but have you seen the rest of America? You are the exception in this country.

      Some people (myself included), need a little help getting out and to get moving. The community aspect of PCF has really helped me motivated to stay in shape and work out. You can look down on me for spending the money to join a gym, but in the end, it is my money, right? And if I need that to keep in shape, is that really so bad?

      Btw: If you think those ball bounces and little 100 yard shuffles are easy, I think you should try it sometime, it may surprise you. You never know…

  • Beast

    Do 100 burpees and call me in the morning!

  • Kourtney P

    I would like to say thank you to the entire PCF staff — you have built an amazing community with your dedication and commitment to seeing others succeed. While I am sad to see the current location go, I am excited about our new home.

    For those that complain about us running through the neighborhood, we wouldn’t appear so ‘in your face’ and aggressive if you actually STOPPED at the stop signs.

    • CrystalMikey

      That doesn’t apply to your fellow pedestrians.

      • Clarendon Cruiser

        + Einz

      • LP


  • Kourtney P

    can’t speak for others, but I call out that i am ‘passing on your left’…and try to run in the gutter to avoid crowd on the sidewalk and cars int he street.

    can’t help it if people have in earphones or aren’t paying closer attention.

  • Vinh An Nguyen

    Where will I buy my headstones now?

    • Dave

      Comment winner.

  • Steamboat Willie

    The comments from some of the pro-Crossfit folks on this thread kind of make LP’s point. I think the multiple “you couldn’t handle what we do” remarks are part of what LP was complaining about.

    • Kevin C.

      Steamboat- That is just people taking pride in their gym. I respect the passion and their love for Crossfit.

      Trust me- this place is very welcoming. I think a lot of the ‘we are better than you’ stuff comes from crossfitters being attacked by their friends/famliy. Trust me, all these people are very nice if you meet them in person.


      • Southeast Jerome

        The crossfitters sure do have a cult-like following. It may not be what I do for exercise, but its better than nothing and much better than the dudes at golds throwing up 500lb bench press just in case they ever can relive the dream of high school football

        • rory

          We can dream

    • Matt M.

      I think the tone of LP’s initial comment is what set people off. The PCF owners have made multiple adjustments to satisfy the concerns of neighbors. If LP has issues, maybe she could raise them in a normal adult manner, instead of celebrating the fact that a highly successful local business is being forced out and that its members are all a bunch of “shirtless douches”.

      • LP

        Already have, Matt and they weren’t even responded to.

        • LP’s backpedalling fitness plan

          LP, you get annoyed by the display and the loud music, and would prefer for it to be underground.

          I guess I can see how the loud music could get annoying at times if you’re on the patio at Eleventh. But the overlap is minimal on most nights, especially Friday (gym closes at 7) and there are no classes on Sat night.

          Besides, I am sure that there are some young, uban professionals walking their French Bulldogs to the cupcake store that get annoyed by the display of you and your friends ostentatiously imbibing in overpriced drinks and silly food outside on what is supposed to be a public sidewalk.

          So beyond that, the only response that makes sense is get over it. Your idea of acceptable behavior and activities in Clarendon does not entitle you to label a broad swath of fellow Carendon users as douches.

          So as we say in Ballston, may a tall ugly building with a first floor dry cleaners and a generic cafe that is only open at lunch be built right up your *ss.

          • Southeast Jerome

            give it to her

  • Tre

    all this talk of working out has me craving a cupcake

    • JamesE

      My post workout meal is a cupcake and beer

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      I usually crave salt, so mine is nachos chips or crackers, then a beer.

      Smoked Salmon with capers is manna after a good workout.

