Delays on Blue, Yellow Lines Due to Track Problem

by ARLnow.com March 11, 2013 at 8:25 am 1,310 10 Comments

There are significant delays on the Blue and Yellow lines due to a track problem near Reagan National Airport.

The delays are impacting both inbound and outbound trains on both lines. From WMATA:

Metrorail customers on the Blue and Yellow lines will experience delays of approximately 20 30-35 minutes this morning as trains share a single track between Braddock Road and Pentagon City. Shortly before 5 a.m., an accidental leak of hydraulic fluid on the outbound track created a slippery condition for trains. Personnel are on the scene working to clear the fluid to allow two-track train operations to resume. The clean up effort is expected to last through rush hour.

  • JimPB

    Pay more for a 3rd world subway.

    How are comparable others doing? San Francisco’s “metro” was designed and build at about the same time as METRO here. What’s the nature and frequency of San Fran’s operating problems?

    • drax

      I don’t know, Jim, why don’t you go look it up, since you are the one who wants to know.

  • John Howard

    No train at Pentagon City for 30 minutes!

  • Destiny

    It’s still delayed. I’ve been on this train (from Huntington) for an hour.

  • SinSA

    This was utter chaos. At Pentagon City (over an hour wait to get on a train), the station managers would say things like “A blue line is coming on the downtown track, followed by a yellow line going to the Convention Center” so everyone would cram on the already crowded platform and then she’d say “Wait, the yellow line is first, sorry! Oh, and it’s going to be on the Huntington side…” so people were running over there. This happened more than once. Where were the shuttle busses?

  • Ren

    I walked over to the Pentagon and caught a bus downtown when I saw the mess at PC, but I think more bus communication and options would be helpful. This is the second time this month there has been a mess like this at this time. How about a backup plan where they take a 16 bus and just get people over the river to DC? At least at the Pentagon, metro staff where helping to get more shuttles going.

  • Harold Q

    This was a disaster at Pentagon City. As others have noted, only 1 metro worker was shouting vague directions through a broken megaphone. It was not projecting her already boisterous voice any further. I exited the station and walked to work. Metro is not a valid form of transportation if anything ever deviates from the norm!!!

  • Terry

    My commute, which normally takes 50-55 minutes, took 2 hours and 20 minutes this morning. I called Metro to complain (yes, I know it’s futile, but I was so enraged I felt I had to do something, even if it was just a phone call to voice my concerns) as soon as I got to work to request a refund or voucher for future travel (since I know they give them) and was told they had decided not to give them out for this instance. This is the third time in the past two months my commute has been doubled or tripled because of stuff like this. They run trains 20-30 minutes apart on weekends, close stations and single track in order to do maintenance but problems are becoming more and more frequent. Metro is no longer a viable transportation option.

  • SM

    Worst metro in the world: dirty, unsafe, delays all the time. Beside making our lives miserable every so often, it is a security hazard. Just imagine if somebody gets claustrophobic and starts to push others on trucks?Or pull out a weapon…It damages economy in the metro area, having all of us late at work or where we go. Metro management as well as government officilas have limos. Who cares if we get killed or hurt in stapedo that is just waiting to happen in metro.

  • crimsonhead

    I was stuck at Arlington Cemetery (heading to Crystal City) and was delayed from 8:20 until 9:00 AM in which the already inaudible metro driver was attempting to explain what was happening and couldn’t up until 20 minutes before the train would begin to resume action. This is an outrageous problem that is continually happening day in and out, thank God I am moving to Rosslyn so I can get on the train earlier, traveling from Vienna takes upwards of an hour and half to two hours. METRO YOU SUCK


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