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Police: Man Rams Garage Door in Theft Attempt

by ARLnow.com February 8, 2013 at 10:30 am 1,397 40 Comments

Arlington County police car (file photo)A Reston man’s plan to steal a car from a repair shop was foiled by the shop’s garage door, according to Arlington County Police.

Police say Kyle David Stefanye, 20, was attempting to steal a car from a repair shop — likely the Don Pool Mercedes-Benz repair shop — on the 6900 block of Lee Highway in East Falls Church. He allegedly managed to turn the car on, but his escape plan hit a snag: he tried, unsuccessfully, to ram the garage door, according to police.

Police later arrived and arrested Stefanye inside the shop. From the crime report:

BURGLARY, 02/07/13, 6900 block of N. Lee Highway. At 1:42 am on February 7, police responded to a report of a burglary in progress. The subject was inside the garage of a repair shop and was attempting to steal a car. After turning the car on, the subject attempted to drive through the bay door by ramming it. When police entered the building, they were able to take the suspect into custody. Kyle David Stefanye, 20, of Reston, VA was arrested and charged with burglary and attempted grand larceny of an auto. He is currently being held without bond.

  • JamesE

    This would never have happened with a manual transmission

    • 350sbc

      Mercedes doesn’t make a manual transmission.

      • JamesE


      • novasteve

        Yes they do. However Mercedes, knowing how incompetent so many american drivers are, ESPECIALLY luxury car drivers, don’t bother importing them to the US. Anyways, they come on the “lower” end models that typically don’t even have leather. So the status oriented, insecure people who buy Mercedes’ wouldn’t want them for that reason either. It must be great to be so insecure, but they’re ina lot of company in the shallow DC transient filled status seeking area.

        • JamesE

          Steve, what is your ideal car, what isn’t a status oriented car? A honda civic is status oriented somewhere in the world.

          • JamesE

            P.S, the only correct answer is the Dodge Stratus.

          • jackson

            Aw, I would have guessed Steve was a PT Cruiser kind of guy.

          • novasteve

            I buy cars based upon their performance. If there were a walmart brand car that was fast, reliable but got good mileage, i would get it. Quickness, reliability and fuel efficiency are my only factors when looking at a car, and the cheaper the better.

          • drax

            And so, you currently drive a….what, Steve?

          • CourthouseChris

            Jackson: Hey, that’s funny, I always pictured Steve in a PT Cruiser too.

          • novasteve

            Acura RSX Type S. Only comes with a manual transmission.

      • DCBuff

        Wrong. Oh wait, were just kidding.

        • drax

          Wrong! He’s actually not wrong! Wait, you were joking.

          • CourthouseChris

            Right! He’s unlikely not right? Wait, no one but me is not serious.

  • novasteve

    Me thinks that guy probably watches too many movies about cars busting through big doors to make dramatic escapes. However if he did have KITT he could have turboboosted out of there and gotten away, until Kitt took care of things and locked the thief in the car and delivered him to the police station.

  • Libby

    Those pesky garage doors! Too bad they weren’t made out of the same material at Pizza Hut restaurants.

  • South Side Chris

    Unlike in the movies, very few garage doors are out of balsa wood.

  • James Moron

    One more reason we need to electrify a border fence between Fairfax and Arlington

  • bum

    I thought for sure this story would have the word ‘brazen’ in it.

  • Not Me

    ….was attempting to steal a car from a repair shop — likely the Don Pool Mercedes-Benz repair shop…

    Why is this detail ‘likely’ and not ‘certain’? Is there a chance that he was stealing the car from a different repair shop, but happened to smash his car into this one in the process?

    • CW

      This got me hung up for a bit too, but what I have surmised is that the police just said the block – 6900 block of Lee Highway. ARLnow, using google maps or other, deduced that this shop was on that block – I’d think odds are pretty good it’s the only shop on the block. But for journalistic purposes they said “likely”. Kind of like still saying “allegedly” even when video has been released.

      • Not Me

        Thanks CW. Your measured, thoughtful responses are always appreciated.

        Have a good weekend. That goes for everyone!

  • themayor

    Why they reporting on stories in Falls Church. Dumb.

    • It’s because the address is still in Arlington. The auto shop is located right next to the county line.

    • drax

      Why you not know that East Falls Church is in Arlington? Dumb.

    • ThePresident

      UhhUUu dumb….righttttt….