  • Casto

    I’m not elite, rich, a super athlete or in your face about my work outs, but if you don’t know the people at PCF other than seeing us running on the street or throwing medicine balls, I think you’re probably just misguided.
    The community at PCF is what those of us who work out there love about it, just like some people like riding their bikes, running for distance or sitting on a patio at happy hour in lieu of working out.
    If you have been to PCF and worked out and didn’t like it, then by all means, celebrate that we won’t be there to annoy you anymore.
    For those who have never been there, maybe it isn’t for you, but if you don’t know any of the owners, coaches and athletes that train there; I’m sure you can find someone new to annoy you for no reason once we are gone.

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      I know they are good people, just turn the music down and respect the pedestrians trying to use the sidewalks.

  • Miranda F

    Please note any posts here that appear defensive are merely a reflection of adoration for the PCF community and its owners. PCF members are simply saddened by this latest development. As evidenced by the numerous blog posts, PCF truly is a family. Further, Brian Wilson and Dan Hoffman have had an amazing presence and commitment to the Clarendon neighborhood. PCF, this year alone, raised over $70,000 for The Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the CrossFit Foundation. Additionally, PCF members have supported other local establishments serving as recurrent patrons of 11th Street Lounge and Lyon Hall. It’s a shame to see a local business have to close their doors to make room for yet another office building. However, I am quite certain Potomac CrossFit will continue to see great success in a new location. Best of luck!

  • LP’s Cellulite

    Your angst causes me angst. You mean you don’t enjoy Ke$ha’s Top 40 Hits while sipping an appletini on 11th’s patio? That’s some bomb beats right there. From here on out the music just gets louder…

    Let it go. Let it…go..
    -John Rambo

  • Christa

    I have lots of respect for the dedicated folks at PCF – I walk past the gym every morning and evening on my way to/from the metro (heck they are certainly doing more than I am!!!). My ONLY complaint is that, as a pedestrian walking down a public sidewalk, I have on more than one occasion narrowly avoided getting hit by a flying medicine ball or an overly enthusiastic gym member who is not watching out for others while going through one of their outdoor drills. I also feel bad for the staff/guests at the Eleventh Street Lounge – I often see the sweaty PCF members gathering around their outdoor tables for a break and/or recovering post-workout.

    • ThrowAwayAccount

      I am sure 11th doesn’t feel bad, we bring them a TON of business.

  • Casto

    Christa, you do realize that we are paying for drinks and dinner when we are at Eleventh, right?

    • Christa

      I’m sure that may be the case, but there have also clearly been times when the PCF members are just relaxing or re-grouping for a few minutes after their workout, and are not paying guests at that moment in time.

  • Bdgrgl

    There are worse problems in Arlington than medicine balls and people running for a workout. One thing I’ve noticed in Arlington in my 8 years here is that people love to complain. People, we have it pretty good here. No murders 2011, overall crime is low, people have a variety of dining and entertainment choices, (ok, housing is $$$$$), and there’s lots of jobs. If you don’t like it here, move. Otherwise, just deal with it.

    As for PCF, I can’t wait for the new location to be blasting the music and making me sweat!

    • Ivy

      Well said Bdgrgl! I’ve been here 20 years and have noticed the same thing….people always complaining despite how good life is here.

  • ClarendonDweller

    The Crossfitters can continue to run around the building and throw medicine balls on the sidewalk all they want as far as I’m concerned; I’m just happy to have a local business stay in the neighborhood. I’m hoping the owner respectfully listens to the concerns mentioned here and then moves on to finding another Clarendon location for his business.

    (And I’m not really sure where this hate is coming from – I walk by the place multiple times a day and have never had to work very hard to avoid a runner or medicine ball. In fact, the runners have gone out of their way to avoid me. I have, however, almost been run over by a pack of Pacers runners. And I lived to tell about it.)

    • KMcK

      Well said.

  • KMcK

    Is it ok for non-CrissFitters to run through the neighborhood? Because I’m pretty sure they do. We should send out a flyer or two.

    I don’t know why a gym is being attacked for “loud music” when it’s across from MISTER DAYS and in the same neighborhood as the Clarendon Ballroom.

    Also, al this crabbiness about loud music and shirtless runners makes me think I’ve reached a nursing home community blog.

