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Arlington Agenda (March 11-17)

by ARLnow.com March 11, 2013 at 5:30 pm 42 Comments

Arlington Agenda is a listing of interesting events for the week ahead in Arlington County.

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mondayGun Violence Discussion
Washington-Lee High School Auditorium (1301 N Stafford Street)
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Rep. Jim Moran hosts a community conversation on gun violence in America, featuring a panel of experts on the 2nd Amendment, public safety, and mental health policies.


thursday (2)An Evening of Virginia’s Finest Wines
Virginia Tech Executive Briefing Center (900 Glebe Road)
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

The tasting/fundraiser for the Virginia Tech Alumni Association will consist of 7 or 8 wines from Virginia vineyards accompanied with regional cheeses and international chocolates.

thursday-2Author Event: The 1847 Retrocession
Arlington Central Library (1015 N. Quincy Street)
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Author and historian Ron Beavers discusses the 1847 retrocession of Arlington from the District to Virginia.


fridayLive Comedy: Janeane Garofalo
Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse (2903 Columbia Pike)
Time: 7:30 and 10:00 p.m.

Comedian, actress and liberal activist Janeane Garofalo performs. Tickets are $25 and available online.


saturday-1Yoga Reaches Out Benefit Event
Top of the Town (1400 N. 14th Street)
Time: 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

A morning of yoga at Top of the Town, overlooking the beautiful D.C. skyline, to benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation & Children’s Hospital.

saturday-2Shocked and Amazed Carnival Sideshow
Artisphere Black Box Theatre (1101 Wilson Blvd)
Time: 9:00 p.m.

James Taylor’s Shocked and Amazed presents its first ever live event. The evening features Coney Island’s most daring darlings, the acclaimed New York Variety All-Stars, as well as several D.C. area acts.


Four-leaf_cloverSt. Patrick’s Day Music and Food
Whitlow’s on Wilson (2854 Wilson Blvd)
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Whitlow’s is offering a special Irish menu from 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The band Shannon Tide performs from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m.

  • Hank

    Janeane Gerofalo has comped you a front row ticket, novasteve.

    • FrenchyB

      This would be epic.

  • drax

    Title should be the 1847 Retrocession, not Recession.

  • novasteve

    I’m curious if Moran will address the shooting in DC this morning where 11 people got shot but was only local news. Why was that story only a local story? And why did it take place in DC with its strict gun laws vs. Virginia?

    • Mary-Austin

      It’s extremely easy for someone wanting to commit a crime to load up on guns in Virginia and take them into DC.
      Gun nuts always throw out the “What about Chicago and DC!?!?!?!” line as if its hard to bring in guns to urban areas from places with loose restrictions.

      • novasteve

        Guns are easier to get in MD too. Do people in Chicago get their guns from Indiana? Are these straw purchases or purchases from the back of a car legal? No. They aren’t. Funny how the worst mass shooting in history took place in a a place with total gun control like Norway. People can get guns if they want them. Now answer the question: why did 11 people getting shot not make national headlines?

        • bomba

          Because this shit happens every day it’s no longer news. Not sure why you think that bolsters your pro gun argument as it clearly point to the fact that things are way out of hand with guns so readily available

          • novasteve

            11 people don’t get shot in a drive by on a rare occasion, let alone every day. If 11 suburbanites had been shot outside of a Colorado movie theater instead it would be international headlines. If all gun crime is bad, why does only some of it make headlines?

          • kalashnikev

            Another question is why are people always getting shot in Gun Free Zones? I mean… every-single-time it’s in a place where you can’t legally carry a firearm…

          • novasteve

            If rapes and child abuse happened every day it would cease to be newsworthy? I doubt it.

          • YTK

            it happens every day. And the perps are most often criminals with a long rap sheet who are BACK ON THE STREETS. Singapore used to castrate convicted rapists. It was very succesful deterrent.

        • What a Weirdo

          Funny how the worst mass shooting in history took place in a a place with total gun control like Norway.

          Steve finds mass murder funny, if it helps his gun rights argument.

