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Trulia: Rosslyn Is Chock Full of Men

by ARLnow.com February 12, 2013 at 9:45 am 26 Comments

Singles map via Trulia (red represents areas with more single women than men, blue represents more men than women)(Updated at 10:10 a.m.) Arlington’s Rosslyn neighborhood is the best place to look for single men in the D.C. area, according to the real estate website Trulia.

For a blog post called Looking for Love in All the Right Places, Trulia looked at single adults below the age of 65 in some major metropolitan areas, including D.C. The company found that “downtown” employment centers — like Rosslyn — typically have more single men than women, while “uptown” residential areas have a higher ratio of women to men.

Rosslyn was recognized as the highest men-to-women ratio in a ZIP code (22209) with at least 1,000 population and 20 percent population alone. Similarly, Upper Connecticut Avenue in D.C. took the honor of the highest women-to-men ratio.

While Rosslyn took the regional title, the Crystal City/Pentagon City area also looked like fertile ground, with more single men than women. Parts of southwestern Arlington — including Shirlington and Fairlington — had the county’s highest ratio of single women to men. The Clarendon, Courthouse and Ballston area collectively had a slightly higher ration of women to men.

Map via Trulia

  • Mr.Muth

    If you are looking for rich, elderly ladies, probably widows, NW DC is the place to go.

  • ballstonianfrombirth

    What a highly scientific analysis that is! Lol…

  • Clarendon Skank

    I’m there!!

    • gwbthree

      I have two friends in Rosslyn, both single guys, so the story may be accurate on that score. Then again, they are both gay, so… 🙂

      • MissKittenCat

        Time to Hit Up Rosslyn Gold’s Gym.

    • SomeGuy

      They’re not your type.

  • Fairlington resident

    FYI, most single chicks in Fairlington have a dog.

  • Dudes

    Quantity, not quality.

  • Bob

    Considering what the Iwo Jima memorial is famous for late at night, women might want to look elsewhere.

    • Not Me

      OH GOD WHAT???

      Those soldiers have seen enough action!

    • NoVapologist

      What exactly goes on at the Iwo Jima Memorial late at night?

      • novasteve

        I believe the english called the term “cottaging”

        • G Clifford Prout

          Now we know novasteve is str8.

          • DCBuff

            And English.

  • Girlington…

    …or Shirazlington. Take your pick.

  • Tabs

    They must be counting the homeless men at Rosslyn metro.

  • ARL


    Maybe there’s a reason they are all single.

  • JamesE

    Mr. Days has the highest amount of Bros

    • Tabs

      They come in from parts west and south.

  • drax

    Here’s the thing, though – men and women don’t stay at home waiting for each other. They go out. And they often venture beyond their own neighborhoods.

  • CoffeeGuy

    Chock full of…

    • nuts

      BINDERS full of men!!!

  • Some Donk

    “Not interested.” -Trev

  • North Fairlington resident

    Why don’t these single chicks in Fairlington ever go to the pool? I mean, we have the Baltic lifeguards to look at every year, but we need more eye candy. BTW, wear something skimpy this pool season, gals.

    • Lat Veen

      Those Fairlington girls are heading to the pools in North Arlington to ogle the Serbian lifeguards.

  • Dick Longfellow

    I’m thinking that most of these Metrosexual guys are gay and yo women don’t have the correct anatomy, so keep movin’!


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