Crime Report: Man Steals Friend’s Phone

by ARLnow.com February 28, 2013 at 1:00 pm 1,162 23 Comments

A Maryland man was arrested Saturday night after he allegedly stole a female friend’s iPhone.

The man tried to surreptitiously smuggle the phone out of his friend’s apartment during a visit, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

While his friend was walking him to his car, her phone — which has a distinctive ringtone — started to ring, Sternbeck said. The woman tried to get the phone back, but the man got in his car and started to drive away, bumping the woman with the car in the process, according to Sternbeck.

The man was later arrested when he was pulled over for having improperly tinted windows. Police made the connection to the previous incident during the traffic stop, Sternbeck said. From this week’s Arlington County crime report:

ROBBERY, 02/23/13, 1800 block of Crystal Drive. At 8 pm on February 23, a known subject stole a victim’s iPhone from her apartment. The victim chased the subject to the parking lot where she was bumped with the subject’s vehicle as he attempted to flee the scene. The subject was located during a traffic stop for improper tint approximately three hours later. Durell Adrian Hines, 20, of Capitol Heights, MD, was arrested and charged with robbery. He was held without bond.

The rest of the crime report, after the jump.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING, 02/26/13, 4000 block of N. 7th Street. At 9:05 am February 26, a subject forced entry into a room where a victim was sleeping. The subject assaulted the victim before the victim was able to escape through a bedroom window. Both the victim and the suspect were transported to Virginia Hospital Center with minor injuries. Hubert Leon Willoughby, 52, of Arlington, VA was arrested and charged with malicious wounding. He is currently being held without bond.

BURGLARY, 02/20/13, 6500 block of N. Williamsburg Boulevard. Between 5 pm on February 18 and 8:50 pm on February 20, an unknown subject(s) entered a locked residence and stole numerous items to include jewelry and electronics. There is no suspect(s) description.

BURGLARY, 02/19/13, 600 block of S. Carlin Springs Road. Between 9 am and 1:30 pm on February 19, an unknown subject(s) entered a residence and stole a chicken that was cooking in a crock pot. There is no suspect(s) description.

BURGLARY, 02/21/13, 500 block of S. 23rd Street. Between 10:30 pm on February 20 and 10:30 am on February 21, an unknown subject(s) entered a restaurant after hours and stole two lights and an “open” sign. There is no suspect(s) description.

BURGLARY, 02/21/13, 2600 block of S. Uhle Street. Between 8:30 am and 6:10 pm on February 21, an unknown subject(s) entered a locked residence through a window and stole numerous electronics. There is no suspect(s) description.

BURGLARY, 02/26/13, 800 block of S. Irving Street. Between 10 am and 8 pm on February 26, an unknown subject(s) allegedly forced entry into a residence and stole several items. There is no suspect(s) description.


02/25/13, VA XJN8937, 2010 Nissan Rogue, Red (Tags Only), 700 block of N. Oakland Street
02/25/13, PA GCJ7339, 2006 Chevrolet Impala, Silver, 2100 block of N. Military Road

  • novasteve

    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  • HokieLove

    A friend doesn’t steal a friend’s iPhone.

  • Scott

    He was held without bond for stealing an iphone?

    • squidgod

      Hit and run. Probably just haven’t technically filed the charge yet.

      • ph7

        To assess bond, you would have to technically file some charge.

        It could just be for the robbery. He may have priors, and the magistrate certainly heard the circumstances which suggest a violent disposition. Or, it could be the assault was also charged, but simply omitted from the blotter.

  • Cherry Dalian

    Stole an open sign?? What are you going to do with that?

    • Cletus Van Damme

      Shut it down…

    • jackson

      Too bad Sam’s is gone. You could out it on his door as a joke.

  • South Awwlington

    Someone needs to get some new friends

  • squidgod

    Stealing an iPhone.
    Improperly tinted windows.
    Durell Adrian Hines.

    Stereotypes strike again!

    • ph7

      Yes, the stereotypical male committing a crime. Is it the testosterone?

    • drax

      It’s awesome when you can get away with racism by sneaking it in, ain’t it?

      • SomeGuy

        We don’t know what stereotype squidgod is referring to without more information. But if you jumped to a racist conclusion, drax, I’d say that’s on you.

  • Rob42

    OK GMU 1Ls, what makes this robbery and not larceny?

    • ph7

      Not a lawyer, but robbery is theft which places a victim in fear, through actions or words. Sometime steal your sh-t, it’s larceny. Someone steal your shit by telling you they’d run you over with a car, or actually trying to run you over with a car, it’s robbery. If you do it with a weapon, it’s armed robbery.

  • internet tourettes

    No mention of the SWAT action on Kirkwood….

  • novasteve

    I see the Great Crockpot Caper still remains unsolved. Be worried!

    • Dan

      I wonder if breathalyzers can be re-calibrated to detect chicken ??
      Probably too late to be of use in this caper but should this chicken rustling become a trend like flipping vehicles, it might be something to try……

  • Hugh Jass

    “The subject was located during a traffic stop for improper tint approximately three hours later.”

    Describing it as “improper window tint” would make that statement much less ray-cess.

  • Roquer

    The Arlington Police are doing a magnificient job when a newspaper headlines crimes in the County with the story of SUCH a minor crime as an acquaintance stealing from another. Outstanding JOB ACPD!!!

  • tumblebum

    Ah yes, the police have once again taken the editors hostage and forced a story of their choice to be featured. Imagine the outrage if Bob Woodward was in the mix somewhere.

    • tumblebum

      above in reply to Roquer

  • Sass

    This is exhibit A as to how Arlington is such a dangerous place!


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