          • drax

            No he doesn’t.

            I find it funny that you dismiss his point that way though.

          • novasteve

            If you are that desperate to make an “argument” that way……

        • kalashnikev

          I will answer the question: Because it doesn’t fit the administrations agenda to disarm the citizens. They want to turn the whole country into Chicago and DC so that we can have 11 people shot on every corner, every weekend. This will be guided by the propagandists into a call for a bigger, more muscular government presence, which gives them more power. With their power increased and the citizens power diminished they can do as they please, and take what they want.

          • Hank

            Wow, that explanation should come with a tinfoil hat. Really, the government wants 11 people shot on every corner? That’s their method of wresting power from the people… by increasing violent street crime? By the way, at what point has the Obama administration even alluded to completely disarming the populace? Do you believe Obama was born in the US?

          • jackson

            They want 11 people shot on every corner, but they also want a shelter where homeless people can live and vote for them.

      • joe

        illegal guns from VA? if the guns are illegal they could just buy one in DC just like drugs. If you mean legally purchase guns then bring them back into DC, well it doesn’t work like that. A DC resident can buy a gun in VA but he does not get to leave the store with it. He must pay to have it shipped to a federally licenced dealer in the state (or DC) that he lives in. In DC there is only 1 person licenced to do that and he charges 125.00 to do it. Criminals buy guns off the street just like stolen cars and other illegal things. There have been cases of police and FBI cars being broken into and having there guns stolen from gun lockers in the trunks. Be mad at the criminals that are breaking the laws, don’t focus on the gun, bat, car, bar fists or whatever else may have been used. Focus on punishing the person commiting the crime.

        • Mary-Austin

          What if they live in Virginia? What if their homies live in Virginia? Bats aren’t killing people in our cities every day. Doing nothing to prevent crimes is a tremendous drain on our resource. It is so costly to incarcerate criminals for the rest of their lives after they shoot somebody not to mention the wasted lives of victims of gun violence which you can’t put a price on.

          • joe

            Bats are killing people every day as are hammers and bare hands, and knives. look up stats for violent crimes. If someone lives in VA and brings a gun into DC they are breaking the law and deserve the full weight of the law brought upon them. It sux that it is expensive to keep a criminal in prison, but taking one single item out of their hands and think it will magically make violent crime and murder dissapear is unrealistic. Taking a self defense weapon out of a law abiding citizen is not the answer. Drugs are illegal here in the USA but can be found in every city across the country. even if every gun in the USA magically was taken away the very next day guns would be smuggled in just like drugs.

          • novasteve

            By her logic, Colorado should be punished for legalizing pot due to the impact that will have on neighboring states where it isn’t legal. Difference is, guns are a constitutional right, pot isn’t.

          • jackson

            This country would be awesome if pot was the item mentioned in the second amendment. We’d be a lot less uptight.

          • kalashnikev

            Mary- Criminals aren’t showing up at the store and filling out 4473’s to buy their guns any more than Bank Robbers are filling out withdrawal slips prior to robing a bank.

          • novasteve

            But as you said before Kev, if they lowered the speed limits by banks, it would be harder for the bank robbers to speed away.

        • Rory

          Before the GOP stopped allowing ATF and gun sellers to keep records, 55% of all gun crimes were traced back to 2% of all gun sellers.
          In many states it’s incredibly easy to buy a bunch of weapons and then sell them at a profit to someone with no ID check or anything of the sort.

          • joe

            Do you honestly believe in this day and age of computer data bases that there is not a list showing gun purchases? A few years ago my home was broken into. my home was trashed, my only pistol stolen and my truck stolen as well. I needed the serial number of the pistol to report it to the police. I could not find my paperwork. The gun shop I bought from had sold their business. The new shop remodeled and I had not been in there for a few years. I was able to call the new business and they were able to find my serial number from my purchase and they had nothing to do with the transaction. Gun Dealers keep records! They are required to. The ATF can track guns back to stores. Person to person sales or transactions are different. A father can buy a gun and give it to his son, there is no reason for there to be a background check for that. If the son is a felon and the father does that he has commited a crime and would need to face the music. I have no problem with the law prosecuting individuals that are breaking the law. If a person is buying bunches of weapons as you say, he is on the ATF/FBI radar. If he is intentionally buying them just to sell them to others of questionable backgrounds, he is breaking the law and needs to have charges brought against him. They will get caught. A responsible person selling a firearm through private sales is going to ask some questions to the purchaser. I know I would not want to sell a gun to someone I think is up to no good. Sorry about the rambling, it has been a long day!

