Two Arrested for Brawl at Union Jack’s

by Katie Pyzyk February 20, 2013 at 3:45 pm 30 Comments

Union Jack's in BallstonAn incident that started with an exchange of words inside Union Jack’s (671 N. Glebe Road) and spilled outside sent a man to the hospital for a brain injury.

According to police, on Friday, Feb. 8, the two groups were involved in a verbal altercation inside the bar which escalated throughout the night. Both parties left and while one group of four was trying to walk away, the other group allegedly followed and started a physical altercation.

One of the victims was knocked down and had his head kicked, resulting in a subdural hematoma, or bleeding on the brain. He spent four days in the hospital and was released to the care of his mother, who lives out of state. At the time he was released, the victim had not yet regained hearing in one of his ears.

Another victim was knocked out when she was punched in the face. She has made a full recovery and police anticipate she’ll participate in any upcoming trial or legal proceedings against the suspects.

Two people from the attacking group were arrested. Kevin Gutierrez, 21, was charged with malicious wounding and two counts of assault and battery. He spent four days in jail and has been released on bond. Ebony Hunter, 22, was charged with one count of assault and battery. She was released after being booked.

Police were able to catch up with the suspects quickly due to several witnesses reporting the fight. However, there are varying reports of exactly how many people took part in brawl, and some of the details reported by those involved are fuzzy.

“Everybody’s recollection of the night was a little bit impaired due to the amount of alcohol that was consumed,” said Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

  • Buckwheat

    Ebony Hunter – sounds like a sport.

    • Louise


  • novasteve

    So vibrant.

  • Union Jack’s was pretty promising when it first came there, but in the past year it’s taken quite a nosedive in quality (and safety).

    • the Gambler

      Union Jack’s is full of angry people. Angry that they had to go to Union Jacks because Rock Bottom was full.

      Anyone care to make predictions about which of these three places gets the most police calls in 2013?

      Union Jack’s.
      Whitlow’s on Wilson.
      The expanded homeless shelter.

      I gotta go with WoW, given past experience.

      • brown before green

        Nah, my money’s on Costco.

  • Deadite

    Whoever was working as a bouncer that night should be fired. The arguments escalated all night and nobody was ever thrown out?

  • Mary-Austin

    Don’t forget Union Jacks is where John “It wasn’t me driving” Reynolds was getting loaded on coronas and grand marnier before he ran over that girl.

    • Concerned

      Smells like a place that pushes drinks well beyond the legal limits.

  • Latin American


  • Valentine

    This is the second incident with gang in Ballston Mall. I am very concerned about that area.

    • Louise

      What gang?

      • Prophet of the Obvious

        Gangs of drunk people in their 20s. The Rosslyn-Ballston corridor is being overrun by them.

  • 8 mile

    Boots is that you?

  • JohnB2

    I bet stuff like this will get UJ’s Power Hour scaled back just like the fight at Bailey’s ruined their $2 Tuesdays.
    Oh lookie, Power Hour is tonight… we’ll see if it’s still on now that the fight has been publicized.

    • novasteve

      I thought Baileys still has $2 tuesdays? I at least get emails about it.

      • Ron

        no you don’t. if you do, then bailey’s management is horrible. they haven’t done that for at least a few months.

        • novasteve

          so we lose our best happy hour deal because some idiots who don’t even live in arlington got into a fight?

      • JohnB2

        Yes they stoipped it about a month or so ago. It’s now $3 until 9 pm only.
        The emails come from corporate, which still does $2 Tuesdays at the other national locations. The one in Crystal City still has $2 (for now).

        • AtownTCK89

          Went there yesterday, so dead compared to before, was curious about the $2 Tuesdays in Crystal City. Thanks for the info, you spared me precious few google minutes

  • iheartarlington

    Were they wearing VA Tech. hoodies?

    • Me

      haha…so true..those are the only REAL gangs around arlington

    • Hokie4Everrrrr

      Haha…. NO! They weren’t! …or else it would have said in this news report!!

  • Punk

    In tomorrow’s news, brawl at the Green Turtle

    • WeiQiang

      i’m putting my money on a toddler throw-down at one of the Sparkles locations in Crystal City

  • AtownTCK89

    Great another location going to lose business thanks to a few drunken idiots. Bailey’s is dead on Tuesdays now, given their ridiculous new Happy Hours timings.

  • Not Surprised

    The crowd here can be really trashy…Was in line once for the bathroom when some dbag was trying to start fights with random people by saying stuff like “why don’t you step up to the toilet like a man?” Have to wonder where these people crawl out from under.

    • CJ

      Woodbridge / Manassas

  • CJ
    • Buckingham Bandit

      Have fun getting a defamation lawsuit. Three seconds of using The Google shows that the Ebony Hunter you linked to graduated from Trinity University in 2000 (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ebony-hunter/22/a1/b33); the Ebony Hunter arrested for the fight is 22 years old. You do the math.

      Try thinking before you post next time, genius.


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