  • fedworker

    Benz SUV in the shop from flipping over

  • DCBuff

    Uh, did this place have pizza?

  • snarl

    It’s not likely you’ll see many old grannies trying this stupid trick.

    • WeiQiang

      wrong. yesterday’s 86-year-old proved that she could out-ram a kid less than 1/4 her age. she had a Fit and he [likely] had a Benz … and she STILL made it through.

      • snarl

        Go, Granny, Go!!!!!

  • Ross

    I just checked; this suspect Kyle Stefanye was arrested in Loudoun County on 05/24/2011 for Possession of Marijuana, a Class 1 Misdemeanor that could have landed him in jail for a year. However, they simply dismissed the charge and gave him a restricted/suspended license on 07/12/2011.

    Then, on 09/04/2012 he was caught and charged in Fairfax County for driving on a suspended/revoked license and operating an unlicensed vehicle and driving with an unvalidated drivers license. All he had to do was pay a $25.00 fine and $62.00 court costs for the first offense, the second offense was dismissed.

    Now, here he is, in Arlington County attempting to steal a car.

    No worries, I’m sure he’ll get off with a slap on the wrist from incompetent Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney Theophani (Theo) Stamos (even though his two new charges are felonies).

    Just watch, I bet you a million bucks he will plea down to some cheeseball misdemeanor and do maybe 1 month in jail; pathetic.

    Theophani (Theo) Stamos needs to be fired.

  • drax

    Wow, Ross, you want to fire someone for something you think she’ll do in the future. Great logic there, Ross.

    And if you think every state’s attorney in the nation doesn’t do plea deals to keep things rolling, you’re incredibly naive.

    • Ross

      Yeah, plea deals to “keep things rolling”. That’s the plan! That’s worked out really well for us in the past few decades!

      We have the largest rate AND number of incarcerted individuals in the entire world.

      I already know that state’s attorneys do plea deals to make things efficient, or else the system would be clogged up with too many cases. Also, it helps when there is insufficient evidence to secure a conviction or it prevents a victim from having to testify.

      What I am saying is, that Theo Stamos has too many ridiculous cases on her docket. Just check and see all of the disorderly conduct and drunk in public and marijuana possession and vagrancy and other small fry cases that are in General District Court as of right now. That is the reason really bad guys like this get away with virtual murder; because incompetent Commonwealth’s Attorneys such as Theo Stamos allow so many small fry cases to be on their docket instead of just dismissing them or nolle prosequi them so that they can get to the crux of the problem; guys like this guy who need to be off the street.

      You are the naive one. You just blindly trust the judgment of Theo Stamos. Just watch; how much do you want to bet he gets off with a misdemeanor conviction only??

      • KathyInArlington

        Ross, the reason that “[w]e have the largest rate AND number of incarcerted individuals in the entire world” is that so many thousands of people are arrested each year for marijuana possession, some of whom receive long sentences. Although I myself don’t imbibe in alcohol or drugs, I believe that if people can buy alcohol, can marijuana be any worse? From what I have read, it is not. It is ridiculous to incarcerate people for using marijuana, or selling it for that matter. I hope that one day it will be legal all across the country. One of the reasons I feel this way is that years ago, I was watching a TV program where a 17-year-old boy was interviewed in prison. He had been given a 10-year sentence for the possession of marijuana. There are some people who commit murder or some other heinous crime that don’t receive as long a sentence.

        • Ross

          I absolutely agree; I have been advocating the legalization of marijuana for years now. They take up too much space in our prisons and that is why murderers do not even get but about 13 years in prison on average. Murderers should be put away for life, not just getting out after a decade. I think it is crazy that we have our prisons so full of people for simple drug possession. It is just nuts.

      • Tumblebum

        Those cases are on the docket because they were arrested on those charges. Dispositions are accomplished in court. Everything you listed is a misdemeanor and is heard in District court. The felonies are tried or plead to in Circuit court and are not affected by the misdemeanor case load. Additionally, the commonwealth attorney is an elected official and cannot be fired except by the voters.

        • Ross

          They still have to have their “initial appearance” in General District Court. That takes up a lot of time; especially since there are so many cases on the docket. Look up “assembly line justice”. Our criminal justice system takes up like 1/4th of our entire budgets each year. We could save so much money if we stopped adjudicating so many cases where police could just release people after they have sobered up so that they do not have to through the expensive process of the judicial process.

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