      • kalashnikev

        Mary- Unarmed victim zones like Chicago and DC are some of the most violent places on earth. It’s not hard to figure out why- Criminals are not just lining up to get shot in a place where a victim has a fighting chance. A slight built or elderly person in an unarmed victim zone is just that- easy pickings. The same person on this side of the river might just shoot you six or seven times in the upper torso rather than submit. John Stossel interviewed multiple violent felons and they all unanimously confirmed their desire to not get shot by their victims.

        • jackson

          Why do you always assume the person shot was an unarmed citizen hampered by restrictive laws? Aren’t a lot of these killings gang related? What gang goes around unarmed?

          • kalashnikev

            The victim might be, he or she might not be… if you were going to Rape, would you roll the dice on a DC victim walking to her car late at night after work or a VA victim? In VA, you might just get shot in the face a couple times with a few hollow points.

        • Mary-Austin

          Kalas- They pick these targets because they might be able to hit a lot of people in a small area whether they are armed or not. The only people that are concerned about “gun free zones” are you and your fellow gun nuts. The NRA sees dollar signs by arming every person in every situation whether they are crazy or not.

          • kalashnikev

            Dollar signs? Nope.

            They pick the softest target available to attack. That is why James Holmes passed many other theaters to carry out his attack in a Gun Free Zone. He picked the one with “Gun Free Zone” stickers in the lobby because he knew the victims had no chance to defend themselves.

    • Andy

      Yeah, I’m wondering why it didn’t take place in England with even stricter gun controls …. logically the tighter the controls, the more guns there will be. Face palm!

    • drax

      You posted this question only hours after a 2 am shooting – it wasn’t likely to make national news by then. And nobody was killed, so that makes it less of a story. And I doubt you checked every national news outlet to see if it made it — you just assumed. As usual.

  • Toolie

    The third item title should say “Retrocession” not “Recession.”

  • snarl

    I think Rep Moran will have more to contribute to this week’s topic of violence than last week’s topic of finances…

  • David

    What’s funny about the “gun discussion” image is that’s exactly how liberals want us to defend ourselves. A person sticks a gun in your face and you hold up your hand to stop it.

    You have a constitutional right to be defenseless. I have a constitutional right not to be.

    • Rory

      What in god’s name are you talking about. Unless you are walking around with an assault rifle, no has even suggested taking your gun away. I have a gun and a CCP. I think we need universal background checks and ban on ridiculous military type weapons.

      • joe

        Rory, you believe cosmetic parts on a rifle like pistol grips etc make the gun more dangerous? With the exception of cosmetics AND a magazine that can hold more bullets, “assault rifles” are just like any other semi-automatic hunting rifle. Hell, people can buy full automatic machine guns if you process the proper paperwork with the ATF and can buy one made before the ban. Why go after the rifles for cosmetic parts? I can see (but not share the belief) folks wanting to ban magizines that can hold xxx number of bullets, but pistol grips?

  • SomeGuy

    I find Janeane Garofalo’s comedy as funny as I find her political diatribes constructive and palatable. I think I’ll find another way to spend $25.

  • kalashnikev

    “The forum will feature a panel of experts on gun policy, public safety, and mental health policies.”

    Hmmm… Experts? It looks like he only invited Gun Control Enthusiasts and members of the Tyranny Crowd. Is he afraid of having a real discussion on the issue?

    And why is he allowed to have this meeting in a Public School?

    • yokel

      You should go along. I’m sure they would welcome your input.


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