    • ThrowAwayAccount

      For the record, I am a Crossfitter (female) and I keep my shirt on. Sorry Clarendon. I am sure you wouldn’t complain if it were me.

      • Southeast Jerome

        I think we should find out on that one.

  • Suzie

    Fitness First in Courthouse has tons of Crossfit equipment for a fraction of the cost and an outdoor workout space to use in the spring. Not to mention several CF-L1 certified trainers.

    • Crossfitter


      I’m sure Fitness First is a top notch facility. I just don’t think it’s going to fill the void. Congrats on your trainers getting their L1s though. That’s all it takes really.

      I have no doubt the next Rich Froning is doing a body pump class right now…

      geeee teeeeee effffff ohhhhhhhh

  • Pablo

    Just wait until all of these runners and medcines balls are replaced by even more cars as I’m sure they will put another parking garage in…

  • ThrowAwayAccount

    I dont even know what that means.

  • antwone

    Me love u long time.

  • ThrowAwayAccount

    As a dedicated PCF member i truly hope that all of you can join us in our new space, if not just to come out for one of our fundraisers for Wounded Vets!

  • rah

    As someone who lives a block away, I can’t say I’ll be sad to see the CrossFit go solely because of the running workouts that they do. Just based on what I’ve seen on a regular basis (no personal attacks, and I’m sure not all of you do this but seriously I see you guys run a lot), the CFers tend to dart across the intersections at sprint speed, particularly at 11th & Fillmore. Especially now that it is dark so early, they are not always visible and as a driver sometimes they seem to come out of nowhere. I run 15-20 miles a week starting in the same area, so it’s not that I think no one should run there but I do make a habit of slowing up at intersections to not get hit.

    I’ve also been bumped into and one time basically knocked to the ground by CF runners while walking on 11th. One time, one girl politely gave an “on your left” warning so I moved to the right, only to be run over by some other guy trying to squeeze by both of us on the very narrow sidewalk by 11th. It could have been an honest mistake…but he didn’t stop or even look back to see if I was ok or apologize so yeah I don’t have the best view on the attitude of some the people at PCF.

    • A. Democrat

      What we need is more funds for Crossfit attitude education. That way people in our community wouldn’t have to talk to them, or say anything when they got bumped into.

      So, you know, next year’s car tax is going to be pretty high.

  • JW

    AMRAP: Practiced MU transitions

    Metcon: 6:37 rxd.

    Great workout this morning.

    • ThrowAwayAccount

      Ha, nice.

  • All I can say is . . .

    Just looking at the photos on the website of Potomac CrossFit pretty much immediately elicited the word “douche” from my lips. Not to mention, there’s a pic of them playing with medicine balls in the street. Boy, that looks smart. If I lived over there, I wouldn’t miss ’em either. I’m a Gold’s guy, and we have a large douche quotient there, too, but I totally see the “in your face” thing that LP started with. See ya.

    • Casto

      You won’t see us. We don’t have a bicep curl machine, so you wouldnt like PCF. See how that works? Assumptions based on zero knowledge are fun, right?

      • JamesE

        Bicep curls are actually a very good supplement to building strength for Olympic lifts, assumptions you see.

        • Internet Skeptic

          Please show one credible olympic lifting program that utilizes bicep curls

      • All I can say is . . .

        You’re right, I won’t – that’s what “see ya” can mean. Irony. Also, not zero knowledge, I’ve tried that program, just not at that location. Anyway, I stand by my comment. I’m curious, though, if I had a change of heart – if I wanted to try out the new PATRIOT location, would I need the Stars and Stripes tattooed on my (shirtless) pec?

        • Kevin C.

          Not all crossfit gyms are created equal. Come check us out at Patriot or the when the new location opens in Clarendon. Believe it or not, I have seen benefits even with the music and breathing rubber fumes (not sure I get that one).

          Come check it out. It’s not for everyone, but yes of course you would need the tat, you can’t wear a shirt, and you’d have to play with a medicine ball in the street on your first day. Everyone has their entry fee.

          If not, I’m sure we’ll both be fine doing our own thing.

          • All I can say is . . .

            ok, I’m in, I can handle a little hazing on the first day . . . but will you make me shave my shoulders? I have a sneaking suspicion that the new gym’s desired PATRIOTS do not have back hair . . .

          • Kevin C.

            If you don’t manscape you will be asked politely to leave. Sorry, no exceptions.

            Gotta have rules, you know?

          • All I can say is . . .

            er . . . manscaping implies more than I would be showing during exercise, but hell, I’m open-minded.

  • MC

    Good riddance — the most obnoxious business in Arlington. They acted as through they owned the public sidewalks — they were too cheap to rent enough space for their exercise regimens, so colonized public space to make their money. I can’t be convinced that hearing ear-shattering music and deeply breathing toxic smelling rubber fumes does anything positive for one’s health.

    • Kevin C.

      Deeply breathing toxic smelling rubber fumes?

      I’ve never heard a better description of crossfit. Congrats for nailing it on your first try!

  • Bdgrgl

    My instinct tells me that about 90% of the comments are from people who never tried CrossFit. It’s not for everyone, but don’t knock it down completely until you tried it.

    PFC also serves as a healthy meal pick up location and CSA delivery location for many people. We are losing a gym location and a place to better our eating habits. One location serving many purposes for better health. No more cupcake and froyo places please!

    • Southeast Jerome

      My eyes tell me that 90% of the comments are from people that are crossfit “athletes”

  • Antwone-Is-Who-I-Am

    ♫Know one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going ♫


  • Josh S

    134 comments on the relative merits of cross-fit training?


  • jack

    I love that people both attack and defend cross-fit with an intensity usually reserved for things like Scientology and Ron Paul.

    • Graham

      best post so far

  • Just a Thought

    As PCF continues to build a strong community…maybe they can be nice neighbors and help the new developer by creating an end of the month exercise to remove the headstones??

    I like CF, and I appreciate someone’s passion for exercise. We all need to live together here in Clarendon. There is a high level of exercisers and pedestrians in this area…not only should drivers be more aware but so should the folks on foot.

  • Sherley

    what I love is that the guy who won the Crossfit games in 2011 drinks milk and eats sugar, ie, NOT Paleo which they preach on and on about.

    Crossfitters *do* look down on other exercise programs. So if you think they are judging you, well, they are.

    • Kevin C.


      That’s what you love?

      Come check us out sometime. I think you’ll find there is a lot less preaching and judging than you may think. You may even be surprised with our take on the Paleo diet.

      Also, Rich Froning is a monster. To classify him as just ‘eating sugar and drinking milk’ is a bit misleading, don’t you think?


      • Sherley

        I said he drinks milk and eats sugar. I did NOT say that is his entire diet. What post were you reading?

        • ros

          i think the point was that that’s how you’re classifying him, as someone who drinks milk and eats sugar. you’re disregarding his insane performances/stats.

          not all crossfitters eat strict paleo. not all crossfitters follow the zone diet. just, whatever works.

  • RMG

    Good job, JW!

    AMRAP: 12 PU/RD variations

    Metcon: 6:30

    I’m still terrible w/ arms, but I’m getting there.

    Oh wait, wrong blog…

  • sqrrlygrl

    1. Sheesh. “Douche” is a harsh term, LP. I could wax on about the demise of civility on the internet, but I’ll refrain.

    2. I’m a CrossFitter, but I still believe that the best workout is the one you do. It’s wonderful that the people on this board have found so many ways to be fit and healthy: from Max OT, to running, to CrossFit.

    3. Speaking of civility in public spaces, thank you for reminding me to call out “On your left!” when I do the T-Rex arm super-shuffle that I call running. See, we’ve all got room for improvement. 😉


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